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Small rocket ship project 1239 "Sivuch." Infographics

Small missile ships of the project 1239 "Sivuch" - a type of small missile ships (RTOs) hovercraft, armed with the Black Sea fleet Russia.

The purpose of the small rocket ships of the 1239 project is to destroy enemy warships and transports in coastal areas and the open sea, to provide cover for high-speed amphibious formations and convoys in the formation areas, at sea crossings, and in the landing areas of naval assault ships, reconnaissance of the enemy forces and carrying of a watch in the operational zone of our forces, fighting with high-speed combat boats and enemy ships.

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  1. Zubr
    Zubr 21 October 2017 08: 45
    Stick into such a small volume and such an amount of strike weapons, take off my hat .. smile And the speed of 45 nodes. In short, do not hide from him, do not run away .. smile