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"Armata" against "Leopard": the battle of the best tanks in the world

The combat capabilities of the latest Russian tank The T-14 Armata and the German Leopard 2A7 were compared by Sergey Suvorov, candidate of military sciences.


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  1. igorek1234
    igorek1234 17 September 2017 16: 16
    And what will the crew do if, say, a tower jam? Or will the loader fail?
    1. Grandfather
      Grandfather 17 September 2017 16: 41
      "Armata" against "Leopard": the battle of the best tanks in the world
      again, the "experts" in the "tanchiki" play ... the "prokhorovka" will show ... no one else.
    2. cariperpaint
      cariperpaint 18 September 2017 02: 21
      there all systems are duplicated several times. as for jamming, what will the Leo crew do in the same situation?)
  2. The comment was deleted.
    1. armata37
      armata37 17 September 2017 19: 44
      Yes, at least heaped on borsch. Do you know the final outcome?

      As for who was the commander, I’m sure that the conclusions from the mistakes were made, the experience gained was invaluable.

      You are less sticky in WoT.
    2. 11 black
      11 black 17 September 2017 21: 12
      Quote: pupsik
      Prokhorovka is a bad example - ours were piled on our backs at the very least. Rotmistrov was not a competent commander ...

      Our combat mission was completed - the Germans were stopped, the German combat mission was failed - the breakthrough of the last line of Russian defense failed.
      Ours didn’t just move the armada towards the Germans - EMNIP, these troops were originally intended for a counteroffensive, but there was a critical situation - there was a victory in the general battle and the last line of defense (which the German armada was on) was to be held. If the Germans had broken through it, and we would have had to use our strike fist for defense, there could be no question of any counteroffensive then - in the best case there would have been a "draw".
      As for the video - I did not even watch it - we do not know the true characteristics of either Armata or the newest Leopard.
  3. 32363
    32363 18 September 2017 00: 09
    The Russians made a mistake when they came to Germany to order a transmission for the tank, it was 2008 or 09 I definitely don’t remember, everyone understood that this was something new, the Germans refused, but judging by the fact that it had armata, the Russians made it themselves.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  4. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 18 September 2017 09: 26
    Just nonsense. How can you compare the "combat capabilities" of a battle tank and a prototype? !! Another "infusion" in the ears that we are the most-most-most ....
    1. IQ12NHJ21az
      IQ12NHJ21az 18 September 2017 19: 37
      Fighting Turkish "Leopards" "barmalei" in Syria, 8 pieces clicked in one day.
  5. Music
    Music 18 September 2017 12: 00
    In reality, no one knows what Armata is. If in Syria you can run a tank a little on a weak enemy, then only the battle, say, conditionally, over the Dnieper can show about the fight against the Germans.
    1. alexan1210
      alexan1210 18 September 2017 22: 20
      Maybe better for the Oder?
  6. sergei.boliaev
    sergei.boliaev 19 September 2017 18: 03
    You can not compare the “red-square” instance, with a real tank.
  7. BOS Constantine
    BOS Constantine 19 September 2017 21: 07
    Quote: alexan1210
    Maybe better for the Oder?

    Not! Better for Svalbard on the T-80BV !!!
  8. BOS Constantine
    BOS Constantine 19 September 2017 21: 14
    What to dream of the future. As the practice of real hostilities shows, the T-72 reserves have not yet yielded to the full-scale deployment of the T-90.

    It is interesting to know how many tanks are now and which ones !!! are fighting around the world?!? They are not stored in warehouses and do not drive to landfills !!!
  9. Sergeant71
    Sergeant71 14 October 2017 01: 45
    Comparison of what is not observed in the troops (Armata) with the massive German OSB. And every year it is less and less believed that Armata will generally become a mass tank. 3+ years of talk, delivery promises and no result. I bet that in 2018 the army will not begin to receive them. And, by the way, questions arise, what prevented sending at least one copy "to the run-in" to Syria? It seems that because the machine, in spite of sighs-ahs "having no analogues," is too raw and unfinished. So far, we have not even been able to make the T-90 massive, although it is much cheaper and simpler. And all these T-72b3s are from poverty and cannot really compete with the same Leopards / Merkavas and etseter.