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US military intelligence predicts an increase in the defense power of the Russian Federation

According to information RIA NewsThe report of the intelligence department of the United States Department of Defense (RUMO), presented to 28 June by its head Vincent Stewart, says that "over the next ten years," Russia's confidence and capabilities may increase. "

As indicated, the Russian Federation "intends to use military power to ensure stability on its own terms."

The report is entitled "Russia's military power." This is the first such document, declassified by RUMO for more than 20 years.

The United States Department of Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) engages the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) for strategic defense intelligence, information gathering and analysis for the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and other departments of the Department of Defense, and coordinates the work of all intelligence agencies of the United States Department of Defense. Established in October 1961 on the recommendation of R. McNamara, the head of the Pentagon. RUMO submits to the Minister of Defense and OKNSH. The role of the RUMO in relation to other military special services can be compared with the role of the CIA in relation to the Intelligence community as a whole.

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  1. Thrall
    Thrall 29 June 2017 06: 54
    Hrenase, what a powerful analytics.
    Another hundred million dollars to this intelligence agency to declassify its secret research smile
    1. Logall
      Logall 29 June 2017 06: 59
      [/ quote] The report is entitled "The Military Power of Russia." This is the first such document declassified by RUMO in more than 20 years. [Quote]

      What they just won’t do, they’ll even humiliate themselves, asking money to beg the Congress for money ...
    2. Maz
      Maz 29 June 2017 09: 31
      Well, it’s necessary to justify the military budget of the stronghold of peace and democracy
  2. Vladimirets
    Vladimirets 29 June 2017 06: 56
    "over the next ten years," Russia's confidence and capabilities may increase ""

    Thanks, Vince, reassured.
  3. Приговор
    Приговор 29 June 2017 06: 56
    Can not be! I suggest the Pentagon generals start jumping from the windows ... laughing And the wild cry "Russians are coming", please do not forget ... lol
  4. You Vlad
    You Vlad 29 June 2017 06: 56
    He did not discover America wink It's time to stop messing around the world!
  5. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 June 2017 07: 12
    The other day, on the website, this statement was already discussed by the head of RUMO.
  6. Flinky
    Flinky 29 June 2017 07: 18
    Did they think that we would ensure stability on their terms?
  7. Altona
    Altona 29 June 2017 07: 35
    Quote: Thrall
    Another hundred million dollars

    For such money, many of us could issue such analytics. I would immediately write in English even. laughing
  8. razved
    razved 29 June 2017 12: 25
    RUMO vangs and prophesies ... laughing