Military Review

"Armor" of Russia: the test of Elbrus

In this issue we will continue the story of the expedition of Russian military equipment to the highest mountain of Russia and Europe - Elbrus. The newest armored cars and trucks are checked in this way before being adopted by the Ministry of Defense. It was never prepared for ascent, worse, in the back of each car - an additional load.

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  1. Orel
    Orel 8 October 2017 14: 18
    It remains only to wish good luck in the development, running-in and adoption of new equipment.
  2. Blue cop
    Blue cop 8 October 2017 14: 49
    To the question of the revival of acceptance
  3. Firework
    Firework 8 October 2017 15: 00
    reliability is an important trump card of Russian weapons! not only at US training sites use weapons
  4. Settlement Oparyshev
    Settlement Oparyshev 8 October 2017 15: 03
    I really didn’t think that a road was laid to Elbrus. It turns out there is.
    The tests are witty. If something happens with the motor, it will slide back down the mountain. And if it does, then the developers and manufacturers were not mistaken.
  5. Tarikxnumx
    Tarikxnumx 8 October 2017 15: 22
    Stopped watching Star films because of a crazed screaming host. Not only is it constantly yelling in an unpleasant voice, it’s also crazy incompetence with the desire to shoot pathos ...