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Who are you? - I'm Poroshenko! - Who are you, Poroshenko? ..

Who are you? - I am Petr Poroshenko. - I ask: who are you? Who are you, Poroshenko?

Who are you? - I'm Poroshenko! - Who are you, Poroshenko? ..

Approximately such a “conversation” took place in the Oval Office of the White House between the US President and the President of Ukraine. Not for nothing, a few hours before the visit to the White House, “The Guardian” came out with a material in which it was stated that Poroshenko expects a “humiliating reception.”

For a start, briefly about the background of the "meeting" Poroshenko was in such a hurry to Trump that when his plane took off from Kiev airport, the meeting was not agreed. The said publication, citing sources in the US presidential administration, reported that Trump "doubted whether Poroshenko needed to be taken or not." As a result, a kind of decision was made - “if this person arrives in the US, then bring him to the Oval Office during one of Trump's meetings with US officials, so as not to disrupt the business schedule of the American president.” As you can see, the Ukrainian president did not fit into this schedule.

The White House began to think at what point Poroshenko can be presented to Trump. They figured out ... It was decided that if they were to start the Ukrainian president, who had already announced that he would meet with Trump "before Putin", for an audience with Trump, then during the time in the Oval Office, Assistant to the President of the USA on national security Herbert McMaster.

By the way, journalists asked the official representative of the White House about the nature of the meeting between Trump and Poroshenko. Some delay in the response of Sean Spicer confirmed the material “The Guardian” that the reception will not be sublime.

From the answer of Sean Spicer:
As far as I understand, the vice president (Mike Pence) will meet with him (Poroshenko).

But what about Trump? ..

In order to somehow get excited on the background of the fact that the American authorities did not have much desire to meet with him, Poroshenko on camera gathered a few dozen representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora in the United States. And the Americans of the Ukrainian (and for the most part - the Soviet) origin Poroshenko announced that in Washington he was “awaiting a fantastic program”.

From the statement of the President of Ukraine:
See how powerful and fantastic support we have in the United States. I arrived today with the first visit after the presidential election (in the USA). And I will have a fantastic program. Ukraine in the United States has strong bipartisan support. You are experiencing in your hearts everything that Ukraine has encountered. The diaspora is a great help, including our military, to stop the Russian aggression.

"Diaspora" tightened. I felt that I was hinting again at the “dumps” and started waving the Ukrainian flags not so actively, bearing in mind how many billions Poroshenko’s accounts from overseas aid and cutting of Ukrainian assets swelled.

The first of the US ministers Poroshenko managed to meet was Energy Minister Rick Perry. And this is the case when Poroshenko Washington really comes in handy. The fact is that the States have set themselves the strategic task of ousting Russian energy from the European market. The need to abandon Russian gas with the replacement of liquefied gas from the US is actually spoken directly, forcing the previously obedient Germans and Austrians to react hard. And so that the Germans and the same Austrians “penetrate”, Washington is ready to use Peter Alekseevich. How?

Actually very simple. Through Poroshenko and his constant anti-Russian (public) rhetoric, the States intend to bring the following thought to the European “allies”: Europe’s interests are important and wonderful, but can we leave the “democratic” Ukraine with an empty pipe to 2019? ..

However, it is clear that the same Minister of American Energy thinks about Ukraine last, but it is the “button accordion” in the form of Ukrainian democracy that will play with the aim of trying to push substantially larger amounts of American liquefied gas to the European market. And what is needed for this? To do this, it is necessary to spoil the blood of those who participate in the Nord Stream 2 project as much as possible.

In this regard, it’s certainly not a coincidence that immediately before Poroshenko’s meeting with Perry, the head of Naftogaz proposed that the United States impose sanctions on all those companies (including German and other European) that decided to become shareholders of SP-2. In such a situation, the head of Naftogaz turns into the talking head that the US uses as voicing possible consequences for EU companies in the event of their contacts with Russia and Gazprom.

From the statement Poroshenko:
With US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, they discussed the implementation of joint projects in the nuclear power industry, the production of energy in Ukraine, as well as the possibility of supplying alternative fuels, in particular liquefied gas from the United States.
They also talked about strengthening European energy security, particularly in the context of the possibilities for modernizing and developing Ukraine’s transit capacities and implementing new European transport and energy projects.

Thanks to the American side for significant practical assistance in strengthening the energy security of Ukraine.

Hypothetically. The United States imposes sanctions on all companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2. As in the case of South Stream, the European partners under the American stick with the nails merge together. Not immediately, of course. Inertia ... Merge - once. They go bankrupt (which is quite possible without a filled Russian pipe) - two. Their place is occupied by the most democratic of the democratic - companies from the United States. This fact also strains the Norwegians, who have a long-lived habitat in Europe, a niche.

Next, crumpled Europe makes a deal on the supply of American liquefied gas, the cost of which on average will cost (by the most conservative estimates) a third more expensive than the Russian "pipe". Russia throws the project "SP-2", throws to rot "pipe" through Ukraine. The level of LNG supplies from the United States will have to be increased at least 3-3,5 times due to the resulting shortage in order to keep the European market and not to give an oak to the democratic project "Ukraine".

The result is a rise in prices for “blue fuel”, against which Russia and Turkey are completing the Turkish Stream, plus Russia and China are embodying the “Power of Siberia” in reality. Immediately looms Qatar, which recently goes to the allies of Turkey and is clearly looking for contacts with Moscow. With the skillful support of Qatar by Moscow (when Qatari LNG may cost 15-20 per cent cheaper than American LNG), it’s stars and stripes partners who can be pushed into Doha. Meanwhile, in Europe, forces came to power, which ate American, including economic, occupational dictate. And they will come. If not today, then tomorrow. Since it will not endlessly continue by definition. What will happen next? But they will take and “ask” the United States to liberate the territory ... Utopia? Well, Atambayev from Kyrgyzstan (from Manas) asked for it, though not for nothing from Russia. But then she and geopolitics ...

But Poroshenko was the first to "talk" with Trump ...
Photos used:, Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

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  1. Alexei
    Alexei 20 June 2017 19: 21
    Yeah ... The oligarch has no homeland.
    1. major071
      major071 20 June 2017 19: 55
      Dream, dream ...

      Oh how Petruha lit!
      Like, I, yes with Donald on you!
      He scared me of Putin!
      We are two fraera steep
      Yes I am to him, yes the door is kicked
      I hug, we are at the table
      There we will boast, all the way
      After all, I descended to Trump
      He will tear the RF for me
      Everything will be as I say
      And he will introduce a bunch of sanctions
      And they will block the pipe ...
      Stood Petrukha and dreamed
      How will Donald he sour
      In fact, f - in the ass kissed
      And was sent home
      wink drinks
      1. navy33
        navy33 20 June 2017 20: 18
        Greetings Dear! Poems as always on top! And about Ukraine and talk is not hunting.
      2. a housewife
        a housewife 20 June 2017 20: 49
        Bravo, major! good
        1. Alena Frolovna
          Alena Frolovna 20 June 2017 21: 16
          Petruch stood and dreamed ...

          In the end: I did not even have time to complain about Putin.
          But Chugunkina sat too long. He stood for one minute and Petya sat for two ...
      3. Olfred
        Olfred 24 June 2017 22: 42
        major071 sorry for familiarity - Talent! not going to publish a collection of poems ??? laughing who only (and how) didn’t humiliate a parashka, but he doesn’t care of God's dew, to see green candy wrappers more expensive than their own dignity ... hi
  2. Alex anotol
    Alex anotol 20 June 2017 19: 25
    1. tol100v
      tol100v 20 June 2017 19: 38
      Quote: Alex Anotol
      But Poroshenko was the first to "talk" with Trump ...

      This is already progress! He spoke first and first heard WHERE his place! And the place is known where: at the bucket! Sorry for the slang.
      1. The black
        The black 20 June 2017 19: 42
        Sits President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in the dressing room of the Oval Office. Waiting. Not for long. 3-4 hours. Marginal Trump passes through the dressing room. Hu from um? Ai um President Ukraine Pietre. Trump Hello, Pietre. Pietre - Ay Love Yu, Mr. Trump. Trump - Mani Know. Good bye. Ukrainian. Media - The meeting was constructive and successful. laughing
        1. vovanpain
          vovanpain 20 June 2017 23: 23
          Quote: Black
          Mani Know. Good bye. Ukrainian. Media - The meeting was constructive and successful.

          Simpler, Colleague, simpler hi
      2. Baloo
        Baloo 21 June 2017 08: 28
        Trumpampam: Everything died, everything disappeared ... Call Piglet to me!
        Knock knock, can I be the first? Who are you? I am a piglet, you called me. Porosenko? Glad to meet you, get out of here! Something like that.
        Trampampam does not need Ukraine, he has another more promising project - a neocolonial redistribution of the territory of Syria, milk the geyropa, bleed the Saudis with Iran, eliminate the microscopic catarrh, establish control over its territory.
        Bandera is a project of another group from the environment of Trampampam, which he cannot influence. These invested in the seizure of Donbass under Saray Obama, they need not so much coal as the Yuzovskoye shale field.
        The American and Canadian diasporas of Ukrainians need free land in Ukraine. They will lobby for military assistance to banderlogs.
        I have such a situation, although I am not a military man, not a political scientist, and generally professionally far from geopolitics.
    2. 210ox
      210ox 20 June 2017 20: 57
      But in the end? Ahhh .... regression
      1. Logall
        Logall 20 June 2017 21: 09
        Trump really sneers:
        1. Alexdark
          Alexdark 21 June 2017 02: 56
          Everything is much more humiliating. He simply does not know them and never heard of them ... Great honor.
        2. Baloo
          Baloo 21 June 2017 08: 31
          Trump really sneers:

          The essence of people is reflected in a very concise and comprehensive picture. yes
    APASUS 20 June 2017 19: 28
    Where is the press release of the meeting? What decisions are made?
    So far, not only has there been no joint press conference, but even no information about what goals and objectives the parties set for themselves. The meeting lasted 6 minutes, while the whole visit took place in two hours and besides meeting with Trump
    1. The black
      The black 20 June 2017 19: 45
      Quote: APASUS
      Where is the press release of the meeting? What decisions are made?

      The meeting lasted 6 minutes, what kind of press release, what solutions? ... by the way, as urologists say, 6 minutes. - this is the normal duration of sexual intercourse, hence the outcome of the meeting - Trump is healthy, Pets managed to meet wassat
    2. Barbulator
      Barbulator 20 June 2017 20: 44
      Quote: APASUS
      The meeting lasted 6 minutes

      The lackeys are not even served coffee, time is running out.
  4. domokl
    domokl 20 June 2017 19: 34
    Did we build and finally build? Set fire to Cheburashka bully Something like this ...
  5. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 20 June 2017 19: 35
    Ukroin once again raped, which, however, is not surprising fool Should the steam go for such humiliation? fool This is a complete overdose with an unfortunate addition laughing
  6. Black_PR
    Black_PR 20 June 2017 19: 36
    Yes. Ponty is more expensive than money. Getting ready for a wave of stench from the side. Now they will start to brag.
  7. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 20 June 2017 19: 37
    Gentlemen, I want to remind you that Gazprom and Rosneft are state corporations. Yes, there are managers, they get tra-la-la ... Why, they fill the BUDGET too. Which and MO, and education, and pensions, and, and, and ... This is not an oligarch. And many thanks to the GDP that these KEY industries of the country were selected from the oligarchs in one way or another (who donated voluntarily, and who sat in the jail wassat ).
    1. Windoffields
      Windoffields 20 June 2017 20: 44
      Yes? Are you aware that 2/3 of Gazprom does not belong to the state at all, but to some private individuals.
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 20 June 2017 21: 25
        Where did you see the state? I personally see only specific princes who cannot decide who, where and why to send, so that state farm machinery spins! They are bastards, lay asphalt, like a cat Matroskin smears a sandwich, with asphalt (pah) sausage down!
        1. tv70
          tv70 22 June 2017 19: 05
          laughing Everything is absolutely true. We draw the markup, lay the asphalt, dig pipes ...
    2. The comment was deleted.
  8. Smog
    Smog 20 June 2017 19: 40
    Well? There will probably be a long game. Will our oligarchs withstand it? Let's hope.
    Well, people will probably have to tighten the straps. and then a liberal-democratic clique may appear, stubbornly rocking the boat. In short, troubled times come gentlemen comrades. On a thin ..
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. Smog
        Smog 20 June 2017 21: 00
        Quote: WindofFields
        and how will the oligarchs "withstand"

        Offshore winding. How? And the loot will be displayed
    2. sds87
      sds87 21 June 2017 09: 02
      Quote: Smog
      will our oligarchs withstand

      "Our oligarchs" - eka you are bent. The oligarchs have only one homeland - this is the place where money is stored. And this is not Russia.
  9. Damir
    Damir 20 June 2017 19: 42
    And I will have a fantastic program

    Viskar, coke and striptease ??? or for an advanced European special program in a gaybar ????
    Thanks to the American side for significant practical assistance.

    gave a vibrator or something ....
    1. novel66
      novel66 21 June 2017 08: 04
      Yes, they poured it! for free! presidential viskar!
      1. Damir
        Damir 21 June 2017 09: 07
        Good morning!!! Well, as an option ...
        1. novel66
          novel66 21 June 2017 09: 08
          the kindest !! and what help could please the piglet so much?
          1. Damir
            Damir 21 June 2017 09: 10
            President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, after meeting with US President Donald Trump, said that during the talks, supplies of “defensive weapons” to Kiev were discussed.
            and when it comes to them that matches for children aren’t a damn toy ....
            1. novel66
              novel66 21 June 2017 09: 13
              stated yes, but after that. as brought, the drunk often engage in dialogue with an imaginary interlocutor, and often they manage to convince him
  10. Boris55
    Boris55 20 June 2017 19: 47
    Quote: Volodin Alexey
    But Poroshenko was the first to "talk" with Trump ...

    Poroshenko rejoices that he met with Trump before Putin, completely unaware that Russia has never stood, is not worth it and will not stand in their queue to bow to their master.
    1. The comment was deleted.
      1. sabakina
        sabakina 20 June 2017 21: 32
        It’s just that Putin is still learning to be Stalin, who, except in Tehran for the conference, didn’t go anywhere, they came to him. And in Tehran, he persuaded Rulvelt to stay in the Soviet apartments ...
        1. Catherine II
          Catherine II 20 June 2017 22: 13
          Quote: sabakina
          except in Tehran for the conference, I didn’t go anywhere, they came to him.

          the town at 20 kilometers from Berlin, the least affected by the raids of Anglo-American aviation. It was there that the Potsdam Conference opened in the pretty English-style palace of 17 on July 1945. Her decisions so far largely determine the fate of the world.
          1. sabakina
            sabakina 20 June 2017 22: 16
            be your way, 2 times. But all the same, it was a trip already for the winner, and not for the knife walking along the blade ...
      2. B.T.V.
        B.T.V. 21 June 2017 03: 53
        Quote: WindofFields
        And Putin is, and how. Six months already dreaming to meet

        Is it he himself, who reported to you, or, are you clairvoyant ?!
    2. Ivanitch I
      Ivanitch I 21 June 2017 08: 57
      To the very point ...
  11. sl22277
    sl22277 20 June 2017 19: 56
    Ukraine here is the tenth matter. Washington itself is not interested in it. So far, the only real action Donald Trump has regarding Ukraine is to reduce its financial support from the US budget by 69%. Therefore, no matter what Trump says about Kiev right now, there is no reason to expect a real breakthrough on the issue of American support for the Ukrainian authorities from the flight of Petro Poroshenko overseas.
  12. rus-5819
    rus-5819 20 June 2017 20: 29
    Parsley proved once again that he is Parsley!
  13. The comment was deleted.
    1. The comment was deleted.
  14. gm9019
    gm9019 20 June 2017 20: 57
    Quote: WindofFields
    Yes? Are you aware that 2/3 of Gazprom does not belong to the state at all, but to some private individuals.

    mistake, dear comrade: PJSC Gazprom is a Soviet and Russian transnational energy corporation. The state controls more than 50% of the shares.
    The share of disposable gas reserves is 17% of the world and 72% of the Russian. Gazprom accounts for 11% of global and 66% of Russian gas production. According to Forbes magazine rating, in 2011 it became the most profitable company in the world. fellow
    1. maylik
      maylik 22 June 2017 21: 35
      50% of the shares is far from complete control. At least 51% is needed. No other options have yet been invented.
  15. den3080
    den3080 20 June 2017 21: 00
    Galtsev’s speech reminded me of the name of becoming smile
  16. Barmal
    Barmal 20 June 2017 21: 16
    And at this time in Europe, forces are coming to power that have fed up with American, including economic, occupational dictatorship. And they will come. If not today, then tomorrow. Since it will continue indefinitely, by definition. What will happen next?

    The question is rather what will happen to us with economic troubles while in Europe they will clean their political toilet, cancel, apply, impose new sanctions against everyone who deals with the Russian Federation and its businessmen. They will also bulk up their godfather over the head with iron, or tighten the screws on the particularly greyish tops, which are so uncomfortably sticking out from behind the back of Prime Minister Medvedev, who dreams of digitizing the economy. For one digitize the housing and communal services, the olat of driving along the roads, the roads themselves, the housing and communal services and everything else that has not been digitized. These are the Government’s interesting questions that are truly worthy of Bill Gates and his restful Apple rival.
  17. sabakina
    sabakina 20 June 2017 21: 16
    But Poroshenko was the first to "talk" with Trump ...

    Actually, if we draw an analogy with our semi-annual / annual colleges, where the “offenders” are the first, it’s hardly worth envying Pedro ... In our system, “good guys” and “excellent students” are called last to the rostrum.
  18. Suhow
    Suhow 20 June 2017 21: 59
    Petya cried into a vest .... but did he reach for it? did 5 point kiss ???
  19. Catherine II
    Catherine II 20 June 2017 22: 17
    meeting with curators. Nothing surprising.
    These are mostly political points than real ones. The project is American. Russia can only guess. They didn’t do forecasting in Ukraine, they don’t do it .. Everything is done according to Chernomyrdin.
  20. The comment was deleted.
  21. Normal ok
    Normal ok 20 June 2017 23: 26
    The fact remains that the meeting has occurred. Especially for this meeting, the US Treasury introduced new sanctions against Russia over Ukraine, is also a fact. The rest is wet dreams afftor.
  22. Elena Izyumova
    Elena Izyumova 20 June 2017 23: 26
    Pyotr Lyakseych, as always in his repertoire, again begging money to America with a bag to America and banning Russia. He can’t understand that the American treasury is no longer as open as under Obama, that nobody will give money for no reason, no time has passed, the time has passed UNBREAKFAST, it’s time to think about your own economy, which is destroyed and it’s time to collect the stones. I do not envy the ruler, who will come to power after Peter, to collect the destroyed Ukraine will have more than one decade.
  23. sl3
    sl3 20 June 2017 23: 54
    "Who are you-?" Who am I, I'm offal, beggar, I'm a hypocrite and a liar, I’m a World Cup, I’m the six who gives more, I will give to him, I’m ready to sell my people, all Ukrainian lands for 30 pieces of silver, I’m ready to go on corpses. I completely I’m coming up. Give me the money!
  24. Sergey-8848
    Sergey-8848 21 June 2017 00: 02
    It has long been known and generally accepted - the leaders of these (!) States do not meet in residences, so as not to have a sense of master and guest. Although the owner is cordial from the bottom of his heart, the guest is always a guest. It is from this point of view that visits to the Kremlin, the Forbidden City and the White House are always built (I already doubt the competence of the last mentioned party). By the way, it was from this position that we came to Versailles recently.
    PS If Petruccio is happy and eager to convey his screech that he arrived in Washington before the GDP, then let him be proud of it forever, because GDP will never come to the White House! (hopefully).
    1. Normal ok
      Normal ok 21 June 2017 01: 23
      Quote: Sergey-8848
      It has long been known and generally accepted - the leaders of these (!) States do not meet in residences, so as not to have a sense of master and guest.

      Only for some reason, the meeting of Trump with Xi Jingping took place at Trump’s villa (((China is visible, is it a banana republic ?!
      PySy: DB
      1. Sergey-8848
        Sergey-8848 21 June 2017 07: 13
        The villa is just a visit specifically to the person, and not to the owner of the Universe (the Chinese are so scary in such matters).
  25. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 21 June 2017 01: 49
    That's right. Trump meets "before Putin" with "fantastic programs" with his satellites. It can be seen seriously preparing for a meeting with the Titan of world politics. You can understand the baby ... It’s scary one on one to speak with Putin ... The carelessly outstretched hand impresses - well, touch, feel our democracy ...
    Now at least six months will not wash your hand. Although Trump obviously did not give money for soap ...
  26. AleksUkr
    AleksUkr 21 June 2017 01: 53
    Quote: Sergey-8848
    GDP will never come to the White House! (hopefully).

    And why not come. Look around with an economic eye, advise you to change the design, etc. Take an interest in the oval office. But you never know what ... Life goes on. No wonder they cry, the Russians are coming. In the end, their dream may come true ...
  27. Alexdark
    Alexdark 21 June 2017 03: 10
    Kindergarten, "I am the first to Trump, I am the first!" I don’t understand, do they really not see humiliation. Parashka himself went, it means a lot. Like the last serf. So also this text about "I am the first." Yes, no words, no). Slaves. Especially when you consider that they all called him a marginal, or even worse ... Low social responsibility on the person, coupled with slavery. Too much shame and worthlessness.
    The last time this was with EBN. The same trash. He arrived in the states, bowed, mumbled about the air of freedom, there was a lot of saliva, knees worn from the ground ...
    1. serezhasoldatow
      serezhasoldatow 21 June 2017 10: 28
      Such GDP was described as “a person with low social responsibility”.
  28. 72jora72
    72jora72 21 June 2017 03: 48
    Quote: WindofFields
    Russia is not. And Putin is, and how. Six months already dreaming to meet

    What are you saying laughing laughing ! .......... since you feel like it, let it be so.
  29. 72jora72
    72jora72 21 June 2017 03: 52
    Quote: Normal ok
    Quote: Sergey-8848
    It has long been known and generally accepted - the leaders of these (!) States do not meet in residences, so as not to have a sense of master and guest.

    Only for some reason, the meeting of Trump with Xi Jingping took place at Trump’s villa (((China is visible, is it a banana republic ?!
    PySy: DB

    The Chinese leader was simply elegantly humiliated (when, during the Trump feast, between things, he told Xi Jingping that he had just shot at Syria)
    1. vkfriendly
      vkfriendly 21 June 2017 10: 49
      What nonsense do you know the protocol? Putin takes many in his country house so what? An expression of respect is when the president meets an airplane with a guard of honor at the gangway. The rest does not matter, well, if only you meet between a case like your subordinate or near the toilet, as is usually the case with a great Khokhlyat power.
  30. res
    res 21 June 2017 06: 05
    The dream of Petrusha the idiot came true ... Well, now the cockerel will walk ...
  31. nickname7
    nickname7 21 June 2017 07: 04
    For the label to the American Khan.
  32. Pivasik
    Pivasik 21 June 2017 08: 35

    Well for fantastic projects ...
  33. AID.S
    AID.S 21 June 2017 08: 44
    Dream, dream ...
    And at this time in Europe, forces are coming to power that have fed up with American, including economic, occupational dictatorship. And they will come. If not today, then tomorrow.
  34. Roma 1977
    Roma 1977 21 June 2017 09: 46
    How now to meet with trump Putin? Trump is already paraffinized! Or didn’t shake hands with Poroshenko? Who knows?
  35. bratuha
    bratuha 21 June 2017 10: 27
    Oh and funny he is! Come first "before Putin." Putin will certainly hold a meeting on 7.07, but he will go to resolve issues, and not to a "humiliating reception."
    - Parasheko: - fantastically licked, but black was tastier. feel
  36. vkfriendly
    vkfriendly 21 June 2017 10: 42
    I very much doubt that I talked about business, Trump probably still hasn’t forgotten all the diarrhea that poured on him before the election, most likely the people who downloaded again paid to take a picture and say a few words like “how are you, great weather, I’m very thankful .. .- all the time came goodbye petya.
  37. Pernach1
    Pernach1 21 June 2017 14: 38
    At official meetings, the head of state should speak the language of his country, so as not to drop the dignity of his homeland (there are translators who will translate), and not like parashenko, to bend under s.
  38. Altona
    Altona 21 June 2017 15: 17
    But Poroshenko was the first to "talk" with Trump ...
    Trump personally met with the next puppet, which, in general, at first they intended to use in the corridor, but then decided to admit to the master.
  39. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 21 June 2017 16: 04
    "Petya took the jam in a vase,
    right in the vase climbs his face. ...
    Even the hedgehog is clear -
    this Petya was a bourgeois "© The Tale of Peta ... V.V. Mayakovsky
  40. Altona
    Altona 21 June 2017 16: 27

    The background of this meeting among the subordinates of Poroshenko. laughing
  41. anten
    anten 21 June 2017 16: 57
    I am curious that if Stalin held the huge savings of the USSR in the Reich marks with Hitler in his banks before the war? Well, yes, some nonsense. And now it’s not nonsense to keep billions of dollars of our people in the banks of the enemy? It turns out that the enemy has settled in our high offices, pretending to be a patriot of Russia? The oligarchy is also a patriot? The officialdom feeding the “high offices” with kickbacks from fraudulent schemes, embezzlers of all stripes and levels, are also patriots? I disagree with Navalny on many points, but he did not steal anything from me. Here he is, to some extent a patriot, albeit with a catch. The West dreams of our vastness and wealth, but without us. The USA dreams to rename the planet in the USA. And Poroshenko, who is this?
    1. maylik
      maylik 22 June 2017 21: 42
      In the first three phrases, I will answer you as an economist, from the point of view of the state this is very beneficial. Because if we now begin to merge these very savings, purchased not so long ago, the Bank of Americans will collapse almost completely and the Great Crisis will come again. Obviously, someone does not want or is simply not ready to do it yet. Are waiting. .. although what I hope damn .. I only considered it as an economist, no more.
  42. Brushing
    Brushing 21 June 2017 17: 18
    Reminded how Vakula to the Empress for flying little cherries for his woman ....))))
  43. Oleg Salov
    Oleg Salov 21 June 2017 20: 26
    Yes, a person’s pride is not a gram, he drank everything, something puffed up something, everyone sent him, and he crawls and crawls, it still proves that he has no conscience.
  44. Zheleznostop
    Zheleznostop 22 June 2017 07: 21
    Here are the whores. They almost prayed at Trump during the election, hoping that they would be taken on equal terms as equal, now they are counting on some kind of anti-American force in Europe that is supposed to come. Our rulers of nichrome do not count on themselves.
  45. Jubilee
    Jubilee 22 June 2017 09: 24
    Nobody needs a valtsman.