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Vladimir Putin: Democracy and the quality of the state

Sustainable development of society is impossible without a capable state. And true democracy is an indispensable condition for building a state aimed at serving the public interest.

Real democracy is not created simultaneously, it is not copied according to an external sample. It is necessary that society be ready to use democratic mechanisms. To make most people feel like citizens, they would be ready to spend their attention, their time, their efforts to participate in the management process on a regular basis. In other words, democracy works where people are willing to invest in it.

At the beginning of the 90s, our society was inspired by the collapse of the Soviet one-party, command-administrative system that was taking place before our very eyes.

Going to the close, it seemed democracy. Moreover, the samples of a civilized, mature democracy were very close - in the United States and Western Europe. However, the introduction of democratic forms of the state brought almost immediately a halt to the necessary economic reforms, and a little later, these forms themselves were occupied by the local and central oligarchic elites, shamelessly using the state to their advantage, dividing the national wealth.
I know from experience that even at that time there were many honest and intelligent people in power who sincerely strove for the people's welfare. Thanks to them, the state did not perish, everyday problems were solved, and, albeit inconsistently and slowly, some urgent reforms advanced. But in general, the existing system was stronger.

As a result, in the 90-s under the banner of the accession of democracy, we received not the modern state, but the clandestine struggle of clans and many semi-feudal feedings. Not a new quality of life, but huge social costs. Not a fair and free society, but the arbitrariness of self-appointed "elites" who openly neglected the interests of ordinary people. All of this “poisoned” Russia's transition to democracy and a market economy — a steady distrust of a large part of the population to these concepts themselves, their unwillingness to participate in public life.

The Russian philosopher and lawyer Pavel Novgorodtsev warned at the beginning of the last century: “Often they think that the proclamation of all freedoms and universal suffrage has in itself some miraculous power to direct life to new paths. In fact, that in such cases is installed in life is usually not a democracy, but depending on the turn of events, or oligarchy, or anarchy. "

In 90, we faced both anarchy and oligarchy. This period was literally riddled with a crisis of responsible state thinking. It would be naive to associate his reasons only with the selfish actions of oligarchs and unscrupulous officials. By the beginning of 90, our society consisted of people who had freed themselves from communism, but had not yet learned how to be masters of their destiny, who were accustomed to waiting for favors from the state, often indulged in illusions and who could not resist manipulation. Therefore, in the economic and political life, for the time being, the vicious principle "who dared, he ate" worked.

But society has gone through a difficult process of growing up. And it allowed us all to pull the country out of the quagmire together. Reanimate the state. Restore people's sovereignty - the basis of genuine democracy.

I want to emphasize - we made it democratic, constitutional methods. The policy, which was carried out in 2000-s, consistently embodied the will of the people. This was confirmed every time by elections. Yes, and between elections - polls.

If you look at how our population assessed and assesses the priority rights for it, then the right to work (the possibility of earning money), the right to free treatment, the right to education of children will be at the first places with a huge margin. Returning, guaranteeing these vital rights was the task that the Russian state was solving, we were resolved with Dmitry Medvedev, working as the President of the country.

Today our society is completely different than at the beginning of the 2000s. Many people are better off, more educated and more demanding. The changed requirements for power, the emergence of the middle class from the narrow world of building their own welfare is the result of our efforts. We worked for it.

Political competition is the nerve of democracy, its driving force. If such competition reflects the real interests of social groups, it repeatedly enhances the “power” of the state. In ensuring the development of the economy. In mobilizing resources for social projects. In providing protection and justice for citizens.

Today, the quality of our state lags behind the willingness of civil society to participate in it. Our civil society has become incomparably more mature, active and responsible. We need to update the mechanisms of our democracy. They must "accommodate" increased social activity.

On the development of democracy

Today a whole package of proposals on the development of our political and party system has been submitted to the State Duma. It is about simplifying the procedure for registering parties. On the abolition of the need to collect signatures to participate in elections to the State Duma and regional legislative bodies. On reducing the number of voter signatures required for registration as a candidate in the country's presidential election.

Registration conditions, the order of the parties, the technology of election procedures - all this is certainly important. The "political climate", as well as the investment climate, requires continuous improvement. But along with this, it is necessary to pay priority attention to how the consideration of the interests of social groups is organized in the political mechanism.

I am sure we do not need a farce and competition in the distribution of unsecured promises. We do not need a situation where democracy is reduced to a signboard, when a one-time political entertainment show and casting of candidates is given out for “democracy of the people”, where the meaningful meaning is emasculated by outrageous statements and mutual accusations. And the real policy goes into the shadow of backroom deals and decisions that are not discussed with any voter in principle. Such a dead end, the temptation to “simplify politics”, to create a fictitious democracy “for the needs” - we must avoid. In politics there is an inevitable share of political technologies. But image makers, billboarding masters should not manage politicians. Yes, I'm sure - and the people will not buy more of it.
It is necessary to tune the mechanisms of the political system so that it captures and reflects the interests of large social groups in a timely manner and ensures the public alignment of these interests. It was able to ensure not only the legitimacy of power, but also the confidence of people in its justice (including in cases where they are in the minority).

We need a mechanism for people to be put in power at all levels of responsible people, professionals who think in the categories of national and state development and are able to achieve results. Understandable, operational and open to the public mechanism for the development, adoption and implementation of decisions - both strategic and tactical.

It is important for us to create a political system in which people can and must speak the truth. The one who offers solutions and programs is responsible for their implementation. Those who choose "decision makers" understand who and what they choose. This will bring trust, constructive dialogue and mutual respect between society and the authorities.

New participation mechanisms

We must show the ability to respond to the demands of society, which are becoming more and more complex, and in the conditions of the “information age” they acquire qualitatively new features.

The huge, ever-increasing number of Russian citizens have become accustomed to receiving information instantly, at the touch of a button. The free, and even more uncensored availability of information on the state of affairs in the country naturally forms a request for permanent, rather than “from election to election,” citizen participation in politics and government.

Therefore, modern democracy as the power of the people can not be reduced only to the "march to the urns" and they end. Democracy, in my opinion, lies both in the fundamental right of the people to choose power, and in the ability to continuously influence the power and the process of decision-making. This means that democracy should have mechanisms of constant and direct action, effective channels of dialogue, public control, communications and "feedback".

And what is the "feedback" in practice? A growing amount of information about politics should translate into quality political participation, civil self-government and control. First of all, this is a general civil discussion of draft laws, decisions, programs adopted at all levels of state power, an assessment of current laws and the effectiveness of their application.

Citizens, professional, public associations should be able to “test” all state documents in advance. Already, constructive criticism from the business community, teachers, doctors, scientists helps to avoid unsuccessful decisions, and on the contrary - to find the best.

For example, last year, as part of the “regulatory impact assessment”, which is carried out jointly with the business community, at the preliminary stage of development, virtually every second draft of the regulatory act was rejected as worsening the conditions for the development of the Russian economy. Well, that such a "filter" began to act. We need to see if it fully covers the areas of business relevance.

It is necessary to improve the language of lawmaking. It must be made, if not euphonious (in the ancient world, laws were often written in verse for better memorization), then at least understandable for the addressees of norms. It is important to create a friendly interactive interface on the portals of public authorities to fully reflect and discuss plans and programs, the results of monitoring their performance. I want to ask the professional community of language and web designers - help the state in this. Such input will be highly appreciated. history.

Further. It should be understood that one of the main trends of the modern world is the complication of society. Specialize the needs of different professional and social groups. The state should answer this challenge, correspond to the complex social reality. One of the important decisions here is the development of self-regulatory organizations. The competencies and capabilities of which should be expanded. On the other hand, SROs themselves should make more active use of their powers. In particular, the right to develop and submit for approval technical regulations and national standards in relevant industries and activities.

It is necessary to avoid the bureaucratization of self-regulating organizations, the creation with their help of “self-regulating” barriers (primarily in those areas of activity where there is no unacceptable risk, or the security of which is already ensured by other state regulatory methods). This requires full information openness of SROs, their regular public reports to the public and market participants. I hope that self-regulation will become one of the pillars of a strong civil society in Russia.

Already, we use the practice of placing draft laws on the Internet. Everyone can send their proposal or amendment. They are considered, and the best and informative are taken into account in the final version of the bill. Such a mechanism of collective selection of optimal solutions or, as experts call it, crowdsourcing should become the norm at all levels.

But here only the “passive right” is realized - the ability of a citizen to respond to certain ideas and projects of the authorities, subjects of legislative initiative. And we need to provide for “active law” - to enable citizens themselves to formulate a legislative agenda, put forward their projects and formulate priorities.

In this regard, I propose to introduce a rule of compulsory consideration in the parliament of those public initiatives that will collect 100 thousands and more signatures on the Internet. A similar practice operates, for example, in the UK. Of course, the anonymous Internet is no good for this - although in other cases it helps to identify public sentiment. It will be necessary to develop a procedure for the official registration of those who want to become a member of such a system.

Internet democracy should be built into the general flow of development of institutions of direct referendum democracy. It should be especially widely used at the municipal and regional levels. In each municipality not only direct elections of heads and deputies of the municipal assembly should take place. Assessment of the people should receive and other officials holding key positions. For example, following the results of the first year of work of the head of the district police department, the citizens of the district should be asked to express whether they want this person to continue working in their area. Similarly, you can raise the question of the head of the district center utilities. About the justice of the peace - if he is not elected by the citizens.

It is necessary that citizens at the city, municipal level can vote, submit to local referendums or online polls their acute problems, identify bottlenecks and ways to embroider them.

An important task is to change the work of public councils under the executive authorities. At the present time, their work, I will say frankly, is formal or ostentatious. It is necessary to abandon the departmental approach to the formation of such councils - their composition should be approved, for example, by the Public Chamber of Russia, and for regional bodies - by the relevant public chambers. Public councils should cease to be convenient for the heads of departments. It is necessary to ensure the participation in them of truly independent experts and representatives of interested public organizations. Establish a set of regulations and programs that cannot be adopted without prior and public discussion at the Public Council. The competence of the Public Councils may include participation in the activities of competitive and certification commissions, as well as commissions for resolving conflicts of interest, which is equal to the agency itself.

A few words about the development prospects of the e-government project. Now our citizens have access to any information about political debates in parliament, the state of world markets, marriages and divorces of Hollywood stars. But they most often cannot get information about their payments for housing and communal services, or see their hospital card online, or find out about their local police officer on the Internet.

The official website with information on public procurement has already become a powerful anti-corruption mechanism, many public services have also been translated into electronic format. It's good. But most people need vital information about their home, local area, nearby park, school, their municipality. It is necessary to pay special attention to the foundation of electronic power - the sites of municipalities and subjects of the Federation.

I propose that during this year the Public Chamber and the Council on Civil Society and Human Rights under the President of Russia should develop, hold a public discussion and make draft lists of information for clients, which is necessarily posted on the websites of educational and medical institutions.

It is necessary to more accurately target the project "e-government" to the needs and demands of citizens. To fully disclose information about the activities of state and municipal authorities. Through electronic technologies to make the state mechanism understandable and accessible to the public.

Local Government - School of Democracy

Alexander Solzhenitsyn wrote about the role of local self-government: “Only in such a volume can people accurately determine the elects, who are well known to them both for business skills and spiritual qualities. Here false reputations will not hold, fraudulent eloquence or party recommendations will not help ... Without correct A local government cannot be a good life, but the very concept of "civil liberty" loses its meaning. "

These words contain a very precise idea: the democracy of a large state is made up of "democracy of small spaces". Local government is a school of citizens' responsibility. At the same time, it is a “vocational-political school” that forms the key competencies of a novice politician: the ability to negotiate with different social and professional groups, it is understandable to convey their ideas to people, to protect the rights and interests of their voters. I believe that politicians and state administrators should receive “professional training” in the system of local self-government.

With regard to specific areas to improve the effectiveness of local self-government, then, firstly, it must remain the power of "walking distance" - that is, municipalities should not be mindlessly consolidated. And secondly, the municipalities must become fully financially sound and autonomous. Have sufficient sources for the execution of their powers, to solve everyday human problems. It is necessary to overcome the dependence on "handouts from above," which suppress independence and responsibility, give rise to dependency. And in essence, the very existence of the municipal level of government is meaningless.

In this regard, I propose to transfer to the level of municipalities all taxes from small businesses, which are now operating under special tax regimes. Of course, it will be necessary to balance the powers between the subjects of the federation and the municipalities. If the latter have more resources, then the volume of their obligations to citizens may be increased.

Strengthening economic independence is especially necessary for large and medium-sized cities. The economic potential of the country and the most active citizens are mainly concentrated here. Cities are sources of economic growth and hotbeds of civic initiatives. Transferring many powers and financial resources to the regional authorities from the federal center, it is important to take care that this does not result in the defenselessness of cities in front of regional leaders.

It is equally important to ensure the partnership nature of the interaction of governors and mayors of regional and city legislatures. It is no secret that their relations are often conflicting, and in the conditions of electing governors they can escalate. Especially if in the subject of the federation one party will be in power, and another in the city.

It is necessary to stop setting indicators for local self-government at the regional level and linking the provision of financial resources with them. Municipal authorities must report to their constituencies.

A separate problem, and the patient is the fate of small cities in which a significant part of our citizens live. Often they do not have normal income sources, are forced to live on transfers from the regional budget. At the same time, a small city is in some cases the best platform for municipal democracy. People here know each other well, the work of all services is not anonymous, in plain sight. I think it is necessary to ensure the long-term, sustainable income of such municipalities (which implies a stable, well-known amount of regional transfer). Eliminate the situation when the activity of the mayor is reduced to more or less successful knocking out money at the top, and its assessment depends on the authorities, and not on its own citizens. Then we can count on the emergence of a new generation of politicians and effective social managers.

About Russian federalism

One of the main tasks of the beginning of 2000-s was to overcome both open and latent, "creeping" separatism, the merging of regional power with crime, nationalist groups. This problem is mostly solved.

Today, at a new stage of development, we are returning to the direct election of governors. At the same time, the President of the country will have the tools of control and response, including the right to dismiss the governor. This will provide a balanced combination of decentralization and centralization.
The center should be able to give and redistribute authority. And not only powers, but also sources of financing local and regional budgets. However, one cannot lose control over the country. You can not "throw away" state power. It is unacceptable to mechanically shuffle resources and powers between levels of government. There should be no "fetish" of centralization or decentralization.

The distribution of state powers across different levels of government should be carried out according to a clear criterion - the function should be performed at the level of government where it will be done with the greatest benefit for the citizens of Russia, their entrepreneurial activity, and for the development of the country as a whole.
It is also obvious that the potential for consolidation of the subjects of the federation is far from being exhausted. But to act in this area must be reasonable and balanced. Based on the opinions of citizens.

It is necessary to take into account the fact that the territories of the Russian Federation are at different levels of socio-economic development. And also - in different socio-cultural planes, which cannot be compared on a “better-worse” scale. Lifestyles of people define different traditions, customs, behaviors. Therefore, integrators are the undoubted value for us, powerful binding factors - the Russian language, Russian culture, the Russian Orthodox Church and other traditional Russian religions. And, of course, the centuries-old experience of joint historical creativity of different nations in one, united Russian state. This experience clearly shows that the country needs a strong, capable, respected federal center - a key political stabilizer of the balance of inter-regional, inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations. At the same time, our historical task is to unlock the full potential of Russian federalism, to create incentives for the active, active development of all regions of the country.

Competitive state

The reality of the global world is the competition of states for ideas, people and capital. And in fact - for the future of their countries in the globalized world.

We need a new state of consciousness. In the center of which is the creation in Russia of the best, most competitive conditions for life, creativity and entrepreneurship. In this logic, the activity of the entire state apparatus must be built. We must constantly proceed from the fact that citizens of Russia, and especially Russian capital, see how everything is organized in other countries - and have the right to choose the best. It is important to concentrate on the following main priorities.

The first. Break the bond "power-property". The borders of the state should be clearly established, the limits of its intervention in economic life - I already wrote about this in the “economic” article.

The second. It is necessary to widely introduce the best, viable practices of the state institutions of the leading countries. The borrowing criterion is proven efficiency, which will be expressed for every citizen of Russia in the comfort and convenience of obtaining public services, in reducing financial and time costs. On this basis, harmonization of service standards with international standards can be ensured.

Third. We will develop competition for state administrators - governors, mayors, functionaries - at all levels and in all cases where this is appropriate. To do this, we will set up monitoring, identifying and widely introducing the best practices of public administration. And for their own decisions at the federal level, and for the information of voters - at the regional and city level.

Fourth. It is necessary to move on to the standards of state services of a new generation - based not on the position of the contractor, but on the position of the consumer of these services - the company that conducts the cargo through the customs, the citizen who receives the certificate, the car owner who completes the accident.

Each person must clearly understand from the information on state sites what and how he can get from this or that department, and what to ask from a particular official.

The fifth. A law has just been adopted that establishes a realistic assessment of the work and responsibility of officials for non-compliance with the standards for the provision of public services to the population and entrepreneurs. For deviations from the standards - fines. I propose to go further, to introduce into the legislation that for a gross or repeated violation of the standards a disqualification is considered. A poorly working official should not just be fired, but for several years be denied the right to be a state or municipal employee.

The sixth. For the qualitative solution of complex tasks of public administration, an adequate level of civil servants is required in terms of qualifications and work experience. It will be necessary to introduce a system of remuneration of civil servants, allowing flexibility to take into account the state of the labor market, including for certain professional groups. Without this, it is naive to rely on the qualitative improvement of the corps of officials, the involvement of responsible and effective managers.

Seventh. The institute of ombudsmen - ombudsmen will be further developed. We will follow the path of specialization and professionalization of this institution. I believe that the institution of ombudsmen for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs should appear in every subject of the federation.

We must conquer corruption

Administrative procedures, bureaucracy historically have never been a subject of national pride in Russia. The conversation between Nicholas I and Benkendorf, in which the king threatened to "eradicate bribery with a hot iron," is well known, to which he received the answer: "With whom will you remain, sir?"
Talk about corruption in Russia is banal. There is a historical temptation to defeat corruption through repression - the fight against corruption, of course, involves the use of repressive measures. However, the problem here is fundamentally deeper. This is a problem of transparency and control by the society of state institutions (as mentioned above) and the problem of motivation of officials - people in the service of the state. And with this, in our opinion, there are enormous difficulties.

Sociological data is well known: teenagers, in "dashing 90-e" who dreamed of making a career as an oligarch, now massively choose the career of a state official. For many, it seems to be a source of quick and easy money. With such a dominant motivation, any “cleansing” is useless: if the civil service is viewed not as a service, but as a feed, then others will come to the place of some exposed thieves.

To defeat systemic corruption, it is necessary to divide not only power and property, but executive power and control over it. Political responsibility for the fight against corruption should be shared by both the authorities and the opposition.

It would be right to legislate a new procedure for nominating candidates for the positions of the Chairman and auditors of the Accounts Chamber, the formation of a list of the appointed part of the Public Chamber. Candidates should be nominated not by the President, as now, but by the Council of the State Duma on the basis of agreement with the candidacy of all factions.

I believe that parliamentarians need to think about filling the actual content of the parliamentary investigation procedure laid down in the law.
The fight against corruption should be a truly national affair, and not the subject of political speculation, a field for populism, political exploitation, campaigning and stuffing of primitive decisions - for example, appeals to mass repressions. Those who shout the loudest about the domination of corruption and demand repression, do not understand one thing: in the context of corruption, repression can also be the subject of corruption. And how. Few will not seem to anyone.
We offer real, system solutions. They will allow us to carry out the necessary reorganization of state institutions with much greater effect. To introduce new principles in personnel policy - in the system of selection of officials, their rotation, their remuneration. As a result, we must ensure that reputational, financial, material and other risks would make corruption unprofitable.

I propose to single out corruptly dangerous posts - both in the executive office and in the management of state corporations, the official occupying them should receive a high salary, but agree on absolute transparency, including expenses and large family acquisitions. Include in consideration also such issues as the place of actual residence, sources of payment for rest, etc. Here it is useful to look at the anti-corruption practices of European countries - they know how to keep track of such things.

We can give an answer to the “Benkendorf question” today: we know who we will stay with. There are such people, there are plenty of them - both in the state apparatus and beyond.
In the state, municipal bodies and today there are many professionals who live all their lives on one salary. They are insulted when journalists thoughtlessly put them on a par with corrupt officials. And how many honest and effective people are we pushing away from working for the state in this way?

I think society, the media must restore justice to honest state workers. The focus of public attention should focus on evidence-based corruption charges. This will help bring such things to the end.

The transition from words to deeds in the fight against "big" corruption will help to overcome corruption in the areas that citizens encounter in their daily lives - in the police, the judicial system, in the management of housing and utilities, medicine and education.

We will act consistently, intelligently and decisively. Eliminating the fundamental causes of corruption and punishing specific corrupt officials. Creating motivation for those people who are ready to serve Russia faithfully and faithfully. There are a lot of such people in our country. They will be in demand.

We coped with the oligarchy, we can handle corruption.

On the development of the judicial system

The main question is a pronounced accusatory, punitive bias in our judicial system.

We must solve this problem and propose concrete steps.

The first. We will make justice available to citizens. Including - we will introduce the practice of administrative legal proceedings not only for business, but also for special consideration of disputes between citizens and officials. The spirit and meaning of the practice of administrative court proceeds from the fact that a citizen is more vulnerable than an official with whom he argues. That the burden of proof lies with the administrative body, not the person. And because the practice of administrative proceedings initially focused on the protection of the rights of citizens.

The second. Public associations will receive the right to file lawsuits in defense of the interests of their members. This will enable the citizen to assert his rights, for example, to argue with the governor not alone, but on behalf of large public organizations. We will expand the scope of application of collective claims that citizens can bring.

Third. In the system of arbitration courts today a single, open, accessible base of all court decisions has been created. We must create such a base in the system of courts of general jurisdiction. We need to think about the possibility of online broadcasting of court sessions and the publication of verbatim records of them. It will be immediately clear who works how. What decisions are taken in similar cases, but with different composition of participants. Where the motivation of the judge is dictated by not quite clear and transparent logic. In addition, a peculiar element of "case law" will serve as a factor in the continuous improvement of the court.

Fourth. It is necessary to revive the “judicial” journalism, which will allow for a wider and deeper discussion of the legal problems of society, to raise the level of legal awareness of citizens.
In conclusion, I want to emphasize that we offer concrete solutions. Their practical implementation makes the power of the people - democracy - genuine. And the work of the state - puts in the service of the public interest. And all together - this provides Russia, the Russian modern society with sustainable and successful development. "
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  1. esaul
    esaul 6 February 2012 08: 41
    Woo guys! Anyone who wants to see! This is the only sensible proposal to voters from one of the candidates! Without idle talk and indiscriminate shouts about "Nothing has been done!" and "bored through the polymers!" Well done - GDP! Like a tank - slowly crushes the verbal tantrums of the opponents with a clear program without Zyuganov's - "Take everything and divide it up!" This dinosaur (Zyuganov) never learned anything, sitting in armchairs of different heights ... Just as he was stricken with the idea of ​​denigrating everything, without thinking about the argumentation, he cannot move forward or backward. yes
    1. Chuck-norris
      Chuck-norris 6 February 2012 08: 45
      I agree, the most adequate of the candidates.
    2. Sergh
      Sergh 6 February 2012 08: 51
      Well, today in the news program I listened to this article by Putin, or rather theses on strengthening statehood. Somewhere, I would say that it gives up to a whiff of excess democracy into the wrong hands, although I may be mistaken. I'm talking about the election of governors, again, the cost of elections and the creep of falsehood, okay, wait and see. Although he himself further says, if you didn’t like it, write, change. Well done, cunning! Come on Volodya, act, it's time!
      1. baskoy
        baskoy 6 February 2012 09: 35
        Against this background, the verbiage of the other candidates is especially evident!
    3. old rocket man
      old rocket man 6 February 2012 11: 43
      Yes, this is a program and, mind you, not a word about "competitors", clearly and consistently, as always, Only a blind man can not see what has been done in 12 years. The time has come, the resources are prepared and the tank has moved forward, but yell, let it go Putin, and then we will talk, only enemies and idiots can. I DO NOT SEE alternatives to BB,
      1. lightforcer
        lightforcer 6 February 2012 12: 48
        Only the blind can not see what has been done in 12 years

        And only stupid can not notice negative results. See and go.
        1. Physician
          Physician 6 February 2012 14: 12
          Quote: lightforcer
          And only stupid can not notice negative results. See and go.

          You are already marked around free laughing
          1. lightforcer
            lightforcer 6 February 2012 15: 06
            I am still far from your success.
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              Physician 6 February 2012 15: 07
              Quote: lightforcer
              I am still far from your success.

              not only to you but to your bots laughing
      2. predator
        predator 6 February 2012 23: 58
        Putin believes that privatization of Gazprom and other major energy companies, including Rosneft, is necessary in the future, and not now.

        “Everything has its own time, in my opinion. Today it is impossible to privatize everything immediately in this sector, and even more so it is impossible to nationalize it. Because there will be no development, ”Putin said, RIA Novosti reports.
        1. predator
          predator 7 February 2012 06: 46
          First he built gas pipelines, with the money of taxpayers, and then they wanted to sell them to friends. To whom? A friend of Timchenko, who emigrated from Russia, lives in Geneva, pays taxes there and at the same time controls the export of 40% of Russian oil? To the Rotenberg friends who seized the construction assets of Gazprom, as well as the alcohol and alcoholic beverage industry of Russia, and were included in the Forbes list? Or maybe their friends, the Kovalchuk brothers, who withdrew $ 60 billion worth of assets from Gazprom, and in the interests of other members of the Lake cooperative and their colleagues in the KGB of the USSR?
  2. Igor
    Igor 6 February 2012 09: 05
    We coped with the oligarchy, we can handle corruption.

    1. timhelmet
      timhelmet 6 February 2012 10: 32
      Humor smile
      If Putin really realizes all this (or at least with corruption), no matter how utopian it sounds, then I’ll write on the wall of his house: Putin - iron will and steel eggs
      (I apologize for being rude in the comment)
      1. KAPATEJIb
        KAPATEJIb 6 February 2012 11: 06
        "B-R-E-D" gray kabily !!!! This is just another pre-election polemic! In my opinion, dusting the brains of the citizens of Russia. We have already gone through this more than once !!! The promised changes for 2010 will flow smoothly into 2020 !!!
      2. Igor
        Igor 6 February 2012 11: 57
        Quote: timhelmet
        (or at least with corruption

        And without the fight against corruption, any reforms are down the drain.
        1. ab
          ab 6 February 2012 20: 04
          Quote: Igorek
          And without the fight against corruption, any reforms are down the drain.

          The stump is clear, but for this it is necessary to do something with the vertical.
      3. ab
        ab 6 February 2012 20: 03
        Quote: timhelmet
        If Putin really realizes all this (or at least with corruption), no matter how utopian it sounds, then I’ll write on the wall of his house: Putin - iron will and steel eggs

        You will soon see that, in fact, it’s a nanoin. Only the people and an independent, absolutely independent court can defeat corruption.
  3. predator
    predator 6 February 2012 09: 06
    All this pre-election hype reminds of 1996, when the wrestling-trickster put forward the slogan "vote, or you will lose!" They voted and lost, their own future, now, too, came up with the mythical "orange" threat - Germans - bulk, although their influence on the people is zero, and Putin is presented as a kind of savior, the father of the people, although we all know who slipped him to us. his whole program, this is another promise, that by the 20th year everything will be in openwork, earlier it was promised by 2010. those. the era of general prosperity is transferred into perspective. And he forgot just a little, he will report for the last 12 years.
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      Sergh 6 February 2012 09: 14
      predator, come on, let the bubbles fly, roll over on your other side and sleep on. I understand you, I’m young, it’s too early for you to know all this, don’t bother.
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        What is Counter Strike?
        1. predator
          predator 7 February 2012 06: 55
          In 1998-99, it was Putin, as the head of the FSB, who disbanded two departments, one of which revealed serious economic crimes, and the other did not allow to take the enterprises into the ownership of foreigners.
      2. predator
        predator 7 February 2012 06: 54
        The State Department is Putin .. Everything else is a performance ... By the will of Putin, Russia left Cam Ranh in Vietnam, Tartus in Syria, Ansan in Korea, closed three tracking bases in Angola and two in Somalia, left Cuba, leaving the modernized one in In 1997, an electronic interception center, with the help of which the Russian special services received 70% of the information. On his behalf, the aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Gorshkov" was sold, which alone could solve the problem of confrontation in the entire water area of ​​the Barents Sea. All this was due to the lack of money in the country. However, the money for the construction of a squadron of yachts by Abramovich, which by their technical and other data amaze the imagination of the world's moneymakers, was found in Russia. On Putin's orders, the RT-23 mobile railway missile systems, which have no analogues in the world, were destroyed. The US demand was met.
    2. old rocket man
      old rocket man 6 February 2012 11: 51
      You forgot it just a little bit, actually the president is now Medvedev and everyone felt the difference
      1. predator
        predator 6 February 2012 11: 57
        Mendel is not the president, but the locum tenens, the doll! puppeteer Putin.
    3. predator
      predator 7 February 2012 06: 52
      In 1992, a special commission of the St. Petersburg City Council on Salier’s leadership came to the conclusion that rare earth metals, oil products and oil were exported according to documents signed by the Chairman of the Committee on External Relations under the Mayor of St. Petersburg Vladimir Putin, as well as his deputy Alexander Anikin other raw materials worth more than one hundred million dollars. These were barter contracts. Instead, in St. Petersburg, where food was so scarce that cards had already been entered, lots of meat, potatoes, and poultry should have arrived. But they didn’t. Salier’s commission report was handed over to the prosecutor’s office and the Control Office of the presidential administration. However, the investigation died out, and Vladimir Putin was not only not removed from his post, as the city council of St. Petersburg recommended, after hearing a report from Salier, but also received a promotion.
  4. Che
    Che 6 February 2012 09: 59
    And bureaucracy and the State Department will not allow him to put it all into practice.
  5. PSih2097
    PSih2097 6 February 2012 10: 04
    The main question is a pronounced accusatory, punitive bias in our judicial system.

    And also leave (especially for grave and especially grave) for those in power and just people with money ...
    This will enable the citizen to assert his rights, for example, to argue with the governor not alone, but on behalf of large public organizations.

    And the next day this organization will be declared extremist ...
    In short, according to the judicial system - B-R-E-D ... and nobody will do anything, and they won’t be able to, because federal judges are de jure independent and de facto listen to the opinion of the local authorities, the connection is too strong between the judiciary and the executive ...
  6. 443190
    443190 6 February 2012 10: 08
    archives remember everything. Do you remember ABOUT IT ??? ----
    Manifesto of the United Russia party at the elections to the State Duma of the Russian Federation in 2003
    "We affirm that the XXI century will be the century of Russia. We are on the threshold
    unprecedented growth of the national economy, which the world did not know yet
    story. Russian miracle will be achieved by efforts united around
    party "United Russia" citizens, based on maximum use
    unique intellectual potential of the country and discoveries made
    Russian scientists in recent years.

    In 15 years, by 2017, Russia will be a leading world power. We will take
    place worthy of Russia in the global economy and politics, the whole world will be with
    Admiration for watching the development of an awakened Russian bear. In Russia
    there will be developed transport infrastructure affordable to anyone
    to a citizen and making any place of our vast Motherland easily reachable.
    Thanks to advanced technologies in the energy sector and new energy sources
    Russia will develop new territories and resources, increasing its wealth.
    Thanks to the rapid growth of the economy, there will be more jobs than jobs
    hands, the demand for labor will exceed supply, everyone can
    realized in the field in which he wants. Every Russian will have
    income worthy of a citizen of a great country. Due to rapid growth
    economics will be possible to use in practice all the achievements
    domestic science and will require the mobilization of all intellectual
    country potential. A new level of technology development will ensure
    the security of every citizen and the state as a whole. In a free country
    everyone will be able to realize their educational, cultural and spiritual
    requests in full.

    Our specific program is as follows. After winning the election in December 2003,
    immediately, in 2004 will begin:

    - energy sector modernization program

    - mass construction of individual housing

    - program for the development of a new transport network in Russia

    - technological revolution in Russian agriculture

    - rapid growth in income of all categories of citizens

    As a result, already

    - In 2004, every resident of Russia will pay for heat and electricity in
    two times less than now

    - In 2005, every citizen of Russia will receive his share from
    use of natural resources of Russia

    - In 2006 everyone will have a job by profession

    - By 2008, each family will have their own comfortable housing,
    worthy of the third millennium, regardless of today's level
    of income

    - By 2008, Chechnya and the entire North Caucasus will become a tourist and resort
    "Mecca" of Russia

    - By 2010, the St. Petersburg-Anadyr transport highway will be built,
    Tokyo-Vladivostok-Brest and others

    - By 2017, Russia will be a leader in world politics and economics

    Will you say that this cannot be? This will! We are the United Russia party -
    let's do it! For a thousand years, Russia has been a major element of world politics and
    economics. Say that the country is in decline and it will never happen again? We have
    there are social forces ready to support the revival of Russia. We are on the doorstep
    explosive growth of the national economy and we will take this step. In 15 years
    Russia will be the leader in the global economy and politics. And the whole world is at it
    will look.

    Did the Russian bear sleep for a long time? We will wake him up. Is everyone waiting for the Russian Miracle? we
    create it. Need a national idea? We have it. In Russia there is
    natural resources and territory, but this is not enough for explosive
    development of the country and decent welfare of all citizens We have the main thing
    wealth is intelligence. We know how to turn it into a mass product, how
    take advantage of the latest scientific discoveries, how to combine science and life.
    There are many outstanding scientists in Russia, many inventions and discoveries, but they
    not in demand? We have the technology of introducing the latest discoveries. Development
    only major projects in the field of energy, transport, communications,
    metallurgy, medicine, construction, life support will give new workers
    places unprecedented in world practice explosive economic growth and
    welfare. Russian industry and agriculture are in decline,
    Is Russia not competitive? We have new production technologies,
    new products and new resources. We are ready to fill in new economic
    niches - both in Russia and abroad.

    Is Russia a cold country and does Russia have difficulties with energy? We have
    new sources of energy and advanced technologies for its production. We are ready to give
    the whole country and the whole world have a lot of affordable and cheap energy. With new
    undeveloped territories and resources will become available to us with energy. In Russia
    demographic crisis, an aging population and poor health? We have
    there are new technologies in medicine, we will make them available to everyone. Height
    well-being, quality of life and medical care will give Russia a new healthy
    generation. Russia is a huge country and there are difficulties with transport and communications?
    We have new modes of transport. We will build and develop a new transport
    the infrastructure. We have fundamentally new types of communication, unprecedented in
    quality and speed. We will create a new information environment in Russia, we will connect
    each with each. In Russia, housing difficulties are falling apart
    Department of Housing and Utilities? We have superfast technology
    buildings. We will build new cities with new infrastructure in which each
    will live with pleasure and safety.

    We in Russia have many new projects, inventions and ideas. They are not
    less than 150 million. Who has at least one idea is our ally. Each
    idea is a new project of Russia. Each new project is a brick in the house
    innovative Russia. Each vote for United Russia is an investment in
    the future of Russia. United Russia ".
    It was.
    1. Chuck-norris
      Chuck-norris 6 February 2012 10: 12
      You would read that Obamych and his party promised, although it is not difficult to find on the Internet.
      1. lightforcer
        lightforcer 6 February 2012 12: 49
        You would read that Obamych and his party promised, although it is not difficult to find on the Internet.

        Obamycha will be sent to the next election. The American president is a man of words, we have a man of words.
    2. timhelmet
      timhelmet 6 February 2012 10: 36
      And indeed the mountains of gold promised the truth.
      In percentage terms, how much did you fulfill your plan?
      I think at 40% maximum.
      1. predator
        predator 6 February 2012 11: 18
        maybe -40%, and what did you do?
    3. predator
      predator 6 February 2012 12: 05
      The sovereign is weak and crafty,
      A bald dandy, the enemy of labor,
      Unintentionally warmed by glory,
      Reigned over us then.

      200 years ago these lines were written, they are relevant today!
      1. OlegPatriot
        OlegPatriot 6 February 2012 12: 31
        These lines are more suitable for Gorbachev.
    4. ab
      ab 6 February 2012 20: 08
      Quote: 443190
      immediately, in 2004 will begin:

      - energy sector modernization program

      - mass construction of individual housing

      - program for the development of a new transport network in Russia

      - technological revolution in Russian agriculture

      1.VVP - all energy in offshore !!!
      2.Performed only in the Moscow Ring Road and RUBLEV
      3. I drove in Kalina
      4. Radish from Israel
  7. rekrut
    rekrut 6 February 2012 10: 16
    Again beautiful words and promises.
    1. timhelmet
      timhelmet 6 February 2012 10: 37

      Well, at least without errors
  8. tor11121
    tor11121 6 February 2012 10: 31
    Golem pre-election chatter. a bit more. a little bit more. soon the people of Stalin will request. yes already asks. were democratized.
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 6 February 2012 12: 50
      soon the people of Stalin will request

      Stalin = Putin + repression.
  9. Region71
    Region71 6 February 2012 12: 38
    I dare to recall the meaning of the word democracy-POWER OF THE PEOPLE.
    Now recall the most recent events:
    “I signed a decree on the procedure for discussing such bills. In particular, draft constitutional laws. We are talking about bills that concern the vast majority of citizens of the country, ”Medvedev said.

    He expressed the hope that "this procedure will improve the quality of bills being prepared, make them meet the real needs of people."

    The President recalled that the country already has a positive experience of this kind of discussion, in particular, the law "On Police"
    I dare to remind respected that the overwhelming majority of the population spoke out against renaming the police as the police. I also hope that no one needs to remind me. Ohhh, I forgot that Medvedev supposedly decides something, I apologize.
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 6 February 2012 12: 52
      The power of the people is a civil-legal society, and not a domestic parody. The Russians are trembling creatures, and although they have rights, they don’t even think about demanding their fulfillment.
  10. runway
    runway 6 February 2012 12: 56
    This man has neither shame nor conscience. The height of cynicism is to expose yourself as a fighter against anarchy and oligarchs! Today, the number of appeals of citizens from Russia to the European Court of Human Rights is breaking all records, and the author proposes to release the oligarchs, for their crimes, for fines .... The author brings to readers the ideas of the active influence of public organizations on the legislative and executive power in the country. At the same time, taking all measures to strangle these public organizations, the adoption of such legislative acts that do not even close the public organizations to participate in the processes taking place in the country. And if there are any in our country, it is not thanks to, but contrary to the efforts of the authorities, encumbering their lackeys against these movements.
    One could go on. But everything is already very clear. Putin is a liar. For the sake of the presidency, he is ready to go further than a lie. People! Be carefull!
  11. OlegPatriot
    OlegPatriot 6 February 2012 13: 39
    It is worth saying the word Putin and the morning begins .... !!! wassat
    1. lightforcer
      lightforcer 6 February 2012 15: 10
      Quote: OlegPatriot
      It is worth saying the word Putin and the morning begins .... !!!

  12. r.anoshkin
    r.anoshkin 6 February 2012 13: 53
    There is an inevitable share of political technology in politics. But image-makers, "billboard masters" should not control politicians. Yes, I'm sure - and people will not buy it anymore. (Quote) So, in 12 years people have grown wiser? ". The one who proposes solutions and programs is responsible for their implementation" (quote). This is only starting this year, and the previous 12 years are not enough? "We have dealt with the oligarchy, we will also deal with corruption" (quote). was to write "How we dealt with the oligarchy, we will deal with corruption in the same way" NO. "A badly working official should not just be fired, but for several years deprived of the right to be a state or municipal employee." (Quote). Note-FOR A FEW YEARS! If an official is not imprisoned and it will be problematic to get a job as a janitor for life. And we are on vacation for a couple of years. Putin is afraid that suddenly there will be a second round of elections, this does not mean a split in society, it’s just a bell that not everything is so good what he does (or does not). Therefore, the second round is necessary, and let him win (there really is no alternative yet, and why is also a question for him), but at the same time he will descend a little from heaven closer to the people.
  13. Tatanka Yotanka
    Tatanka Yotanka 6 February 2012 14: 51
    We coped with the oligarchy, we can handle corruption.
    and with whom did he deal?
    removed one disloyal - 10 loyal came
    1. ab
      ab 6 February 2012 20: 27
      Quote: Tatanka Yotanka
      We coped with the oligarchy

      It’s just that only loyal oligarchs are left, and grandmothers who are not loyal are divided between themselves and their friends
  14. Brummbar
    Brummbar 6 February 2012 16: 33
    In short, no matter what I say, I will vote for VV Today, I see no alternative to Putin.
  15. serg792002
    serg792002 6 February 2012 16: 49
    It is possible to enumerate fulfilled and unfulfilled promises as much as you like, the fact remains, the country is in the best condition over the past 20 years. The only passing candidate for Putin. Anyone who doesn’t like can recall the 90s with nostalgia. Those who want to steer, let them study, and not hang around at foreign embassies.
    1. Tatanka Yotanka
      Tatanka Yotanka 6 February 2012 17: 10
      about the embassies, it would be nice to check the bearded
      A group of State Duma deputies from the Communist Party wrote a request addressed to the director of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, demanding to check whether the head of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Vladimir Churov met with members of the British embassy.

      The deputies emphasize that “on October 14, 2011, Churov met with the plenipotentiary minister of the British Embassy in Moscow, Denis Keeff, and the second secretary of the political department of the embassy, ​​James Ford.”

      Further, they provide a detailed track record of Kif and, in particular, note that “in 2002, he led the team on the development of a long-term anti-terrorism strategy in the United Kingdom in the Joint Committee of Special Services, in 2003 he worked on issues of the Far East countries in the British Foreign Ministry, and from 2007 to 2010 was the British ambassador to Georgia. "

      “Is it permissible that the head of the Central Election Commission of Russia met with a person who was previously a member of the Joint Committee of Special Services,” representatives of the Duma France Communists are interested in the head of the FSB.

      It should be noted that even according to the CEC, Denis Kif is known in the international community as a specialist in analyzing opposition forces and dissident movements and forming a network of contacts in them.
      1. Region71
        Region71 6 February 2012 19: 38
        It's useless, it's like knocking your head on the wall. A week ago, deputies from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation submitted to the Duma a proposal on a request to the Russian prosecutor’s office regarding the financing and cooperation of youth movements Our, Steel and the Young Guard (If anyone does not know, these are youth support organizations of EP) with foreign Western organizations. The majority of the votes of deputies of EP, the request was rejected. So there is something to hide it seems to me.
    2. ab
      ab 6 February 2012 20: 28
      Quote: serg792002
      The only passing candidate for Putin. Anyone who doesn’t like can recall the 90s with nostalgia. Those who want to steer, let them study, and not hang around at foreign embassies

      Passing yes. So I want to vote for the passers, it seems like I won the lottery.
    3. Samsebenaum
      Samsebenaum 7 February 2012 00: 26
      Of course, who would doubt it, really ...
      the structure of employment in the country is changing rapidly. The number of people working in agriculture and manufacturing industries is steadily declining, but the number of officials, miners and service workers is increasing.

      Over the past five years alone, the agricultural sector and industrial processing have declined by 3 million people, and the state apparatus has grown by 757 workers, calculated in the company Finexpertiza, concluding that both the labor market and the economy as a whole are disadvantaged. The economy is still developing in the raw material, rather than modernization or innovation, analysts say.

      Specific job losses are as follows. From 2006 to 2010 AIC enterprises lost 20% of their employees, or 1,3 million people. “The industry, on which the country's food security directly depends, is degrading. Agricultural support programs did not produce a noticeable result, ”the experts conclude.
  16. Lyp
    Lyp 6 February 2012 16: 58
    Dear fellow citizens! I read an article by V.V. Putin. Good article, with smooth, easy to read text. Expressing the right thoughts, consonant with most of us. And as we read, we fall into an ecstasy of empathy, realizing that we are reading into what we ourselves want — stability, local democracy, and the fight against corruption.
    And in this place you catch yourself thinking, but indeed, you have been in power for 12 years, why you did not begin to implement it with unlimited power in your hands. Is it not your subordinate - A.A. Fursenko diligently destroying the once-best education system in the world, and A.E.Serdyukov cursed here, that he was secretly sent to us from outer space, and so the question is.
    And now about the most important thing - apparently we can read the programs of candidates, listen to their debates, and even go to polling stations. But this generally does not matter. The supreme power really, in one way or another, will be the one who is chosen without consulting the power and business elites. Anyway, we will be spectators at this wonderful performance.
    1. Samsebenaum
      Samsebenaum 6 February 2012 19: 21
      I agree. We have questions, only answers to them we have not heard from him. And hardly hear.
      "We have dealt with the oligarchy, we will deal with corruption" - ???????????
      Already managed, but I did not notice something ... I lag behind life. List in the studio, please. Enlighten on this account. Prisons, then, are crowded with oligarchs. Bank accounts are frozen, property is described. Even those who managed to hit the road to the West, through Interpol sought out and tried. In addition, now no one even has the idea to become an oligarch.
      I understand this by the word coped ... Everything about this phenomenon can be forgotten. Here is how.

      And more ... How do you command the people to fight corruption? Where to start? Turn to the prosecutor? Then you will be accused of libel, not fined weakly and hinted that your mouth would shut and not open, away from sin.

      I do not comment on the judicial institutions at all. I never found the word "independent court" in the program. I read about accessibility, information content and something else.
      But the main thing is not. Why? Not hard to guess.

      My conclusion: there are many necessary and relevant proposals, no dispute. First of all, judicial reform (real), local self-government, economic freedoms for cities, control and participation of the people in the work of the legislative and executive branches. I am for".
      But, I also want to read instead of "we should" - we create, instead of "we need" - we are already doing, "we need" - we started ...
      You see, even in words, the difference is visible between promises and actions.
      As long as I see some promises, I have every right to doubt ...
    2. Region71
      Region71 6 February 2012 19: 32
      Bold and truthful words. They talk of course, but you can’t change the truth of life. I live in the Tula region, there was a comment not so long ago, I don’t remember who wrote about the road from Moscow to Kulikovo Field. Which is closer to Kulikovka, all villages are populated by Caucasian people nationality. I often go to those places, my parents are from there, I’ll make a photo report about the factories that have been turned into ruins. For objectivity, I will show working plants. And photos of hospitals, especially hospitals in the city of Epifan. I warn you right away, it's tin every year getting worse and worse. I really want to see the reaction of Putin fans.
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 6 February 2012 20: 02
        Don't be afraid, buddy. Let them minus. There are many adequate guys who do not rush to extremes. I am guided by them. The main thing is not to lie. Build on facts. Do you remember in "Brother" - "whoever has the truth is right" ...
        Everything fell asleep with snow, and so I will also have a photo selection not weak, on the topic of what has been done and what was killed completely.
        Not a drift, but we are not horses blinded.
    3. doctor3006
      doctor3006 6 February 2012 23: 19
      That's because of you
      adequate people, sometimes I go to the site. Killings of the country do not see only blinded by gold and ranks. The situation in the country is increasingly beginning to resemble the Kosovo version, in which bloodshed is inevitable. Weapons at home are smoothbore, of course, but I would not want to use them. Infections, it’s all bad because it will end because of an idiot-wow, and he fades to Germany for a prepared hacienda.
      1. Samsebenaum
        Samsebenaum 6 February 2012 23: 58
        Why sometimes? It is possible and often. I look, they bit you a little for objectionable comments. Well, not without it. And sometimes I get "nuts".
        I do not hold evil for this. Well, take offense at the guys if they have different views or live in a good place. Each with his own bell tower and looks at the world.
        1. doctor3006
          doctor3006 7 February 2012 01: 21
          Here, you understand, the fact is that if this continues, it will concern us, and these fellow citizens, lovers of our Fuhrer (by the way, the parallels are quite beginning to be traced to themselves), which the lands do not see under themselves. Where children live ...

          1. Samsebenaum
            Samsebenaum 7 February 2012 02: 28
            In such cases, I live by the rule - "If you cannot make rain on the entire planet, water at least your garden." I focus on my family.
            If the state does not want to take on part of the costs of supporting children, I will take it upon myself. It's a noose around my neck, but the rulers are like that in my country these days. They are pressing my budget to the fullest. Those who do not notice it simply do not want to notice it. I had a chance to talk to a "nashist" somehow. Oh, damn it, sectarian, not otherwise. He learned his eyes, blushed, shouted about success as if he had been pinched. I asked him, did they give you torches, for night marches?
            So he didn't understand what I meant. Asks, - "What, do you need to get ready at night?" Then he added, - "And what - cool." Well, what to expect from a victim of the exam and United Russia?
            Well, that's all, I think, Russian kirdyk. And they scare us with amers ...
            1. doctor3006
              doctor3006 7 February 2012 11: 34
              I agree with you. When Sveta looked at the video on the tube about "nashistka", I almost felt sick. Thank God, not all are like that, there are a lot of thinking young people, but the overwhelming majority wants to leave the cordon, JUST BECAUSE they understand the consequences of maintaining the regime that exists in the country. I concentrate on the family as much as I can, otherwise I simply cannot survive.
  17. Warrawar
    Warrawar 6 February 2012 19: 44
    Whoever said that, but Putin is the smartest politician, and his program is the most adequate, interesting and real of all presented.
  18. ab
    ab 6 February 2012 20: 36
    12 years of undivided power .12 YEARS. Then it will be 18 and all the same will remain. GDP 60, At this age, people do not change, and do not change anything he himself built. What about the vertical, thoroughly corrupt, a controlled court and a powerless citizen. ? The only thing that has not changed is the declared external enemy. Because of him, all the problems and misfortunes. Lack of roads, hospitals, kindergartens, education. And most importantly, corruption is the same because of them, Pendosov, Jews, Caucasians. And Only GDP, the lamp is clean and not tarnished.
    1. Samsebenaum
      Samsebenaum 6 February 2012 21: 02
      Quote: ab
      And Only GDP, the lamp is clean and not tarnished.

      I'm sorry, Lord, maybe I am sinning, but ... it seems to be done.
      "The religious community" Resurrection Russia "from the village of Bolshaya Yelnya, Nizhny Novgorod Region, reported that an icon of Vladimir Putin has been streaming myrrh in its church since the day of Epiphany.

      True, representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church said that the Resurrecting Russia community is a sect created to solve commercial problems and "trade in miracles." Orthodox priests consider self-promotion as the main goal of Mother Fotigny’s statements.
    2. sashalenovo
      sashalenovo 6 February 2012 22: 02
      I think we are waiting for terrible political changes. But not now, but in a few years. Confidence in GDP is falling. Like Vysotsky
      "There are big changes ahead of us that I will never love."
  19. sergo0000
    sergo0000 6 February 2012 23: 14
    I think a change for the better.
    In any case, for Russia. It was worse. When they wanted everything at once.
  20. Samsebenaum
    Samsebenaum 7 February 2012 00: 16
    Here is the latest news.
    Quite recently, the workers of the Uralvagonzavod supported VVP in dialogue with the people, and here is a "gift" for this:

    The Ministry of Defense refuses to purchase tanks manufactured under the command of Kholmanskikh at the Uralvagonzavod. This is common knowledge. Not a single T-90 tank from the Uralvagonzavod will be put into the arsenal of the country either last year, this year or in the future. The plant survives only through the production of wagons.
    A week ago, Vladimir Putin in the Leningrad Region opened an ultramodern plant for the production of railway wagons - the Tikhvin Car-Building Plant (TVSZ). Thanks to the opening of this plant, where wagons of better quality and lower prices will be produced than at UVZ, the Tagil industrial giant risks returning to the 90s. Namely, to remain without orders, to reduce a significant part of employees, etc.
    Moreover, the largest buyers of railcars in Russia have already signed contracts with TVSZ: Russian Railways, First Freight Company and Second Freight Company.
    And what will happen to the budget of the city, which is seriously dependent on UVZ, is even hard to imagine.
    Tagil Variant! Newspaper, Nizhny Tagil

    I suspect that very soon, Valery Trapeznikov, a turner deputy who called the people to Moscow for a showdown with the opposition, will have to move around the city in short dashes in the dark at night in less crowded places.
    Otherwise, the local guys will catch and start to beat ...
    1. 443190
      443190 7 February 2012 01: 02
      Good news. Maybe she will teach people to think, not dream.
      1. ytqnhfk
        ytqnhfk 7 February 2012 01: 38
        pleasant especially that the new factory everything else works like that and, moreover, it was very cool I watched the program for the production of these cars for the UWZ every hour the car and orders for 5 years in advance !!!!!!!!
  21. Brummbar
    Brummbar 7 February 2012 06: 00
    Although what you say over the past 12 years, much has changed for the better. At the end of the wilderness, the country was in ruins, I was an adult, I remember everything and can compare. I can imagine what would happen now if Apple and the right remained in power. Well now tell the communists how, the question is, why didn’t they take power in 96 because the victory was for them that they were afraid or they were satisfied with the role of the second. And about UVZ that min. the defense does not buy the T-90, there is a design bureau, let them develop a new tank that goes up to the 90th. In the meantime, they will be engaged in the modernization of 72 and 80 (the modernized ones are not much inferior to 90mu) and it will be cheaper. Well let's minus!
    1. Samsebenaum
      Samsebenaum 7 February 2012 10: 03
      Dear Brummbar. Minus personally I will not. What for?
      You defend your position openly and honestly. Do it right.
      And I will answer your comment.
      Firstly, the country was in ruins from tyrants. There was still a division and redistribution of property. But this is not a post-war disruption when everything had to be restored: cities, villages, roads, transport, water supply, power plants, factories, ports, railway junctions, etc.
      There was none. Therefore, the scale is simply incomparable. Supporters of the stick are clearly bending.
      Secondly, Apple was NEVER in power and apart from the project for 500 days (which was rejected), the country was not involved in government.
      Therefore, all this free fantasy on the topic, "it's good that the right was not in power," empty speculation.
      Third - Zyuganov was really scared (or scared) to take responsibility. He is a cowardly man. The Communist Party only suffers from such a leader. I completely agree with you. Such should be excluded from the party.
      UVZ. An article from a newspaper. She is not complete. And if the issue can be resolved with tanks or components, then the loss of the main customers for railway wagons will not pass without a trace, that's for sure.
  22. Arc76
    Arc76 7 February 2012 10: 59
    They coped with the oligarchs-funny. Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky were replaced by Timchenko and Rotenberg. An article-training verbiage. By the way, he refused direct debate.
  23. 443190
    443190 8 February 2012 10: 52
    Dozens of rally participants on Tuesday told that they were not paid for participating in the rally in support of presidential candidate Vladimir Putin on Poklonnaya Hill, although they promised.

    “We defended, posters, however, we were not given, they simply told us to stand where we were, then they had to pay us at the Chocolate Girl. I brought people there, the customer called me, ordered them to be taken to the stele, I took them there, half was lost on the way. As a result, the customer brought only part of the money, and everyone did not have enough. And now she’s not picking up the phone, ”complains one of the protesters at Poklonnaya.

    The video from the meeting of the rally participants on Poklonnaya, which were not paid, with the Gazeta.Ru correspondent was posted on the Internet.

    “We owe 82 rubles, everything’s been calculated,” said a middle-aged man who introduced himself as an “agent for selecting actors.”

    The phone of one of the extras ’customers at the rally was unavailable.

    Extras gathered on Tuesday assure that they will no longer vote for Putin, because they were deceived with money.

    “I will vote for Zhirinovsky! At LDPR meetings, they always pay neatly! ” - said an elderly woman.

    Secretary of the Presidium of the General Council of United Russia Sergey Neverov explained to Gazeta.Ru that his party had no relation to the organization of the rally on Poklonnaya, which was announced from the very beginning of preparations for it.

    “These people say that some intermediary called them for money. In my opinion, intermediaries are always provocateurs, ”Neverov said, adding that he himself was present at Poklonnaya together with a friend with whom he lives in the same house and does not believe in any such stories.

    Experts, on the contrary, believe that the promise of money for participating in political rallies is widespread, so the story looks very believable.

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    1. runway
      runway 8 February 2012 16: 37
      The penalty for exceeding the declared number of protesters on Poklonnaya Gora can be as much ..... 2 (two) thousand rubles !!!
      Part of this fine (in solidarity with the organizers of the rally in his support) Putin again promised to pay the state from all TV channels ....