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Lithuanian prosecutor's office called two more Russians accused in the case of events in Vilnius

RIA News With reference to the press service of the Lithuanian Prosecutor’s Office, it reports that the Ministry indicted two more Russian citizens in the case of the January 1991 events in the center of Vilnius. Recall that 13 January 1991, Vilnius killed 14 people. The official authorities of the “independent” Lithuania accuse soldiers of the USSR Armed Forces and employees of the Soviet special services in executions. At the same time, all those who are trying to figure out how did the rifle ammunition turned out to be among the material evidence (were the Soviet soldiers armed with guns?) Declared in Lithuania almost enemies of the people and opponents of democracy.

RIA News leads the translation of the message of the Lithuanian prosecutor's office:
In a case filed by the Prosecutor General’s Office on Monday, Vilnius District Court accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes two Russian citizens, according to five articles of the Lithuanian Criminal Code.

Lithuanian prosecutor's office called two more Russians accused in the case of events in Vilnius

It is noted that the prosecution was originally planned to nominate a person against 9, but the pre-trial investigation of seven was suspended for various reasons.

It is stated that the pre-trial investigation will be resumed, “if important data appear to those persons”. It turns out that the investigation was started when there were no “important” data regarding these citizens at all. This is quite in the spirit of Lithuania, which, in its Russophobia, passes all imaginable and inconceivable boundaries, forgetting about the elementary norms of international law and specifically about human rights.
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  1. Cutter
    Cutter 3 July 2017 13: 16
    How many years has passed? You have democracy, you are in the European Union and NATO, what else is NATO? Then again about the gun casings ...
    1. 210ox
      210ox 3 July 2017 13: 21
      Gorbachev is not one of them? No? A pity. am
      1. Dezinto
        Dezinto 3 July 2017 13: 26
        Gorbachea they will kiss in the ass if they see nearby.
    2. siberalt
      siberalt 3 July 2017 13: 51
      At that time, Lithuania was the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic, and the army was a common Soviet. And who shot at their Maidan, let them consult with the Ukrainian Nazis. laughing
    3. vovanpain
      vovanpain 3 July 2017 13: 54
      The smaller the bug, the more stink. negative
    4. vch
      vch 3 July 2017 14: 06
      Even reading such "news" is already completely uninteresting ...... You just have to wait a bit until they die out, and then decide what to do with these lands. At the pace with which they are spreading around the world, it seems that the wait is not long ...
    5. wazza
      wazza 3 July 2017 17: 40
      So many years have passed and for some reason no one has brought a case of separatism and treason against all of them.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 4 July 2017 19: 55
        will close the case when the Russian Federation and the EU "peacefully coordinate Suval transit" to Kaliningrad and
        1. wazza
          wazza 4 July 2017 23: 58
          it’s better to close the case and then you don’t have to coordinate transit ... wink
  2. bouncyhunter
    bouncyhunter 3 July 2017 13: 16
    Dali Gribkina and herd still have something left that Russia and the USSR are not to blame for? Anyone in the know? fool Here are the real gay men - they strictly adhere to the modern trend of Russophobia.
    1. cniza
      cniza 3 July 2017 13: 54
      Dahlia received a voice command.
      1. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter 3 July 2017 13: 57
        It would be better to get a sledgehammer on the head. fool
        1. cniza
          cniza 3 July 2017 14: 58
          Not yet evening, receive.
    2. Orionvit
      Orionvit 3 July 2017 14: 22
      All the same, I want to live (and it is better to participate, of course) until those times when the Balts and other former "brothers" will be raking in full. When they remember everything, point by point. I hope they don’t forget anything. Now, looking from the heights of the past decades, at these notorious "Vilnius events", you are once again convinced that you had to crush tanks. However, the same as on the Maidan.
      1. bouncyhunter
        bouncyhunter 3 July 2017 14: 25
        You are not alone in your thoughts and desires. hi
  3. Monos
    Monos 3 July 2017 13: 16
    Something tells me that the first Maidan was in Vilnius.
    1. siberalt
      siberalt 3 July 2017 13: 55
      Even earlier Maidan was in Georgia. But they declared independence in March after February in Lithuania. But the very first Maidan was in Azerbaijan on January 19-21, 1990. But then they were able to crush.
  4. nik-karata
    nik-karata 3 July 2017 13: 18
    in the spirit of Lithuania, which in its Russophobia transcends all conceivable and inconceivable borders

    In general, the entire pro-Baltic has already come off the ground. Russophobes and buggers captivated the entire geyropu. A few days ago with my brother I "got into a shit" on this subject. Lives in Germany ....
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 3 July 2017 14: 15
      That's what the calculation, propaganda works. Surely, your brother considers you a "Putin zombie", and himself a "free European."
  5. Iskander Sh
    Iskander Sh 3 July 2017 13: 21
    The military and the service officer acted within the law. If Gorbi weren’t such a sycule, there would not be any events, but history does not tolerate the subjunctive mood.

    And of. Lithuanian authorities do not act because of total Russophobia, but because there is nothing to offer Lithuanians in terms of economy or work. So drive Russophobia.
  6. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 3 July 2017 13: 21
    The norms of international law in relation to Russians in Lithuania are not welcomed, and as for the human spirit, it simply does not exist in this country.
    1. Orionvit
      Orionvit 3 July 2017 14: 25
      Quote: Spartanez300
      International law on Russians in Lithuania is not welcome

      Speak directly, are not welcome, but completely ignored.
  7. Smog
    Smog 3 July 2017 13: 25
    Small, independent, proud, but fucking poor Lithuania sells the only minerals of Lithuanian land - Russophobia. There is nothing more to sell.
  8. Tusv
    Tusv 3 July 2017 13: 26
    Beads are something. Even the logs are resting. Judgments at the level of the offended child with the great towers of Gedemin in the head
  9. anjey
    anjey 3 July 2017 13: 33
    from the 90s, the handwriting is the same type, which in Kiev in 2014, the CIA works on a carbon copy
    1. anjey
      anjey 3 July 2017 13: 36
      the labuses are very stubborn and exemplary Russophobes and quite narrow-minded, they were poked with a finger in Russia, they live in this position
  10. osoboye_mneniye
    osoboye_mneniye 3 July 2017 20: 50
    Gorbachev forgot to attract. That would be a blow to the point. Caught, brought to the Baltic states, would have questioned as it should, would have proposed to replace the tower for life ... He could have told so much))
    But something establishing truth is not included in the plans.
    But the Democrats didn’t inject such people. I watched a video of how Gates was interrogated ... and he laid them out and signed them. He barely took his feet to an honorary pension. But also was a romantic ..