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Korean explosion felt in Russia

If there is a real nuclear threat just 100 kilometers from Vladivostok the governor of Primorye should be a military manand not a sympathizer of the USA and Matilde ...

Korean explosion felt in Russia

The hydrogen bomb explosion in the DPRK was physically palpable in Russia. Tremors stirred the land mass of our Primorsky Territory. Obviously, the situation is consistently evolving towards disaster. Well, even a simple seaside seller, warming his stomach on the beach of the Russian island, it is clear that "it smells fried." Although we have decided to react only when the roasted rooster knocks on the head with his beak. And he will definitely bang or bite.

But it will be too late when this rooster arrives from the Korean Peninsula.

I met people who told me: “What do you panic about? Everything's under control". Well yes. The grenade's check is torn off, after a few seconds it will jerk. But you do not panic. You just stand by and control ...

As long as those who are responsible for the control, are keeping a cool eye on observing, the Russian population living near the Korean Peninsula has very little idea what to do if it jerks after all.

After all, no work is being done with the residents of our border region. Nobody prepares them for a possible catastrophe. Few of them know where the bomb shelters are located, what to do in case of a nuclear explosion. Annual floods in Primorye show that the government is not able to respond adequately, is not able to take preliminary measures. Every year, people are left without shelter and food, every year - victims. For some reason, this situation was not in Soviet times. Still better controlled.

If something very serious begins on the Korean Peninsula, the inhabitants of Primorye are likely to be simply not ready for this. And then there will be a lot of victims. Without preparation, without training, without serious administrative reforms, people cannot be organized. All international experience historical experience shows that an unprepared, demoralized population instantly panics, makes completely rash actions. The mentioned floods forced people to abandon their homes. And then the looters came. Despite the low moral condition in which a significant part of our society is today, looting, no doubt, will become common in the event of cataclysms that can come to us from the Korean Peninsula.

It must be borne in mind that if an open military conflict occurs on the Korean Peninsula, thousands of refugees will flock to our Primorye. The presence of refugees in general can greatly contribute to the growth of chaos in Primorye. At the same time, we do not have any moral right to refuse to accept Koreans. On the contrary, we must render all possible assistance to the victims of American aggression. It is unlikely that the statements of our senators in the Federation Council, that the DPRK has crossed the line of what was permitted, having experienced a hydrogen bomb, look decent and courageous. It would be better if the senators to the United States attributed these claims. Koreans are just trying to survive, as they can in the conditions of a perfidious American attack. Koreans need to be supported and with them stop the American fascists. If North Korea had felt the powerful and full support of Russia, then they would not need a hydrogen bomb.

But it seems that we have already missed all our opportunities on the Korean Peninsula.

What awaits us when the war in Korea begins? It is unlikely that regional officials will be able to give an adequate answer to this question. They have their own business, their own concerns.

In the DPRK, a hydrogen bomb was detonated, and the governor of Primorye gives an extensive interview to Forbes magazine. And there it is, in fact, about what has been done to appeal to foreign investors.

Mr. Governor of Primorye has long been known for its cosmopolitanism. He is probably not so important who will be the boss on the seashore. If only there was a material return. And this approach may have some justification. But only if you look at the world through the eyes of an American manager. But it seems that it is with such eyes, judging by many, many facts, that the current governor of Primorsky Krai is looking at Russian politics. Even the first international meeting of Miklushevsky as governor in 2012, with the Americans, with the US Consul General in Vladivostok. Then he also asked to invest in Primorye. And before being appointed governor, being the rector of the then under construction university on Russky Island, Miklushevsky invited an amazing man, Vladimir Kuznetsov, who lives in San Francisco, to the post of director of the FEFU Regional and International Studies School. This man was the first governor of Primorye at the very beginning of the 1990. Before Nazdratenko. He was in the team of the notorious Foreign Minister Kozyrev. Very Kuznetsov sympathized with the Americans. Having already worked as a general consul in San Francisco after his governorship, Kuznetsov remained to live in the United States. After arriving in Russia to help Miklushevsky in organizing international research in FEFU, he achieved good results. Under him, regular tours began with lectures at the Far Eastern University of American professors, representatives of the US diplomatic corps. After some time, Kuznetsov openly expressed his sympathies to the belolentochny movement on Bolotnaya Square in Moscow. Now this San Francisco man does not work at FEFU. But as they say, his business lives.

One of the most outspoken sympathizers to the United States of America was First Vice-Governor Miklushevsky, also appointed in 2012. And no longer working in Primorye. This gentleman by the name of Sidorov lived and worked in the States for a long time. Having become the first deputy governor Miklushevsky, when he asked Americans for money before the APEC forum in Vladivostok, in an interview with American billionaire Jim Rogers, he unequivocally said: “In the region we solve the two largest Russian problems - fools and bad roads. We started with roads, and you have to help us solve the second problem. ”

A year ago, in a recent interview with Primémedia Miklushevsky’s seaside news agency, he frankly admitted that now his reference books are the works of Michael Porter “International Competition” and “A Good Strategy a Bad Strategy” by Richard Rumelt. These works are written in line with the well-known idea that in a globalized world each country should have some major economic advantage corresponding to the global division of labor in the new world order.

By the way, Primamedia’s media holding, which is being interviewed by Miklushevsky, is actively lobbying for the blasphemous film “Matilda” and recently published an interview with the leader of Primorsky Krishnaites. Russian Hare Krishna, with an ordinary rural appearance, through the seaside news agency tells the reader how cool it is to be a Krishna. Although, looking at how a normal country boy changed his Russian surname to some Sanskrit patronymic and ponadavil at his home little little eyed idols, there are big doubts not only in the correctness of the chosen path, but even in the mental health of all interview.

We do not know how the governor of Primorye treats Hare Krishnas, who is also published in Primamedia, but he seems to treat the dirty film Matilda very well. Miklushevsky himself supports the international film festival “Pacific Meridians” in Vladivostok. And despite the protests of the head of the Primorye Metropolis of the Russian Orthodox Church, His Grace Benjamin (Pushkar), deputies of the State Duma, public organizations and hundreds of thousands of Russian citizens, the governor does not intend to refuse to see the "Mathilde" 10 of September at the Primorye Film Festival.

But How will he refuse if, again, behind the film are well-known financial circles in the United States?

And here is the hydrogen bomb explosion, tremors in Primorye. And the governor expects an anti-Russian film to be shown and gives an interview to Forbes magazine.

...In such a tense international environment and in the presence of a real nuclear threat, just a hundred kilometers from Vladivostok, the governor of Primorye, or rather, Governor-General, should be a military man.

It’s time for the military people to seriously get puzzled by what is happening today in the political sphere of the key border territories of Russia. After all, happen that the military will have to take on the main load.

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  1. Knowing
    Knowing 5 September 2017 05: 57
    I felt such tremors sit on the couch, shook noticeably (I do not live in the Khasansky district)...But the article did not understand what ... recourse request About Eun the restless provocateur, who by his actions really threatens the security of Russia, or about Miklushevsky and his sixes, some of which are already “a little bit” suspected and under investigation ... Ah?
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 5 September 2017 07: 42
      In the case of nuclear tests in the DPRK, the governor of Primorye should be a specialist in nuclear safety in Russia, and in case of a flood threat, a diver. And there may also be a sewage leak, a syphilis outbreak, or Internet crashes. You won’t get enough of all the cases of governors. belay
      1. seos
        seos 5 September 2017 08: 25
        The article is large and meaningless .... Most likely, the author calls for the place of the current VERY BAD governor to call on the permanent leader of Primorsky Krai Darkin and peace and grace will come, we will live and die according to concepts ... (peace and grace will be because those who blather immediately go along the pier with concrete slippers ...)
        1. forty-eighth
          forty-eighth 5 September 2017 09: 37
          Rather, the whole article is far-fetched only once again to rebuke the ever-memorable Matilda.
          North Korea blew up the fusion, and Matilda was a blasphemous film. Miklushevsky gives an interview, and Matilda is a blasphemous film. International film festival "Pacific Meridian" in Vladivostok, and "Matilda" is a blasphemous film.
          With the same success, you can write about water supply, dogs or the theory of elasticity - mention “Matilda” is a holy cause.
          1. tracer
            tracer 5 September 2017 21: 33
            Matilda for weight ... Otherwise, explain to the bad boy that glass cannot be broken. EXPLAINED and kick in the ass. You ask where does the kick? For weight ..
      2. AUL
        AUL 5 September 2017 09: 38
        In the case of nuclear tests in the DPRK, the governor of Primorye should be a specialist in nuclear safety in Russia, and in case of a flood threat, a diver. And there may also be a sewage leak, a syphilis outbreak, or Internet crashes. You won’t get enough of all the cases of governors. belay
        The governor himself should not repair the sewers and treat syphilis. But, if he does not have specialists in the situations described by you, the price to him as a governor is worthless! He must be the OWNER (in a good way) in his region, must be prepared for any situation, and he must have a team for any occasion. And cases, as you know, are different.
        And further. It’s somehow not customary for us to prepare people for all kinds of emergencies. In order not to raise a panic. What it results in is understandable. I recall the situation with Chernobyl when the May Day demonstration was held in Kiev. "So as not to raise a panic!"
    2. andj61
      andj61 5 September 2017 11: 41
      Quote: Knowing
      I felt such tremors sit on the couch, shook noticeably (I do not live in the Khasansky district)...But the article did not understand what ... recourse request About Eun the restless provocateur, who by his actions really threatens the security of Russia, or about Miklushevsky and his sixes, some of which are already “a little bit” suspected and under investigation ... Ah?

      The article is definitely about nothing! The author took advantage of the explosion to hook the Governor of Primorye (apparently, deservedly, but a rotten occasion) and once again engage in promoting his views about what became scandalous with the help of such "Orthodox" figures in the film. Or do they advertise this Matilda this way? what
      But whether there was a hydrogen bomb explosion is another question! Around the beginning of 2016 or the end of 2015, a “hydrogen bomb” was also blown up there. There was also a tantrum about this. But then, somehow quietly, the scientists said that there was no hydrogen bomb explosion: after such an explosion you want, you don’t want, and the radiation is still increasing, but even the minimal emission of radioactive gases was not recorded then. It is possible that something similar has happened now. Nobody recorded even a minimal increase in radiation. Another point - seismologists recorded not one, but TWO explosions with a difference of several minutes. In the explosion of a hydrogen bomb, it is extremely difficult to explain, but when initiating several compositions of explosives, potassium and ammonium nitrate, etc. - it could be quite so: in this case, blowing up several tens of thousands of tons of explosives at once is not an easy task.
      And the photograph in the header of the article is clearly not North Korean! bully hi
    3. Pancir026
      Pancir026 5 September 2017 13: 04
      Quote: Knowing
      about Miklushevsky and his sixes, some of which are already "a little bit" suspected and under investigation ..

      It is about them. At the same time about those who are mad about the film "Matilda" .. One such mad man already drove into the cinema on an UAZ. Now he is giving evidence.
  2. Olgovich
    Olgovich 5 September 2017 06: 03
    Although it’s customary for us to react only when the fried rooster hits its head with its beak. And he will surely knock or bite.
    Do not knock.
    1. Teberii
      Teberii 5 September 2017 06: 19
      If the gun is hanging, it must shoot. Classic.
      1. Tolstoevsky
        Tolstoevsky 5 September 2017 13: 34
        if everyone had a gun on the wall, we would not be afraid of the leberasty in power
  3. populist
    populist 5 September 2017 06: 21
    Author: Igor Anatolyevich Romanov, Center for Church-State Relations "Coast of Rus", Doctor of Sociology

    We have a secular state, by the way. Is the existence of such a "center" a violation of the constitution? wink
    And again, this notorious "Matilda" was hesitated. Nobody saw the film, but everyone condemns. wassat I'll have to see. tongue
    1. Evgenijus
      Evgenijus 5 September 2017 07: 46
      We have a secular state

      I would like to know the parameters of a secular state ... If this request does not complicate you. But in detail, please (do not need from Wikipedia, I myself have the Internet).
    2. urganov
      urganov 5 September 2017 17: 44
      Quote: populist
      church-state relations center

      Desk nothing. Public organization. It has no official status; horns and hooves are an interest club. As well as all other religious gangs ...
  4. ADmA_RUS
    ADmA_RUS 5 September 2017 06: 34
    Why are you raising a panic?
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 5 September 2017 07: 06
      Author alarmist, let him drink valerian. Now 33 km from me to the Korean border. on the road, I didn’t feel any jerks. And the weather in Primorye has always been like this under the tsar and the communists, in August-September typhoons happen and you need to know this, and not chew snot and write about looters. Some kind of verbal diarrhea, not an article. hi
      1. seos
        seos 5 September 2017 08: 27
        Custom article in order to lead your people to the trough ...
        1. kepmor
          kepmor 5 September 2017 13: 12
          it is necessary for Poklonskaya to go there by the governor ... and will ban Mathilde ... and he will transfer Americans and Chinese ... and he will be "right now" to the author of this article ...
  5. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 5 September 2017 06: 38
    the article is interesting, but after the words "Matilda's dirty film" interest disappears. the film itself was not watched, but this tantrum around him was already sickened. what's in it? is St. Nicholas not a saint? tr ... twisted tricks with some ballerina? his bust is nowhere pacified by chance?
    1. toyfactory
      toyfactory 5 September 2017 15: 12
      The bottom line is that no one has watched the film yet, except for a dozen specialists who have not found anything criminal in it. Actually the story of this love is quite real and does not carry any “dirt”.
  6. inkass_98
    inkass_98 5 September 2017 06: 55
    And now let’s check everyone for lice by means of a survey, as in second-hand banking, and the questions will be of the same plan: did you look at “Matilda”? Do you condemn / approve? For the "white" or for the "red"? "South Park" looked? A "Features of national hunting"?
    What the hell did that go? The taste and color, as they say ... I like Zhmurki, and I respect Balabanov in general, and my wife doesn’t like him, so now, is there something to get divorced on the eve of the silver wedding?
    Federal officials should have other criteria for evaluating work, not criticism that he watches Tinto Brass or Tarantino at home.
  7. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 5 September 2017 07: 02
    The "explosion" gradually escalated from the author into criticism of the governor. Well done. And what should the governor do, according to the author? Correctly declare martial law, mobilize the entire population to create anti-nuclear shelters, shelters, etc. Drag combustible substances to avoid fires, etc. etc. wassat
    1. seos
      seos 5 September 2017 08: 38
      The Wild East was given to bandits for management for a period of 10 years, now in attempts to return the donated org. crime region Moscow thieves put their governor ....
      The Russian legislation does not apply in the region, the prosecutor’s office and the police do not work, the main law is thieves’s concepts .... All conflicts, economic and political, are resolved on the “arrows” .... Suing in the Far East makes no sense .... ALL court decisions in higher courts are not reviewed ...
      Because the people and brings down from there ... and the government is trying to entice new suckers into the region by giving land and giving money to immigrants ....
      1. kepmor
        kepmor 5 September 2017 13: 18
        and what in other regions does "oil painting" look different ?????
  8. M. Michelson
    M. Michelson 5 September 2017 07: 32
    It would seem, what does Kshesinskaya have to do with it?
    1. Freeman
      Freeman 5 September 2017 13: 39
      Quote: M. Michelson
      It would seem, what does Kshesinskaya have to do with it?

      The question is posed incorrectly.
      The main message of the article is directed against the film "Matilda" and the rival organization "Hare Krishna".
      The rest of the "husk" is aimed at trying to arouse "patriotism", more precisely, "pseudo-patriotism" and direct "righteous anger" to the "right address".
      Look at the root! / Kozma Rods /
  9. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 5 September 2017 08: 37
    "If there is a real nuclear threat, just a hundred kilometers from Vladivostok, the governor of Primorye should be a military man, not a sympathizer of the United States and Matilda ..."
    The elderberry garden, and the uncle in Kiev. All in one pile. The hydrogen bomb in the DPRK, the liberal governor and the film ... The author has a complete mess in his head.
    And by the way, about “Matilda” - as a result of the prosecutor’s check of violations and insults of our “eternally offended” black-necked businessmen were not found.
  10. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 5 September 2017 08: 37
    the governor of Primorye should be a military man

    At one time, I was for it. Only with time did I realize that it was not like a formation or army to lead the region (region). It’s a little easier - ordered, done. Guys, maybe it’s enough to prophesy for the posts of governors of the military? And all sorts of "excellent" managers? Maybe it's time to appoint really professionals?
    1. urapatriot
      urapatriot 5 September 2017 12: 30
      Maybe it's time to appoint really professionals?

      Where can I get them? What do professionals rule in our country? The Ministry of Defense is headed by a man who has not served in the army, Roscosmos steers the Inkombank accountant, etc. etc.
    2. And why do you need
      And why do you need 5 September 2017 13: 44
      There is another side, Fukushima, sharks, jellyfish, crosses, which you can’t catch up with fears! If only you didn’t rest in the Primorye ... Did you know that in order to catch tourists in Crimea in 2014, state employees were paid 14 days up to living in g ... hotels. So, not knowing life in the Far East, you should not impose guides here
  11. Buffet
    Buffet 5 September 2017 08: 50
    the blasphemous film "Matilda"
    Has the author already watched the film before its main release? What is he blasphemous of? Or "did not look, but I condemn"? Familiar with the work of Pikul?
  12. bolkodav68
    bolkodav68 5 September 2017 09: 25
    what else do the Koreans do? help will not come from Russia, China is neither fish nor meat. it remains only to arm. Russia with the current leadership is more likely to support the Americans than help the Koreans.
  13. win9090
    win9090 5 September 2017 09: 36
    Much more, and even in Russia, every first manager is a former cop, warrior, etc.

    It’s just time to roll out the DPRK and it will become one less problem, and the Koreans at the same time.
  14. raw174
    raw174 5 September 2017 10: 17
    Ingenious! In Korea, a bomb is being blown up, and a tricky governor is lobbying an anti-Russian film!
    What is the connection then? Have the people of the ROC completely pinned on this film? Almost the end of the world will happen if it is shown))) I do not at all offend the feelings of believers, I'm talking about the administrative staff of the Russian Orthodox Church. What is it there, let's introduce the Inquisition, can the director be crucified? or a governor who doesn't show people the way to a bomb shelter? Who to put on a stake? I understand propaganda and all that, but the framework must also be respected! At all times, the clergy were against the progress and development of science and authorities in vain flirting with these people.
  15. Normal ok
    Normal ok 5 September 2017 12: 22
    the blasphemous film "Matilda"

    And why is he "blasphemous? The fact that the tsar was confused with the Kshesinskaya? So this is not a secret, it is described in hundreds of history books.
    1. Kenxnumx
      Kenxnumx 5 September 2017 13: 12
      And still being the heir. Why not. Golden youth.
  16. Clone
    Clone 5 September 2017 12: 30
    actively lobbying the blasphemous film "Matilda"
    Honestly, the obscurantists were gouging - no one had yet seen the film, but fiercely condemned, with a club and a torch at the ready ... It seems that the new monarchists are absolutely sure that the royal people were completely alien to ordinary human joys. Ugh, and only.
    I suspect that the governor’s Americanism and the Korean explosion are just the backdrop in order to again bring into the discussion the worn-out topic of grand-prince pranks with a ballerina.
  17. Kenxnumx
    Kenxnumx 5 September 2017 12: 35
    That is, the protest does not cause the Koreans to explode a hydrogen bomb under our side. On the contrary, we must be prepared for the mass reception of them on a visit. And the Koreans are great guys. Polite working. And by the way, the author did not like the film which he did not watch. PGM in the terminal stage does not give life. Muddy article.
  18. Oleko
    Oleko 5 September 2017 14: 48
    How much this “Matilda” procrastinate! I’ll definitely look now. But it’s impossible to watch photographs of scenes and scenery of Serebrennikov’s performances without hugging the “Compact” sanitary ware. That's where Poklonskaya and the Russian Orthodox Church need to look. And then Nikolenka rushed to defend.
  19. toyfactory
    toyfactory 5 September 2017 15: 07
    "the blasphemous film" Matilda "" - I don’t want to read further. So the dominance of the Veruns and the general clericalization of the country that sent the person to Space sad ((
    No one has ever seen this ARTistic film, but the cinema is already set on fire, people went completely
  20. Cadet
    Cadet 5 September 2017 17: 50
    A retired colonel was placed in the next blat department, so every morning the department employees were built, leveled and the Smyrno team sounded, then the roll call, they were not funny, the staff consisting of most of the women, office workers. They found salvation, transferred to the security service, now they are not funny, the former special forces will soon send him too.
    SCHWERIN 5 September 2017 19: 07
    Someone untwisted Matilda. There was a small split in the country, but even an avalanche begins with stone. In Leningrad, there was an institute of railway engineers. Founded by Nicholas II. In Soviet times, the name of the king was returned to the name of the university. And now they have taken and removed. I personally am not a fan of the martyr king, but I think that it was not necessary to remove his name. He founded it, helped the institute, and a travel engineer was not the last person in the Republic of Ingushetia.
    And such cracks can serve as an avalanche. In 17, the riots began when fresh bread was not delivered. Provocateurs began to warm the people. Although after 2 for everything was set up, the government launched field bakeries, people were already wound up.
    On warning the population about a Missile Nuclear Strike. Can you even imagine the explosion of a nuclear bomb in an urban setting? PANIC, crowds rush through the streets, crushing their own kind. There is no connection, there is no light, telephones and TV are not working. Where to run, what to do? 99.5 percent of the population knows nothing about the use of nuclear weapons. The brow will have a Geiger counter in his hands; he does not know the doses. There are no gas masks and none of the townsfolk knows how to properly dress him. Gas stations will not be able to dress.
    In vain ironize over the author. He speaks correctly of the military leadership in the Far East under the threats of Kim and Trump. Perhaps the time will come for the military.
  22. The comment was deleted.
  23. Old26
    Old26 5 September 2017 19: 59
    Quote: SCHWERIN
    In vain ironize over the author. He speaks correctly of the military leadership in the Far East under the threats of Kim and Trump. Perhaps the time will come for the military.

    Out of your message, you need to introduce the posts of governor-generals throughout the country. Since everywhere there is something yes.
    And about the action under the conditions of the use of nuclear weapons - I absolutely agree. Since all classes on civil defense were removed at enterprises and institutions, everything has become just a fiction. For several years I was the head of a freelance firefighting group for the Ministry of Emergencies at the enterprise. So what? If the director himself says - NAFIG IT NEEDS what to demand. No, of course he complied with the requirements. He sent people to study (section leaders). I even bought something like a rope with knots imposed, so that I could go down from the second floor. But no one can do this. And he didn’t know how. A tick was made, which is done. And everything else.
    In our youth, they drove us from the department to teachings of civil defense, when in the evening and night it was necessary to reach a certain settlement. It was bad or good, but at least they knew where to go (if they reached it - the tenth matter). And now? Therefore, appoint a military governor or do not appoint - do not care. Everything must be lifted from scratch.
  24. Megamarcel
    Megamarcel 5 September 2017 22: 46
    I just can’t understand one thing. If Americans are so bad, then why Japan and South Korea live better than North Korea and Russia too? Where is the genocide, where are the counterattacks. For some reason, none of this exists. And there is United Russia, which even before the growing threat, wanted to spit on its population and there are North Korean elders who are trying to maintain power and blackmail developed countries with their aggression. What is the US wrong if Kim himself strives to scare the States with a nuclear club? Americans act from their point of view completely justified. If there is an aggressive regime that threatens them and their allies, then it must be destroyed.
    1. AID.S
      AID.S 6 September 2017 00: 56
      Quote: MegaMarcel
      I just can’t understand one thing.

      Develop your horizons, self-education, do not sit in contact, otherwise you will never understand "this one".
  25. AID.S
    AID.S 6 September 2017 00: 52
    If the fish had wool, then fleas would live in it ...
  26. kunstkammer
    kunstkammer 7 September 2017 21: 21
    Quote: kepmor
    and what in other regions does "oil painting" look different ?????

    all alarmists, nepotrioty and bad people. Only they can rock the boat at the crossing and demand a change of our dear and beloved bosses. And when? When all our people in a single impulse ... all as one ...
    And you, you are just bots sitting on a salary from Poroshenko .....
    “Putin is always alive!
    Putin is always with you!
    In grief, hope and joy-and-and-and! ”
  27. ITZ instructor
    ITZ instructor 9 September 2017 13: 24
    I just realized that the victims of American aggression explode hydrogen bombs near Vladivostok, so we need to change the governor and not watch the movie "Matilda"