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VKO will receive 4 trillion rubles

VKO will receive 4 trillion rubles

Prior to 2020, 20% of the total funding of the state armaments program of the Russian Federation will be spent on 2011-2020 for the development of aerospace defense. According to Interfax, said Alexander Sukhorukov, First Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation. The amount of funding for the state program was determined at the level of 23 trillion. rubles. About 20 trillion of them will receive the Ministry of Defense.

Sukhorukov didn’t talk in detail about acquisitions in the interests of the East Kazakhstan Oblast, but noted that one of the systems being acquired will be radar missiles of the “Voronezh” missile warning system, which the Saransk Television Factory also produces. "We have a current contract, it will end in 2017-2018, which will ensure the timely supply of equipment for the EWS," said Sukhorukov.

As previously reported, Russia will build three plants for the production of early warning missiles, which will accelerate the creation of new technology for East Kazakhstan. In addition, new radar radar stations will be built in five Russian regions: in the Omsk and Murmansk regions, the Krasnoyarsk and Altai Territories, and the Republic of Komi.

Also in early February, it became known that the East Kazakhstani troops would be the first in the Russian Armed Forces to use exclusively digital communication standards. This type of communication will be used for the rapid transfer of information from detection tools to response and control points.

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  1. domokl
    domokl 15 February 2012 05: 24
    In principle, a completely justifiable decision ... How to dump money into funds that practically work for foreign economies will give work to the Russian people, and we will take care of defense a little more than words ... A rather serious decision and just in time ... Only oh how the current situation reminds me of the 30 years of the last century ... A copy with other words .. Interesting, and who will be Hitler?
  2. boris.radevitch
    boris.radevitch 15 February 2012 06: 14
    I would give 5 trillions of rubles or more should be strengthened!
    1. urzul
      urzul 15 February 2012 09: 09
      So come on yes we are not against wink
      1. esaul
        esaul 15 February 2012 09: 39
        Quote: urzul
        I would give 5 trillions of rubles or more should be strengthened!

        Very often, those who push for unreasonable spending, then raise the question of the unjustification of certain costs ... wink
        And according to the article - East Kazakhstan oblast, today it is one of the priority areas and ours are doing the right thing to allocate such an amount. It is equally important with the manufacturers of products for East Kazakhstan region to debug the same mechanism of interaction mentioned in the article on the refusal of the Ministry of Defense to purchase armored vehicles for up to five years.
  3. tronin.maxim
    tronin.maxim 15 February 2012 06: 31
    Good news. smile
    PISTOL 15 February 2012 09: 44
    It is very interesting when these plants will be built and what they will produce there) One of them will produce S-400 for sure, now now there are enough of them (S-400) for Belarus, Kazakhstan (who have been asking for them for a long time) and possibly for Syria with Iran in the future)
  5. Artur09-75
    Artur09-75 15 February 2012 13: 22
    The main thing is that this money go in full to the goals for which they are intended.