American Operation Love Donald

By the Day of Solidarity in the Fight against Terrorism (in the Russian Federation), an American petition to the US President about the need to consider recognizing financier George Soros as a terrorist gained more than 100 thousands of votes. This fact, according to American laws, dictates to the US authorities the need to conduct a review of the initiative voiced in regard to Soros.

American Operation Love Donald

Recall that the authors of the petition are demanding that the administration of the US President add Soros to the list of terrorists, which would automatically freeze his multi-billion dollar accounts. And if you believe the statistics of Forbes, then 87-year-old Soros has these billions (dollars, of course) - no less than 24. In the worldwide list of billionaires financier and “investor” of Hungarian origin by name (at birth) Györz Schwartz is on the 29 place. And the fact that the richest people in the world are in the top thirty allows a person not only to live in such a way that “there is enough bread and butter” ... Not simply, but also ... And this “but” is just the same for many people. Soros is too active and in his far from youthful age he “invests” there where frank politics clearly prevail over the economy. Moreover, a policy of such a nature, which aims to create a favorable business environment for George Soros, which allows creating loyal institutions and public organizations, is a large-scale lobby all over the world.

The oddity is that Soros has been shitting for a long time and actively almost everywhere, where his hand reaches, actively sponsoring the sowing of chaos by radical organizations in various countries, and an angry petition in his address has appeared only now. Did the United States have previously been satisfied with everything in the activities of the old Georgie, but now suddenly ceased to arrange? .

Here's your time ... Against dozens of countries around the world, including Russia, they knew, but so that against the US ...

One of the probable reasons for the appearance of such a petition may be related to the kind of activity George Soros has shown in recent months. Billionaire was one of the most ardent critics of US President Donald Trump. That is one billionaire criticizes another billionaire. In this criticism itself, envy, and resentment, and anger are concluded. After all, the billionaire Trump turned out to be the president of "the most exclusive country in the world", and Soros did not reach this level for his 87. Regimes in other countries taxied - no doubt. But at home to dictate their own political will somehow did not work. So he announced that Trump "will destroy America", and stuff like that ... Senile envy? - Completely. Bruised billionaire self-esteem is also quite.

For obvious reasons, Trump did not like criticism from a financial competitor. And then suddenly (“out of nowhere”) an anti-Soros petition appears. Will it really be someone in the camp of the American authorities considered in favor of recognizing George Soros as a terrorist is a big question, but even this is not the main thing. The main thing is that Soros, through this petition, has already demonstrated that his activity on “the call of the people’s will” can be quickly curtailed. And not just collapsed, but also with the freezing of all his 24s with over billions of dollars of assets, which can turn from the assets of Mr. Soros personally into the assets of the “American nation”. In general, everything is based on the principle of “Let's make America great again”.

And indeed ... In other cases, Trump needs to fly to the Saudis, call up with the Japanese and South Koreans, carry Melania with Ivanka and the rest of the family in order to squander / sniff / shove (modern lit. Americanism - “lobby”) selling American weapons under the pretext of a threat even from Assad, even from Kim, even from Putin, and even altogether from alien invaders. And what about the Soros? To replenish the treasury with billions, it is not necessary to fly anywhere, Melanie heels also do not have to tread down. Almost a quarter of a hundred billion dollars is at stake. On the scale of the USA - a drop in the ocean, but Trump even during the election race stated that he would fight for every dollar and for every job for the USA. And he declaratively can translate these 24 more than a billion with a stroke of a pen into the American budget. This time. And also: to get rid of a political critic is two, to teach a lesson to the rest of the “disloyal” billionaires — three. Yes, even if Soros will not “feel”, then, as it is now fashionable to say, the “message” has already been sent to him: old man, do not think that we do not know how to make sure that you break up with your money and with your views on the American political modernity.

In Russian political circles, they actively comment on the anti-Soros petition. So, representing the upper house of the Russian parliament, Alexei Pushkov, notes that Soros “played out”. Here are Pushkov's tweets:
Soros finished playing politavantyury and color revolutions: a wave against him went to the United States itself. The final blow to the remnants of his supporters in Russia.

The petition against Soros is also a protest against the policies of the Obama government, which uncontrolledly allocated money to Soros for political manipulations abroad.

Another Russian senator, Franz Klintsevich, believes that recognizing Soros as a terrorist would mean undermining the foundations of the United States.

Really. If the billionaire Soros is declared a terrorist, then 99% of all American “money bags” will have to be declared a terrorist. Therefore, no recognition is expected, of course. But, as already noted, it is important the message itself, which 87-year-old Soros sent by the fact of the appearance of the petition.

That is, Soros is in a "fork" situation. If you continue to criticize Trump too actively, they can even “punish” them with quite tough methods. And if you do not continue, it means - to accept and live quietly in the format of an American billionaire retiree, sniff flowers and swing in a chair on the lawn ... Soros does not agree a priori.

In this regard, it is worthwhile to assume that Soros may well begin the undercover game (as he can do very well). The game to form the anti-Ram coalition from the same "money bags" (in fact, the American oligarchy), who are also not happy with the fact that Trump has "400 relatively fair ways" to take away their assets.
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  1. +1
    4 September 2017 06: 38
    Well ... That it was Soros who sponsored many of the anti-Trump protests, the US media already "revealed." But the passage about Soros's envy of Trump because of the presidency of the latter is ridiculous. A person who was not born in the USA cannot become the President of the USA
    1. +5
      4 September 2017 06: 55
      In Russian schools, history is still taught using textbooks published for Soros grants, thousands of NGOs work, and no one even wants to count how many of his people are in our government (the topic is forbidden). It turns out that we are far from America. There, at least petitions can be filed and signatures collected.
      1. +4
        4 September 2017 08: 12
        Quote: siberalt
        There, at least petitions can be filed and signatures collected.

        Who's stopping you ?!
        1. +1
          7 September 2017 15: 24
          We don’t have such a site or tool, the one that is ignored by the authorities on some American site with rare exceptions, the authorities generally consider the intervention of the people in their rule to be something absurd, otherwise the “rich judges”, deputies, ministers would have long been put in places not so remote. Well, except that sometimes public arrests and long-term investigations are shown as shows, until the dust settles down to release the "elite" in peace. Oh yes, once again the king will speak once a year, help a couple of three children, grandmothers, chide a finger to some governor, and then silence again.
    2. +2
      4 September 2017 13: 21
      Quote: Captain Nemo
      A person who is not born in the United States cannot become the President of the United States

      Obama laughed ...
  2. +2
    4 September 2017 06: 52
    financier and "investor" of Hungarian origin by name (at birth) Gyorgy Schwartz
    Alexei needs at least pedagogy ( wassat ) climb -
    Born in Budapest in a Jewish family middle income. His father, Tivadar Schwartz, was a lawyer, a prominent figure in the Jewish community of the city, an Esperanto specialist and an Esperanto writer. In 1936, the family changed their surname to the Hungarian version of Soros.
  3. +1
    4 September 2017 07: 06
    Quote: siberalt
    In Russian schools, history is still taught using textbooks published for Soros grants, thousands of NGOs work, and no one even wants to count how many of his people are in our government (the topic is forbidden). It turns out that we are far from America. There, at least petitions can be filed and signatures collected.

    And we can’t collect petitions from us?, For example!
  4. 0
    4 September 2017 07: 24
    Quote: Perviy
    Quote: siberalt
    In Russian schools, history is still taught using textbooks published for Soros grants, thousands of NGOs work, and no one even wants to count how many of his people are in our government (the topic is forbidden). It turns out that we are far from America. There, at least petitions can be filed and signatures collected.

    And we can’t collect petitions from us?, For example!

    This ..... org is not of Russian origin ... Not long ago I tried to sign a petition about perverts in Oralny’s team, the woman was troubled by one, her son was in trouble ... So this ... org, with the stubbornness of an idiot, did not allow I have to subscribe ... using a bot that carries heresy ... Maybe it's just that I was not lucky, but nonetheless ...
    1. 0
      5 September 2017 06: 41
      The petition had to be placed in the Torah. True, they are paid there ... And very expensive ...
    2. +2
      7 September 2017 05: 45
      I once signed something there and now I constantly receive requests to sign something. I sign everything related to animals around the world, absolutely everything related to human rights violations around the world, except for Russia. There are really good results (a permanent report there), for a year, for example, several shelters for homeless animals in different cities (Chelyabinsk, Irkutsk, Vorkuta) were formed with the help of petitions. But as for "human rights" - a full house! A woman comes to her - the mother of the deceased, brutally murdered guy in the army in some part - crying, there is no investigation, no one has been punished ... Then again this same woman, I think - how many sons with different surnames have suffered from hazing, it turns out - Non-governmental organization "soldiers' mothers" ...
      But still, I think it’s useful to register there. All these petitions can be selected. But be aware.
  5. 0
    4 September 2017 07: 35
    Soros may well begin the undercover game

    So he leads her for a long time and in my opinion does not even hide it. While they will consider the petition, they will think about what Soros will do. For 87 years, he hasn’t even painted a billionaire, all the more so as they say - “you can’t buy health”.
  6. +2
    4 September 2017 08: 56
    Well, Soros also actively flies around the world, introduces initiatives such as the legalization of light drugs (marijuana and smoking mixes), and then dubious drugs for addiction, sodomy, the power of "civil society", educational programs, sex education of almost kindergarten other such horror. In general, it’s time for Schwartz’s grandfather to be shoved into Spandau for his collaboration with the Nazis, as a schoolboy, he printed the necessary papers to excuse arrests.
    1. +1
      4 September 2017 11: 42
      Like Spandau, because this prison itself was destroyed after the death of the last prisoner Rudolf Hess in 1987. Is there a castle of the same name nearby, maybe there?
  7. 0
    4 September 2017 10: 03
    Soros terrorist number two!
    1. 0
      7 September 2017 16: 16
      What a nasty face !!! 87 years old! And not tidied up in any way ...................
  8. 3vs
    4 September 2017 11: 26
    Clintonsha and her hubby would also have been comfortable puzzling Sorosovsky.
  9. +2
    4 September 2017 12: 08
    It should be noted that Soros is not a private person. He personifies a certain factor, which they try not to define, according to the principle "there is an ass, but no words." At the beginning of the 1998th century, this factor was called "world capital". Forty regulates the internal contradictions now (after XNUMX) of a homogeneous world system. The actions of the regulator cannot but affect the private interests of various groups within this large system. Trump turned out to be a representative of one of these groups, so Soros in the USA started the “color revolution”, although there is no “American embassy” in the USA.
  10. +1
    4 September 2017 17: 55
    A ghoul whose billions await death.
    1. +2
      4 September 2017 21: 47
      This is a superficial attitude to the phenomenon. Someone else will be assigned to Soros.
      1. 0
        6 September 2017 18: 38
        Soros is not a man, this is a position, and this time is time for retirement, he is already ready for a replacement.
      2. 0
        6 September 2017 23: 45
        Someone else will be assigned to Soros.

        Sounds like trump laughing
  11. 0
    4 September 2017 19: 14
    The Moor has done his job, can the Moor leave? Grandfather drained?
  12. 0
    4 September 2017 19: 25
    Scorpions in the bank. Let them bite, if only they would not come to us.
  13. 0
    6 September 2017 23: 42
    Wow, let these overseas devils all share “For Trump”, “For Soros” and already kill each other, it is possible even with nuclear weapons, if they limit themselves to North America.
  14. +1
    7 September 2017 16: 15
    Quote: Volodin
    Quote: Captain Nemo
    A person who is not born in the United States cannot become the President of the United States

    Obama laughed ...

    Barack Hussein Obama II was born in Honolulu, Hawaii! So that he, a US citizen by birth, would laugh .........................

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