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Who pushes NATO to open confrontation with Russia. Dark script

Sometimes, looking through the Russian media, I am amazed at how quickly we move away from hot topics. Something happened on the borders of huge Russia - all the media is simply clogged with materials about this incident. We sort everything to the "bones". And the "bones" themselves are not averse to spray onto atoms. And in a day or two you will not find any information. To the archive, to the archive, to the archive ... Even a peculiar "excuse" was invented. The world is changing so quickly that the format of the publication simply does not allow to follow everything at once. Yes, and readers require answers to specific questions on these topics.

Meanwhile, many military-political issues are not resolved on the “day of conversion”, but in a rather long period. Without much pathos and screams of the radicals. Military by nature is a pessimist. They have such a job. Consider the ugliest scenarios and plan your answers. Well, and answer, if necessary.

This time the Baltic states became such an “archival” topic. And indeed the whole direction. Well, NATO units were deployed in the Baltics. So we answered like. Well, the next Baltic president is saying something there. So what? We are big, do not notice the "squeak of a mosquito." And by the way, mosquitoes suffer many heinous diseases. Such a “hustler” can cause a disease for a big man ...

In the same way, for some reason, we also treat our traditional friends. I mean the Belarusians. Live like a good. Some kind of "disassembly" with us is not satisfied. So what to talk about? But Belarus is not just a friend. It is also the second (and perhaps the first) trump card after Kaliningrad, which allows us to "crush" NATO.

So, the NATO battalions are located in the Baltic States. In fact, we understand that this temporary measure is forever. The Baltic presidents, especially the Lithuanian Dalia Grybauskaite, just glow with happiness. And Dalia herself almost weekly informs the world about the "main threat to Lithuania, Poland and NATO." About Russia. And, by the way, Lithuania participates in all NATO exercises in the immediate vicinity of our borders. In all! Preparing to "repel the invasion."

Few people remember that our partner relations, even friendly relations with Belarus, are militarily supported by the traditional annual exercises West-2017 (the year naturally changes). Let me remind you, these exercises will be held at the sites of Russia and Belarus from 14 to 20 this September.

The goals of these teachings are several. From the preparation and use of groups of troops in the interests of ensuring the military security of the allied state to improving the work of the headquarters of the armies of the two countries. In general, as in spring, said President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, the exercise will be purely defensive in nature.

“Once again I want to emphasize for those who send these signals [on the preparation of an attack on the Baltic States and Poland]: we don’t shut down from anyone. We will invite everyone to these exercises. And you will see that they are exclusively defensive in nature. we, the Russian Federation, are not going to attack something, we are not going to provoke anyone here. "

It seems to be all put in place. The teachings are traditional. The presence of observers is not prohibited. The nature of the "game" will be able to determine any military. From any country. But no. The usual formal logic is not for our traditional Polish and Baltic "friends." From their point of view, they [Russia and Belarus] "are demonstratively preparing for war."

It would be strange if the armed forces of any country in the world were not "preparing for war." Why then are they at all? The army must always be ready precisely for war ...

Today, albeit not very loudly, but quite noticeably Poland and the Baltic States are “putting pressure” on the NATO command. Remember that mischievous old woman from "The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish"? “I don’t want to be a pillar noblewoman ...” Approximately the same position was taken today by probably the most aggressive President Dalia Grybauskaite.

What are the NATO battalions in the Baltic? Unless they can protect the most vulnerable "point"? NATO must "provide security in the event of an alleged seizure of the so-called Suwalki corridor." Who does not remember this name, I will explain. This is a land corridor 64 km long on the border of Poland and Lithuania. That it will have to be defended "to the last drop of blood of Lithuanian hunters." Since, the seizure of this corridor will allow us to connect the territories of Belarus and the Kaliningrad region, as well as to cut off the Baltic states from the NATO countries.

So why, again, "still more old woman curses ..."? What does Lithuania lack again for a sense of its own security? And it's pretty simple. The solution to this problem should be "maximally saturating the eastern flank of NATO with air defense weapons and other weapons."

It is interesting to look at the situation from the outside. It is clear that Dahl cannot independently make such demands. How we relate to the representatives of all these micro countries in the alliance, we remember from the recent incident with the Prime Minister of Montenegro. Every cricket know your hearth. Then who?

And here the trail "floated" overseas. Remember the statement by US Vice President Michael Pence on the Atlantic Council? Remember who is in the main "threats" to the world today? Russia, Iran and terrorism! And yet not really "seen" by us. Actual confirmation of the US commitment to the alliance and their readiness to protect NATO allies in the framework of the 5 article of the Charter.

Yes, and other fairly bright representatives of the American establishment in this topic lit up. Starting from the chairman of the Senate Committee on Armed Forces, John McCain, Republican Lindsay Graham, Democrat Amy Klobushar, and ending with the American "Lithuanians" in the US Congress, Republican John Shimkus and Democrat Richard Durbina ...

Agree, even one John McCain is enough to understand where certain forces are pushing the world through Dali Grybauskaite's rhetoric. If we put aside the "politeness", then McCain has been convincing the American people for many years, and Europeans too, of the inevitability of war with Russia. It is inevitable.

To be honest, our position on this issue looks slurred. Trying to "talk to the bully," we completely forget that serious crimes often result in the lack of punishment for administrative misconduct. Bullies understand the power. And if they did not feel this power, the audacity of their actions only grows.

What is the official statement of Russia at the highest level about the imposition of "imaginary threats from our side"? Beautifully called "complete nonsense"? But in essence? What did the "NATO partners" answer to the statement about the violation of the Russia-NATO Founding Act 1997 of the year after the start of the deployment of the battalions in the Baltic States? Again, if we discard the "diplomatic polite", we were sent. Sent because of "the loss of its relevance." And we went ...

So what do we see today in the Baltic? Again have to look into the "archive". In our own articles about the deployment of missile defense systems in Poland and Romania. Already forgot? And today Grybauskaite requires exactly the same systems in Lithuania! PRO medium range!

And how will this affect our security? I will no longer recall the balance of power in this region. How will Belarus, Kaliningrad, Petersburg, Moscow feel? And yet, what is the procedure for the actions of the missile defense forces in the event of a sudden attack by the enemy? How many approvals is necessary for the commander to give the start command?

I did not specifically focus on yet another requirement of Grybauskaite. On the simplified NATO procedure for responding to new threats of a hybrid war. Of course, now “ostriches” will say that we are talking about cyber attacks, information confrontation and so on. What do you mean? Does a hybrid war rule out war alone? Alas, it is just a part of ordinary war. So it was and always will be.

But back to the upcoming exercises of the armed forces of Russia and Belarus. How is the activity of the Baltic and Polish politicians in NATO and these exercises? Those who carefully read what is written above, have already concluded. For the "browsing" and "search engines inaccuracies" I will do it.

Routine exercises, in general, can be a catalyst for quite serious complications in Russia-NATO relations. The “button” in the case of the deployment of missile defense systems in the Baltic States is transmitted by quite aggressive and “headless” Baltic and Polish politicians. Indeed, after "in response to the aggressive actions of Russia and Belarus," the same Lithuania "will be forced to deliver a preemptive strike," no one will understand whether this strike is right or wrong. Both we and NATO will simply be forced to start a war ...

Prospects are not pleasant. But above, I already wrote about the professional pessimism of the military. The militarization of the region has already led to a worsening of relations between Russia and its allies and NATO countries. Of course, there is hope that there are politicians in the United States and in Europe who have retained common sense. And in Poland and the Baltic States?

For more than three years, we have been discussing the possibility of open confrontation between NATO and Russia in Ukraine. There were many points of view on this issue. And things are there, as Ivan Krylov wrote. Maybe there will be about the same state?

Alas, the opposition in Ukraine is dangerous for NATO. Just because Ukraine is still inhabited by people. And the Ukrainians still in the Patriotic showed that they know how to fight in the rear of the enemy. Guerrillas do not need anyone. But in the Baltics this will not happen. 30% of the young population of these countries have successfully mastered the European countries and are not going to return. Retired partisans will not go because of their age.

By the way, just for the curious: from 12 to 24 in June in Lithuania will be held the next large-scale international maneuvers "Iron Wolf - 2017". More than 5 thousands of troops from 10 countries will be involved. USA, UK, Germany, Norway, Poland, Lithuania, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal! And what do you think, what task will be worked out in these exercises? The defense of the very Suwalki corridor.

And we will continue to "talk with hooligans"?

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  1. Basil50
    Basil50 16 June 2017 06: 50
    Well, actually, NATO was created as an army of attack on the SOVIET UNION. And no other way. Words about * defense * and other husks are mandatory for professional liars. After all, the WWII and WWII the Germans began with * defense * from * aggression *, today the same rhetoric. Even the rationale is similar.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 June 2017 09: 00
      Quote: Vasily50
      Well, actually, NATO was created as an army of attack on the SOVIET UNION.

      That is precisely why all attempts to remove tensions by joining the USSR in NATO, made by Stalin, and after his death, Gromyko were ignored.
      1. Yeti
        Yeti 16 June 2017 15: 06
        Initially, NATO was created as an instrument of pressure on all European countries and preventing the next war among themselves. And only later did NATO turn into a European stall under US command. And got the idea of ​​confrontation with the USSR. Which, however, did not cancel the original goals of creating the block.
        1. 34 region
          34 region 16 June 2017 16: 38
          15.06/30. Bigfoot! Yeah! And Hitler created his Reich so that there was no war among themselves !? And then the United States collectivized the countries included in the empire of Adolf. Then the turn came to Eastern Europe. Is globalization an attempt to prevent war? The experience of the XNUMXs showed how easily it is possible to collectivize Europe under a single management. If it is so easy to collectivize one continent, then why not collectivize the whole world. What the United States is doing today. The widespread study of English (international) language today is the foundation of future globalization where the Anglo-Saxons will rule the ball. And future serfs today need to learn the language and laws of the owner. There is of course still Russian. But Russian civilization stupidly surrendered its system and accepted the conditions of the Anglo-Saxons. Judging by the development of the economy, the Russians are not eager to develop, and they also want to and become servants of the master. China remained as a counterweight to the English hegemon.
          1. Yeti
            Yeti 17 June 2017 21: 14
            Maximalism is not the best adviser.
          2. Yeti
            Yeti 25 June 2017 16: 39
            nothing more to say
    2. Vend
      Vend 16 June 2017 09: 04
      NATO is just pure business, nothing personal. This is a tool for knocking money out for expensive projects. this is the chain on which members of NATO and the EU are held. NATO is a policeman for its members.
    3. siberalt
      siberalt 16 June 2017 09: 42
      Nothing will change until the United States dominates the world. Most are already against this situation (including Europe), but they are only silent in a rag.
      1. gladcu2
        gladcu2 16 June 2017 13: 37

        Will you change how?

        The USSR then dictated the conditions that there were fewer external threats?

        The author never answered the main question: who is pushing NATO into confrontation.

        Do you know the bilderberg club? So called unofficial government. Have you heard D. Trump's statements about the loss of US sovereignty? On the subordination of NATO forces, only to NATO command do you know? The dominant economic system in the world is capitalism. This system allows you to transfer resources from the hands of the majority to the hands of units. Last year, 68 people owned half of the planet’s commons. This year, only 8. This indicates the presence of owners of the economic system.

        Now reunite these four factors. And what is the conclusion?

        And the conclusion is as follows. The planet is captured by the owners of the economic system.

        What to do?

        There is no sense in suppressing NATO.

        They say that when an army commander is captured, the army surrenders. Because a soldier is fighting for money. And since there is no one to pay, then there is no need to fight. This is the first step, and the second economic system must be changed.
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 16 June 2017 14: 00
          The following is obtained.

          Global government. The global economy. The presence of their Armies. Lack of social obligations.

          What to do?
          1. 34 region
            34 region 16 June 2017 16: 50
            14.00 p.m. Smooth! The experience of creating the Internet is the experience of globalization. And he was successful. The creation of an international banking system has also been successful. The creation of international military and economic unions can also be called successful. The creation of regional blocs is still ongoing. But over time, the regional blocs will have to merge together. The recognition of English as an international language is also globalization. What to do? What options? Sign in. What we are doing successfully. Creating an alternative is not visible at all. This is evident in all the actions of our government. Therefore, there is no need to talk about counteraction. He is not at all.
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 16 June 2017 19: 28

              OK. Suppose that the global government sets, good intentions for the development of society.

              But the methods?
              Terror, persecution of leaders, destruction of states, suppression of dissidents, the threat of conventional war, war, global impoverishment, the lack of feedback mechanisms of society and government. The threat of nuclear war. Juvenile justice, interventions in the family, moral change, destruction of educational systems, debilitation and zombie of the population.

              In short, they do not have faith. The animals are there. Therefore, the state, as the protection of society, is our future.
              1. 34 region
                34 region 16 June 2017 21: 48
                19.28. Smooth! That's right. But! Invisible alternatives. Maybe no one wants or no one understands, or can not. Globalization is not good intentions. It is a thirst for power. Is economic globalization profitable or not? Judging by the experience of the USSR, it is very profitable. Everything is concentrated in one hand. But they surrendered to the globalists, and began to integrate into their system.
          2. olimpiada15
            olimpiada15 16 June 2017 17: 24
            gladcu2 I fully share your vision of the world device, the current situation is very dangerous. Capturing the world's economy is dangerous. For their task is to destroy states, or to put, through a coup, a manipulated figure who surrenders national interests under the guise of "democratic transformations" Because every strong leader is a "dictator", and amorphous plastelin is a "democratic leader." What to do? To begin with, to understand the whole picture of what is happening, to predict the development of the situation, to develop and implement protective measures. It is necessary to protect the population, the majority. I looked yesterday a straight line with Putin. Here an entrepreneur complained about a 19% loan from a bank for housing construction. If you analyze the situation: let's say the price of an apartment should be 1 million, with such a loan, even if you build a house in 3 years, the price will rise to 1,57 million. If you purchase a mortgage for this amount, you must pay% annually, as a result, provide the bank with a yield of 345 % And where is the money? This is the income of the owners of the bank, which are sent to Western banks as they become available, providing economic growth, and negative loans to their citizens and firms. And such a picture in all areas of relations with the West. Will NATO attack Russia? It is simply unprofitable for them, because both raw materials and finances leave the country. If today the country is being persecuted, it is only in order not to get too lazy, not to confuse the maps, to avenge that the American military base did not appear in Crimea in 2014, that Syria has not yet been destroyed, although the process is ongoing.
            We ask ourselves why this or that country is being destroyed? Yes, everything is simple, the goal of a global government is to destroy states and reduce the number of people on the planet, and both goals complement each other perfectly: the leader is removed, the population destroys each other, many die out. Instead of a developed human civilization, biomass remains. Those who play along with them do not understand that they are the next to be destroyed, that without the state and people they will be nothing. In the meantime, the adherents of the world government, Gref and Chubais, who openly spoke out about the need to reduce the population and to stabilize the population (and how many authorities have not voiced such goals) are working to implement such plans. And, as the events of June 12 showed, it was very successful, except for d.teh, who, following the instructions of the corrupt official Navalny, who had moved away from the feeding trough, came to spoil the holiday to people, you cannot name. And such destructive processes, more or less pronounced, are going on all over the world.
            1. gladcu2
              gladcu2 16 June 2017 20: 20

              A solution to Russia's internal problems is possible only if global problems are solved.

              It makes no sense to fight the investigation, which Russia is unsuccessfully doing. It is necessary to neutralize the cause.
              1. 34 region
                34 region 16 June 2017 21: 52
                20.20. Smooth! In the 30s, we were not particularly dependent on the global economy. And even vice versa. Taking advantage of their depression raised their own. Morality. Do not lay your eggs in a common basket.
                1. gladcu2
                  gladcu2 16 June 2017 23: 04
                  34 region

                  I.V. Stalin knew the structure of the capitalist system and took its positive aspects. But the principle of enrichment of some through the impoverishment of others destroyed. He restored the country but also understood that due to capitalism, WWII is not inevitable.

                  After adjustment, GDP led the country in the form of assimilation into the system. Hence, the foreign policy of Russia received a positive assessment. Inside, the economy under Capitalism will not work for social protection in principle.

                  The US is also aware of the need for change. But no one can cross the Rubicon breaking up capitalism. For the consequences may not be predictable. In their opinion.
                  1. 34 region
                    34 region 16 June 2017 23: 57
                    23.04/300 Smooth! The fact that Stalin knew capitalism from the inside is true! But today there is no Stalin, but there are adherents of the Higher School of Economics. So they rule the current, or the economy, or the remnants of it, or the economy lives contrary to them. But they are ruled (it can be called by different names. TNCs, the Committee of XNUMX, globalists ...) private business of a narrow (very narrow) circle of people. And they will not break this system (private business of a narrow circle of people). hi Our opinions agreed on one point.
    4. Alekseev
      Alekseev 17 June 2017 18: 48
      Quote: Vasily50
      Words about * defense * and other husks

      Grybauskaite and poking, poking East European bastard can not independently pump something and demand from NATO.
      These are the vassals of the USA and they verbalize what is ordered to them.
      What shall we do, what shall we do !?
      Yes, adequately, albeit asymmetrically, to respond.
      For example, an American missile defense for a nuclear sight, close transit through the Baltic states, cover up trade, conduct propaganda, at the border, in places that are uninhabited on our side, establish nuclear HE mines up to 1 Kt. Or tell them what they installed. wink
      And let them deploy another infantry battalion and sleep peacefully.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. cormorant
    cormorant 16 June 2017 06: 59
    Again, if we discard the "diplomatic polites", we were sent. Sent in view of the "loss of relevance." And we went ...
    Author, alarmist. A lot of beeches, but I did not see a gloomy scenario. At present, all of NATO’s forces in Europe are several times smaller than those assembled on our western borders. And when the United States begins to transfer and deploy something there in Europe, then there will be a completely different story. While there is something for them to pinch one place.
    1. g1washntwn
      g1washntwn 16 June 2017 08: 09
      Do you like it when a major cuts you insolently on the road? The situation is the same with NATO, they are not climbing to comply with international rules. A lot of forces for provocation and the outbreak of war are not needed, a small coup with the "capture" of tactical American nuclear weapons and its use in the Russian Federation is enough. Pilots of non-NATO members are trained in the use of nuclear weapons and this is no secret.
      The US’s global confrontation strategy is not based on the forces that are there, it’s more for the occupation of what is already captured and provocations. Like the gopniks, when the most arrogant one “makes a run” that creates the appearance that you are able to fight back ... and then the rest of the jackal crowd flies.
      The only trouble in their plans is that they are counting on the forces of the international coalition after such a massive blow to make us scared and not answer (that it doesn’t look like idiocy only if a liberal husk breaks into power, ready to surrender the country for its British villas) . But the danger is that they sincerely believe in this scenario and think that nothing really will arrive in response.

      In topic:
      Gas station. Wild turn. Everyone is waiting. Cool Mears breaks out of turn. Outrage, owner of the Merc:
      -That when there will be such a machine as mine, you will also be out of turn.
      Behind the man sits in the car of the domestic auto industry, accelerates and rams the Merc. He climbs out and says to the major:
      - That's when you will change cars, as I will then climb out of turn.
      Leaves. Arriving cops determined that Lada in theft ....
      1. Shurik70
        Shurik70 16 June 2017 13: 25
        Quote: cormorant
        While there is something for them to pinch one place.

        Not "them," but only bases in Europe.
        The main monster overseas, and you can get it only with rockets
        The problem is that if we begin to “nip”, then “the whole world is in ruin”, including ourselves.
        1. 34 region
          34 region 16 June 2017 16: 58
          13.25. Shurik! This monster is already inside us. If we allow to spread the country across the ocean, what will remain with us? We are already integrated into their system. At least through payment systems, at least through technology. An example of pinching is clearly visible in the Crimea. How do we host it? But this is a small area. And if there will be all of Russia ???
      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 16 June 2017 14: 09

        You just indicated the method of counteraction.

        At the state level, it may look a little different, but the principle is the same.
    2. Alexander Nezgovorov
      Alexander Nezgovorov 16 June 2017 20: 20
      And what do we have in the West ???
    3. Lyuba1965_01
      Lyuba1965_01 23 June 2017 08: 47
      NATO on the borders of Russia is just for provocation, just like flying over the neutral space of NATO planes and bringing US ships closer to our borders, relying on our nerves to withstand and shy away from them .. And to fight, we don’t need to deploy nothing. There are missiles that can easily reach Russia.
    RED PARTISAN 16 June 2017 07: 29
    If the Balts with the Poles consider the Russian-Belarusian exercises a provocation, then this is THEIR problems. They will try to inflict a preventive strike on our troops — their territories will immediately become an excellent training ground for our airborne forces and air forces. For a long time already, Polish meat was not wound on the tracks of Russian tanks, but this is only an unfortunate gap in history, which we will definitely correct.
    I love the smell of napalm in the morning!
    1. Shurik70
      Shurik70 16 June 2017 13: 34
      Quote: RED PARTISAN
      For a long time already Polish meat was not wound on the tracks of Russian tanks

      Here it is not necessary. The Poles, of course, are scandalous neighbors. And Russia caused a lot of evil (just remember the Troubles).
      That is why we will NEVER conquer them. Let yourself live somewhere at home. Not with us.
      Fucking at military bases, of course, fucking when it starts. And nobody needs a big war, except for the USA and England. So, as soon as they offer peace, we’ll immediately agree.
      That England would not be bad to "sterilize" totally. And then they except that the bombing from Hitler remember. And they think that this is war. But it is necessary that they understand that war is evil. And if they don’t understand with their hearts, let them understand with their skin. Maybe then they will cease to bring evil to other nations.
      1. Fan-fan
        Fan-fan 18 June 2017 13: 25
        Shurik wrote: "Fucking at military bases, of course, fucking when it starts." I will say this - the wrong goal, because when the war begins it is too late to fuck at military bases. Moreover, they will "hammer" in our cities, so we definitely need to include all their large cities and infrastructure in their goals.
      2. Lyuba1965_01
        Lyuba1965_01 23 June 2017 08: 52
        England always fights with the wrong hands and someone else's army. As there the Anglo-Saxons used to say in the 19th century: "Why should we fight with Russia ourselves if God created Turkey for this?"
  5. 34 region
    34 region 16 June 2017 07: 52
    But we can offer them to conduct joint exercises. Each side is on its own technique. Joint exercises against the invasion of humanoids can be conducted. Do not want? But after them we will conduct our teachings. What are they called? West!? winked Here it is the insidious essence of Russia dreaming of enslaving the West! laughing There have already been offered to give an answer to their Iron Wolf Iron Trap. Why not resist? It’s clear that they won’t leave us so alone. Can try to fend off the West by the standard of living and social guarantees? Then they themselves will drape to us. And the fact that the USA from the EU stupidly makes a sanitary cordon is probably already understood by all politicians. But to see them Faberge tightly clamped and they can only nod according to.
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 16 June 2017 13: 42
      And let's play tanks with them ...

      Gee ...

      1. 34 region
        34 region 16 June 2017 17: 06
        13.42. Smooth! Well, do not fight as partners !? They are not our enemies, not rivals, not competitors. And about playing with them, these are not my suggestions. For joint games our guide. Only not in all sandboxes they are taken and even conditions are set. Everything is like in children. Strong kids oppress the weaker ones. The weak of course are capricious and resentful, but they put them in their slaps and kicks. Everything is like in a kindergarten. Gee!
        1. gladcu2
          gladcu2 16 June 2017 21: 05
          glad to see you too. gladcu2

          Good to see you the same.

          I agree with you. Yes, overseas "partners". Which are in the same submarine.

          The first step to solving a problem is its awareness.

          The second step is the practical solution. Via.

          The return of income through a state dictatorship. Or the DICTATURE of the proletariat. The method is simple and valid. No redistribution of property required.

          Creation of educational systems. Which lead the population to a dominant opinion. With such a system, the ability to have an opinion causes from mild sarcasm to wild rzhach. Selfishness? They didn’t hear ... But what is it?
          Like that.
  6. Aitvaras
    Aitvaras 16 June 2017 08: 29
    The Suvalki corridor is the territory of Lithuania and it is our right to deploy troops there. Now, NATO troops in Lithuania, for example. in tanks and aviation, tens and hundreds of times less in numbers than the Russian Armed Forces in the Kaliningrad Region. There is practically no air defense, which is why we insist on the location of our NATO allies in Lithuania. About the threat, it was more than once in the Russian State Duma that deputies demanded the return of “Stalin's gifts” —Vilnius and Klaipeda and not the Lithuanian parliamentarians presented territorial claims to Russia, such as returning our original Lithuanian land - Smolensk region. As those and others. The people choose and this is quite serious.
    1. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 June 2017 09: 14
      Quote: Aitvaras
      About threats, it’s more than once in the State Duma of Russia that deputies demanded the return of “Stalin’s gifts” —Vilnius and Klaipeda and not Lithuanian parliamentarians presented territorial claims to Russia

      And where does Russia? There were proposals to return them to Poland. After all, the Poles have long sprinkled us with the Pact and demands to compensate for its consequences.
      And Lithuania must be consistent and eliminate these consequences of the Soviet occupation. Before making claims for compensation. Give the territories illegally appropriated by Stalin to Poland, and you can talk about the amount of "compensation for the occupation", beat up a debit with credit, and say, how much Lithuania should pay to Russia.

      Quote: Aitvaras
      Now, NATO troops in Lithuania, for example. in tanks and aviation, tens and hundreds of times less in numbers than the Russian Armed Forces in the Kaliningrad Region.

      The fact that the Armed Forces of Lithuania and Poland, even without counting the “come-in” ones, are many times greater in numbers and technique than the Russian Armed Forces deployed in Kaliningrad, do you shamefully close your eyes?
      So why lie so, knowing that you will immediately be caught in a lie?

      Suvalki corridor is the territory of Lithuania and it is our right to deploy troops there.

      Reasonably. And the Kaliningrad region is the territory of Russia. But as I understand it, Lithuanian politicians do not believe that we have the right to do everything we consider necessary to protect this enclave.
      1. Aitvaras
        Aitvaras 16 June 2017 10: 30
        Comrade Stalin in 1939 acted honestly and lawfully, i.e. K. Lithuania in 1920, concluded a peace treaty with Soviet Russia, it indicates Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania. Both sides pledged to respect each other's territorial integrity. In all conflicts with its neighbors, the USSR was on the side of Lithuania and guaranteed our territorial integrity. In 1939, Lithuania and the USSR entered into a military-defense alliance, as an ally of the USSR, fulfilled its obligations. Now there are no mutual territorial claims between Lithuania, Poland and Germany .
        About the count. Armed forces in the region, now in Kaliningrad there are approx. 40 thousand military RF approx. 810 tanks and 1 infantry fighting vehicles, 200 aircraft. In Belarus, 180 ​​thousand military, 48 tanks and 250 infantry fighting vehicles, in Zap. Military District approx. 1 thousand military, 000 tanks, 400 infantry fighting vehicles and 1 aircraft. In Lithuania, several. NATO Allied tanks and approx. 100 infantry fighting vehicles. in Poland, I don’t know.
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 16 June 2017 11: 14
          Quote: Aitvaras
          concluded a peace treaty with Soviet Russia, it indicates Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania

          And Memel, the capital of what? In addition, I somehow do not at all observe Lithuania’s claims to Poland regarding their aggression in 1919, that is to the conclusion of a peace treaty.
          Quote: Aitvaras
          .Now between Lithuania, Poland and Germany there are no mutual territorial claims.

          Yeah, claims only to Russia. Permanent.

          Quote: Aitvaras
          About the count. Armed forces in the region, now in Kaliningrad there are approx. 40 thousand military RF approx. 810 tanks and 1 infantry fighting vehicles, 200 aircraft .......... in Zap. Military District approx. 180 thousand military, 400 tanks, 1 infantry fighting vehicles and 100 aircraft.

          Do not lie simply incapable, dear? Once again, there are always people here who immediately catch you on this. In the Western Military District, including troops stationed in the Kaliningrad enclave, there are currently about 700 tanks, 600 armored personnel carriers, 900 infantry fighting vehicles and BMD.
          And Lithuania, together with Poland, is 985 tanks, 1968 infantry fighting vehicles and 234 armored personnel carriers.
          And while you are paired with the Poles regularly arrange tantrums on the topic "Russia is about to attack us" and demand the deployment of additional troops on your territory. You are not satisfied with the existing parity, do you want to create an advantage for aggression?
        2. Lyuba1965_01
          Lyuba1965_01 23 June 2017 09: 14
          Sun! Regarding the fact that there are so many weapons I can’t say anything, because I don’t know. But about the fact that Russia allegedly claims to some territory ... so the Baltic states themselves constantly bring up the topic that it is necessary to demand money for the Soviet " occupation, "that the USSR oppressed and terrorized the poor Balts. Well, so what remains for us to do? That's right! To remind you that it was during the USSR that the Baltic countries grew in territory. For the fact that Peter once bought these countries together with the inhabitants, not a single self-respecting Russian politician says, we are all afraid to offend, offend the vanity of "small but proud countries." Although , about the fact that Russians have slavery in their blood in a row, forgetting that they didn’t just sell them themselves, but sell them, buy their countries. And conquer the Baltic states ??? Yes, Russia has enough undeveloped lands for which we Do you need something that has no value? For the sake of Kaliningrad ceasing to be an enclave? So it’s easier for us, as it is now, than to hang parasites on the neck, as the USSR did.
    2. Lopatov
      Lopatov 16 June 2017 09: 30
      And so that there are no stupid illusions
      The clash between Russia and NATO in the Kaliningrad enclave will lead to one thing - the emergence of a radioactive desert in northeastern Poland and in the place of present-day Lithuania.
      Because, given the relative weakness of the Russian group, tactical nuclear weapons will be used unambiguously. And do not hope that the "Americans will take revenge" - they will not want to expose their territory to a retaliatory strike for your sake.
      Let Russia lose Kaliningrad, Lithuania will lose Lithuania.

      And therefore, the aggressive and hysterical actions of your country look very silly. Well, you will achieve your provocations clash between Russia and the United States, then what? "Little victorious," with the humiliation of Russia, as you hope, will not be. Yes, and you sit out, following the example of the "wise monkey" does not work.
      1. The comment was deleted.
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. Lopatov
          Lopatov 16 June 2017 15: 37
          I’m not only “ready”, I’ve already fought. And therefore I do not feel such a wild fear before the war as yours. Comprehensive. Encouraging any humiliation, "if only they would not touch me."

          One question: when a couple of gopniks come up to you in the gateway and asks for a smoke, do you immediately start raking everything out of your pockets, “guys, just don’t beat, I’ll do everything”?
          Sorry, but I'm not the way you are raised.
          1. bulvas
            bulvas 16 June 2017 18: 19
            Quote: Spade
            Sorry, but I'm not the way you are raised.

            Your right, but they are not worth an apology (my opinion)
            I would simply say to them:
            - not with ... those soldier of the child will not offend

            they are children, they decided to play the war and scare us

            Where do they fight? would run faster looking for a plumber, somewhere in Germany,
            soon they will be trampled from England, and zrobitchans will come to Ukraine from Ukraine, prices will drop to their level

      2. 34 region
        34 region 16 June 2017 17: 16
        09.30. Shovels! That's right. Amerikans revenge? How is it in Georgia in 2008? Or like in the Crimea in 2014? Oh how much they fought by the Russian army, how many fought! How many goals they put, how many equipment they killed! And all this for the sake of a small country Georgia and Ukraine! For the sake of their freedom! wassat
        1. Lopatov
          Lopatov 16 June 2017 17: 26
          Quote: Region 34
          Amerikans revenge? How is it in Georgia in 2008? Or like in the Crimea in 2014?

          I'm not talking about that.
          The hypothetical conflict between Russia and NATO over the Kaliningrad enclave definitely will not do without the use of tactical nuclear weapons. We are there, in fact, weaker in conventional weapons, the region will certainly be completely blocked. And we will just be forced to use the "club".
          But at the same time, the Americans, even participating in the hostilities, will do their utmost to prevent the development of a limited nuclear conflict into a global exchange of attacks between Russia and the United States.
          1. 34 region
            34 region 16 June 2017 17: 35
            17.26. Shovels! With this, everything is clear. Over the ocean are not fools. Of course, there may be shifts, but in general, their policy is competent and clearly verified (in their interests, of course). My previous comment concerned naive natives hoping for their protection by someone else’s uncle. As the experience of this uncle shows, he will never fight for anyone. And if he fights, then by the hands of the natives themselves. hi
    3. Moore
      Moore 16 June 2017 09: 31
      Quote: Aitvaras
      Suvalki corridor is the territory of Lithuania and it is our right to deploy troops there.

      This is certainly true. From time to time, you sometimes place Polish, Soviet, or German troops at your place. Now you are attracted to the exotic - the invincible Benelux cohorts are hosted.
      Just remember - did it save your statehood at least once from any sort of disassembly between countries more seriously?
      ... more than once the deputies demanded the return of "Stalin's gifts" - Vilnius and Klaipeda and not the Lithuanian parliamentarians presented territorial claims to Russia, such as returning our original Lithuanian land - Smolensk region

      Feel the difference: our altruists and honorable deputies are calling for the return of Stalin's gifts to their rightful owners: Vilno - Poland, Memel - Germany. And you want to grab Smolensk yourself. Poles and Belarusians may be offended! lol
    4. AleBors
      AleBors 16 June 2017 10: 24
      And who needs you, rogue?
    5. cormorant
      cormorant 16 June 2017 10: 32
      to return our original Lithuanian land - Smolensk region.
      Have you started releasing the globe of Lithuania? There are sources that the original Lithuania was located on the territory of present eastern Belarus, so there is also a need to debate what belongs to whom and where.
      1. bulvas
        bulvas 16 June 2017 14: 16
        Quote: cormorant
        to return our original Lithuanian land - Smolensk region.

        If you dig those times when the Principality of Smolensk was part of one of the principalities of Western Russia - Lithuanian, what then can we say about Ukraine?
        It was also Russia, like Poland and part of the Balkan Peninsula
    6. alstr
      alstr 16 June 2017 10: 32
      Yes, place as many as you like. Just keep in mind, if anything, then we won’t go there.
      Open the map and think about where to hit the Russian Federation to perform the following tasks:
      1. have a land corridor in Kaliningrad
      2. Withdraw Latvia from the war
      There are more options for setting up a boiler in the Suval corridor and taking Poland out of the game too. So, the more troops in Suwalka - there will be no more prisoners.
    7. BAI
      BAI 16 June 2017 10: 56
      our original Lithuanian land - Smolensk region

      Yes, nothing to trifle with - one must demand Moscow at once, not to mention Bryansk and Kursk.
      Everything that was captured in wars, then safely and lost in wars. What territory was in the 17th century, and what - in 1939. And Stalin presented Vilnius.
    8. Unclean
      Unclean 16 June 2017 14: 18
      Smolensk volost? Return? Well, this - I’ll write to you under your nose and two on your nose, but with such speeches you can turn out to be the most western training ground of the Russian Aerospace Forces.
    9. Awaz
      Awaz 16 June 2017 15: 26
      There is a good example of a divorce from Russia - this is Finland. For all the evil and terrorism that this territory was carrying out, the USSR forced this territory through international structures to stop conducting senseless provocative policies and stop pedaling Russophobia, and immediately things went up in Finland and they didn’t need to be afraid of a really powerful military neighbor, rather this neighborhood, on the contrary, could develop ..
      There is even the international term "Finlandization" which designates a system of mutual symiric coexistence of non-very friendly states, when one of them is tremendously superior in power to its neighbor.
      The behavior of the Baltic territories is a stupid jump to the tune of the United States to provoke the Russian Federation, coupled with provoking the EU to increase military spending, which will not settle in the pockets of the Baltic states but on the accounts of the US military-industrial complex. The Balts are losing their last opportunity to receive dividends from cooperation with Russia. I think if the Baltic states or their current sponsors compensated Russia for all the costs of these territories since the time of Peter the Great, we would gladly part. There is no sense in fighting for the Baltic states, and the corridor is also cursed when the neighbors are peaceful and are aimed at good and mutually beneficial coexistence. If the neighbors are stupid provocateurs, educational work needs to be done ...
      1. your1970
        your1970 16 June 2017 17: 22
        moreover, Finland eventually turned out to be one of the main trading partners with the USSR. About the fact that in 1945 they could absolutely completely occupy the whole of Finland, there’s no talk at all ...
        1. Awaz
          Awaz 16 June 2017 18: 14
          about that and talk. The USSR insisted that Finland would become an independent republic, would not adjoin any military blocs and cease to carry out subversive activities against the USSR. For this, the USSR guaranteed the security of this territory and not the use of force against this territory first. But the Finns were brought to such a state of relations - good cuffs both for themselves and their instigators. Right now, these dumbheads are trying to see the same pattern. That is, they are forced to do it. Well, they lived in Russian transit, thieving businessmen and tourists ... fucking awesome, without even bothering. Right now, hard times are coming and not because of the harmfulness of the Russian Federation, namely because of the dullness and lack of independence. First of all, ordinary people suffer. And the people then, in principle, understand that something is being done wrong, but TV propaganda does not let them rest ... As a result, there are not many prospects for these territories to remain independent national states ...
    10. Setrac
      Setrac 16 June 2017 16: 43
      Quote: Aitvaras
      Suvalki corridor is the territory of Lithuania and it is our right to deploy troops there.

      The Baltic states were bought by Russia from Sweden, all the so-called "your" land belongs to Moscow, you have no rights, you live on our land.
  7. The comment was deleted.
  8. Dzafdet
    Dzafdet 16 June 2017 09: 30
    How many groans! You just need to improve the Tochka-U complex and increase its range to 300 km. Then, in case of aggression from Lithuania, we will destroy the Baltic states in 10 minutes. 20 missiles Points with Jabch and aufvidzerzeyn! laughing tongue wassat
    1. domokl
      16 June 2017 10: 22
      And what about the rest of the NATO countries? You would read the article, but not look ... Then there would be no comment ...
      RED PARTISAN 16 June 2017 10: 56
      So there is Iskander laughing Range - up to 500 km (official), can carry 10–200 ct.
    3. BAI
      BAI 16 June 2017 10: 58
      Point-U is out of date in life. He is 100 years old at lunch.
  9. Tektor
    Tektor 16 June 2017 10: 54
    Well, they brought trophies to the tribaltic, and let them rot: if a war happens, it will not spread to these Baltic territories, but to the entire depth of NATO at once. I can even imagine this picture: on the border, quiet and smooth, and God's grace, but in the rest of Europe everything has already been burned. These avant-garde forces are exposed as bait: start here! But we don’t have to start here ... There are more important goals. The same city, for example.
    And the Baltic territories can be taken by the Crimean method, without firing, only by special operations forces. Seeping through the border and deploying in the rear to exclude shooting at our territory, so that the NATO would scratch their turnips: "Where to shoot ???"
  10. Music
    Music 16 June 2017 11: 49
    The Cold War -2.0 is by definition cooler than 1.0.
  11. the same doctor
    the same doctor 16 June 2017 12: 45
    Why hide your head in the sand. The transformation of Russia and China into submissive vassals of the United States, the appropriation by the American monopolies of the resources of these countries is the key to survival for the current American elite. A change of strategy means a change of elite. Those who invested in confrontation and the robbery of the whole world do not want to depreciate their investments, they will not simply give up power.
    So war in one form or another is inevitable. even if we don’t fight them, it won’t stop their war against us. Only our determination and readiness to fight back can save us.
  12. ioann1
    ioann1 16 June 2017 13: 54
    It's just that our policy is so "multi-way" to pretend that there is no threat and it is promoted by radically minded individuals and the media. Meanwhile, the threat is growing, whether we want it or not.
    But the most disgusting is that the threat is and is growing, and our people are not ready for the trials, and the media, in fact, are lulling, dampening, pretending that there is nothing of the kind ... and not only the media, but also those who control them primarily. Such an attitude to the country's security is akin to the criminal acts of the “fifth column”, but according to the laws of wartime ... but again this very topical question arises: is it approaching, is it wartime? ... And again, who is what a lot: there would be no war, just do not escalate. And in such a situation, it is better to recall the pre-war period, on the eve of 1941, ideology, anti-military propaganda united only 70% of the population, and this was at that very Stalin time. What can we say about our society, weakened by "liberal" times?! ... But what kind of society, such is the Army.
    We must not forget about the threat of NATO, however, we must not forget about the true mood of the Chinese comrades.
  13. Indifferent
    Indifferent 16 June 2017 14: 04
    All this is done to fan military psychosis and increase military spending. All! All the rest moderately smart understand that the war will end in mutual extermination. Therefore, one should not fight among themselves.
    But this does not mean that a collision cannot occur due to unforeseen circumstances. That's why you need to negotiate, and not beat your heel in the chest!
  14. LeftPers
    LeftPers 16 June 2017 14: 12
    ". Dalia Grybauskaite." stupid selling
    grandmother, I don’t know why it is written with a capital letter, oh yes, spelling rules, but for me the enemy is an enemy, and this one does not deserve a capital name.
  15. Sergei 777
    Sergei 777 16 June 2017 14: 20
    NATO is today the project of loading the military-industrial complex of the USA and Europe, that's all. In the West, no one believes that Russia wants to capture Lisbon or Paris, but everyone pretends to believe. And faith needs to be fed. Hence this circus with eternal teachings in the Baltic states. They will transfer a couple of battalions and a tank company, they’ll go for a drive, they scared Russia, they showed determination and that’s all. fellow
  16. mac789
    mac789 16 June 2017 14: 54
    Question: how appropriate is it in the event of provocations by Poland and Lithuania to respond with a blow, especially nuclear ones against these states? Maybe it makes sense to immediately strike at American puppeteers, NATO centers in Belgium and Britain and write it in our military doctrine? Let the main NATO states recognize the responsibility for the actions of their sixes.
    1. domokl
      16 June 2017 16: 05
      I wonder who is talking about Lithuania? Talk about the war with NATO ... Lithuania will not be in hours ...
  17. Kgv Kgv
    Kgv Kgv 16 June 2017 14: 57
    such a dilemma, what a horror, but it’s not clear who _ the Americans and the Anglo-Saxons
  18. Yeti
    Yeti 16 June 2017 15: 00
    I am sure that now there will be no war. At first, the stakes were rising. Mama Do not Cry. And now it became clear that no one would break the bank. This does not mean that they will stop pushing. This is now the only opportunity to keep Nato and scattering huge budgets. And Russia is being encouraged to continue to reach a qualitatively new level of armaments and the army as a whole. Internal contradictions play on Russia both in NATO and in Europe. Of course, the process is very inert and heavy. But the sense of self-preservation has not been canceled. Especially with fat and loose Europeans.
  19. gdsamolov
    gdsamolov 16 June 2017 15: 35
    military rhetoric instead of equipping ... a reasonable ... country ... what could be meaner and more criminal business, and then the West will see that we are normal ... we work ALL and do not hang around and wait for that ... when the president comes up ... for now -GPT and 12 harmful \ x control does not shine ... and the country is polluted by
  20. dimethyl
    dimethyl 16 June 2017 16: 18
    Shovels! (sorry for familiarity). THANKS YOU!!! My sons, reading your comments, are imbued with the spirit of patriotism and faith in Russia!
  21. rus-5819
    rus-5819 16 June 2017 16: 34
    ignals [on the preparation of an attack on the Baltic states and Poland

    That neither we nor the Russian Federation are going to attack someone, we are not going to provoke anyone here

    If you need to "provoke" something, then you need to put one battalion in "NATO" skins, let them "depict the aggressor", and everyone else will give them a "bribe"! NATO will be in a trance.
    The Baltic presidents, especially the Lithuanian Dalia Grybauskaite, simply glow with happiness.

    Dale just brutal peasants in her current life is not enough (or memories of them from Soviet times)
    An unsatisfied woman is worse than a tiger bear! laughing

    where certain forces push the world through the rhetoric of Dali Grybauskaite.

    This is where they push her:
    John McCain is Republican Lindsay Graham, Democrat Amy Klobushar and .. American "
    Lithuanians "in the US Congress Republican John Shimkus and Democrat Richard Durbina

    Just did not know that this is now called "rhetoric."

    It would be strange if the armed forces of any country in the world were not "preparing for war." Why then are they at all? The army must always be ready precisely for war ...

    Si vis pacem, bellum for (Lat)
    If you want peace, prepare for war. (English.) (for the new "Europeans)

    More than 5 thousand military personnel from 10 countries will be involved. ! And what do you think, what task will be practiced in these exercises? The defense of the very Suvalki corridor.

    Half division ??? This is tin!
    And we will continue to "talk with hooligans"?

    So you need to give them "on the hill"! Sadly, of course, but it seems that this cannot be avoided. A situation similar to the Ardennes-44 may help (not for long, of course). This is when NATO gets into somewhere, rakes, and asks for the help of "ideological enemies" in order to save its own ass.
    1. domokl
      16 June 2017 17: 31
      In the "West 2017" on the territory of Russia and Belarus, only 13000 will participate ... And there only on the 64-km section of 5000
  22. CommanderDIVA
    CommanderDIVA 16 June 2017 17: 52
    What article is not clear where the analysis is?
  23. Alexander Nezgovorov
    Alexander Nezgovorov 16 June 2017 20: 23
    hennyh-sil-rf-katastroficheskoe.html Expert Ratings about our Armed Forces ....
  24. Anchonsha
    Anchonsha 16 June 2017 21: 18
    No, we’re doing something wrong. with the fact that our borders have NATO troops. It must be stopped somehow, otherwise these boors will not understand. Something else needs to be done near the borders of the United States. In order to understand that the overseas will not remain without an answer and an eye.
  25. Toliant34
    Toliant34 16 June 2017 22: 36
    Bullshit ... companion for something that percured
  26. Alexander the Russian
    Alexander the Russian 16 June 2017 22: 57
    NATO wants war but we will not let it be done
  27. nesvobodnye
    nesvobodnye 17 June 2017 00: 22
    And we will continue to "talk with hooligans"?

    Or maybe we immediately hit the worst bomb?
  28. mahoney
    mahoney 17 June 2017 17: 52
    It seems that 90% of local "veterans" live on another planet, but rather reality .... so they are easily ready to use nuclear weapons in Europe or elsewhere))
    For those who do not see beyond their nose, I’ll write: As soon as nuclear weapons are used against the civilian population (or low-power tactical charges against the army) all dogs will be sent to the aggressor’s country at the same time. And in the best cases, it will simply be crushed into powder in a place with a population, or even worse, we will clean our ball from us.
    So what is worse to beat conquered by some "external enemies" or beat destroyed?
    1. vladimirvn
      vladimirvn 17 June 2017 20: 46
      Quote: mahoney
      So what is worse to beat conquered by some "external enemies" or beat destroyed?

      Typical dilemma dilemma. So you need to hit first, for all potential goals. Do not want to live in peace with us, so there will be no peace.
      1. Cossack 471
        Cossack 471 17 June 2017 22: 17
        If only one Western one explained. Why did they enlist us as enemies? They were never the first to attack them, but how many times they came to us in order to rob .not count.
  29. bandabas
    bandabas 18 June 2017 02: 33
    One of the leaders of our country once expressed in one capacious phrase, “Political”, such as “institute.”
  30. kig
    kig 18 June 2017 13: 27
    And we will continue to "talk with hooligans"? - put forward suggestions!
  31. 3 Gradient
    3 Gradient 18 June 2017 16: 45
    And why ... West of the Baltic states?
    A small population ... An almost complete lack of resources and minerals ...
    Experience ... in the production of sprats ...
    They will be needed ... Only against Russia ...
    What are they actually ... doing ..
  32. 1536
    1536 18 June 2017 23: 53
    The governments of the Baltic states are inherently dangerous. They can arrange any provocation on the Russian border and ask NATO for protection. As soon as we give the slack and we do not have time to blink, these farmers will find themselves in Smolensk and Moscow, and we will be in concentration camps, in this Salaspisl, for example, which they do not specifically close today. Therefore, it is necessary to give adequate answers to all the actions of the Baltic states. And it’s best to block all possible and impossible ways for them to receive financial, industrial, etc. profit from us, or with our help. How? This is not chess, you have to think about it. I would start from far away - from the foreign diaspora of these villains.
  33. atmaisi
    atmaisi 19 June 2017 07: 15
    We have not enough strength, so we have to maneuver and flaunt. But hatred should be in moderation.