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Turkish Air Force acquires 52 Super Mushshak training aircraft

As part of the IDEF-2017 exhibition in Istanbul, Pakistan’s state-owned Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) state company has signed an official contract for the sale of the Super Mushshak training aircraft to the Turkish Air Force 52, "News MIC".

The ceremony was attended by the Minister of Defense of Turkey Fikri Yishik and the Minister of Defense Industry of Pakistan Tanvir Hussein.
In October 2013, the Defense Industry Secretariat of the Defense Ministry of Turkey issued a request for proposals to supply the Turkish Air Force to 52 TCB with basic training designed to replace the outdated T-41D and SF-260D.

PAC, among other companies, submitted its proposal for the delivery of the Super Musashak TCB and in August 2016 was selected as the winner of the competition. Although the value of the contract has not been disclosed, according to media reports, the cost of one aircraft can be about 2 million.

Turkish Air Force acquires 52 Super Mushshak training aircraft

The Super Mushak is an upgraded version of the Saf MFI-17 aircraft, the project of which was acquired by the PAC in the 1980. The development of the MFI-395 Super Mushshak, equipped with an 260 horsepower engine, began in the 1995 year. The first flight of the aircraft made in August 1996 year. The Pakistan Air Force MFI-395 was adopted in May 2001. Pakistani Air Force got about Super Musash 50. Another 20 aircraft were delivered by the Air Force of Saudi Arabia, five - the Air Force of Oman. TCB was also adopted by the Air Force of Iran and Iraq. In June 2016, the company announced the signing of a contract for the delivery of the Super Musashak fusion vehicle to the Qatar Air Force, and in October to the Nigerian Air Force.
Turkey will be the first NATO country to which the Air Force will receive the Super Musashak.
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  1. xetai9977
    xetai9977 15 May 2017 14: 44
    A year ago this was announced.
  2. Berkut24
    Berkut24 15 May 2017 14: 51
    And for whom did they buy so many whatnots if almost all the pilots are sitting in their cells for suspicion of an attempted coup?
    1. raki-uzo
      raki-uzo 15 May 2017 19: 32
      For those who are in the cells. In the war they will be sent like a penal battalion and without a bullet in airplanes towards the enemy.
      1. Berkut24
        Berkut24 15 May 2017 19: 34
        Then they will fly to Greece for political asylum ...
        1. raki-uzo
          raki-uzo 15 May 2017 20: 09
          During the war, would you let enemy planes close to you?
          (İ) an interesting approach for you.
          1. Berkut24
            Berkut24 15 May 2017 20: 33
            Firstly, there is no war, and secondly, this is not the plane to be wary of. They will offer to sit on the islands, then they will sort it out. After all, Turkish officers had already fled to Greece. the path is trodden.
            1. raki-uzo
              raki-uzo 15 May 2017 21: 09
              Golden eagle, do not forget the milk before bedtime - the dream will be stronger and perhaps you will understand that I said all this in jest.
              1. Berkut24
                Berkut24 15 May 2017 21: 55
                There is a joke in every joke
  3. kolkulon
    kolkulon 15 May 2017 14: 52
    Well, yes. The personnel are well-cleaned. We need to train new ones.
  4. stone
    stone 15 May 2017 17: 03
    Judging by the countries that have adopted them, he is halal wassat But seriously, the campaign was transplanted by the Turks of all their more or less serious military specialists, as long as this is bought.
  5. mitrich
    mitrich 15 May 2017 17: 47
    And whom to teach on this whatnot? Combat pilots on jet technology? I understand that our UAC is a combat training one. And on this, only agricultural pilots.