Military Review

Donbass. Frozen Conflict

In August, 2014, as a result of the fighting near Ilovaisk, the Ukrainian armed forces suffered a crushing defeat from the Donbass militias, which largely determined the further course of the confrontation. The situation on the separation line remains tense today. Despite the Minsk agreements, provocations and attacks from the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine do not stop, but life goes on as usual.


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  1. von Schlosser
    von Schlosser 30 August 2017 22: 42
    I am very sorry for the guys from Russia who bought, like me, however, on such a Loch project, like Novorossia .. (((Let Vova and Surkov take the guns and go there themselves))) Dig trenches)))
    1. Olegovi4
      Olegovi4 4 September 2017 21: 08
      Quote: von schlosser
      (Let Vova, take machine guns with Surkov and go there yourself

      it’s not Vova who drove everyone there. everyone decided for himself! no need to blame for their unfulfilled fantasies and dreams to hang on him. for whom it was not a “fleeting attraction”, is still there. and still with guns. and such “rangers” - legs in hands and home, in warm apartments.
  2. Engineer
    Engineer 31 August 2017 09: 05
    Dak Parashenko said that in September he will decide the issue with Donbass by force. Rumor has it that having organized a meat grinder, they will raise the question of introducing peacekeeping forces, the contingent of which will be selected from the faithful mongrel of the SGA from eastern Europe, which will be no better for the residents of Donbass than law-enforcement officers. Russia, of course, is blocked by such a decision in the UN Security Council, which will become an occasion to an attempt to deprive its permanent membership in this Council. Of course, there is also China as a permanent member of the Security Council, but as always, it can simply abstain. Although he alone cannot stay there in any way.
    1. Music
      Music 5 September 2017 17: 49
      History will repeat itself: the USSR lost the war to the Americans under the UN flag. The Chinese, at the cost of heavy losses, brought everything back. Now, of course, there will likely be a variant of the Battle of Kursk.