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Kedmi on the US division in Poland: the attack on Russia is doomed to failure

Israeli political expert, the former head of the Nativ secret service, Yakov Kedmi, on the senseless US actions in Europe.

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  1. figwam
    figwam 14 October 2017 10: 10
    You need to be prepared if tanks appear, then someone needs this.
    SS tanks

    US tanks
  2. Thunderbolt
    Thunderbolt 14 October 2017 12: 29
    Cedmie can say anything, he is well paid for it.
    But we are noticeably strengthening our defense in the western direction. Therefore, there is no need to reassure.
    1. Vadim Sh.
      Vadim Sh. 14 October 2017 21: 02
      I completely agree, you can’t relax, especially since there is the experience of 1941.
  3. Dead duck
    Dead duck 14 October 2017 16: 16
    Practical, of course, says, but often makes a reservation (not noticing it himself) and sometimes avoids the answer (when needed or asked for specifics) ... gets old.
  4. Rabinovich_007
    Rabinovich_007 14 October 2017 17: 20
    Nightingale litter, what else can I say.
    1. Mrdryun
      Mrdryun 14 October 2017 17: 39
      How do you know that? Did you taste it or did you recognize it by smell?
  5. bolkodav68
    bolkodav68 14 October 2017 18: 46
    it's time to pave the way to Kaliningrad.
  6. Alexander Prikhodko
    Alexander Prikhodko 15 October 2017 19: 52
    this division will burn well
  7. Cuba
    Cuba 16 October 2017 07: 55
    It seems that the ground operation against Russia is stupid !! .... a tactical nuclear strike will stop these railways, the general people will wear out, spend all the toilet paper and with dirty asses they will rush into the geyropa to treat radiation sickness! ... I feel sorry for the Poles! they understand that then nobody will need radioactive apples then, and proud prikers again will have a shortage, a birth-kirdyk will come!
    1. Beard31
      Beard31 16 October 2017 19: 20
      Stupidity or not is not for you to decide. You do not have those layouts and intelligence and a possible tactical plan "HA". The deck of Russian authorities is crammed with six Westerners who will hand over the keys to Moscow on the first call from Washington.
  8. Cuba
    Cuba 16 October 2017 07: 58
    Quote: Rabinovich_007
    Nightingale litter, what else can I say.

    and how is it, litter ?? ate a lot?
  9. Old warrior
    Old warrior 16 October 2017 10: 48
    Demand an immediate withdrawal of NATO forces from border states and American troops from Germany.
    1. novel66
      novel66 16 October 2017 15: 48
      it is necessary to confirm the requirements with something, otherwise it will be similar to the Baltic states - one idle talk
      1. coach colch
        coach colch 20 October 2017 20: 43
        Quote: novel xnumx
        requirements must be confirmed with something,

        One must act like the great Kim Jong-un ...
        So there!
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. The comment was deleted.
  12. 1536
    1536 20 October 2017 14: 42
    Unfortunately, Yakov Iosifovich does not know the real state of affairs in Russia from within, which is why he gives such comforting comments. This is an external view of things, similar to an analysis of the situation on the eve of 22 on June 1941 and immediately after this day. It is erroneous, if not harmful.