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Rosgvardiya received a batch of command and staff vehicles

Rostec handed over to the Russian National Guard a batch of command and staff vehicles (KSHM) of communications P-142NA-R, which will be used during the 2018 World Cup to ensure the safety of participants and spectators, reports press office corporations.

Rosgvardiya received a batch of command and staff vehicles

“The command and staff vehicles are designed to organize field radio communication nodes. With their help, you can quickly deploy a network of encrypted data transmission even during mass events in urban environments. The advantage of such means of communication is the combination of several telecommunication systems operating in a single information space ", - said in a release.

It is reported that the crew of the car consists of 5 people, preparation for work (while driving) takes 5 minutes. Full system deployment to work on all types of antennas, with the laying of subscriber network lines, is no more than 40 minutes.

The press service noted that “in the future, the layout of a mobile point of contact can be expanded through the use of modern military and dual-use hardware, for example, a set of solar panels and video surveillance systems.”

The bulk of the production of products is carried out by the Voronezh concern "Constellation".

As reported "Voronezh news", in the concern, which is engaged in the production of electronic filling of the KSHM, the day before was replaced by the head. Alexander Yakunin, who previously held the post of the head of the military-industrial complex, became the new head of the Concern-Sozvezdiye OJSC.

The KSHM radar station provides stable communication at distances up to 1 thousand km. In this case, the error in determining the coordinates is no more than 25 m. The deployment time of the equipment for work is from 10 minutes to half an hour.
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Vitaly Kuzmin / Rostec
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  1. Alexander Romanov
    Alexander Romanov 1 March 2017 13: 08
    I doubt that we will have the World Cup
    1. KnightRider
      KnightRider 1 March 2017 17: 06
      Quote: Alexander Romanov
      I doubt that we will have the World Cup

      There will be no doubt. Football is beyond WADA's suspicions. It is not surprising with our football players.
    2. zurbagan63
      zurbagan63 1 March 2017 18: 44
      I think they will find doping from the coaches and transfer the championship to England. About this will happen in April, May, next year, as soon as we choose a new, old president.
    3. kirieeleyson
      kirieeleyson 2 March 2017 00: 19
      We like Murphy - if in doubt, you need to talk more convincingly) How many stadiums will be built, the infrastructure will be where it was not. CABM again, come in handy)))
  2. My doctor
    My doctor 1 March 2017 13: 12
    The day before yesterday there was a new camouflage, yesterday costumes on anatomical patterns today I thought there would be news about new underwear for the Russian Guard, but KSH was not mistaken today.
    Actually, I remember another KShM where P-111, P-123, and P-130.
  3. commbatant
    commbatant 1 March 2017 13: 12
    A box on the kung, for rags?
  4. bald
    bald 1 March 2017 13: 27
    Yes, a lot, if not all, of the internal filling has changed (compare with R-142N). Outwardly, too, do not know. The power take-off generator is not visible (maybe in another modification), there is no AZI antenna, and the other is located in different places. I got used to my R-142N, with a crew of three people. What can you do, science does not stand still. Nostalgia.
  5. Glory1974
    Glory1974 1 March 2017 13: 41
    Radar KSHM station provides stable communication at distances up to 1 thousand km. Wherein coordinate error is no more than 25 m.

    When will journalists serve in the army so as not to write such a blizzard.
    Or is it impossible to cure victims of the exam?
    1. mult-65
      mult-65 1 March 2017 18: 45
      I just wanted to write the same thing. lol
  6. zurbagan63
    zurbagan63 1 March 2017 18: 42
    So, I want to understand: the Russian Guard or the National Guard and why it is so modestly silent that this is still the National. guard? ... Second: GUARD - aren't you overdoing the name too much?
    1. Glory1974
      Glory1974 1 March 2017 22: 49
      So, I want to understand: the Russian Guard or the National Guard

      Full name: Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation.
      abbreviated: Rosguard.

      Guard in the sense of those who are distinguished by weapons, uniforms and are engaged in the protection of the monarch (state institutions)
  7. faterdom
    faterdom 1 March 2017 23: 12
    Quote: bald
    The radar station at KShM provides stable communication at distances up to 1 thousand.

    Yes, it’s definitely not worth it, science is something ... Or something else is not worth it ... On the radar stations to provide communication - that's cool! And for a thousand kilometers - a complete delight!
    By the way, even on the old KShM (R-145, 142N, BTR-50PUM, BMP-1 KSh) with the help of the HF radio station R-130M it was quite possible to keep radiotelephone communication for 700-900 km, in a wireless telegraph - even around the Earth, subject to competent the use of antennas, terrain properties and radio wave propagation forecasts.
    1. bald
      bald 2 March 2017 08: 09
      I’ve made a mistake, you, this is not my quote, I didn’t talk about this closely. And the R-130M on TTD, the communication range is 350 km, but here you are right, contacted over 800 km.
      1. faterdom
        faterdom 3 March 2017 00: 11
        Yes, I made a mistake, Slavin wanted to support the sarcasm about the radar station.
  8. bald
    bald 3 March 2017 01: 11
    Modernity ---, you, well, how many can be fought yes you want me to h