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Russia is building the largest plant in the world

Russia is building the largest plant in the world and many other useful enterprises. Russian schoolchildren continue to win at international competitions, and our simple compatriots save lives and perform other worthy deeds.


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  1. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 7 August 2017 08: 34
    this is a joke? can't believe something
    1. The comment was deleted.
  2. Hurricane70
    Hurricane70 7 August 2017 09: 04
    Get baptized if you can't believe ... What else to say on this comment ...
    1. VAZ2106
      VAZ2106 7 August 2017 09: 34
      it's all just plans
  3. Mikhail Krapivin
    Mikhail Krapivin 7 August 2017 09: 52
    Everything is cool, respect for the positive. Only now, all our boys and girls-medalists are already drooling in the United States, for whom it is a state issue for a long time to lure promising young people and, unlike ours, they are not worth the price, realizing the importance of the problem.
  4. domnich
    domnich 7 August 2017 12: 38
    March 2016
    9 plants will be built at the Amur GPP, 6 of them for gas processing, 3 for the release of helium and nitrogen.
    It is planned to build two lines for gas processing and one line for the release of helium. "The launch of the plant is planned for 2021 year"- said Gazprom.
    The plant will be built in five stages - the first stage involves the launch of two gas installations. Construction is expected to be completed in 2024 year.
    The German engineering company Linde and SIBUR's subsidiary NIPIgazpererabotka (general contractor for the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant) signed a binding contract for engineering and equipment supply for all five phases of the plant’s construction at the end of December 2015.
    Linde technology was selected for low-temperature gas separation at the Amur GPP. Linde will design and supply equipment for the separation of ethane, NGL, helium, as well as the purification, liquefaction and storage of helium.
    SIBUR Institute - NIPIgazpererabotka OJSC (NIPIGAZ) acts as an EPCM contractor for the construction of the Amur Gas Processing Plant, whose goal is to extract helium, ethane, propane, butane and other fractions from gas, which will be delivered to China via the Power of Siberia gas pipeline.

    August 2017
    The Amur Gas Processing Plant, after commissioning, will become the largest helium producer in the world, said Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller:
    “After the commissioning of the Amur Gas Processing Plant, it will become the largest, and, except for commercial methane gas, 38 billion cubic meters meters of gasThe factory will produce 2 million tons of ethane, 1,7 million tons of liquefied carbon-hydrogen gases и 60 million cubic meters meters of helium. With regard to helium, it should also be noted here that in the world ranking table the plant will become the largest helium producer in the world. "
    According to A. Miller, the plant will produce 30% from all helium stocks sold on the world market.
  5. sasha pv
    sasha pv 7 August 2017 17: 49
    Sibur is building the second phase of ZapSibNefteKhima in Tobolsk. The polymer is in full swing :-)
  6. SergF123
    SergF123 7 August 2017 17: 59
    Of course it's cool, but there is one thing - BUT, it will be necessary to protect this plant more abruptly than a nuclear power station)) I had no doubt in our students, but they need to pay, otherwise they will run away!)
  7. Hysnik-Tsuzoy
    Hysnik-Tsuzoy 7 August 2017 23: 40
    In the video, you can shoot anything, only with reality it has little in common. There are private successes: there are child prodigy medals, there are separate factories, only medalists will not solve the problem of lost USE generations, and one or two plants will not resurrect killed heavy industry and destroyed mechanical engineering. While factories and factories are owned by private owners, and education officials make money, the country will be in the ... that we are currently observing.
    1. Samaritan
      Samaritan 8 August 2017 08: 52
      Well, you seem to be broadcasting from there ...
    2. Stanislas
      Stanislas 9 August 2017 15: 52
      Quote: Hysnik-Tsuzoy
      the country will be in jo ... that we are currently observing
      Khysnik, where are you observing from? I’ll ask in a different way: what are you observing, Tsuza, darkness or light at the end of the tunnel?
    3. Salx
      Salx 12 August 2017 02: 48
      It’s you who tell your sponsors who invested $ 7 billion in the construction of a nuclear power plant ... and decided not to finish it .. because the technology school was almost completely killed. The Chinese, building a similar type of nuclear power plant in their own country .. will soon put it into operation.

      So far, factories and plants at private owners ..
      .. forward to communism .. It's five! Your sponsors look at you reproachfully.
  8. GaMeR cAt
    GaMeR cAt 8 August 2017 04: 00
    and the population still lives in poverty
    1. paxil
      paxil 8 August 2017 07: 31
      Yes, the beggar sits on the couch gadget and complains about life wink Yes, I don’t see the beggars. He who wants to seeks opportunities - he who does not want seeks reasons. If a normal person is not an alcoholic, not a drug addict, not a lazy person, in the end, he will always find an opportunity to earn money. But, it’s not easiest to moan that everything is bad in the country.
      1. ololo
        ololo 8 August 2017 13: 52
        Drive outside the Moscow Ring Road.
        1. bulvas
          bulvas 9 August 2017 10: 30
          Quote: ololo
          Drive outside the Moscow Ring Road.

          Failed replica

          Millions of cars are chasing the MKAD and vice versa every day - some from home, some to suburban homes

          By the way, an indicator of the "poverty" of the Russian people - a huge amount is being built across the country
          country houses in the suburbs, in Siberia, in other regions

          As for slums and the unemployed, there are plenty of them in the USA
          1. DPN
            DPN 11 August 2017 20: 13
            After socialism, slums and poverty, this is what the richest country in terms of natural resources needs, Stalin was right when he burned out the rotten top.
            1. Rey_ka
              Rey_ka 17 August 2017 14: 55
              Do you see grateful people? There was complete communism in Libya and that nobody set up his ass for the colonel!
              1. NG inform
                NG inform 1 September 2017 20: 46
                How long did the war go before the intervention of special forces from other countries?
          2. netslave
            netslave 16 August 2017 09: 17
            Another similar indicator of "poverty" is the increase in the number of personal vehicles. Traffic jams are everywhere.
            1. Rey_ka
              Rey_ka 17 August 2017 14: 50
              A purely biological indicator of a stable and liveable biosystem is the predominant number of females
        2. Rey_ka
          Rey_ka 17 August 2017 14: 45
          Well, I live behind the MKAD, so what?
        3. Rey_ka
          Rey_ka 17 August 2017 14: 49
          And the strange logic is if I do not want to go to the center of Moscow, then I am a beggar !?
  9. ololo
    ololo 8 August 2017 13: 54
    In honor of this momentous event, will the communal apartment be raised again?
  10. Igor Kompaniets
    Igor Kompaniets 8 August 2017 14: 31
    Eh. Cryogenmash is not quoted at all, or what?
  11. Tat74
    Tat74 8 August 2017 23: 47
    How nice that there is such a positive transmission! I want to believe and build a better life and we must start everything with faith in the future, with faith in ourselves and in our children and live with pride in the country and people, and not criticize everything and every minute. Thank you
  12. Rostislav
    Rostislav 9 August 2017 09: 19
    More such news. And then the media is all pressuring negatively. Hate, you see, sells better.
  13. Bulrumeb
    Bulrumeb 9 August 2017 14: 20
    Russian schoolchildren continue to win at international competitions

    Well, yes, just why don't they say that our schoolchildren took a team place, only 11 lost even to Vietnam. Yes, there were winners, but on an average level below the baseboard, fraudsters
    1. Rey_ka
      Rey_ka 17 August 2017 14: 46
      In the stronghold of US democracy with mathematics, they begin to study it normally from class 8 there and study fractions!
  14. Progressor
    Progressor 9 August 2017 15: 20
    A cool twister!

    -Bureyskaya state district power station
    -Gel factory.
  15. gridasov
    gridasov 9 August 2017 15: 34
    The cryogenic technologies are based on quite old methods of gas processing and helium evolution. Obviously. that the time has not come yet. when people think about the effectiveness of the process, and especially the depth of the technological process for the transformation of natural gas into other elements. And this is understandable because everyone is guided by the principle that "after me at least a flood"
    1. netslave
      netslave 16 August 2017 09: 27
      Let's talk in more detail about cryogenic technologies and the depth of the technological process. Are you a process chemist? As far as I know, at the Amur Gas Processing Plant, natural gas will be almost completely divided into components, of which only methane will be sent to China through the pipe. All the rest (more valuable) organic matter will go to the nearby GZH, where it will by no means be burned. Such is the "transformation into other elements." Where did you see the flood here?
      1. gridasov
        gridasov 16 August 2017 10: 32
        I am a physicist and can justify all chemical processes from the standpoint of physical regular processes. Chemical technology is essentially the technology of interactions of some substances with others. We are talking about technologies that are essentially not used at all, but the potential for their reasonable use is much higher than chemical technologies. The essence of these technologies consists in the fact that it is necessary to shorten the path from the initial use of one or another source substance to the derivative. But if we talk about obtaining a physical phenomenon in the form of ultra-low temperature in some local space, or vice versa, obtaining ultra-high temperature. then we are talking about the mechanism of such a process. Speaking specifically about the processing of natural gas, we can seriously talk about a new method to reduce energy consumption and, at the same time, obtain such conditions for affecting the gas under which it can be converted into new separated components or even such forms of its state. which previously and other methods to obtain is simply impossible.
        I want to note that talking about the perfect efficiency of modern technologies for separating gas into components should not overshadow the mind, which means that it is necessary to consider new methods and methods of gas processing, as well as the possibility of reducing energy costs for these processes. The fact . that there will not always be such an abundance of resources as it is now. Therefore, you need to take advantage of those conditions that allow you to look for new methods and methods .. And believe me, no one is going to rush to extremes to say that everything is bad or vice versa.
        1. netslave
          netslave 16 August 2017 13: 34
          Natural gas is a raw material. The products of its processing at the GPP will be individual components and fractions (like BFLH). In other words, we are talking about how to divide the gas into components. As I understand the separation method, as I understand it, a low-temperature distillation with preliminary liquefaction was selected by cooling to the temperature of complete condensation of the gas mixture. You say that this method is ineffective, that there are others based on different principles. Questions: which others? At what stage of development are they now? Is their cost effectiveness proven? where in the world are they implemented in industrial plants? or at least experienced?
          It is clear that progress does not stand still. What science and industry are developing. But it’s one thing if the technologies you are talking about are already being actively exploited somewhere, and it’s another if they are still “raw”, unworked.
          1. gridasov
            gridasov 16 August 2017 14: 15
            I believe that I am not interesting to you. My abilities are limited by the ability to analyze the totality of the results achieved in what technologies are used and what are their shortcomings. At the same time, I can exhaustively substantiate new methods and methods for obtaining extremely low temperatures, not just temperatures, but the processes leading to this. Natural gas, just as raw material, simultaneously acts as an element in the creation of a physical process, since it is a carrier of kinetic energy. And believe me, if someone had already used this technology, the position of Russia as a commodity state would have been leveled off. . Therefore, I believe that for me it is enough that I understand and can justify in order to engage in proving and implementing the project. . I did not say that our developments are used somewhere. Therefore, consider that they are not. . But as they say, if you think that any progressive ideas and developments are born only in design bureaus, then this is not entirely true.
  16. Vladimir Runkov
    Vladimir Runkov 9 August 2017 18: 46
    The site "Made with Us" in Russia is natural, something is being built every day, factories, schools, enterprises, etc., I’m not surprised anymore!
  17. Bator
    Bator 9 August 2017 20: 25
    Sibur plant in Tobolsk. One is not clear why there are Chinese and Turks on general contract?
    1. Sapfire
      Sapfire 11 August 2017 09: 29
      The Chinese bought a 10 percent stake in Sibur, so they also participate in the construction, and there will be a lot of Chinese-made equipment there
  18. steelmaker
    steelmaker 12 August 2017 09: 02
    Russia is building, then privatization, and the owner has already been appointed?
  19. Bert
    Bert 22 August 2017 09: 31
    Quote: netslave
    Another similar indicator of "poverty" is the increase in the number of personal vehicles. Traffic jams are everywhere.

    Not a great indicator of 1 for 15 rubles or a little more, you can take a bug. 2 a decent share of Japanese scrap metal. 3-what is the proportion of cars taken in predit? The market is littered with motley cars and can buy it even with a salary of 10 rubles. So far from an indicator of well-being.
    But it makes sense to note the growth of citizens with good income in the workplace - working seven days a week for 12 hours a day. True, they say that it’s worth the money if I’m just donating 'I can’t use it. About 8 years ago, with the same income, this category had an 8 hour working day. T. Ye. Life has become better life has become more fun. And of course, finding a job with good pay is not realistic. And for 8 that they offer around ... and 2 of these works will not pull the first of you will shake your soul.
  20. Black sniper
    Black sniper 23 August 2017 15: 58
    Quote: Mikhail Krapivin
    Everything is cool, respect for the positive. Only now, all our boys and girls-medalists are already drooling in the United States, for whom it is a state issue for a long time to lure promising young people and, unlike ours, they are not worth the price, realizing the importance of the problem.

    Right!!! Americans recruited my acquaintance, an IT specialist son with honors. His medicine is there without a prescription !!!
  21. vodkinmotors1
    vodkinmotors1 25 August 2017 16: 48
    Russia is building a plant, and which of the children of officials will be the master? hi
  22. Ithildin
    Ithildin 27 August 2017 08: 29
    And yet - Russia took third place in the world, skipping ahead only the advanced South Africa and Nigeria, for newly diagnosed HIV diseases. It’s necessary to build more churches, apparently, but something is not going right
  23. Pontelimon 5230
    Pontelimon 5230 29 August 2017 01: 07
    Quote: DPN
    After socialism, slums and poverty, this is what the richest country in terms of natural resources needs, Stalin was right when he burned out the rotten top.

    Listen to you about 17 years old, as I understand it, you definitely didn’t live under socialism, and even more so under Stalin, otherwise you would know that under socialism there were a lot of “slums” all over the country, makeshift houses, panel houses, just ruins. And your so beloved Stalin not only burned the top, but also burned millions of peasants with hunger.
  24. Vasilyevich_2
    Vasilyevich_2 16 October 2017 18: 35
    Recently, the Accounts Chamber announced that over the past 10 years, $ 100 billion each year has flowed out of Russia - that is, only $ ONE TRILLION. Given that Putin has been with the Government for almost 20 years (taking into account premiership under Yeltsin!), This trillion should be multiplied by 2! (Moreover, oil THEN was worth a hundred bucks a barrel!) So where is the money, Zin ??? (At the Vostochny Cosmodrome alone, how much has flowed into the pockets of the ruling thieves, and before that, APEC, then Sochi, “preparation” for the World Cup, as well as “Taburetkin” with his girlfriend, “roldugins” and other-other -other ...) Turned into luxury real estate, fleets, planes / helicopters and yachts ALL the vertical Putin's regime ?! And what we are now shown is a stub from the stolen $ 2 trillion. - what is called "we have the bottom line"! And all the nonsense shown does not solve the global problem: everything is collapsed, we don’t have OWN electronics (the element base for our technical means!) And now we can’t even give an answer to Israel, whose American planes bomb with impunity in Syria, under our nose, EVERYTHING, whatever they want, and our praised S-400s do not see them point blank - precisely because of poor-quality electronics (there is garbage on the complexes!) If they attack us, they will tear us apart in half an hour !!! - WHAT ARE YOU ABOUT ?! About knitwear, a food complex, helium ... And where are the nano-technologies promoted by Putin - they have sunk into a bottomless hole in the budget ?! And conscience WHERE ???
  25. itarnmag
    itarnmag 24 March 2020 21: 48
    And we also produced the world's largest microcalculators