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South Korean F-15K worked throwing monochrome bombs Mk-84

Four South Korean Air Force F-15K fighters dropped bombs on Taebek site, located near the border with North Korea. Eight monotonous MK-84 bombs were dropped on the landfill.


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  1. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 29 August 2017 14: 52
    this is power! breathtaking
  2. ICT
    ICT 29 August 2017 17: 40
    well, that’s understandable

    firing eight MK84 bombs on a simulated target, each bomb weighing one ton (2000 pounds)

    Well, for the sake of casuistry, in kilograms it turns out 925 (for pedivics)
  3. Razvedka_Boem
    Razvedka_Boem 29 August 2017 18: 26
    It’s strange to see a pilot with glasses ..
  4. prosto_rgb
    prosto_rgb 31 August 2017 21: 15
    do not scare the fat face
    need normal anti-bunker GBU-57 at least GBU-28