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Who are the judges? .. On the Iraqi-British initiative of the tribunal for ISIS

The Iraqi government, which since the time of “democratization” and the execution of Saddam Hussein, doesn’t make sneeze without notifying the United States, actually makes it clear that the West has decided to complete the “victorious campaign” against ISIL (* terrorist group banned in the Russian Federation). And he did not just decide to complete it, but with maximum benefit for himself to use the fact of “rout” of the so-called “Islamic state” (*), whose leaders, as it happened, a few months before the proclamation of ISIS (*) came out intact and unscathed from the CIA specials in the same Iraq.

The day before, Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Al-Jafari sent a letter to UN Secretary-General António Gutterish, proposing to create a court that would deal with the case of war crimes and crimes against humanity by ISIL terrorists (*). It is noteworthy that members of the government of not only Iraq, but also Britain are working on a draft resolution on the creation of an anti-Igilov tribunal. British officials appeal to the UN with a “proposal” to create an international court through Iraqi colleagues.

Recall that the earlier request to the headquarters of the United Nations in New York was sent by Iraqi lawyers, who were supported by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. The lawyers said they are ready to provide evidence of the commission of crimes against humanity by igilovtsy.

From the letter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iraq:
Crimes committed by the terrorist organization Daesh (ISIL *) against the civilian population, destruction of infrastructure, archaeological sites in Iraq, crimes against humanity - all this makes it important to designate representatives of the DAESh terrorist gangs (*) as responsible to Iraqi law. We hope that the assessment of the DAESh (*) crimes will be given at the level of international law by the UN Security Council.

It is noted that the possible formation of the composition of the future tribunal for ISIL (*) will be carried out at the initial stage in a closed mode "for the purpose of security", since the operation on the complete destruction of ISIL is not yet completed.

So, we can state that the go-ahead is given. At the same time, there is an opinion that such an idea did not occur to a single Iraqi lawyer, and if it did, the initiative was hardly voiced without initial agreement with Baghdad’s western partners. Joint activities with Britain - proof of this.

What is the peculiarity of the proposal of the Iraqi authorities to create a trial of ISIS (*) given the fact that, in general, the initiative is more than relevant? And the peculiarity is that both the government of Iraq and the conglomerate of its western partners (if not the curators) need an international court today as a breath of clean water. Against the background of all that is happening in the Middle East and in the world as a whole, ISIS (*), which was originally created as a future sacred victim, not without the help of Western intelligence agencies (recall the "incredible" salvation of al-Baghdadi from the American torture chambers), status of the defeated power of evil. This will add legitimacy to the Iraqi government and, perhaps, will delay the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan.

And what a rampage for the media of the West: an endless series of reports from the courtroom, in which (the hall) several ungained scapegoats, previously announced by live ISIL field commanders (*), can be delivered.
Where did all this skepticism come from? Is the trial of ISIS is not needed? Yes, we need, of course. But one can not condemn and at the same time sponsor - a human being. It is impossible with the help of a hostage in Iraq and millions of its citizens to try to whiten the stinking and make them smell sweet. This is what it is about.

There is one historical a nuance that cannot be ignored. At the time when the court hearings of the tribunal in Nuremberg were in full swing, the Nazi criminals quietly settled down for permanent residence in the same United States of America, who declared themselves winners in the Second World War. In other words, they judged with one hand, stroking the head with the other hand, like a tattered element of the struggle for economic domination and competition on the European continent.

How many Nazi criminals hid in America, how much money they kept in American banks - without any sanctions and prosecutions? They knew about them, they know, but this did not prevent the Nazi officers and generals from living in deep gray hairs in villas in Alabama and California. The United States, Canada, and individual countries in South America sheltered all those who sought such a shelter — right up to the warders of the death camps, who were responsible for the deaths of thousands of Russians, Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Ukrainians, Belarusians, French, Czechs, and other nationalities.

And today, using the Iraqi government, the exceptional ones are again trying to make a show of the real possible trial of the terrorists. Nuremberg 2.0 or Nuremberg for ISIS (*) will be similar from the Western positions to what Nuremberg from Nazi criminals turned out to be from the same positions. The world with all its modern media and technical capabilities will be destined to find out how the "light elves" from the United States defeated international terrorism. The fact that the think tank of international terrorism is a structure, from the special prisons of which at one time came out called Abu-Bakr al-Baghdadi, of course, keep silent, because it does not fit in with the image of the "winner of universal terror".

All this also fits into the concept of Trump - the one who "will make America great again." What is needed for this? Now - quite a bit. The UN Secretary General, of course, will consider the Iraqi-British letter and portray a positive resolution. Meanwhile, American helicopters to the north of Raqqi continue the operation to evacuate those who were once transferred to Syria, so that ISIS would also grow there (*). Assad has not yet managed to cope, but the “victory” over those whom they themselves have nurtured ... smells of the Stanislavsky “I Believe” prize from the entire progressive and trustful world.

This is truly a show if the creators of ISIS (*) judge the pawns of ISIS (*) under the guise of a defeated incarnation of world-wide villainy ...

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 18 August 2017 15: 14
    The show began beautifully, the show should end beautifully ... like a court ... whatever thoughts arise ... such as: who gave money, who supplied weapons, who supported information ... But how wonderful it will turn out: the court of the winning coalition makes a decision by the type of the defeated ... who will be closed in special prisons, so that in case of something they release again ... But under a different guise ....
    1. krops777
      krops777 18 August 2017 16: 29
      The show began beautifully, the show should end beautifully ... like a court ...

      It is sad to realize that behind this "show" are the main heroes of the triumph on whose conscience the deaths of tens of thousands of people and millions of broken fates.
      1. Akuzenka
        Akuzenka 19 August 2017 21: 06
        Everything is clear, you cannot prevent, lead. The Anglo-Saxons in their repertoire: so as not to be condemned, they decided to arrange a trial themselves.
  2. Antianglosax
    Antianglosax 18 August 2017 15: 25
    This stupid game Russia will easily tear them down if desired. That's just the desire to firmly defend their positions with our superiors, unfortunately, is not observed.
    1. aybolyt678
      aybolyt678 18 August 2017 21: 05
      Quote: Antianglosaks
      That's just the desire to firmly defend their positions with our superiors, unfortunately, is not observed.

      any boss is strong with his deputies, And if the staff shortage in the country?
  3. Altona
    Altona 18 August 2017 16: 21
    It is noteworthy that some international referees shouted in their voices about the "rescue of Aleppo" and then bargained for the noble igilovts personal evacuation by bus. They took several thousand people with their families and belongings to a safe place, plus their instructors and advisers. And now they want to arrange a new show trial, ascribe to themselves non-existent victories.
  4. ilimnoz
    ilimnoz 18 August 2017 18: 02
    the trial of ISIS is not important. here the technology of creating a trial of Russia is being worked out. slowly create a wave and a situation where failure will be tantamount to complicity with "evil"
      DEPARTMENT 19 August 2017 07: 51
      Quote: ilimnoz
      here the technology of creating a trial of Russia is being worked out. slowly create a wave and a situation where failure will be tantamount to complicity with "evil"

      I also thought about it right away ... Of course, the United States will be the chief judge and the “winner”, Russia will also be blamed for the murders of “peaceful Basmachis” ..
  5. Nehist
    Nehist 19 August 2017 02: 35
    Ggg repetition mother teachings !!! We have already covered this topic at three tribunals, the Nuremberg Tokisky and Yugoslav !!! By the way, Russia will support this initiative
  6. irazum
    irazum 19 August 2017 06: 16
    That is, we will protect this gang of crooks?
  7. Phoenix_L'vov
    Phoenix_L'vov 22 August 2017 09: 24
    A court will only make sense when it is condemned not only by ISIS, but also by its sponsors and creators - Saudi Arabia, Qatar, USA, Israel.