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New war in Ukraine: from Avdiivka to the disappeared DRG

New war in Ukraine: from Avdiivka to the disappeared DRGFor us, fighting in the Donbas has become something familiar. However, recent events have forced to think and draw conclusions that it is not all that simple. And what is happening in the republics, and all Ukrainian perturbations are links of one very dirty chain.

Let's go in order.

Since the end of last year, we have constantly received information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are building up their forces on the line of demarcation. Shelling intensified, seizures of small areas of neutral territory took place. And - burst. But why Avdiivka?

Here we must first look towards Kiev. After all, there is also a war. The war between the oligarch Poroshenko, part-time president of Ukraine, and the oligarchs of Ukraine, who did not want to be under the slightly trembling hand of Peter Alekseevich.

And, it is worth noting, the oligarchs are losing this war. In December we actually missed a very important fact. Namely, the nationalization of "Privat". Meanwhile, this event is very, very remarkable. Selecting such a structure from the most influential person in Ukraine - this only means that Kolomoisky is no longer the most influential and richest person in the country 404.

The pressing and nationalization of Privatbank can be considered in two ways. But even if this is the real compensation of Kolomoisky to the President of Ukraine, this speaks volumes. And if you just “spin”, then there is nothing to talk about. Kolomoisky lost the Poroshenko war, and lost unconditionally.

This can be confirmed by the behavior of his “loyal” political jackals - Lyashko and Sadovoy. It’s hard to say, “Samoposhom” and “Radical Party” just went over to the side of the strongest, or also became “trophies”, but the fact is that today these parties openly support BPP. Strange? Absolutely not.

Yes, Sadovy was helped a little by organizing several scandals in Lviv, but ...

The situation can be interpreted as follows: Kolomoisky surrendered to the mercy of the winner and paid a contribution. He took the vassal oath, that is, they agreed that they would not take anything away from him yet. To poverty enough.

Go ahead. Who is Number Two in the list of those who are not very Poroshenko? That's right, the owner of the Donbass Rinat Akhmetov. Demonstrating a certain independence and ability to negotiate with everyone. Bringing still on the territory of the LC and the DPR their humanitarian convoys and exporting the products of their factories from there.

Exported, exported and will be exported. Today's day is such that either you serve or work for Akhmetov. This applies to the LC, and the DNI. Shells are not rubber, but everyone wants to live. And who are more fortunate, who less. Those factories that work can provide workers with money. For example, as the same Alchevsk MKK. Works. But I’ll come back to AMKK again.

And, unfortunately, residents of the republics have no way out. Nationalization will not give anything but empty pockets. I refer to the words of A. Khodakovsky, when he answered the question why Ukrainian enterprises have not yet been nationalized.

“We are not solving the issue of the same nationalization, for example, of Rinat Akhmetov. Because if we take these assets, where will we deliver these products? If we can produce. Because immediately we must immediately determine where we will take the ore, coke ... And if Akhmetov supplied all this from his own enterprises, then where will we take it? And who will take the finished products from us, if, in principle, the Russian market is oversaturated with the offers of the Russian metallurgical enterprises ”.

So what is there not a city, but there will be no Akhmetov - there will be no life in the Donbas. Patriotism ends simultaneously with food in the fridge and hryvnia in the wallet. Yes, Akhmetov pays hryvnia. Tugovato it with rubles, but the hryvnia is better than nothing.

So, Akhmetov. Next on the list Poroshenko. It is clear that the president, he is the king of all Ukraine, should be the fattest. And for this you need to devour competitors. And what happened in Avdiivka is an excellent illustration of the war between Poroshenko and Akhmetov.

What suffered the most as a result of the fighting in Avdiivka? That's right, Avdeevsky coke plant. The one that a year ago almost all of Ukraine was saved. Today?

In general, I don’t know how anyone, but I’m rather bad at believing that the militiamen, who so vividly demonstrated their increased artillery shooting skills, suddenly blundered and walked around the plant. And at the same time along power lines owned by DTEK. Also the brainchild of Akhmetov.

And not by agreement with Akhmetov. Not. After shelling from the side of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, it was the Donetsk residents who were restoring these lines each time. And then suddenly they took, opened up the plant, and power lines ... Strange ...

More, honestly, I will believe in the work of the APU artillery systems. It was from the rear, from the places where they took their heavy guns and howitzers. Militias is unprofitable, they then again restore all the lines. But Poroshenko-quite. Stopped and de-energized plant - this is not a weak blow to Akhmetov.

Demonstration of the principle of "who benefits."

Go ahead. Next we have Mariupol. Bucket Akhmetov. I will cite the words of Azovstal director E. Tskitishvili: “Enterprises located on the tubing (uncontrolled territories - approx.), But registered in Ukraine, monthly supply the Mariupol metallurgical enterprises 70 thousand tons of flux, 60 thousand tons of coking coal, 35 thousand tons of coke, 40 thousand tons of anthracite. In addition, they provide coal to the Avdeyevka Coke Chemical Plant, which, together with the city, not so long ago, Ukraine saved "the whole world." Alchevsk coke also goes to Azovstal and Ilyich Iron and Steel Works.

Available? Clear? Coal Avdeevskiy Coke is not needed. Who is losing? Lost and Akhmetov, and those residents of the DNI and LC, who lived on it.

Alchevsk coke also goes to Akhmetov’s enterprises ... And why was the public so surprised recently? Is a shock DRG missing in the territory of the LC? According to sources, one night there was a certain noise with special effects in the area of ​​Zimogorye village. If the information is correct, and there is no doubt about the competence of the people who told them to do so, then the DRG marched through Lugansk, without going to Lugansk. Behind Carpenter’s head, for example. It is possible that they went to Alchevsk. But not reached.

Again the question: why?

The fighting in the Donbass is entering a different phase. The dirtiest. Redistribution of spheres of influence in the "top". It is no longer a matter of wanting to force the residents of the DPR and the LPR to speak in a huge move and return the Donbass to Ukraine. Poroshenko’s desire to become the richest person controlling the whole country is obvious.

And not for the Ukrainian Donbass people will die on both sides of the front line. For the opportunity for the oligarch, in combination with the president, to become even richer. And at the same time kill two enemies: and Akhmetov, knocking out Donbas enterprises from under him, and residents of the republics who live solely by working in these factories.

A good plan someone came up with Petro Poroshenko. And, what is the worst, he has all the chances to make this plan a reality. Well, if the dollar flow is able to compensate for Poroshenko's final loss of human appearance, God bless him. Although to judge Peter Alekseevich will not be a god. I very much hope that it will happen so sooner or later.

In the meantime, another round of confrontation in the Donbas is not far off. And the stronger the whole world will turn away from Poroshenko, the more aggressive will be his attempts to take the whole of Ukraine into his oligarchy. And it will be paid by those who are on the front line today.

However, everything is as usual. History I knew many such examples.

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  1. Alexander 3
    Alexander 3 14 February 2017 06: 42
    The saying is true: "the pans are fighting and the servants are cracking at the lackeys"
    1. Andrey Yuryevich
      Andrey Yuryevich 14 February 2017 07: 23
      In the meantime, another round of confrontation in the Donbas is not far off. And the stronger the whole world will turn away from Poroshenko, the more aggressive will be his attempts to take the whole of Ukraine into his oligarchy. And it will be paid by those who are on the front line today.
      1. Ingvar 72
        Ingvar 72 14 February 2017 07: 48
        Good song, good clip. Sad crying
        1. core
          core 15 February 2017 15: 22
          do not be sad, he is now where it’s good and without fuss, but what awaits us? Givi's death. Motorcycles and many other defenders of the Motherland are worthy. they will be remembered, they will be thankful. and who will remember us, what kind of death awaits us, on the track some sort of drunk will fly to the frontal. or at the porch the gopnik would pinch with a knife, and how many of us civilians would die from an overdose in the gateway. hawthorn will recover or from constant stress will fly off the coils and end his life either in a loop or in a madhouse. You can envy these HEROES, but envy us?
    2. Matak
      Matak 14 February 2017 07: 43
      Roman Skomorokhov was praised by me for the style of this article and for not using neologisms. Roman, grow up as a publicist !!!
      1. okko077
        okko077 15 February 2017 02: 17
        Skomorokhov bears complete nonsense. This essay is not worth reading. What is the analysis of Privat bank spin cycle worth? Kolomoisky stole all the money from depositors from the bank so that the financial system of Ukropia would not explode because of this, on Sunday evening the bank was nationalized along with debts, and money in the amount of $ 2 billion is still being printed in hryvnias. Benya won and stole money and all the people of Ukraine will pay. But managed to avoid the financial death of the banking system .... What kind of spin, writer? All in the old way, another throw of the people .....
        1. The comment was deleted.
        2. cerbuk6155
          cerbuk6155 16 February 2017 12: 50
          Yes, I’m okko077 to you. I do not like the truth. soldier
  2. aszzz888
    aszzz888 14 February 2017 06: 57
    It’s for this bloody tsar, who is from roshen, and VSUshniki die. And they, in turn, kill people in the Donbass. That’s why he reigned and keeps all the media in fear so that he wouldn’t leak into the “minds” of the Maydans ... and much more that the under-president is doing to enrich himself.
    1. cost
      cost 15 February 2017 05: 20
      oligarch show
  3. Uncle lee
    Uncle lee 14 February 2017 07: 06
    Many thought that it was reborn "Russian World", and this is an oligarchy war for the loot! That's the whole background ....
    1. Ingvar 72
      Ingvar 72 14 February 2017 07: 48
      And everyone who does not agree is killed. And you need to kill Akhmetov.
      1. Tatyana
        Tatyana 14 February 2017 14: 47
        Ingvar 72
        And you need to kill Akhmetov.

        And why do you need to kill Akhmetov, not Poroshenko ?! You're not Russian? You are a comprador! Or are you generally not living in Russia and in the countries of the "collective West"!
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 14 February 2017 14: 50
          Quote: Tatiana
          and not Poroshenko ?!

          The murder of the head of state? No, this is of course an act, but a wave too big will go. No.
          You need to kill the "gray cardinals." hi
          1. Tatyana
            Tatyana 14 February 2017 15: 07
            Ingvar 72
            You need to kill the "gray cardinals."

            Those. Do you offer to shoot a sparrow from a cannon?
            A trip like yours has a specific name. This is the so-called "useful idiocy" sacrifice for the enemies of Russia. In addition, you did not answer - you yourself are ethnic Russian? For some reason, I think not. For the Russian question in Ukraine does not bother you.
            1. Ingvar 72
              Ingvar 72 14 February 2017 19: 42
              Quote: Tatiana
              Those. Do you offer to shoot a sparrow from a cannon?

              I suggest - Thief Bay!
              Quote: Tatiana
              You did not answer - you yourself are ethnic Russian

              Belarusian, born and lived his whole life in Russia. And I consider Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians to be one artificially divided people. Russian people. Do you want to argue?
              Quote: Tatiana
              in Ukraine

              On the Ukraine. wink
              1. Tatyana
                Tatyana 14 February 2017 21: 09
                Ingvar 72
                I suggest - Thief Bay!

                You have a very strange worldview. In the courtyard of the so-called Milton Friedman's “clean” market economy of the “Shock Doctrine of Disaster Capitalism Doctrine” - i.e. the so-called a pseudo-“clean” market of capital, goods and labor with a model of monetarism. And you, NOT proposing to change this predatory IDEOLOGY for the “God-chosen” ones, strangely propose to beat precisely the PRO-RUSSIAN (pro-Russian) oligarch Ametov, while giving your preference to the oligarch Poroshenko as the representative of the larger thief in / in Ukraine, and the representative of another, who is fascist with Nazi-ethnic group and globalist pro-American and pro-NATO orientation in Kiev itself !!!
                National comprador treason but you don’t notice, are you ours in Belarus?

                Something is hard to believe that you are a true Belarusian.
                1. Ingvar 72
                  Ingvar 72 14 February 2017 21: 19
                  Quote: Tatiana
                  And you, NOT proposing to change this predatory IDEOLOGY for the “God-chosen ones”, in a strange way, you suggest beating precisely the PRO-RUSSIAN (pro-Russian) oligarch Ametov,

                  Ahmetka is pro-Russian? Tatyan - now I can’t sleep for a long time with laughter! good And Poroshenko I did not give preference, do not replace concepts. I said that the murder of a recognized president (including Russia) by a terrorist method would cause a world scandal. And if you quietly kill all the true customers of the war, including Ahmetka, and those listed by you, this is another calico. By the way, comrades from your picture (and not only) successfully use this tactic, destroying key figures fighting for the truth, and not for money.
                  Read the picture - Klimova. wink
                  Quote: Tatiana
                  Something is hard to believe that you are a true Belarusian.
                  Tell the professor about your doubts - he will say that I am a descendant of Eichmann. wassat
                  1. Tatyana
                    Tatyana 14 February 2017 22: 04
                    Ingvar 72
                    I read Klimov and very carefully. The professor, for a long time, has not entered into polemics with me. But a political strategist will definitely not work out of you. You offer complete nonsense!
                    Bluff ideological system is the so-called The "free" market of capital, goods and labor with the model of monetarism does NOT change for you! Moreover, this system does not change in principle! You don’t even remember about ideology! But when implementing your proposal to “remove” the thief-oligarch Akhmetov, a complete concentration of the monopoly on power in / in Ukraine is achieved in the same hands - in this case, Poroshenko and those who stand behind him!
                    Therefore, your proposal for the elimination of Akhmetov is a proposal with a hidden double bottom.
                    Ingvar 72
                    I suggest - Thief Bay!
                    Namely, if it is impossible to “get” the main thief of the oligarch Poroshenko, then why should the Russians help Poroshenko and Poroshenko to clear the path of Poroshenko and his Co. to the absolute Jewish dominance in / in Ukraine of Zionist Jews by killing the oligarch Akhmetov, as you suggest? No smart strategist will do this and will consider such a proposal as a provocation.
                    1. Arikkhab
                      Arikkhab 15 February 2017 10: 23
                      Tatyana ! This "Kolomoisky’s speech in Haifa" is a fake. Not that Kolomoisky is white and fluffy, but this speech in the original Hebrew does not exist. as well as there is no mention in the press about Kolomoisky’s visit to Israel at this time. Let’s verified “Kolomoisky’s speech”
                      1. Tatyana
                        Tatyana 15 February 2017 12: 02
                        this Hebrew speech does not exist. There is also no mention in the press about Kolomoisky’s visit to Israel at this time.

                        Firstly, this is 2014 material of the year. And what year do you mean?
                        There is also a continuation of this quote by Kolomoisky. You can read it.
                        And the fact that he doesn’t speak Hebrew on the Internet, I don’t have any of my articles in Russian on the Internet either — they were removed by publishers after 2 years after the writing had been done. So what? They were not there either? The lack of a source on the Internet does not mean anything.
                        Kolomoisky’s speech is quite logical, historically absolutely not contrary to the development of world Zionism.
                        Kolomoisky himself is a citizen of 3-states: Ukraine, Israel and Cyprus. So he definitely visits Israel!
                        See -
                        You can read more about Kolomoisky here:
                        1. See - The article “The head of the Jewish community of Ukraine, the Gestapo Kolomoisky, is the sponsor of the Nazi parties Freedom and Blow” -
                        2. In addition, a similar statement from Kolomoisky is generally expected against the background of his political activities in the Jewish community and outside Ukraine.
                        In 2014, Kolomoisky became the president of the European Jewish Union, which is unknown for how many millions of dollars he created for himself a loved one. This also says a lot in the personality of Kolomoisky
                        See -
                        So do not think that this is a fake! You are mistaken in this yourself.
      2. Sergey Kranov
        Sergey Kranov 14 February 2017 15: 56
        Igor 72: Ahmetka, do you say wet? And first, ask permission from his groundhog friend. Information: in the glorious city of London, there are almost two large mansions — R. Akhmetov and a Chechen Jew / maternal / A. A. Dudaev / drove - V. Yu. Surkov / and they are friends with families.
        And the groundhog is the “adviser” V.V.P., and you are soaking ...
        1. Ingvar 72
          Ingvar 72 14 February 2017 19: 43
          Quote: Sergey Kranov
          First, ask permission from his groundhog friend.

          The fact of the matter is that “ours” in Akhmetov’s business are also smeared out. angry
    2. MPK105
      MPK105 14 February 2017 09: 10
      At first I thought, but then it quickly became clear that no Russian world smelled of it there. At 14, yes, I let out snot, now it’s embarrassing to remember even my euphoria ...
    3. lukewarm
      lukewarm 14 February 2017 10: 49
      Quote: Uncle Lee
      Many thought that it was reborn "Russian World"

      Because I really wanted to think so after many years of humiliation. On the other side, they believed in something else - "independence." And of course, it was strange to hear about the Russian world from the same people who for decades have tabooed this very concept. Probably other idiots for the people are over
  4. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 14 February 2017 07: 59
    Akhmetov as he was, and remained the owner of the Donbass. Why should Russia support it? I think we’ve agreed. Akhmetov supports and feeds the Donbass, buys weapons from dill (the same tanks! Well, where was Russia to get 64 matches? If they are not in the arsenal of the RA!), And Russia "does not recommend" the militias to nationalize Akhmetov’s enterprises. And here Poroshenko decided to “squeeze out” the Akhmetovsky business? Destroying the enterprise? So that it will be impossible to restore them? I DO NOT BELIEVE.
    So, the plants will be intact, and the people ... And what are the people? They always counted thousands of people ...
  5. avt
    avt 14 February 2017 09: 32
    The fighting in the Donbass enter a different phase. Most dirty
    bully You will not believe, but in the Civil, well, the very one, ours, common. The railroad worked both ways, otherwise the armored trains would not have driven both sides, of course not without costs and losses. And the telegraph worked! Zinovy ​​Peshkov, in the girlhood of Sverdlov, quite banged on him from Kolchak’s headquarters with his brother Yasha in the Kremlin. The specifics of the civil war request But the most interesting is not only! Marine cables, for example in the Pacific Ocean, were cut by the Angles only when they beat Singapore back. But the USs had a stable connection on the same Midway with the Japs and ... it seems like they were trolling by their conversations wassat There is nothing new under the sun. But here’s really what I will argue with, or rather put forward my version, then with this
    And, it is worth noting, the oligarchs are losing this war. In December we actually missed a very important fact. Namely, the nationalization of "Privat". Meanwhile, this event is very, very remarkable. Selecting such a structure from the most influential person in Ukraine - this only means that Kolomoisky is no longer the most influential and richest person in the country 404.
    Benny gave retirement when the previous ambassador Gutalina ordered. Why did they decide that Privat is "empty as a drum? There hasn’t been anything for a long time except debts and a sign - a brand! A bank gesheft doesn’t roll a millimeter or a gram on Ruin. Don’t believe it, VTB cannot merge its ruin structure in any way! I didn’t find a buyer who could put in this heavy weight, so Benya fussed in time, leaving with the money, leaving Gontareva’s debts with Poros.
    that Kolomoisky is no longer the most influential
    you can still agree, yes, they put him on a par with different balogs, limiting the influence of Kalomoyshchyna and the protectorate of Kernes Land.
    rich man of the country 404.
    Isaac, don't play the fool, they need Fedotov!
    I think he still has more money now than you have with breeches and even in the Kiev treasury.
  6. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 14 February 2017 10: 10
    Someone really fights for the idea and the new world, while someone at the same time shares money and negotiates with each other. And people are dying!
  7. ML-334
    ML-334 14 February 2017 10: 19
    Here the article was that Kolomoisky and Privatbank put the whole of Ukraine on a boob, gave a dummy with debts on the seventh knee. Who to believe? It doesn’t fit my head that Benny is a sucker.
  8. ML-334
    ML-334 14 February 2017 10: 26
    In my opinion, Petya has one desire, to slander away wherever he is, to slowly spend his acquired back-breaking labor, and so that everyone would forget about his existence, it was not in vain that he began to swell.
  9. Goodmen
    Goodmen 14 February 2017 11: 44
    Quote: Mountain Shooter
    Well, where was Russia to get 64 matches? If they are not in service with the RA!)

    They are full of conservation. Even more than those that are armed (
  10. Kp0t
    Kp0t 14 February 2017 12: 57
    as always, all wars over money
  11. любитель
    любитель 14 February 2017 13: 34
    I imagine how Gunpowder’s rating will increase if it takes Akhmetov. And this will be shown correctly on TV
  12. iouris
    iouris 14 February 2017 13: 46
    The USA is a "cluster of TNCs." The US administration tirelessly dissolves the states that emerged in the post-Soviet "space" (!), Acting through the oligarchs appointed in the 1990s. As long as oligarchy exists, the USSR will continue to dissolve in wars. For a state that does not want to dissolve, the main question is the question of the existence of an oligarchy, i.e. the question of nationalization of state-forming enterprises. The solution to all other questions follows from the main one. The Russia-USSR project made sense precisely as an alternative to the capitalist project. Within the framework of a homogeneous socio-economic system, the existence of national states is impossible, since it is economically inexpedient. The existence of an excess population is also inappropriate. Who is "redundant" "decides" the labor market.
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 14 February 2017 14: 26
      That is, you propose isolating production within individual countries. Like in the 18th century
  13. The comment was deleted.
    1. Cat man null
      Cat man null 14 February 2017 14: 10
      Quote: broshtein
      ... Therefore, thank Putin for the truce and his admiration for the enemies of Russia! Whether it will still be with the liberal capitalist power in Russia! And how did you want to live under capitalism? ...

      - thick negative

    2. Kenneth
      Kenneth 14 February 2017 15: 02
      In Russia, everyone knows how to play football, treat and manage the country.
      1. mole
        mole 14 February 2017 17: 11
        Quote: Kenneth
        In Russia, everyone knows how to play football, treat and manage the country.

        As well as the domestic auto industry. Why does the owner of a domestic car know how to bring it to mind, but the manufacturer does not !? belay
    3. Stevev
      Stevev 16 February 2017 06: 19
      You, probably, are that "clever" person who will figure everything out and make everyone well
  14. German1314
    German1314 14 February 2017 14: 47
    Poroshenko fulfills his task of breaking and squandering the country.
    1. Kenneth
      Kenneth 14 February 2017 15: 03
      Remove Crimea from the picture
      1. German1314
        German1314 14 February 2017 16: 39
        There, the entire southeastern part broke away
  15. Whisper
    Whisper 14 February 2017 21: 50
    I ask: what will happen if the LPR and DPR armies go beyond their borders and go on the offensive? Do they have the resources to do this?
    1. WarriorWolf
      WarriorWolf 20 February 2017 18: 10
      Where from? Earnings from enterprises officially registered either in Ukraine or locally (which only the Russian Federation now recognizes), humanitarian assistance and interested people (the same Akhmetov). And imagine how many full-blooded divisions are needed to occupy and control at least the whole east? Desirable access to the sea and marine activity, in addition to providing social programs, restoring pensions, salaries, laying down and justifying the budget, even the school curriculum will gobble up a lot of money ... It more than seems to me that without outside help LDNRs are not viable (at this stage for sure ) ...
  16. Meshchersky
    Meshchersky 15 February 2017 03: 20
    And to what budget do Akhmetov’s enterprises pay taxes? In the DNI or Banderland? It seems to me that the republic needs to think about it.
  17. Conductor
    Conductor 15 February 2017 20: 09
    Alla, people, Ukraine is an enemy to us, have you not understood this for 3 years?
    1. Bastinda
      Bastinda 16 February 2017 03: 21
      Enemy? Do you have any familiar Ukrainians? Did not serve in the army (in the Soviet)?
      Enemies, those who share money and earn in war. So they really need to protect their business. The technology is simple, through TV, the Internet, the "electorate" rises and goes to war "for a just cause." In Russia, the same thing, blinded "the image of the enemy." Look for those who are profitable !!!
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 16 February 2017 09: 50
        Yes, yes, they blinded the enemy ... Or maybe they always hated us there, it never comes to mind? Maybe we were always considered enemies there? For example, in the 90s, I had to save myself and my family leaving and leaving everything in one of the Caucasian republics, and then my family and I had nothing to eat for real and had to huddle wherever I had to, but then it never occurred to me to blame my troubles Ukrainians or someone else, I realized that what happened is normal processes in the collapse of any state and you just have to grind your teeth and start learning how to live in a new way, and not cry to someone for a yolk and even more so to blame someone there is simply no time for that. But in the country of 404 there everyone had a completely different opinion on this matter from the beginning ...
  18. Kudrevkn
    Kudrevkn 16 February 2017 13: 12
    Bravo, Roman! Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye !? Is this the language that the West understands, and not the OSCE "reports"? LANGUAGE MONEY! MANI, CASH, profits ?! By the way, such a language is now understood in the East, including in the Middle .... And only such a language is understood in the USA: "What is my selfish interest?" And only in Russia do we understand and take in heart the words of Sergei Bodrov from "Brother -2": "What is the strength, Brother? Is power in money?"
  19. Makarov
    Makarov 16 February 2017 22: 13
    Author, are you seriously considering the option of spinning Privatbank?
  20. Hryun Morzhov
    Hryun Morzhov 17 February 2017 08: 08
    Lots of beech. Nonsense, not worth reading.
    The correct signature will not be Roman Skomorokhov, but Ushat Pomoev, Undermining Ustoyev and the Roll of Wallpaper.