Military Review

Strategic missile system RS-28 "Sarmat". Infographics

The Sarmat ICBM is a promising Russian strategic missile system of the fifth generation of a silo-based, with a heavy multi-stage liquid intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

It differs from the fourth-generation complexes (such as the R-36М “Voevoda”) with its massive anti-missile defense systems at the expense of the KAZ mine, the suborbital trajectory, which is larger than on conventional ICBMs, loading false targets, as well as high-precision hypersonic maneuvering military units.

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  1. Ascetic
    Ascetic April 10 2017 08: 42 New
    The product has not two, but three steps, plus PAD AND QUO of the order of 150-200 m for ICBMs, now this is practically the ceiling. Infographics suffers from a mass and other mistakes, in particular about the mass of warheads. It’s more correct to talk about the cast weight of a rocket which is no more than 5 tons
    1. Kudrevkn
      Kudrevkn April 10 2017 09: 58 New
      I believe that I will soon see a comment by Vladimir ("Old 26"), who is a real dock in this matter. Good luck this!
  2. Engineer
    Engineer April 10 2017 11: 43 New
    I wonder where the numbers come from if the rocket is secret and has never flown before?
  3. silver_roman
    silver_roman April 10 2017 12: 19 New
    Return the minuses, I would throw this put a bold "dash" immediately.
    1. cherkas.oe
      cherkas.oe April 10 2017 15: 16 New
      Quote: silver_roman
      Return the minuses, I would throw this put a bold "dash" immediately.

      Do not tear the heart.
  4. commbatant
    commbatant April 12 2017 17: 34 New
    That's good, that's good! The main thing is that now the American "military" does not resume the production of MX ICBMs (come under reduction) and does not withdraw from the INF Treaty