The Ministry of Defense has created a dog service

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation approved the establishment of a special dog service, this decision will streamline the training of military dog ​​handlers and the training of service dogs, according to News.

The Ministry of Defense has created a dog service

Prior to this, cynological divisions were scattered in various departments and departments and did not constitute a single structure.

According to Major General Vladimir Golovachev, head of the military and security service department, the tasks of the new structure will be “systematizing the experience of training service dogs, introducing innovative training methods, and creating a methodological base for the development of this activity.” The reason for the decision was the experience of the “Loyal friend” competition within the framework of the “Army International Games”.

Despite the development of modern technology, more than three thousand service dogs are in the military service. There is no replacement for them, nor will there be. Any complex electronics can be disabled. A well-trained service dog can not be deceived. With a probability of 99,9 percent, she will perform the tasks assigned to her,
said Golovachev newspaper.

According to him, the main task of the service is to prepare service dogs and their counselors according to new standards.

Major Oleg Yurasov, chief of staff of the Central Star Military Dog School "Red Star", told the publication that "the methods of training dogs remained the same, but the approaches have changed." This applies to the physical and tactical training of counselors, as well as their wards.

Military expert, director of the Center for Political Conjuncture Ivan Konovalov:

We know from the films that they are used to guard the border or in the Ministry of Interior. At the same time, practically nothing is known about their role in the army. All this because the dogs were scattered in hotel services and departments. Because of this, the funding of dog services went on a residual basis. But, as soon as the fighting begins, they immediately recall the dogs. They are starting to be sharply needed.

According to the expert, no one except for “the best friends of a person” can so well help in demining the area or in protecting the territory.

Not a single robot can compare with a trained dog, because the car does not have such instinct and intuition as the "four-legged soldier." Dogs actively participated in the demining of the territory of the Northern Caucasus and Syria. Therefore, the creation of a cynological service of the Ministry of Defense is welcome. This means that dogs will be trained systematically. Funds will be earmarked for this, and four-legged helpers will always be at hand,
added on.
  • Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
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  1. +4
    17 August 2017 09: 51
    About 15 years ago, when I was still a working reservist, I had to work with the guys from Okets. Very hard service and all the time ahead.

    So health and good luck to your guys who will go to this service.
    1. +5
      17 August 2017 10: 07
      Quote: Aron Zaavi
      So health and good luck to your guys who will go to this service.

      Thank you, I also wish them this and their four-legged comrades ...

      1. +1
        17 August 2017 10: 27
        The right decision, in every business there should be a professional approach.
      2. +1
        17 August 2017 10: 33
        Quote: svp67

        I know that.

        Major Alexander Pinkhasovich Mazover at the Victory Parade was allowed not to mint a step and not to salute the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, as he carried in his arms a soldier of the 14th assault engineering and combat engineer brigade - a wounded dog named Dzhulbars sitting on Stalin’s tunic [XN].

  2. +2
    17 August 2017 10: 04
    Well, glory to you, Lord, I have instructed. And then they used the dogs in the guard and in the sapper business, but they did not have their centralized service ...
    1. +1
      17 August 2017 10: 28
      Even in the absence of a unified system, dogs were prepared and well prepared. A single service will allow more active exchange of experience and techniques. Happy service to the dogs and their counselors!
  3. +1
    17 August 2017 10: 41
    The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation approved the provision on the creation of a special cynological service,
    Here it is, doggy "legalization." Yes Frankly, it was always surprising that there was no such service in the armed forces. For more than a century, dogs have been actively used in the army, vast experience has been accumulated. Now all this will be reduced to a single system, definitely a plus. I remember well in our unit a unit with the big name VKS (platoon of guard dogs). Even when the Strategic Missile Forces were going to unite with the VKS (90s), we joked that our dogs would now be strategic. Yes I remember exactly that there was not a single "German", all six were like this:
  4. 0
    17 August 2017 12: 11
    Finally, I am very happy about this smart decision. I know the work and benefits of service dogs from my service. I remember how dog breeders
    carried tired dogs on their shoulders. From physical strain the dog may lose its sense of smell.
  5. +8
    17 August 2017 17: 27
    Another show know-how from Shoigu? laughing There has probably been a dog training service in the SA since the war. There were nurseries, methodology, there were heroes. I had a friend from such a kennel (not Zvezda, the kennel was a kennel), he showed me the wonders of dog work - how two dogs track a person in the forest-steppe, distribute roles in the pursuit and attack, how they cunningly attack an armed person and “pack” him . We then learned to overcome dogs, we learned a lot of unexpected things.
    My first human friend in life was from the Star, East European Shepherd Dog Arax. Powerful handsome man with an inquiring mind. I could control 3 processes simultaneously in different directions. Not a wolfhound, but it was not required.

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