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At the Pacific Fleet held a bilateral marines doctrine with live firing

In Kamchatka, as part of the final test for the summer training period, a bilateral brigade training of the Pacific Marines took place fleet with the stage of live firing, reports press office Eastern District.

At the Pacific Fleet held a bilateral marines doctrine with live firing

During the exercise, servicemen of two separate naval infantry brigades worked out the actions of the units in the defense and offensive.

Calculations of self-propelled artillery installations "Nona" and towed artillery systems carried out combat firing at coastal and sea target positions, which, respectively, imitated fortified enemy firing points and his warships
The release says.

In turn, the “large landing ships of the Pacific Fleet“ Peresvet ”and“ Oslyabya ”carried out artillery firing at the fortified firing points of the conditional enemy on the coast, and then together with the landing craft“ D-57 ”,“ D-70 ”and“ D- 704 "landed amphibious assault on an unequipped coast," was told in the district.

The actions of the naval component were supported by an air tactical assault force landed from IL-38 MA Pacific Fleet aircraft.

In total, 1200 military personnel were involved in the training, more than 300 units of equipment were involved.
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Press Service of the Eastern Military District

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  1. Victor jnnjdfy
    Victor jnnjdfy 13 October 2017 11: 25
    The IL-38 aircraft is designed to land a tactical landing ...
    1. Dezinto
      Dezinto 13 October 2017 11: 32
      Well, there is a door, so it can be intended for a landing. laughing

      But seriously - why this phrase in the article - is unclear.
      Probably a typo.

    2. oldseaman1957
      oldseaman1957 13 October 2017 11: 34
      Quote: Victor Jnnjdfy
      IL-38 is designed to land a tactical assault ...
      Olepochochka, along the way ...
  2. svp67
    svp67 13 October 2017 11: 33
    Two brigades of the Pacific Fleet ... but is it time to return to the division.?
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 13 October 2017 11: 46
      Quote: svp67
      At the Pacific Fleet held a bilateral marines doctrine with live firing

      really .... it’s time to leave the “Serdyukovschina”, this is not ours ... I remember how he was throttling from the gray paint of American planes, to hunt in turnips ... contraceptive in a “jacket” ...
  3. Vard
    Vard 13 October 2017 11: 59
    Learning is certainly good ... but the best teacher ... it's a machine gun ... on the other hand ...
  4. Lelek
    Lelek 13 October 2017 12: 00
    Actually, the little article is not about anything. I read, I understood half, I forgot.
    If one of the former and current military is interested in the prospect of "raising" salaries and pensions, then such a "gift" is waiting for us in 2018. You can take advantage.