Ankara is ready to send troops to Iraqi Kurdistan at the request of Baghdad

In the case of a request from Baghdad after the independence referendum in Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey will help ensure the integrity of Iraq, reports RIA News statement by the head of the Turkish Foreign Ministry Mevlüt авavusoglu.

We support the territorial integrity of Iraq not in words. If the Iraqi authorities make an appropriate appeal to Ankara, we will support efforts to protect the unity of the neighboring country,
said Cavusoglu.

Commenting on the possibility of a military operation, the minister stressed that Ankara will proceed to action in the event of an appropriate request from the Iraqi authorities.

If Turkey is called to action in Baghdad, we will use the right based on international law. For Ankara, the main thing is the position of the central authorities of Iraq,
he said.

Cavusoglu added that "the threat against ethnic Turkmen in Iraq will also be regarded by Ankara as a pretext for a military operation."

He also said that Ankara had warned other countries about the inadmissibility of attempts to recognize the results of the Kurdish referendum in Iraq.

The Foreign Ministry of Turkey invited the ambassadors of the countries - permanent members of the UN Security Council, as well as the ambassadors of Germany and Saudi Arabia, to whose attention the position of Ankara was conveyed,
clarified the minister.

Recall the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan was held on Monday. According to its results, 3,44 million people took part in the voting, 91,83% of them spoke in favor of the independence of the region.
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  1. +12
    27 September 2017 13: 17
    Strong little knotted.
    1. +4
      27 September 2017 13: 24
      The Kurds will now dodge as they can, negotiate with the Turks, kick off the Turkish Kurds, just not to lose what is
      1. +8
        27 September 2017 13: 33
        you can remember Kosovo, it will be necessary for patrons, they will be independent, no need, merge into the first convenient pot
    2. +7
      27 September 2017 13: 31
      the threat against ethnic Turkmens in Iraq will also be regarded by Ankara as a pretext for a military operation. ”

      Well, in Syria what as far as geography is remembered, the Kurds and Turkomen in northern Syria are nearby, I will express seditious thought if the Kurds are attacking the Turks, the Turks are attacking the Kurds, then Assad and Hezbollah are kicked out by the Turks and the United States and Israel are rubbing pretty little hands. No.
    3. +1
      27 September 2017 14: 31
      Quote: Smog
      Strong little knotted.

      Yes, where is WORSE worse ??? THERE - there was always a "powder keg" - just "bring the wick ..." And it will "explode" like that - ANYONE "will not find it enough" .....
      1. +5
        27 September 2017 15: 10
        Quote: venik
        Yes, where is WORSE worse ???

        That's for sure. Almost all countries of the region can be drawn into the conflict. And Russia and the United States, this conflict is not a blowjob. The layouts are the sea. For every taste and color. Just choose.
        Optimally, the Kurds, Iraqi, receive very, well, very broad autonomy, but as part of Iraq. Then maybe it will not explode. (IMHO) hi
  2. +1
    27 September 2017 13: 18
    And the massacre will begin ... Iraq, as a state there is no ...! This is the USA require hehe
    1. +2
      27 September 2017 13: 19
      I mean the same! Kurds do not like Turks
      1. +3
        27 September 2017 13: 22
        Against Kurds Iraq, Turkey and Iran
        1. +1
          27 September 2017 13: 31
          I do not think that the Kurds will stop it. For them, the creation of national statehood is a goal that justifies any means and any sacrifices. There is no doubt that their motivation is proven by decades of their history. And they are unlikely to "negotiate" with the Turks, as suggested by the commentator above - they are "enemies of the blood."
          And if Erdogan gets into a large-scale war with the Kurds (and this is very likely), for him this will be a fatal mistake.
          1. +1
            27 September 2017 13: 34
            And the states gave them decent armaments .... So the carnage could begin serious.
          2. +3
            27 September 2017 13: 35
            There are two questions, how will the United States help them and the second CA and Qatar how they will look at this matter
        2. +4
          27 September 2017 13: 38
          "The knot will be tied, the knot will be untied! But love, it is - only what it seems!" "

          It doesn’t matter who is against. It is important who is FOR !!

          Yes .. "The right of nations to self-determination up to the secession and formation of their state"
  3. +2
    27 September 2017 13: 31
    The maximum that Kurds shine on is autonomy without the right to oil. Drive your regions, but obey the federal government. Otherwise, the case will be folded ..
    1. +1
      27 September 2017 13: 40
      so they already have autonomy since 1991
  4. +1
    27 September 2017 13: 42
    Eh, another blood will spill.
  5. +2
    27 September 2017 13: 43
    In the case of a request from Baghdad after a referendum on independence in Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey will help ensure the integrity of Iraq, RIA Novosti reports the statement by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

    took pity on the wolf mare, left tail and mane.
    just ask Erdogash, he will gladly come, never to leave, for Iraq is nothing but a part of the great Ottoman Empire, however, like Syria and all sorts of Jordan and even Bulgaria with balsa pieces of other Romanians and the like.

    Erdogan's dream
  6. +1
    27 September 2017 13: 55
    Given that Barzani keeps all his money in a Turkish bank, all this is an empty declaration.
    1. +1
      27 September 2017 15: 35
      I think that he buried something in the garden, behind his house
      a Kurdish bank with cash will be more reliable than a Turkish one with just the numbers on the screen
      no sanctions for you, no computer malware viruses
  7. +3
    27 September 2017 13: 58
    The navel will be untied at the Istanbul strategist .... he already has a lot of open fronts .. internal and external ... and half the country in opposition ... and the army that humiliated a year ago ...
  8. The comment was deleted.
  9. +2
    27 September 2017 14: 38
    If Iraqi authorities appeal to Ankara with a corresponding appeal

    Why would such a friendship?
  10. +1
    27 September 2017 15: 36
    Ankara warned other countries about the inadmissibility of attempts to recognize the results of the Kurdish referendum in Iraq.

    I wonder how ours will get out? Recognize, the tomato partner will be angry, they will not recognize, questions will arise on the Crimean referendum.
  11. +1
    27 September 2017 15: 41
    Turks will tear. such costs their economy can not afford. intervention is an expensive pleasure. the military of all camps makes good money on this.
    so they can organize blockades. Some area to occupy a small one and then near its border. they definitely won’t get to the pickaxe.
    1. 0
      28 September 2017 00: 40
      Quote: ukoft
      such costs their economy can not afford.

      ours withstands, despite the fact that the economy is falling. and their growth is already 2 quarters of 5% each. and they should not go far — 200 km from the border to Erbil, and there are already several Turkish bases on the territory of the region.
      1. 0
        28 September 2017 09: 16
        In terms of PPP, the Russian economy and the Turkish are two big differences.
        Also keep in mind that the Russian Federation in Syria is primarily VKS and MTR. remember Afghanistan for the ussr or vietnam for the usa. they border there. Do you think they will also be with the air force and special forces? in principle, maybe you're right. and who on earth will support them?
        1. 0
          28 September 2017 09: 47
          Oh, I don’t like this GDP on PPS - the hat is frank, invented so that poor countries do not feel so poor. but at face value everything is clear here - he is a dollar and an African dollar in Africa.
          but in principle, I don’t care - that according to the PPP, that according to the face value of the GDP of Russia and Turkey per capita are approximately equal, there are simply 146 million people in Russia and 80 million in Turkey
          so there is a difference, but not at times. in addition, our economy is state-owned (60% of GDP of state orders) with prices that are monstrously overpriced for obvious reasons, which means inflation is inflated, and the Turkish economy is mostly private, where even large infrastructure projects are implemented and financed not by the state, but by commerce.
          and Iraq itself will apparently support them on earth.
          1. 0
            28 September 2017 10: 15
            I agree they have a healthier economy. but Iraq can really act as a Bashar Assad for the Russian Federation.
            otherwise Turkish soldiers will begin to die and a howl will begin in Turkey and they will close the feeding trough to the generals.
            but it seems to me that the peshmerga will not deter the kirkuk if no serious one covers them. something impulsive erdogan does not react strongly, maybe he is just there and implicated? What is Iraqi Kurdistan? in fact a raw colony of Turkey. oil at a cheap price to Turks + transit, the sale of Turkish goods there (by the way, the price-quality ratio is excellent). Kurds like we are hooked on oil ottoo and our production cannot develop and the market is small.
      2. 0
        28 September 2017 19: 37
        If Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan can’t stand it, they are rich if they ask for fighters and bombers and tanks that they have hundreds and thousands of in storage and so on in the dust bully
  12. 0
    28 September 2017 08: 56
    Barzani got his way. This referendum was needed only by him and his clan. To date, only Israel has welcomed the results of the referendum. It is not beneficial to anyone else. Turkey, Iran and Syria because the Kurds have their historical territories in these countries. And they are afraid of dismemberment in the future of their states. It is unlikely that the West will support the creation of an independent Iraqi Kurdistan. Because then his influence on Baghdad will automatically decrease. And in Iraq today, it is central authority that is legitimate. They can support IK (Iraqi Kurdistan) indirectly, through private structures, but not officially. Otherwise, I repeat, it will undermine their position not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world. Since this will be a clear violation of UN standards

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