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Exercises with military doctors take place in the 4 of the Russian regions

Tactical and special exercises on the organization of the mass reception of conditionally wounded and sick go to medical institutions of the Ministry of Defense, stationed in Dagestan, Chechnya, North Ossetia and Stavropol Territory, reports Interfax-AVN Post press service of the Southern District.

Exercises with military doctors take place in the 4 of the Russian regions

The main goal of the exercises is to teach military medicals to act in emergency situations,
says release.

It is reported that in order to maximize the conditions close to the combat, conditionally injured with combat injuries come to the medical facility: wounded in the head - around 20%, in the neck - 2%, spine and spinal cord - 0,5%, injured in the chest - 9%, in the stomach - about 7%, the vast majority had injured limbs. "

"Of the patients who entered, half were lightly wounded, 30% received moderate injuries and 18% were heavy, and only 2% patients were categorized as extremely severe by specialists," the report said.

According to the information, “within the framework of the exercise, the medical staff will also work out the visits of emergency medical teams outside the medical institution to assist affected people exposed to various chemicals and toxic effects.” For these purposes, “more than 40 extras were involved, imitating the injured from the contaminated area and the patients who received the usual injuries entering the hospital,” the press service added.
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Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

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  1. Logall
    Logall 4 July 2017 15: 16
    They have great respect! These people really perish for a just cause, for the sake of others! ..
    1. svp67
      svp67 4 July 2017 15: 50
      Quote: Logall
      They have great respect! These people really perish for a just cause, for the sake of others! ..

      Yes, honor and praise, especially to the "merciful battle sisters." How many people owe them their lives.
      And now the questions:
      1. Not long ago I saw a "book" on medical training for ordinary fighters. I have not experienced such a shame for a long time. Take the American training manual and just retype it in a Russian translation, sometimes even without changing the photo of the American military personnel. But, apparently, some kind of team of scientists received for this, "created from scratch" "creation" money. Well, there were Soviet excellent instructions.
      2. How is the issue of evacuating the wounded from the battlefield solved? All on the same stretcher of the 50s of development. Well, at least there was a TPK, but now on what and how to pull out a wounded man?

      3. And when loops for which they can be quickly evacuated from the combat vehicle without using a strap will appear on the form of crew members of combat vehicles
    2. The comment was deleted.
  2. Wolverine 1234
    Wolverine 1234 4 July 2017 15: 39
    Damn, I want to go there to teach them.
  3. Baloo
    Baloo 4 July 2017 15: 40
    Exercises with military doctors take place in the 4 of the Russian regions

    A "partisan", i.e. those who are in stock? Especially those who are not surgical majors and do not have experience in ambulance.
    I was called to the training camp half my life back. So in our “medical hospital” the head of the resuscitation department turned out to be an ordinary fireman who had nothing to do with medicine. And for work, a collection point if for deployment beyond 200 km from the city. And at the hour of H, we find ourselves there must get under our own power. The truth in my precept was said in whose submission I was. I am not for banter over the USSR. I mean, our country is different, everything is different and a correction is needed. Such a life is in full swing. Who would have thought that the ungrateful neighbors, for whose future the Soviet people had laid so many lives, would demolish the monuments to our soldiers liberators.
  4. Ursus
    Ursus 4 July 2017 16: 09
    My first specialty :) Well done guys!
  5. Glory to Berkut
    Glory to Berkut 4 July 2017 16: 21
    The world no longer smells, it just stinks of a big war. Restless at heart