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Lithuanian soldiers are trained in the former concentration camp

The Lithuanian military conducts their exercises in the territory of the former concentration camp of the Second World War, where there are mass graves of Jews, the newspaper The Jewish Chronicle writes (Jewish Chronicles).

“As it turned out, Lithuanian forces are training to fight with Russian troops in the area of ​​VII Fort Kovno fortress in the city of Kaunas. It was there that at the beginning of the war with the Soviet Union, the Nazis created one of their first concentration camps. And precisely there are the remains of 5 thousand of murdered Jews buried in mass graves. Their relatives often come to the VII fort and put candles in memory of the victims, ”the article cites. InoTV.

It is reported that in 2009, the fort itself was privatized, despite protests from the local Jewish community, which considered this move a "huge mistake."

According to the newspaper, “today the non-governmental organization is in charge of the fort, which is headed by 38-year-old amateur historian Vladimir Orlov.” Entrance to the territory is paid, there are also often summer camps for children, the place can be rented for private events.

Orlov told reporters that the money his organization earns from the fort "goes to maintain the place as a historical monument telling visitors about the Holocaust." At the same time, representatives of the organization prefer not to talk about the amount of their income.

Ephraim Zuroff, the head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Jerusalem, believes that “by conducting exercises in the VII Fort, the Lithuanian authorities showed an incredible lack of sympathy.” At the same time, he also expressed concern that "the soldiers stationed there could desecrate graves that were not even fenced in."

Lithuanian Foreign Ministry has not commented on the situation yet, the newspaper said.
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  1. igorspb
    igorspb 5 September 2017 12: 00
    Prepare for captivity?
    1. SRC P-15
      SRC P-15 5 September 2017 12: 05
      Nah, they’ll also burn him in the crematorium. wassat
      1. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter 5 September 2017 12: 09
        What a bloodthirsty you are, but fair. lol
        1. Tatyana
          Tatyana 5 September 2017 13: 05
          According to official estimates, the total number of victims of Jewish genocide in Lithuania ranged from 200 thousand to 206 thousand people. This number included about 190 thousand Lithuanian Jews, from 8 to 10 thousand Jewish refugees from Poland, about 5 thousand Jews brought here by the Nazis from Austria and the Czech Republic, and 878 French Jews.
          In all of Lithuania there were about 50 Jewish houses, plus synagogues, shops, hospitals. Where did all this property go? All Lithuania got rich.
          A study of the social portrait of a Jewish executioner in Lithuania showed that 50% of those who killed Jews in the provinces were Lithuanian volunteers who were illiterate or graduated from two classes, and sober. Maybe if the Church took a different position and said that it was necessary to fulfill one of the commandments of God, that would stop them. However, the Church was silent and did not call.
          The killers of the Jews usually did not pay anything, but they took what they could, carried them for sale, or exchanged them for vodka. It was their reward. In the evening they did not return home empty-handed, they brought that clothing, utensils, furniture, food - something else

          Moreover. Ex-President of Lithuania Valdas Adamkusa (he headed the state from 1998 to 2003 and from 2004 to 2009) was an accomplice in massacres. The unit in which Adamkus was listed during the war was led by Major Antanas Impulavičius, who remained in the history of the Holocaust under the name of the “Minsk Butcher”.
          After the war in 1949, Valdas Adamkus moved to the United States, where he served in the army intelligence, was a member of the Republican Party, which, by the way, is Trump. In the post-Soviet period, he returned to Lithuania and, with the help of American friends, ascended to the post of President of Lithuania.
          See in detail -

          Lithuanian fascists, led by their President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, still have not repented and are not going to repent!
          1. bouncyhunter
            bouncyhunter 5 September 2017 13: 10
            Thanks for the link and interesting material. love
            Quote: Tatiana
            Lithuanian fascists, led by their President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite, still have not repented and are not going to repent!

            Rather, the sky will crash to the earth than these remnants will repent. am
          2. the right passenger
            the right passenger 5 September 2017 13: 34
            When the Germans came, the Jewish question was mostly resolved by the local population))) the Germans had only to nod at the sight of the Judenfrey signage so that these brave joker struggled with the Russians so-so, but in matters with the Jews they were very nimble
    2. Thunderbolt
      Thunderbolt 5 September 2017 12: 08
      Quote: igorspb
      Prepare for captivity?
      In the forts of the Coven Fortress, they are more likely preparing for stubborn defense in fortified positions and in Lithuanian forests.
      1. enot73
        enot73 5 September 2017 12: 30
        Quote: Thunderbolt
        In the forts of the Coven Fortress, they are more likely preparing for stubborn defense in fortified positions and in Lithuanian forests.

        IMHO, they are getting ready to become guards, especially since experience already exists
        1. Thunderbolt
          Thunderbolt 5 September 2017 15: 03
          So they are modernizing their army for this? Well, I see.
  2. Mihail55
    Mihail55 5 September 2017 12: 07
    But how we are taught to live ... pah! Really the memory of the dead is not familiar to them?
  3. Tolstoevsky
    Tolstoevsky 5 September 2017 12: 50
    Let them not hope. Occupation must be earned
  4. Alexander Abdrakhmanov
    Alexander Abdrakhmanov 5 September 2017 12: 50
    Lithuanian soums who walked clog their places in this cemetery. He wakes up the dead not comfortable lying with them in the same land. The dead there will go on strike, even worms will not eat this poison.
  5. Langf
    Langf 5 September 2017 12: 52
    There are wonderful swamps near Druskininkai - I don’t want to train. Well, not swamps in full understanding, and so, wet wastelands in the trash. I understand that I want to be a prisoner, and getting used to a stall is not out of place, but I can still try to learn for a start how to pull into the woods under a bush - all of a sudden the Russians will not come to war. More optimistic somehow necessary, more optimistic ...
  6. Ingvar0401
    Ingvar0401 5 September 2017 12: 55
    Yes, they do not care about burials. Their great-grandfathers and grandfathers of these Jews also destroyed. Therefore, they do not consider this a desecration. Everything is fine ....
    1. the right passenger
      the right passenger 5 September 2017 13: 36
      golden words comrade
  7. Funnels
    Funnels 5 September 2017 13: 54
    Not seen and not heard "God's chosen." Is there really not even a word of condemnation, or "they can do it Europeans."
    1. padded jacket
      padded jacket 5 September 2017 14: 30
      In principle, this is quite a common thing earlier, for example, in the barracks of a concentration camp in Germany where there were previously prisoners, including Jews who settled Muslim refugees who came to Europe
      In Germany, refugees were placed in the concentration camp Buchenwald
      The barracks in the former fascist concentration camp Buchenwald have now become a temporary refuge for two dozen refugees from the Middle East and Africa.
  8. Ryzhiy A.P.
    Ryzhiy A.P. 5 September 2017 15: 07
    Their answer: "But nammmmrrrrost more than nowhere else, the Russians are interfering"
  9. LeonidL
    LeonidL 6 September 2017 05: 25
    Lithuanians do not get used to frolic on Jewish bones, why wonder? Look at the chronicle filmed by the Germans, where the Jews drove the Jews to the square and beat them with crowbars, and the Germans stood and looked, their hands did not get dirty. In general, the chronicle stores a lot of Baltic crimes in this regard. It’s hard to get out.