Martyr for Faith and Fatherland Yevgeny Rodionov

In the village of Satino - Russkoye there is a cross on the grave of a fighter who died at the hands of Chechen thugs. The inscription on the cross is engraved: “Here lies the Russian soldier Yevgeny Rodionov, who defended the Fatherland and not renounced Christ, executed under Bamut 23 of May 1996 of the year. The death of a 19-year-old was a big blow to his parents. The death of his father Alexander Konstantinovich, who could not survive the blow, took him four years after the death of his son. The death of dear people destroyed the life of the mother.

Martyr for Faith and Fatherland Yevgeny Rodionov

Lyubov Vasilievna Rodionova, who had long been searching for her son, who was initially declared a deserter, paid the murderers of her boy only for showing her the place of burial. Having lost her health, as she was severely beaten, her mother still found and dug Eugene's decapitated body to bury him in her homeland according to Christian traditions. Then she came back and searched for a long time for the skull of her son, who the gangsters split into pieces, fearing the pursuit of the soul of the murdered. Zhenya was torn to pieces on his birthday, for refusing to take off his pectoral cross and accept the faith of Islam.

Born Yevgeny Rodionov 23 May 1977, in the family of a simple carpenter. Working with wood was a common profession in the area. Evgenia Lyubov Vasilyevna's mother also worked as a technologist at a furniture factory. According to her stories, on the birthday of her son a star fell from the sky, and her heart sank in anticipation of trouble. Perhaps this was only the result of an exhausting process of childbirth, but Lyubov Rodionova herself connects the sensation with the tragic fate of the boy. In his adolescence, Eugene loved to go to the forest and enjoy the beauty of nature, he was interested in the laws of this world, its harmony. The boy did not walk for a long time, and he was baptized, after which his legs became stronger, and Eugene took the first steps. Nine classes of secondary school, then work on the same furniture factory and driver courses - such is the short biography of the martyr's warrior. The army Rodionov went to 18 years, he was ready to fulfill his duty with honor.

Rodionov was sent to the Nazran detachment to the second motivational group of the 479 Special Forces detachment of the Red Banner Border Management of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. It was one of the hottest spots on the border of the Chechen Republic and Ingushetia. Rodionov was enlisted in the squad as a grenade launcher.

Having intervened on the border post, Andrei Trusov, Igor Yakovlev, Yevgeny Rodionov and Alexander Zheleznov did not suspect that they were expecting them in the near future. It is unknown how the assault on the checkpoint took place, however, the bloody traces found at the scene of the battle suggest that the guys resisted. One hundred days of nightmarish captivity, inhuman torture and humiliation were the last days of Russian border guards. Rodionov was the youngest of them. According to some reports, an ambulance arrived at the checkpoint, and even cries for help were heard, but no one raised the alarm and the four border guards disappeared without a trace. Today it is known that the field commander Ruslan Khaikhoroev with the bandits was in the car.

The search for prisoners was not made. Many articles have already been written about this dishonest behavior of the Russian command. Today, shocking data is known about how defenseless mothers tried to find their sons, and the Russian authorities kept silent about the facts of criminal mockery of them. A huge number of grieved women never returned home, torn to pieces by bandits.

The task of our army, voiced by Lieutenant-General Tikhomirov, was to restore full control of Russian troops over a large number of Chechen settlements and the final destruction of armed gangs. However, the tactics of the war of the Highlanders was very different from the usual. There were no open battles of large forces, the militants skillfully hiding among the civilian population and systematically carried out attacks. Russian troops were forced to break up into many small checkpoints, which included several people, and to guard around the clock to avoid an attack. The militants themselves called themselves wolves, and preferred to act under the cover of night.

The unfortunate were kept in an unheated, dilapidated house, depriving them of food and water, regularly beating and humiliating. The practice of the militants included training mockery for juvenile Chechen boys over Russian prisoners. Rodionov and his comrades were forced to write letters asking for ransom to their homeland, but none of them could pay the large sums that were required. All the prisoners were from low-income families. The torture ended on Rodionov's birthday, he turned 19. Haykhoroev offered the exhausted children to convert to Islam and continue to fight on the side of the militants. All the prisoners refused. Yevgeny did not take off his pectoral cross, which the killers demanded; as a result, he was beaten, and then his head was cut off. Mockery over the corpses of young Russian fighters was common in the Chechen camp, so the mother could only identify her son by the cross.

At first, Eugene was declared a deserter, but then they still recognized his being in captivity. The guys waited until the last day for help, but no one was going to look for them. There was no system to search for prisoners and the dead, the state did not take care of this even after the end of hostilities. The mother set off in search of her son, as her father would have been killed immediately in Chechen villages. However, Lyubov Vasilyevna survived terrible mockery. Once she was beaten so severely that her spine was broken, only incredible strength of spirit allowed her to survive and find the remains of Rodionov.

The victim of four young men was avenged, the place where they were tortured and killed was wiped out by the Russian troops who came here again, none of the thugs escaped retribution. Lyubov Vassilievna annually comes to the part where her son began the service and addresses her recruits. She wishes them responsible commanders, not the ones who betrayed Rodionov.

Icon depicting Yevgeny Rodionov during the procession at the White House in October 2003

Today we honor the memory of the fallen border guards Andrei Trusov, Igor Yakovlev, Yevgeny Rodionov and Alexander Zheleznov.

Yevgeny was awarded the Order of Glory and Courage, the Orthodox Church canonized Rodionov as a martyr warrior. According to the stories of the clergy, the image of Yevgeny myrrrrrrr, the believers turn to him, for which Archpriest Sidorov composed texts of prayers. In honor of the martyr laid three churches. The school where Zhenya Rodionov studied was named after him in 2009. The following year, a monument “A Candle of Memory” was erected in the courtyard of this school. About Eugene and his comrades filmed documentaries, written performances. The memory of ordinary Russian children who have accepted the martyr's death for the Orthodox Faith will forever remain in our hearts.
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  1. Sergeev
    28 March 2012 08: 38
    Not everyone could do that. Everlasting memory.
    1. 0
      30 March 2012 00: 31
      Death to traitors.
  2. grizzlir
    28 March 2012 08: 51
    I don’t want to say anything about Chechen militants, mockery of their captives in their blood. However, we subsequently paid the same to them. But the behavior of the fathers of the commanders regarding their missing soldiers is called betrayal.
    I wonder what the fate of the rest of the guys who were captured with Rodionov.
    Eternal memory to you soldiers and all the dead guys.
    1. +3
      April 30 2013 19: 23
  3. +29
    28 March 2012 09: 22
    Eternal memory to this hero!
  4. Georg Shep
    28 March 2012 09: 25
    Eternal glory and memory to Evgeny Rodionov - the real Hero of Russia and its people!
  5. Alexey Prikazchikov
    28 March 2012 09: 29
    You have a blessed memory, brother, and there’s nothing better to say about more than just keep quiet. And yes, thanks for the article, I would get an icon with Rodionov.
    1. Odessa
      28 March 2012 10: 29
      There are things that do not fall under the laws of physics. And they cannot be explained. In Penza on February 17, the icon of Evgeny Rodionov, who was executed in Chechnya in 1996 for refusing to renounce the Orthodox faith, was pacified in the church of St. Luke at the Penza Regional Oncology Center. appeared on the image in two places on one of the palms and where the pectoral cross should be located, ”rector of the church Alexy Burtsev told reporters. is not the first case of myrrh-streaming images of the martyr Eugene. In the village of Aktash in Altai, the headquarters of the Altai border detachment is located. Here is the St. Eugene Church, in honor of the martyr Eugene Melitinsky, the patron saint of the warrior Eugene. The rector of the temple regimental priest, father Varlaam painted an icon of the warrior Eugene and hung in the temple. In 2002, on November 20, during the procession, the icon was first pacified. The myrrh was videotaped. After that, she streamed back on Palm Sunday and especially strongly on May 23, the birthday and martyrdom of the sufferer. “The moisture is different each time,” says Father Varlaam. “And the smell ... It's hard to compare with anything.” It resembles a thick floral aroma. ”Here is another miracle of myrrh-streaming. On January 24, 2004, the Tserkovny Vestnik newspaper published a scandalous interview with the Secretary of the Synodal Commission for the Canonization of Saints by the Renovation priest Maxim Maximov, in which he expressed doubt about the heroism of the martyr Evgeny and insulted his mother Lyubov Vasilievna Rodionova. On the eve, in Klin, in the apartment of the slave of God Valentina, Zhenina's icon was blew.
  6. Rodver
    28 March 2012 09: 34
    The shame of the current government that so far has not awarded the real Russian hero posthumously with the Hero of Russia star.
    Evgeny Rodionov with his feat is the highest example of military and human courage and valor.
    Eternal glory to the Heroes of Russia!
  7. +16
    28 March 2012 09: 42
    Other "heroes" are now held in high esteem.
    1. +1
      29 March 2012 12: 03
      Yes, the warlords of the militants are assigned the heroes of Russia.
      The population of Putin still considers a patriot ... Redneck.
      "What's pop, taco and parish."
  8. +22
    28 March 2012 09: 54
    Bright memory to the guys who laid down their heads! He got more fame than "Hero", he was canonized! Ah, this is for many centuries!

    And, like this -
    Heroes are given FOR WHAT?
    1. grizzlir
      28 March 2012 10: 57
      Strange question FOR WHAT? Not every self-respecting officer will take part in the collapse of the army. For this such "heroes" are awarded. They are silent and agree in everything.
    2. +3
      29 March 2012 09: 43
      They are proud of the heroes. And this one (Chief of General Staff N. Makarov) hides his "heroism" from everyone. Shame! And humiliation of a high rank. The title of Hero is awarded by the President, on the proposal of the Minister of Defense. Accordingly, they bear full responsibility for such "heroes"
  9. Nickname
    28 March 2012 10: 25
    All Chechnya is not worth the life of our soldiers who died. Roll it under a meter layer of asphalt along with all the animals.
    1. Grin
      28 March 2012 21: 45
      it is under such slogans that the Nazis go, which subsequently leads to the collapse of countries. It is necessary to look for other ways to solve problems.
      I completely agree with your opinion, but nationalism should not pass.
  10. +7
    28 March 2012 11: 00
    EEEh ... our boys would know these religions are of the same root as sprouts ... I don’t pretend to be anything, just look ...
    here's something else that Evgeny Rodionov did not betray ...
    1. st.moss
      28 March 2012 22: 37
      stupid comment by Benzin, and an episode in the best traditions of anti-religious Soviet upbringing. And the guys clearly knew what they were going for, for faith and the fatherland, I myself could not know that, but I really would like to be able to
    2. Perch_xnumx
      29 March 2012 13: 13
      Yap is cheap. If you knew what this guy put his life for, at least you would respect him.
  11. ghetto89
    28 March 2012 11: 49
    Everlasting memory!
  12. Vanek
    28 March 2012 12: 34
    was wiped off the face of the earth by the Russian troops who came here again, not one of the thugs escaped retaliation

    Eternal memory to those who did not return!
  13. Watch
    28 March 2012 13: 54
    The kingdom of heaven and eternal memory to the heroes!
  14. +13
    28 March 2012 14: 18
    The kingdom of heaven to the warrior martyr Evgeny Rodionov!
    More to such strong people with faith and spirit!
  15. BAT
    28 March 2012 15: 22
    On the example of such Heroes as Evgeny Rodionov now it is necessary to educate our children.
    I don’t know the truth or not, but I read somewhere that in Yugoslavia, in Chechnya and in many other hot spots, our children often had a vision - an angel appeared in the sky, dressed in a soldier’s uniform and looking like Zhenya Rodionov.
    Just don’t laugh, but I really read about it somewhere ...
    1. Odessa
      28 March 2012 15: 46
      Children should be strictly forbidden to watch movies and animated films without the sense that our screen is full of. Only educational and instructive!
      1. Grin
        28 March 2012 22: 05
        Well, let's say this, not only educational and instructive, but also religious (even though I myself am an atheist), moral, military-patriotic, etc.
        The boy, in my opinion, is simply obliged to play war, the only question is who (or for whom) and with whom (against whom) is he fighting? Personally, as a child, I fought with Soviet soldiers against German soldiers, and burned down the "Reigen's house" (although I did not understand why)))
        But I knew exactly who won the war and knew the heroes of this war and in the games I called them by their names.

        And developing and instructive, these can be programs "the smartest" with Anfisa Chekhova or "Guess the melody"))), I'll tell you straight on TV there is nothing instructive and developing! Zombie box is evil! The Internet, however, too, but at least there is a choice.
  16. lukaviy
    28 March 2012 15: 48
    Glory and eternal memory to the heroes! Eugene is a man! Respect, pride and sorrow for loss!
  17. SAVA555.IVANOV
    28 March 2012 16: 20
    Eternal memory to those who died in Chechnya !! Glory honor and respect alive !!!!
    "The practice of the militants included training bullying for young Chechen boys over the captive Russians."
    Now these "boys" have probably grown up !? I wonder what they are doing now! ?????
    1. 0
      29 March 2012 11: 47
      they probably feel ashamed
  18. +10
    28 March 2012 16: 24
    Eternal glory to the Hero ... Do not shame the Motherland
  19. Nilfgaard
    28 March 2012 19: 33
    He is proof that the people are still as strong as before. And you can make nails out of him. Ancestors would be proud of them.

    Another thing is terrible that already a certain part of our society (not all the glories of God) does not understand this. They do not understand how you can give your life for some kind of conviction and faith.
  20. Kostyan
    28 March 2012 20: 46
    Well, what about these abreks ... what did they do ???? skin with eggs lowered ?????
  21. phantom359
    28 March 2012 22: 43
    : Sorry for the guy. This is where real courage and fortitude. And it’s a shame for commanders that they do not take decisive measures to free prisoners. You need to use everything - special forces and technical intelligence. People have been held captive for years, the location of the militants was known, and no one snuffed out at headquarters. I sincerely hope that the situation has now changed.
  22. ANTRAX
    29 March 2012 01: 45
  23. patriot2
    29 March 2012 10: 02
    Otherwise, we will grow moral freaks.
    The eternal memory of the great martyr of faith in our hearts! crying
  24. +2
    29 March 2012 12: 44
    "Having stepped into the border post, Andrey Trusov, Igor Yakovlev, Evgeny Rodionov and Alexander Zheleznov"

    They entered the border detachment !!! —this time, and two, in those days, the Border Troops belonged to the FPS, not the FSB. But in general, the article is good. By the way, he himself served in the Nazran border detachment (and not in the Nazran)

    To avoid copyright infringement, post a hyperlink to the original article:
    1. ANTRAX
      30 March 2012 04: 19
      here about the deed we are talking
  25. +4
    29 March 2012 15: 44
    A low bow to such mothers as - Lyubov Vasilievna Rodionova!
  26. SAVA555.IVANOV
    29 March 2012 22: 29
    Here, too, Hero battalion commander Solnechnikov rest in peace to him! The real "Dad" !!
  27. CCCP1980
    29 March 2012 23: 01
  28. mart3365
    April 7 2012 21: 59
    = There was no search system for prisoners and the dead, the state did not take care of this even after the end of hostilities .-
    Uzas ..- i vy vopite zdesj mnogie o ljubvi k svoej rodine? .. Da sudorogi berut ot takoi rodiny !!!!
  29. matolyan
    April 8 2012 17: 58
    Fucking propaganda. the twats who overslept all were prescribed as heroes. But real warriors are still in ignominy. Think about it, think about who will protect you in the near future ....
  30. +1
    28 September 2017 19: 58
    Eternal memory to you, son
  31. 0
    7 November 2017 12: 33
    Not everyone was still responsible for the betrayal, they had not yet recognized Judas Yeltsin and his ilk as enemies of the people, had not yet dispelled their ashes in the wind, Russia had not yet risen from its knees.
  32. 0
    10 August 2023 23: 08
    Today we honor the memory of the fallen border guards Andrei Trusov, Igor Yakovlev, Yevgeny Rodionov and Alexander Zheleznov.

    Eternal Memory of the Fallen.