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  1. googled
    googled 2 September 2017 14: 27
    I know a person who served there in those years, not only in the special squad, he himself was drunk, he cut people in the 90s, went on a mission with the main goal of destroying, most often he cut with a knife, so that’s what we do , only ISIS and Ichkeria are filming, if not for ours, there would have been such a war, ISIS is fantastic
    1. googled
      googled 2 September 2017 14: 28
      ISIS would seem like a fairy tale)
      1. googled
        googled 2 September 2017 14: 33
        I will tell in advance to those who will try to say what they wanted, they got it, no, the USSR would not have gone to Afghanistan, but it was clear to all literate people that the penetration of specialized intelligence services into Afghanistan and the attempt to overthrow the republic was an open sabotage towards the USSR , you had to stop her.
        1. googled
          googled 2 September 2017 16: 38
          I’m not trying to say something bad, on the contrary, if it weren’t for the introduction of troops into Afghanistan at that time, it would be even worse, but to withdraw troops meant the collapse of our Great Empire, the recognition of errors entails a lot of consequences
  2. andy.v.lee
    andy.v.lee 2 September 2017 14: 56
    Yeah .. If they had schools and the like, it would have been a lot different, had the USSR or something like that been alive.
  3. In100gram
    In100gram 7 September 2017 20: 17
    Good film. I think the colonels had a lot of worries about this trip. But they had to end this "war in themselves." The best confirmation of the meeting and the request of the head of the settlement, which has remained since those times. We are still respected there. No wonder they fought.