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Military acceptance: Electronic secrets "Warrior"

Everyone who is interested in the army knows what a “Warrior” is. Many new combat gear, adopted by the Ministry of Defense, called the Russian military armor of the future. But “Warrior” is not only a form, but also a huge number of electronic systems, which, for example, allow you to control a platoon of soldiers online. This is a set of electronic sensors that monitor the state of the soldier. Communication, sights, navigation. All that will help the soldier survive on the battlefield.

Exercises were held at one of the Patriot park grounds, for which journalists were admitted for the first time. The command estimated how the soldiers learned how to use all the systems of the “Warrior”. But even more closely watched what is happening "Military acceptance."


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  1. perat
    perat 8 February 2017 12: 10
    I feel a sense of pride for our VS. I hope that all units will have such weapons and equipment.
  2. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 8 February 2017 12: 16
    Quote: perat
    I feel a sense of pride for our VS. I hope that all units will have such weapons and equipment.

    So I’m saying. The main thing is to teach our soldier how to use it for its intended purpose. Too tricked out will be quickly removed, as unnecessary. At the training ground this is one thing. But in reality, and even somewhere in the outback it is quite another. We know, we passed.
    1. Delink
      Delink 8 February 2017 18: 40
      It's like that. Somewhere they already voiced on REN TV that, first of all, the Warrior will enter the Airborne Forces.
  3. Laksamana besar
    Laksamana besar 8 February 2017 18: 10
    Cool! Only the lead is too much in the frame. smile
  4. Dzhanych
    Dzhanych 8 February 2017 22: 10
    Oh identity too! Blue! Blue, Karl, electrical tape! Nowhere without her !!! :))