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Serbian President announces willingness to compromise with Kosovo

According to information RIA News, Serbian President Alexander Vucic declared his readiness to find a compromise in solving the Kosovo problem. In his words, he is going to start a broad discussion in the country on this issue in September.

If we create an axis of peace and stability on the north-south line in the Western Balkans between the two largest peoples, the Serbs and the Albanians, for the next 100 years we will solve the 80% of our political problems.

Serbian President announces willingness to compromise with Kosovo

As he believes, only with mutual concessions is it possible to solve the Kosovo problem. It is necessary to look not only at the past of the Serbs, but also at their present and future.

It is important to have good relations with the Albanians, to put them in order once and for all, and not to keep the frozen conflict. I do not have high hopes, but they exist.

He realizes that with any kind of compromise “Serbia will not forgive this,” and therefore the negotiators must be prepared for personal and political consequences.

Vucic believes that there are no ready-made solutions for resolving the Kosovo issue. Therefore, it is necessary in September to streamline and formalize its discussion at all venues.

In all organizations and institutions, in scientific forums, in our church, with civil society, the non-governmental sector, we need to listen and talk about everything, put all things on the table and compare, and look at what our future is and what we can expect in the future, what the consequences of the first, second or third decision.
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  1. The black
    The black 10 August 2017 05: 37
    There is a poorly veiled proposal to surrender their original land - Kosovo ...
    1. Thracian warrior
      Thracian warrior 10 August 2017 10: 09
      Refusal of Kosovo is a formality - they have long lost it, and there will be a signal to Ukraine.
    2. Reklastik
      Reklastik 11 August 2017 12: 06
      I also thought - well, it began ... little by little, softly, slowly ...
  2. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 10 August 2017 05: 42
    Bent ... Now, what’s called, catch ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 10 August 2017 05: 52
      And he had nothing else left. The country is surrounded by NATO members. If desired, they will strangle without consequences ..
      Quote: Mountain Shooter
      Bent ... Now, what’s called, catch ...
      1. Misha Kvakina
        Misha Kvakina 10 August 2017 06: 00
        So the head is needed not to wear a hat! Or they beat her and eat her ??
  3. Misha Kvakina
    Misha Kvakina 10 August 2017 05: 58
    This is good, if only this is not a new approach for a new betrayal! ??
  4. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 10 August 2017 05: 59
    There are pitfalls. Sometimes from compromises without vaseline priest begins to hurt.
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 10 August 2017 06: 37
    between the two largest nations, Serbs and Albanians, for the next 100 years we will solve 80% of our political problems.

    Is he serious? “To bring the Albanians in order once and for all” is not possible with any talk-contracts. In addition, this one, now a gangster region, has excellent patrons - the west.
  6. nivander
    nivander 10 August 2017 06: 43
    the rejection of Kosovo is one of the conditions for Serbia's accession to the EU - there are still a dozen of the most shameful and about 90 smaller ones
  7. pvv113
    pvv113 10 August 2017 08: 14
    Serbian President Alexander Vucic announced his readiness to seek a compromise in resolving the Kosovo problem

    Is this his personal opinion or dictated? And how will the population of Serbia react to this? recourse
    1. forty-eighth
      forty-eighth 10 August 2017 08: 57
      He will understand, then he will quiet down.
  8. AID.S
    AID.S 10 August 2017 08: 37
    Serbia is urged to relax and try to get, if not pleasure, then at least an awareness of the inevitability of the process.
    APASUS 10 August 2017 10: 09
    Serbian Gorbachev is preparing his place in Germany after the sale of Serbia, another sold out for cookies!
  10. The comment was deleted.
  11. pytar
    pytar 10 August 2017 15: 28
    There is hardly any other way out for Serbia in the situation with Kossovo, except for recognizing its independence. Of the 2 million population, Serbs make up no more than 4%. All sorts of fantasies about the power option to return this territory to Serbia are far from realities. It is unlikely that anyone can force Albanians to live in one state with the Serbs, with the hatred that exists between them. It is also impossible to evict kosovaras from their native places. In the camps they will drive them, or what?!?! Kossovo has long been no longer “primordially Serbian land”, since whose land is one or the other territory depends on who lives on it. Kosovars have long been the indigenous people of the region. If we move away from our personal passions and sympathies, we must frankly admit that Serbia under Milosevic made a lot of mistakes! The essence of Serbian chauvinism, "gave birth" to Kosovar as a response! Albanians from Kosovo / Kosovars / hate Serbs much more than Albanians in Albania itself. By the way, the Albanians still remember how in 1913 Serbia tried to conquer Albania. Tito had such plans during the SFRY. Despite the ongoing heat in rhetoric regarding Kossovo, in the past few years in Serbia itself a slow but steady sobering has begun. Serbs no longer want war and are less and less listening to the prizes of extreme Serbian nationalists.
  12. ljoha_d
    ljoha_d 10 August 2017 18: 26
    I wonder where he lived in '99
  13. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 11 August 2017 19: 50
    It is impossible to decide at the present time - to keep it in a frozen state, like Northern Cyprus. To make a compromise is the same as a diabetic patient cuts his leg in pieces, promising that it will be better. Is it really not clear? Everything is chopped off already above the knee, what's next?
    PS To be honest, the Serbs have little hope of returning Kosovo. It was upon realizing this that the Montenegrins rushed from them.
    PPS But war is still not necessary.