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The Pacific Fleet fighters worked to inflict fire on the enemy ships

Kamchatka Pacific Rocketeers fleet (Pacific Fleet) conducted electronic missile launches from the Bastion and Rubezh complexes on conditional enemy ships, reports TASS message press service BBO.

The Pacific Fleet fighters worked to inflict fire on the enemy ships

“As part of the exercise in the field conditions, the Kamchatka group’s rocket servicemen worked out the tasks of delivering fire damage to a detachment of a conventional enemy ships. Having received target designation, the combat crews made electronic rocket launches from the anti-ship missile systems "Bastion" and "Rubezh" at the airborne detachment of the conditional enemy at a distance of more than 100 kilometers, "- said in a statement.

After that, the calculations of the complexes "with the maximum secrecy changed the firing position."

According to the press service, during the exercise, “testing of the performance of the systems of rockets and cruise engines, refueling of rockets, installation of combat units on them, loading and unloading of missile systems’s armaments” was also practiced.

More than 600 military personnel were involved in the training, more than 50 units of military and special equipment were involved.
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  1. AleksPol
    AleksPol 11 July 2017 17: 43
    hi And not just one comment. About Hoh ... ju interesting to write? Missiles well done. Every day there’s news of some military training, and it pleases
    1. Lord of the Sith
      Lord of the Sith 11 July 2017 19: 15
      All are used, routine.
    2. nik-karata
      nik-karata 12 July 2017 09: 51
      Every day, news of any military training

      The news, of course, is good. However, it does not cause me joy. When the exercises are conducted so often, tension is felt that it is not good. As they said in childhood during the time of communism: “There is no war”!
  2. VAZ2106
    VAZ2106 12 July 2017 11: 58
    finally, new missiles were adopted, so that Russia wouldn’t be attacked, it would be necessary to have a strong arimia and fleet, to discourage the desire to attack potential opponents