Military Review

Su-30 against Rafal: virtual battle

Military expert Mikhail Tymoshenko compared the combat capabilities of the domestic Su-30 fighter and the French Rafale aircraft, which compete with each other for the right to enter the Indian Air Force. According to the expert, Rafale is a good plane, but it is “not on the shoulder” of the Su-30 MKI.


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  1. Engineer
    Engineer 13 September 2017 16: 10
    Rafal virtually only compete with the virtual Mig-35
  2. tchoni
    tchoni 14 September 2017 14: 44
    I do not want to talk about the quality of radars, missiles and comparing their characteristics, because this is a separate issue with many unknowns .... But, I want to say, it's nice to hear a reasonable thought! When a person who has called himself an expert really tries to compare the VALUABLE characteristics of the machines, and does not try to bleat about the super maneuverability and how cool it is.
  3. dDYHA
    dDYHA 14 September 2017 15: 03
    Honestly tired of this "specialist" he knows everything. The colonel is whole. Oh well . What then, when he was in real service, he only reached the colonel. But instead of leading Shoigu?
  4. 3 Gradient
    3 Gradient 15 September 2017 16: 39
    Rafale is worse ...
    And India ... is buying!
    So the point is bad marketing ...
    Our defense export ...
    We win in the hardware ...
    We lose in the management ...
    It's a pity...
    1. Tda tar
      Tda tar 17 September 2017 17: 53
      India is not buying anything yet. But is being traded. In addition, already having a significant number of Sushka, a understandable desire not to put “all eggs in one basket”, but to have “options”. In addition, each aircraft has its own pros and cons: one is not better than the other - they are simply different.
  5. Kashey IMMORTAL
    Kashey IMMORTAL 17 September 2017 00: 17
    But in my opinion, even comparing them is not worth it.
  6. SergF123
    SergF123 17 September 2017 07: 53
    And the virtual journalist-spiritualist described a virtual fight!))))
  7. Kirill Petrov
    Kirill Petrov 17 September 2017 10: 35
    Correctly, it is always necessary to express reality.
    Exactly, True and Correct. In essence the issue.
    "Lamb Kuchki" and "iPhonefounders", of course, do not like it.
  8. Philip Staros
    Philip Staros 10 October 2017 18: 45
    Russian language? No ... I have not heard!
    "Not on the shoulder" So how is it? So good that drying can not be overcome?