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Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. We can now all! Even the LGBT rainbow will de-communize!

Greetings to you and us, dear friends and colleagues! Probably, you will say, what is it that Cockroach has signed recently? I myself am sometimes amazed. But I want to. If you really want to, then it's better not to resist. You are like that too. Have a free minute and you are already in international the news, well, I hope you read Cockroach.

Well, let's start with the beautiful. Have you not forgotten that there will be Eurovision in Ukraine? Not? Judging by how much attention was paid to this event earlier, you will not forget this. This is what we thought. But it turned out that exactly when the talk about Eurovision stopped at you, they stopped at our place. And even in Europe. There will be - and will be ... But we are preparing. And, as is our custom, with a twinkle and enthusiasm.

And here is our first news. Watch and don’t say later that you didn’t see. In one of the previous reports, with the help of my young assistant, I showed you the Arch of Friendship. Which symbolized the friendship of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples.

Two men hold the Order of Friendship of Peoples, and on the right a sculptural group depicting representatives of the entire Ukrainian people looks at them. With a completely clear expression on their faces. Without horror or hatred. Good such ensemble.

But - came, as they say, other times. Euro. Eurovision and European understanding. Euroaspirations.

And here's how the arch looks like today. Significantly? And then! This is not just a friendship for you now, this is Euro-Friendship! In the modern sense of tolerastii and other Euro-studies.

How do you? Here we are too. And let no one be confused by the fact that the LGBT rainbow is somewhat neutered. Everything here is clear and so: the red color is now banned, and is subject to immediate de-communization. Here, we have this understanding.

But now Kiev has a new Euro. Tolerant. We can, however. Envy. In Russia, this is not, and apparently never will be. And we have - already.

We here understand that the Order of Friendship of Peoples is precisely cut out of their hands. But then the question is, what will be given instead of him in the light of recent events? We make assumptions, but some kind of porn is solid. Well, how will the kobzari and the Cossacks look at two men who have in their hands ... And there are women in the sculptural group ...

And still some strange feeling. Such an important event for Europe, but ... They spat in the direction of Russia and the event became ordinary. What kind of phenomenon is this? Aliens or really Russia "roof", oh sorry, covers the Mother of God? No wonder we got a holiday from our ancestors - the Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God.

Now, one of the cheers of patriotic readers will say: "A cunning Tarakan. He is Ukrainian, then he sticks to the Russians." I did not wriggle and I will not. Just because you yourself, dear friends, write "completely in the hole": "Russians and Ukrainians are one people."

And to understand these words as uryakals, I will tell you one history from Odessa "Privoz". For those who have not been to Odessa, "Privoz" is the name of the market. So...

Odessa, "Privoz" fish row. Aunt huge size:

- Bitch !!! Bitch !!!

The visiting "Russian guardian" decided to teach her aunt to say correctly:

- Woman, right to say "Steers" ...

- That's right, "Neogobius fluviatilis", scattered, and your daddy smoked your dad in kindergarten, when I was already selling piggy here ...

I digress a little from the culture, but it still pulls the forks.

Remember my recent villager notes? Those in which I talked about the land? So, our officials have calmed down, just as if from ours. Sit, silent, about the requirements of the IMF do not remember. And here again. And right on the sly red face ... Or not red? Well, let it be just for the brazen and sly face. Permanent representative of the IMF itself in Ukraine, Jerome, your sarcastically so: "The land market must be launched as soon as possible." "Well, it's yours ...". I think that was what our pane Atamans thought. Expensive tourist visa will cost us.

But there is another problem. Holidays are these ... Ok 1 May. All the cottages and gardens. What about 8 and 9? I once sat here during work hours at home, it was dropping heavily on the street, thinking about one strange feature of Ukraine. I am sure that you, considering the size and ability to walk through puddles without much harm, did not think about it.

I listen to the news of Ukraine. I understand that they are lying, but the numbers come out, peremoga. Checking the numbers. For sure. So reports statistics. The next block of news. About Russia. Again I understand that they lie. but in numbers again we peremoga. Checking Russian sources. Exactly everything. The noise in the head, the brain is boiling. What's the secret?

Well, I'm a harmful insect. Life and dust poisoned. Slippers broken. But tenacious. And smart. Found the answer to this paradox. You can check out today. Just turn on the TV for any talk show. Additional proof will be. How easy it is to prove to people that white is black and vice versa.

Read how it sounds and find the differences. "At a time when the average pension for old people and people with disabilities is slightly more than 140-150 dollars, the government is finding 5,7 millions of rubles to build a new park in the neighborhood, which is not fully populated yet." "At a time when the average pension for old and disabled people is 8000-8500 rubles, the government is finding 100 000 dollars to build a new park in the neighborhood, which is not fully populated."

I hope you, my friends, are clever people. No wonder we communicate with you so much. We mutually learn. I didn’t send you to the TV for nothing. Listen to the news from us and from you. And listen to your and our liberastov listen. Thank you cockroach say.

Okay, back for the holidays. Today, Ukraine resembles a pressure cooker with steam on a fairly good "Soviet" gas. Boils inside. A valve like, and can not cope with the flow of steam. We sit, look, and pray to God that the borscht should be cooked, and not a bomb exploded. Outwardly, everything is beautiful. And inside it is creepy.

The country has really risen in raskoryaku. May 8 will celebrate the day of mourning and reconciliation. We have been defeated, and we grieve for our dead soldiers. And we ask the winners to come to terms with us. Like it or not, this day is perceived in Europe as such. They are in mourning for our Victory. The son of a carpenter and the son of a shoemaker turned the heads of the greatest European military strategists. Wild "Ivan" put on his knees almost all of Europe.

May 9 will be our Victory Day. The descendants of those to whom our great-grandfathers "broke off their wings and feet", naturally, will try to defeat those soldiers who are still alive. Defeat their descendants. Win the winners. With the dead they work.

Remember the very recent history in the vicinity of the village Kilchen Magdalinovsky district of Dnipropetrovsk region? When two scumbags killed a monument to an unidentified officer at the memorial complex "Mass grave of civilians-victims of fascism and an unknown Soviet soldier." And after all not guys any. One 30, another 41 a year ... Here it is now, glory to Ukraine ...

But here too in Kiev it is not better, to be honest. Here you have a small walk along one of the central streets. Clean, calmly so. And suddenly in the distance a sort of ... is drawn in national colors.

In general, the principle of "if something went wrong - paint in yellow-blakytny, and everything will be fine" is observed sacredly.

This is how the monument to Shchors on the avenue now looks like. They wanted to send him to the museum of decommunization, so that everyone there could look at how we parted with our past. But not a fig!

Shortly before the dismantling, someone sawed off the bronze leg of the horse. And dragged somewhere. Perhaps he passed in tsvetmet. The museum now does not accept the monument, for incomplete and ugliness. The result - see for yourself. Wrapped in a known combination of colors, and normal.

And a sign "executioner" on the neck at the monument to the liberator of Kiev from the fascists, General Vatutin from the same series. These wood lice from the national corps are thus trying to draw public attention ... to the war with Russia, which is now in full swing.

True, Vatutin is still worth it. And the flowers, as you see, appear at the monument. Not everything in Kiev got rid of the brain completely, there is such a thing.

Recently heard the words of one person. Not a cockroach. Sorry, but I write without cuts. "Why are the buggers of International Women's Day? And the Nazis - Victory Day ...". You can't say better. Except for the Nazis, we still have a lot of normal people. And soon we will see them. 9 May. Natsik are afraid of us. Natsik fear our great-grandfathers. Even in the photo. And we are not afraid. Let's go and show.

Familiar faces? Here ... I do not know how long and how much "bye", but there is.

And to you in pursuit.

Also ours. That is yours. Ah, not enough now Gleb with Volodya ... But such is life.

Again have to remind you of the cockroach thinking. Forget the human and include normal, cockroach. What happens if 8 is split in half?

Did not understand my abrupt departure "in science"? And there was no care. And this is not a science, but an example. More precisely the answer to the further fate of my country. The big and "plump" eight (Ukraine) will never be a figure eight. She already shares. Crimea, Donbass. Next in line are Transcarpathia, Odessa, Kherson, Nikolaev, Kharkov ...

If we divide the eight vertically ... We get two triples. Even in total, these troechki less than eight. But at least something. And if horizontally? Divided? So what? Two zeros! From a beautiful, fat eight came two "nothing." Here is such a cockroach look at simple things ...

I can not go past my Odessa. I am sure that you are following with alarm the events in this city. Waiting for 2 May. You have written well about the fact that Odessans do not forget anything. And you saw the photo. Therefore, I will confine myself to reminding just one fact of the times of the Great Patriotic War ... This is also for those who understand everything and those who are fighting on the sofa in Moscow or in any other Russian city. And especially for those on whose conscience those one and a half hundred people who died then ...

Odessa is the only city in the USSR where no traitors were tried! Not because there were no traitors there. It was, and a lot. They did not judge because on the night when the Germans retreated, and the Soviet troops of the NKVD had not yet entered the city, the underground fighters and ordinary Odessans stifled all traitors and policemen. Everybody! A very significant historical example.

Notes of the Colorado Cockroach. We can now all! Even the LGBT rainbow will de-communize!

I always try to bypass the topic of Donbass. But today will not work. "Separatists" are preparing to violate the Minsk agreement! This is all over the media today. Imagine? Get ready and do not hide it. Do you know why? Yes Victory Day for them. Celebration! And the parade will be military. And the Immortal Regiment will be. And St. George ribbons will be. And the songs will be military. And most importantly, I and those like me will watch it! With no less attention than the Moscow parade ... It will be a parade for real Ukrainians. Our parade!

Oh, and rage now in the next building. Already the walls are shaking. The internet and all these satellite dishes are such a nasty thing. How well the Nazis of the last century lived in captured Kiev. Leaflets removed from the walls and all. It seems no one knows the truth. Therefore, they have launched one muck in the information space.

Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky made a statement about the readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to go to martial law. Ready, they say, to defense and other tasks. Hints that the crap can throw for the holiday. It will probably sound strange, but God forbid Republicans to respond to our dirty tricks with dignity. Maybe it will return at least some adequacy of our power.

By the way, I also have news about the army. Remember the statements of all our leaders about the most powerful army in Europe? Everything. Not the most. Petro our said that we seem to be already on the 8 location in Europe.

And Donbass want our cockroach to say wisdom. True, it is not about us. Have you ever seen a cat that would be interested in what mice say about it? The APU is ready for the next receipt in the teeth of Republicans ...

No, it’s necessary not only to write about the holiday. It is necessary and information for education to give you. And then they are completely fixated on Bandera and Shushevich. And here we have heroes ... I recently celebrated the 99 anniversary of the liberation of the city from the Bolsheviks by the colonel of the army of the Ukrainian People's Republic Peter Bolbochan in Kharkov! According to our history, Bolbochan was called the "iron colonel". He commanded the Zaporizhia Corps, which liberated Left-Bank Ukraine, Melitopol, Crimea in April of 1918, in April! Then the Ukrainian flag was raised in Sevastopol!

Did not know? Honestly and I did not know. Cockroaches have some other information. At the time of the campaign, this "colonel" could only be called "iron captain". Colonel gave him Petlyura only six months later. And about Simferopol a little lied. 25 April really captured the city. But almost immediately from there they were driven out by the true masters-Germans. And at the end of 1918, Bolbochan was removed by Petliura from command for embezzlement and sent to exile in Stanislav. In June, 1919 was shot at Balin station. There he was buried ... These are our new heroes.

But the old ones still stand. For example.

And for a snack, really good tolerant news. For people ... of unknown sex. There will be a gay parade in Kiev again! At the beginning of June. Last year, 2 was spoken about by thousands of "incomprehensible sexes." This year the number has increased in 2,5 times - 5 thousands! Geometric progression! In the next, it means there will be already 12,5 thousands. A year later, 31,25 thousand ... That's not for nothing, Kiev entered the top 10 of the cheapest capitals for sex tourism ... No wonder the arch is lovingly laid out with tiles.

The path to Europe through ... Straight poems themselves climb into my head.

"All the people are having fun! Who does not jump - he sings! Pravoseki, homosexual ... In general, who will sort them out ...".

Or an old song in a new way:

"Atas! So have fun, working class ... Atas! Dance boys, love everyone in a row! Atas! And who does not love everyone in a row, that jacket, enemy and colorad!"

Strange somehow happened. They promised to arrange a military parade in Sevastopol, and we already have the second gay parade in Kiev. I'll have to go see. Imagine gay shouting - "Glory to Ukraine!" And pravoseki in response - "Glory to the heroes!". Here is the joke. And try not to answer. Immediately become "separar".

We have to agree with our weather forecasters. “A rather strange spring” ... No one will make a more accurate forecast about Ukraine.

Happy holidays to you. Whatever happens in this life, the main thing is still at home. At the beginning of your own home. Then your city. Then the country. Smiles to you from all the big cockroach heart. You'd be surprised, but those modern artificial hearts that today are implanted in people are made in the likeness of our cockroach heart. This is your primitive 4-chamber "motor". And we have - 13-chamber. That's why we are so resilient. I told you about your education.

I hope to see you soon next. May sky to you!
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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 3 May 2017 15: 17
    Thanks Cockroach ... as always with humor and to the point hi
    1. cost
      cost 3 May 2017 16: 39
      Odessa is the only city in the USSR where no traitors were tried! Not because there were no traitors there. It was, and a lot. They did not judge because on the night when the Germans retreated, and the Soviet troops of the NKVD had not yet entered the city, the underground fighters and ordinary Odessans stifled all traitors and policemen. Everybody! A very significant historical example.

      Did not know. Thanks for the info. Very interesting
      1. umah
        umah 4 May 2017 16: 14
        - Bitch !!! Bitch !!!

        - Well, mother! because a person, you know yourself, you can’t live without a zhinka, ”answered the same Cossack who spoke with the blacksmith, and the blacksmith was surprised to hear that this Cossack, knowing such a well-literate language, speaks with the queen, as if on purpose, the most rude, usually called peasant dialect. “Tricky people! - he thought to himself, - surely, not without reason he does it.

        The night before Christmas - N.V. Gogol
  2. Baloo
    Baloo 3 May 2017 15: 28
    Thanks for the joke fellow . Among the jokes about Privoz there is also about the goose and aunt Sarah. lol Respect for the continued optimism. hi
    I wish to neutralize the Kiev organized crime group as soon as possible, and as in Odessa after the departure of the Germans, in fairness. angry
  3. parusnik
    parusnik 3 May 2017 15: 47
    and the Soviet NKVD troops had not yet entered the city, the underground and ordinary inhabitants of Odessa strangled all the traitors and policemen. All!
    ... and repeat the encore?
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 5 May 2017 09: 44
      Quote: parusnik
      and repeat for an encore?

      +++++ 1500!
  4. AleBors
    AleBors 3 May 2017 15: 55
    Thank! Very interesting, as always. I wish you inexhaustible optimism and creative mood. And with the upcoming Victory Day!
  5. BAI
    BAI 3 May 2017 15: 59
    And it seems pravosekah another zrada is planned. After all, a crowd of tolerant people has already come to Eurovision. How will Natsik beat the old in front of the "world public"? What will Europe say?
  6. Astart
    Astart 3 May 2017 15: 59
    All the media and bloggers talked about the rainbow, Although there’s business there, they * chased * Gom * sec, In general, internal disassembly
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 5 May 2017 09: 48
      Quote: Astarte
      All the media and bloggers talked about the rainbow

      In general, it’s a shame that such a wonderful symbol was taken by LGBT people!
      As for the monument to Schors, it seems to me that Kravchuk himself sawed off his horse’s leg. In distant years, Kravchuk posed, Shchors was sculpted from him. Well, today you won’t take the monument to your country house yourself, you don’t understand, so at least a foot from the horse.
  7. Conductor
    Conductor 3 May 2017 18: 35
    Fine! and in Russia, interestingly, is there a monument to Zheglov and Sharapov?
    1. domokl
      domokl 3 May 2017 19: 02
      In Volgograd stands at the building of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In Moscow on Petrovka 38 is also there
    2. Rey_ka
      Rey_ka 4 May 2017 11: 31
      In Novorossiysk there is even a monument to Gosha Kozodoev. And in Perm we’ve got a monument to a loser
  8. xomaNN
    xomaNN 3 May 2017 19: 16
    From the inside of Ukraine looking picture bully Nat udodam is a green street! And on May 9, policemen again bashfully will not notice the atrocities of the Makhnovists of “Ukrainian patriots” who humiliate WWII veterans.
  9. ronnon
    ronnon 3 May 2017 20: 42
    I'd rather be a “fagot” than recognize the Soviet-Communist past of Ukraine. No matter how the Ukrainian people woke up, there’s a swastika in the forehead, hands to the elbow in blood, and from the rear ... shit! European tolerance added laughing
  10. Sergey-svs
    Sergey-svs 4 May 2017 00: 14
    Imagine gays shouting - "Glory to Ukraine!" And pravoseki in response - "Glory to the heroes!". That will be Hochma. And try not to answer. You’ll immediately become a Separ.

    Thanks Cockroach! As usual pleased - neighing for about five minutes! laughing laughing laughing
  11. jonht
    jonht 4 May 2017 02: 46
    Thank you, all the same, with the spring more fun notes are heard ..... Although all this seems more like a seasonal aggravation .....
  12. Net
    Net 4 May 2017 02: 57
    In one of the pictures on the background of the arch, garlands still hang on the wires in the form of lace panties. )))
  13. Cxnumx
    Cxnumx 4 May 2017 05: 11
    an interesting article, only ... good sense? "one people" ... the Poles seem to be Slavs too, but worse than any German.
    1. domokl
      domokl 4 May 2017 05: 39
      Why confuse the people and the state? The state educates those who are needed for today ... That is why there is so much shit in Ukraine today ... Nothing, the scab will fall off when it is squeezed ... But it will be more difficult to return the attitude of Russians.
      I won’t argue ....
      1. pafegosoff
        pafegosoff 5 May 2017 08: 14
        If we take the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-1976) as an example, - by the year 2024, the hundreds of the most desperate legal prisoners - will be shot, as many - will be imprisoned, the rest will be forced to repent and publicly destroy all the attributes of nationalism.
        By the way, I was very surprised to see the "enemy" Chinese pilots studying in Kirovograd while Mao Zedong was still alive ...
  14. D-Master
    D-Master 4 May 2017 07: 17
    Thanks to the cockroach for the article. And it’s disgusting to read, it turns up already. Especially the arch of friendship. You can’t demolish, let's repaint it in gay colors. Well now it’s clear who the Russian people were friends with and what his friend was going to do with him. Such friends-enemies do not need ....
  15. Antoshka
    Antoshka 4 May 2017 11: 18
    Quote: BAI
    And it seems pravosekah another zrada is planned. After all, a crowd of tolerant people has already come to Eurovision. How will Natsik beat the old in front of the "world public"? What will Europe say?

    And this, by the way, is an interesting moment! The horses wanted to humiliate the holiday on May 9 by Eurovision, but did not expect that the demonstrations on May 8-9 could not be dispersed. Otherwise, embarrassment may occur in the eyes of the European public. They outwitted themselves.
    1. Egoza
      Egoza 5 May 2017 07: 37
      First of all, they wanted to distract the people so that they would not go to greet the veterans. Most likely the veterans will come to the Great Patriotic War museum, and even there in the park Natsik will be able to "come off". Well this is not in the very center, but at the end of Pechersk. But this is exactly what they didn’t expect - our reporters are literally interested in every singer who has arrived, if he has any ancestors from Ukraine, and that’s not ours! And one girl boldly declared, though in English, that is! And the grandmother lives in Mariupol, where she is going to go after the contest with all her relatives, that she came with her. "Well, there is no war." Well, let's see how it gets! wink
  16. japs
    japs 4 May 2017 11: 35
    Thank! And you with the Victory Day, health!
  17. passing
    passing 4 May 2017 12: 11
    Last year they talked about 2 thousand "incomprehensible". This year, the number increased 2,5 times - 5 thousand geometric progression! In the next, it means that there will already be 12,5 thousand. A year later, 31,25 thousand ..

    A terrifying trend! I hope cockroaches are not affected? what
  18. stew
    stew 4 May 2017 12: 31
    Thank you and the upcoming holiday to you.
  19. BambrSV
    BambrSV 5 May 2017 00: 49
    Happy Tarakash! Thank ! recourse Conceived! lol Have fun! wassat SMILE!
  20. pafegosoff
    pafegosoff 5 May 2017 08: 03
    About the “scourges” in Odessa is ridiculous.
    About the hanged traitors ...
    But in Paris, women were cut off in 1945. Naked. In revenge. Probably those sheared, who fought against the USSR, who made military equipment for the Nazis in Renault, Peugeot and Citroen. Then the French staged a complete ostracism by Frederico Joliot-Curie. the creator of all the atomic power of France for the fact that he fought for peace ...
    Here you have France, not Ukraine.
    And here is an example of Maidan, which is almost absolutely matrix (did the CIA work there too?). People's Republic of China.
    1966-1976 - hunweibins and tsaofani ... Pravoseki, Bandera ... I remember these arrogant youths in blue cotton robes and caps. Here, for example, they gathered in a circle, in the middle sat the most well-fed, crap on the asphalt, and they left with a pleased look: “Here you are, Russian!”
    Because, tearing themselves away, oppressing the Russians more than anyone else - in the USSR, they built and were building future enemies. Instead of building yourself.
  21. esaul1950
    esaul1950 5 May 2017 17: 59
    Well done Cockroach! I liked about Odessa, God forbid, that the inhabitants of Odessa did not forget those who killed women, the elderly in the House of Trade Unions. There are ropes for these scum.
  22. Vicbr
    Vicbr 6 May 2017 23: 21
    Thank you, Cockroach, as always written excellently and informatively.