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ISIS took responsibility for the attack in Dagestan

The Amaq Internet resource, broadcasting propaganda on behalf of the ISIL militants (* banned in the Russian Federation), publishes a statement stating that ISIL (*) has claimed responsibility for the attack on police officers in Dagestan. Recall that as a result of an attack on police officers in Kaspiysk, one law enforcement officer was killed, another was injured and was taken to hospital. The attackers were neutralized on the spot.

Recently, the terrorist group ISIL (*), which is clearly losing its power component, has been trying to give an information about its own importance. Virtually any attack on law enforcement officers and on civilians in different countries of the world declares their "merit". Apparently, in the camp of the propagandists of ISIS (*) it is not aware that in Dagestan attacks on police / police officers were carried out even when there was no ISIS in the world (*). It so happened that the bandit underground in the Republic of Dagestan has been operating for many years, and some of the bandits succeed the others, continuing to carry out attempts to destabilize the situation both in the republic itself and throughout the North Caucasus.

Recall that today, in the area of ​​the city of Khasavyurt, an anti-terrorist operation took place, during which a special-purpose soldier was killed. The second fighter was injured and died in the hospital a few hours later. Militants entrenched in houses in the village near Khasavyurt were liquidated. Frames operation demonstrates TC 3600

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  1. newcomer
    newcomer 28 August 2017 20: 11
    scum. They want to raise their baseboard rating from the owners, because they abandoned them, having failed to oppose anything to our VKS. to soak and soak again in the outhouse of all barmaley, all indiscriminately.
    1. maxim947
      maxim947 28 August 2017 20: 17
      It seems that some fanatics in the Caucasus have been “reassured” by others now appeared, our “partners” mother by their foot will not calm down and will constantly try to destabilize the situation in some of our republics (traditionally with the wrong hands), they seem to have enough problems themselves, but they still climb that for people ?!
      Although what am I talking about ... it's already chronic
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 28 August 2017 20: 25
        not, not people, not villains from the West.
      2. Stas157
        Stas157 29 August 2017 21: 37
        Quote: maxim947
        Like some fanatics in the Caucasus "reassured" now others have appeared

        Yes, there has always been a war. And will be. They have a different mentality. Remove eternal problems everywhere! Take the same to Moscow! ... And if you look at the story? The Russian empire waged a hundred-year war with them, while General Ermolov, for each killed Russian soldier, began to put 10 highlanders against the wall. Thus, I found the right balance. The Soviet Union could handle them ... And now the situation is bad! It is restrained only by the ongoing counterterrorism operations. But I am very afraid that the current young generation will have to reassure, always troubled.
        1. maxim947
          maxim947 30 August 2017 09: 30
          Totally agree
      DEPARTMENT 28 August 2017 20: 25
      After all, dogs lie! We’ve already scattered the Ishil and destroyed most of them .. Now they will take on any hit with a knife and knives!
      Dumb boys are on the Internet and these scum ascribe everything to themselves ..!
      The first of September coincides with the Muslim holiday, I hope ours are ready for all the outcomes of the events and if soaked immediately!
      1. newcomer
        newcomer 28 August 2017 20: 28
        Well, the main thing is to shout, and then let them understand.
      2. Oleg L.
        Oleg L. 29 August 2017 12: 24
        Yes, in Siberia, a bank with milk from the windowsill will fall and ISIS will take responsibility. PR people
    3. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 28 August 2017 20: 27
      Meanwhile in Syria
      1. maxim947
        maxim947 28 August 2017 20: 43
        Not sickly of course)))) well done in one word
  2. Cutter
    Cutter 28 August 2017 20: 13
    Intimate fighter sp-condolences! Forwards destroyed on the spot - and rightly so, there is nothing to rush about! And ISIS is not ISIS ... destroy on the spot !!!
  3. Warnoob
    Warnoob 28 August 2017 20: 22
    I was in a supermarket the other day, passed by the alcohol department, and there several bottles of vodka were broken. By chance, isn't ISIS (banned in Russia) tried again?
    1. dvina71
      dvina71 28 August 2017 20: 29
      Quote: WarNoob
      ISIS (banned in Russia) did you try again?

      And today I went to the unloading. I caught a hole in the water, tore off the muffler .. I found out at the same time how great the powerful 320 engine is roaring))) .. this is also igil .. done dig .. bastards.
  4. garnik
    garnik 28 August 2017 20: 57
    Today, in Krasnodar, state of emergency. Two armed men are “Slavs, there is evidence”, one with a Wahhabi beard during the detention threw the car into the ducks. Searches are underway, rumored to have failed one. In the car was an arsenal of weapons.
  5. Thracian warrior
    Thracian warrior 28 August 2017 22: 08
    Question: Why haven’t the participants in the terrorist attacks taken recently? The answer is that it’s a matter of closure and there is no need to look for customers — so it was in Barcelona — they put 5 like sheep without a small loss — does it hurt? Can they Rambov's Heroes of the Spanish fucking awesome - unattractive bullets - like I cleaned up this scum ... YES? But customers did their job and put fear in their hands. Something like this.
    1. Kolin
      Kolin 29 August 2017 13: 41
      Let the Thracian Warrior enroll in the Security Council and show the unskillful there how to take the terrorists alive wink
  6. LeonidL
    LeonidL 29 August 2017 03: 31
    A good terrorist is a dead terrorist. It’s a pity, only the guys that died.
  7. Msta
    Msta 29 August 2017 07: 20
    I don’t think that this is ISIS. Most likely these are all the same Islamic terrorists who fought against the Russian Federation in Chechnya, using the protection of: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Sau
    Dovian Arabia and NATO.