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Looking at Obama!

Five years - in three years! Donald Trump rushed to fulfill his campaign promises almost ahead of schedule. Hurries, as if he feels: there is not enough time for everything. True, his decisions look extremely ill-conceived and hasty. Persons responsible for their implementation interpret the decree ... the opposite. Trump himself under pressure from the American and world community has already come down to excuses. A bad start for a politician!

45 US President. Source a photo

Recall, January 27 D. Trump signed a decree "On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists," which changed the way refugees are admitted to the United States. With one stroke of the pen of a man who hastened to fulfill one of his election promises, a temporary ban was set (for 90 days) on the arrival in the United States of citizens of seven states: Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan. All of these countries were deemed the “sources of terror” by the new White House administration.

In addition, Trump's decree orders the suspension of the refugee accommodation program. Suspension period is 120 days. Especially the refugees from Syria inherited from this law - their placement in the United States was suspended "for an indefinite period."

In addition, the Trump administration is now discussing the opportunity to oblige foreign visitors entering the US to disclose information about the sites and social networks that they visit and provide contacts contained in their mobile phones, notes RBC. If a foreigner does not give the required information, he may be denied entry. This idea, we emphasize, is only discussed.

About the presidential decree in the United States passed the protests. The protest against the tightening of immigration control took place even at the White House.

The hasty and obviously ill-conceived decision of the Trump administration led to bewilderment and indecision of the local executive authorities. Other police officers, on the contrary, overdid it.

As the agency reports ReutersTrump's decree gave rise to panic and anger at the same time not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Many immigrants and refugees traveling to the United States were simply removed from flights. Others are stuck at the airport. In some airports, protests began.

Because of the suspension for four months of the entry of refugees, indicates Reuters, and the introduction of a temporary ban on admitting citizens of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and Sudan, human rights activists, religious communities, activists, and with them politicians-democrats became indignant. In the US, many are unhappy with Trump's decision. Soon it will reach court: the governors and prosecutors of the states of Pennsylvania, Washington and Hawaii (the agency has a message about this from officials) ponder over the contents of the claims for recognizing a presidential decree discriminatory.

But now the first bell of a hurry for Trump: a federal judge of Brooklyn (New York) decided to postpone the entry into force of the new decree.

The second bell: The American Civil Liberties Union has obtained temporary permission for detained travelers to remain in the United States.

Of course, these Saturday judgments do not cancel the presidential decree.

However, there was a third bell: from abroad. That same Europe, which in Russia is considered by many to be a puppet of the United States, rather amicably condemned Trump’s decree. And not only Europe: the White House was given to understand that they did not share his point of view on the question, even from Canada.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said emotionally that his country would meet people fleeing from wars and unjust persecution with open arms.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel publicly condemned Trump's move. Merkel does not consider the fight against terrorism a justification for the ban on the entry of refugees or people from the Muslim world.

Of course, the ban was condemned by many other countries, especially with the Muslim population. Among these countries stood out the voice of Indonesia - the country with the largest number of adherents of Islam in the world.

Trump himself evaluates his decree "very wonderful." “It will work very nicely. You will see it at airports, you will see it everywhere, ”Reuters quotes him.

Already, in fact, saw.

As the RIA News", the decree led to confusion in the work of law enforcement.

Representatives of the US authorities at the border did not exactly understand how to implement the new decree. Does the law apply to persons with two passports? Does it concern green card holders? From the document it was impossible to understand.

“Officials came to the conclusion that it was better to be safe, and gave the order to the airlines not to put on airplanes even American citizens who had a passport from one of the seven countries mentioned,” the agency writes. - Many travelers learned about the ban on entry to the United States upon arrival, after which they were placed under arrest while awaiting deportation. Other travelers from the seven countries mentioned, on the contrary, were able to enter the United States without any problems, because the border guards were not yet aware of the decree. ” The Association of American Immigration Lawyers gives an example of when an Iranian with a Canadian passport was not allowed in Seattle, and in New York an Iranian with a US visa came to the United States.

Apparently, the Trump administration had little understanding of the complexity of implementing such decrees, and the agencies and airlines did not prepare for changes at all. Interestingly, the representative of the administration of Trump said at a press briefing on Saturday that it would be "imprudent" to report on the conditions of the decree in advance, said RIA "News».

What is not the basis for conspiracy hypotheses? What else does the Trump team hide?

As a result, Trump's political opponents began to accuse the president of xenophobia, Islamophobia and the attempted sacred cow: a departure from the ancient principles of American democracy.

In essence, we add, in the very first days of his post, Mr. Trump adopted a decree that, by unpopularity, will compete with Obamacare. If the Republicans criticized this program, the Democrats, the Republicans, and the world community have already fallen on Trump’s decree.

The executive branch has difficulties with the implementation of the decree on the ground, and the judiciary is preparing to challenge the president’s decision. In addition, lawmakers can put pressure on Trump: the congressmen have an effective way to do this called “Don’t give money to the program.” Another way is with the judges: the court may recognize the hasty decree of the president is not consistent with the constitution. If it comes to the Supreme Court, the administration can, instead of decree, get a cookie with butter, which for Trump will be a manifestation of irony. However, such litigation may take the whole term of the presidency from the debaters. And all four years, the decree will act this way.

In the meantime, Senators Democrats are planning to come to grips with the scandalous decree. Their goal - to develop and adopt a bill aimed at the immediate abolition of the inhuman anti-immigrant initiative of Trump.

Republicans both agree and disagree with the decree. Some of them test foreigners at airports and restrictive measures generally approve, but consider selected methods too powerful. Others are openly “preoccupied” with the decree and say that Trump’s decision plays into the hands of ... terrorists.

Republican Senator John McCain, for example, fears that the "Islamic State" (prohibited in Russia) may use Trump's decree for propaganda. “I suppose, as a result, in some areas this (decree) will help the propaganda of IG even more,” RIA Novosti quotes McCain.

Similarly, they reacted to the decision of the White House in Iran.

Trump's decision to restrict entry to the United States to citizens from Muslim states Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif called "a great gift to extremists."

"The ban on entry into the US of persons from Muslim countries will remain in stories as a great gift to extremists and their supporters. Collective discrimination and deepening differences contributes to the replenishment of the ranks of terrorists ", - quotes the Minister "Reedus". The politician also complained about the deceitfulness of past American assurances of a friendly attitude towards the people of Iran.

In addition to the statement, the Iranian Foreign Ministry did something else. Julio Haas (Swiss Ambassador to Tehran, temporarily representing US interests in Iran) was called to the "carpet". He was instructed to convey to the White House that the actions of the American administration "are unacceptable because they violate international legal documents and the US-Iran agreement on consular rights of 15 August 1955 of the year."

And Donald Trump had to defend himself from the very first days of the reign.

Justifying, the President of the United States did not find anything better than to compare himself with ... Obama.

According to him, which leads TASS, the policy of the new US government "is similar to what President Obama did in 2011, when he imposed a visa ban on refugees from Iraq for half a year."

The new ban on ninety days for admission to the US of citizens of Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and Sudan affects just those seven states that the previous US administration called the "source of terror."

He also had to say that "we are not talking about a ban on (entry into the United States) Muslims, as falsely reported by the press." As evidence of this controversial statement, he reminded the public that “more than forty states” with a predominantly Muslim population are not affected by the decree.

* * *

The new president managed not to rally, but to split American society. He achieved this result even at the stage of the election campaign. Now Donald diligently fixes it. At the consolidation stage, the most monstrous verbal material is being used, up to a comparison of restrictive methods with Obama's methods. We would not be surprised if Trump says that in the sanctions against Russia he will continue the work of his idol.

The outcome of Trump’s haste is obvious: for American society, traditionally brought up on the idea of ​​immigration, decrees on barriers and prohibitions are unacceptable. In addition, a point of view emerged (Senator McCain), according to which the real terrorists received the basis for a new round of anti-American propaganda.

Observed and commented on Oleg Chuvakin
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  1. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 30 January 2017 09: 56
    Angela Merkel publicly condemned Trump's move

    Her aunt had not yet completely eaten herself and had not fed the Germans with her “open door” policy, but she had the courage to condemn the president of America. Something probably knows what we don’t know.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 30 January 2017 10: 05
      The United States (Obama) has adopted a very small quota (it seems 25 thousand for Syria). And prohibit is just a gesture to determine your position.
      1. Maksus
        Maksus 1 February 2017 15: 00
        I don’t understand this howl of human rights defenders - everyone, EVERYONE, a person traveling to the USA (and not only) from these countries is a potential black-flag fighter. It is generally necessary to ban travel from there, maximum to refugee camps for filtering with the help of specialists. Only then further movement, but not to the central regions, but more on the periphery for some (1-3 years) time.
  2. The comment was deleted.
  3. verb
    verb 30 January 2017 10: 00
    The new president managed not to rally, but to split American society. He achieved this result at the pre-election stage. Now Donald is carefully fixing it.

    So, you see, and before the civil war (God forbid!) Will reach. Let them fight among themselves better than all over the world and with the whole world.
    1. stas
      stas 30 January 2017 12: 35
      What the hell is a civil war.
      Illegal emigrants with gays protest, as we have on Bolotnaya.
      Brzezinski, proposes to create the Great Triple Alliance -
      USA, Russia and China, and where the protesters will later find themselves.
      Where gays like to pick their hands.
    2. Tatar 174
      Tatar 174 30 January 2017 12: 49
      Quote: verb
      The new president managed not to rally, but to split American society. He achieved this result at the pre-election stage. Now Donald is carefully fixing it.

      So, you see, and before the civil war (God forbid!) Will reach. Let them fight among themselves better than all over the world and with the whole world.

      How many years did the US cold war against the USSR last and how much the USA then crushed the post-Soviet one. Russia, and therefore the citizens of the USSR and Russia, and therefore me personally, and therefore I am only glad that everything is rolling head over heels, well, let it roll. The worse for them - the more moral satisfaction for me personally.
  4. runway
    runway 30 January 2017 10: 07
    Regardless of the hasty conclusions made by local analysts about D. Trump, I have 45 President of the United States arouses a sense of respect.
    He did not put off his campaign promises, and from the first day of his work he began to realize them. The Americans, I am sure, will benefit from the fact that he was chosen as their president. His decisions on seemingly minor issues: about his presidential salary equal to one dollar, rejection of the inflated price of the president’s airplane manufacturer, elimination of his business - all this reveals him as HONEST, ORDERED, HUMAN. And this feature, I think, is central to the head of ANY COUNTRY.
    1. korvin1976
      korvin1976 31 January 2017 11: 05
      In my opinion, he not only keeps his word, and fulfills his election promises, but also works ahead of schedule. I understand that my conclusions are similar to conspiracy theories of conspiracy theory, but .....
      Just imagine that Tram introduces such restrictions on entry, gradually and informing them in advance. What will happen? The fact that they are opposed in the first place and these restrictions are directed, are activated and will fall on the territory of the country. In the case of severe restrictions as it is now, no one has already managed to do anything. Those who need to get there are sure to get through the same courts. But for those who do not need it, it will be much more difficult to do, more thorough checks are possible, and so on.
      Who can say that Trump’s adversary will not take advantage of the very radical Islamists in their country. I think that no one has complete confidence in this. Arranging a couple of three terrorist attacks to discriminate against Trump and his politics will be just that.
      That's why Trump is doing everything right in my opinion. At the same time, he also cleans the top of the power, he already removed the Attorney General, while he removed absolutely legally. And how many will be those who will be removed like this. Trump gives the top a kind of choice: you are with me or you are on the street.
      Everything that happens fits perfectly into Trump's policy, and first of all in his policy as a competent businessman.
  5. cap
    cap 30 January 2017 10: 12
    The new president managed not to rally, but to split American society. He achieved this result at the pre-election stage. Now Donald is carefully fixing it.

    He began the revolution. He will end like many revolutionaries. Interesting times are coming.
    We sit back comfortably.
  6. aszzz888
    aszzz888 30 January 2017 10: 51
    Trump began too briskly. No matter how they stopped him. "Well-wishers" he has too many. Maybe he will come to us, and we will promise protection, with a permanent residence? And what, let it steers from Russia from the mericatos! (joke) laughing
    1. Vadim237
      Vadim237 30 January 2017 11: 05
      Who the hell is he doing what he’s doing - he’s a monolith and a herd of protesting sheep on his side.
  7. Vasiliev Yu
    Vasiliev Yu 30 January 2017 10: 57
    The article is crap.
    Here the jamb is not Trump, but border guards, there I think there are also a lot of saboteurs. But Trump, in my opinion, is doing everything right, if you want to accept immigrants in other countries, it’s your personal business, at least take everyone away, but as Merkel forced other countries to accept, stupidity and obstinacy.
    CYBERNINJA 30 January 2017 11: 08
    Instead of Obama’s soft-bodied “pitching”, a more powerful “dead guy” Trump has arrived.
  9. Mar.Tirah
    Mar.Tirah 30 January 2017 11: 17
    Take care of this Trump like a broomstick. What life in Russia depends on his decisions or what? We need to deal with our problems, defense, and welfare. And do not wait for what he will say or what he will do. He is American, and therefore, if not an enemy he’s not a friend for sure. He supported Georgia in a conflict with us, while others didn’t really want to go there. Europe is used to looking into the mouth of the American president. And what are we? Think about it ..
  10. iouris
    iouris 30 January 2017 11: 26
    Trump seems to be forming his fifth column. The meaning of Trump's actions is not clear to everyone. But behind the form, one must still be able to see the main goal that determines the content of the new policy of the US administration. In my opinion, this content is determined by the growth of inter-imperialist contradictions, in particular, between the "(relatively) new imperialist predator" Germany and its traditional competitors. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain Brexit. Events in Ukraine are a handiwork, first of all, Merkel, who "raped" Obama, or the previous US administration. But now, it seems, the situation has changed, and all of a sudden. For the future of Russia - this is a chance.
  11. parusnik
    parusnik 30 January 2017 12: 24
    ..How presidential decrees are executed in the USA, it’s not interesting for them to do it, our decrees would be executed with us .. But about the split in American society .. I liked it .. Sit down more comfortably gentlemen, we are waiting for the next series!
  12. Wolka
    Wolka 30 January 2017 13: 00
    Trump is right, there’s no time to swing, and therefore he is in a hurry to stop all the nonsense that was tricked by Obama and his administration, but the country, or rather the Americans are still rolling by inertia, and measures the world with old far-fetched and dogmatic categories imposed by previous political figures, absolutely not admitting thoughts and not understanding at the same time that in reality the world is completely different, more diverse in political coloring ...
  13. Operator
    Operator 30 January 2017 14: 10
    The author of the article is a clear fan of Hillary Clinton bully
    1. olimpiada15
      olimpiada15 30 January 2017 20: 17
      Quote: Operator
      The author of the article is a clear fan of Hillary Clinton

      Ek skidded you. The author of the article, Oleg Chuvakin, constantly makes reviews for VO and they are weighed and interesting, it is too incorrect to convict him of sympathy for H. Clinton.
      1. Operator
        Operator 30 January 2017 21: 05
        As for Clinton, you did not pay attention to the emoticon - the truth is, in every joke there is a share of a joke.

        Quote from the article:
        “Trump himself estimates his decree“ very wonderful. ”“ It will work very wonderful. You will see it at the airports, you will see it everywhere, ”Reuters quoted him.
        Already, in fact, saw.
        According to RIA Novosti, the decree led to confusion in the work of law enforcement agencies. "

        If you read not only Chuvakin, then with the naked eye you can see the diligent stretch of an owl on the globe - such as the detention at the US airports of three hundred owners of green cards and entry visas led to a super-duper confusion in the work of the US immigration service (this is when there are dozens million across the U.S.)

        In addition, what the hell do we care about the problems of residents of the countries listed in the Trump decree, or are you and Chuvakin close to the interests of Middle Eastern terrorists?

        And normal Syrians, Iranians and Iraqis in their heads should have one direction of foreign travel - Russia, however.
        1. olimpiada15
          olimpiada15 1 February 2017 07: 15
          The operator, I personally saw in the article that Trump, taking the president’s chair, is not coping with the situation. Moreover, I think that this is not good, even taking into account a personal negative attitude towards the United States (if in short, the United States is climbing everywhere, destabilizing different countries with the goal of making money, American democracy hides a disregard for human life in any country in the world). I am outraged by the global financial bubble inflated by the US Federal Reserve, but if it bursts, it is not speculators who will suffer - measures will be taken to protect them, but ordinary people in different countries. Clinton as president is simply dangerous for health reasons. Forces that lose the election will destabilize the situation; this is dangerous not only for the United States, but for the whole world, because there are no countries wherever they fit. Today they express versions of the reasons for the aggravation of the situation in the Donbass, in my opinion, this is the work of US curators, because Trump’s disobedience or sabotage, which we see today regarding the immigration law, is possible also from other responsible structures, including those who lead the Ukrainian question. I am not for Clinton, just out of two evils - Trump is the lesser and better if the situation stabilizes, i.e. Trump has to cope.
          1. Operator
            Operator 1 February 2017 12: 27
            Russia should not be tramp-dependent, so we must have a scenario for any development of the situation in the United States, including in the event of a destabilization of the situation inside America.

            But I had in mind something else - Trump acts exactly as he promised before the presidential election: the abolition of freebies for African Americans in the field of health insurance, the cessation of the influx of Latinos into the country, the ban on the entry of Arabs, the removal of the Clinton clan from government levers (read the Jews).

            Which is sincerely supported by the descendants of European immigrants among the US population (which so far make up the majority in its composition). A characteristic feature is the composition of the Trump Administration - all white Anglo-Saxons. but this is only the tip of the iceberg, Trump's policy on 100 percent is supported by trade unions and veteran organizations of power ministries and departments. If anyone forgot, then the construction workers were the force that defeated the communist movement in the United States in the 1950's.

            In other words, the American trade unions and veterans, if there is such a team, will curtail the neck of any social movement against Trump.

            But this is not all - the Jewish lobby of the United States made a big puncture in politics, traditionally supporting the Democratic Party. The Jewish lobby, representing the interests of the national minority (7 million people), is interested in a multiculturalism policy, unlike Euro-Americans who want to preserve their cultural identity in their own country.

            It can be predicted that after expelling the Jews from the presidential administration at the first step and cutting off oxygen in the form of Jewish media access to government information sources, Trump will continue to press them in the future, for example, by ceasing to pay Jewish adventures from the US budget abroad such as undermining Arab countries - neighbors Israel (Iraq, Egypt, Syria, Libya).

            In addition, Trump began to split the Jewish lobby as such, appointing as his adviser the husband of the daughter, the Hasid, i.e. relying not on the Jewish part of the US Jews, but on the Hasidic community, denying the main religious tenet of Judaism that only native Jews were born to the God-chosen people (that is, they do not apply the concept of “goy” to the rest of humanity).

            So everything goes the way laughing
            1. krass
              krass 1 February 2017 12: 38
              to the operator
              a lot of buccaff and specific nonsense.
              First, find out who the Hasidim are, then look at how they look - then try to arm yourself with this knowledge and pull the globe owl - attach it to Trump's son-in-law.
              Sick - when you read such experts.
              1. Operator
                Operator 1 February 2017 12: 43
                Vomiting is a normal reaction of a Jew to the word "Hasid" laughing

                You first get acquainted with their missionary policies, and only then inflate your cheeks, a connoisseur of the appearance of Hasidim.
                1. olimpiada15
                  olimpiada15 1 February 2017 17: 39
                  The operator "Russia should not be tramp-dependent, therefore, we must have a scenario for any development of the situation in the USA, including in the event of a destabilization of the situation inside America."
                  ++++ Over, arms and legs.
                  But, unfortunately, there is not only an external dependence, but even an understanding of the need to get rid of it in the actions of the upper classes is not traced.
  14. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 30 January 2017 14: 53
    Despite the cries of all "human rights defenders", merkels, sodomites - the idea is correct. Claims can be made only to the order of its implementation (maybe even to the slurred text of the decree).

    Green cards should not be issued by anyone. "fighters for democracy"at the request of the CIA; supposedly discriminated gays; and other runners not from places where it’s bad, but to a place where it’s better. Otherwise, you need to collect the entire population of Sudan and all together give them green cards, because they live poorly - that's all.

    Green cards issued earlier must be checked on an individual basis for any grounds for issuing them. Illegal - void.
  15. Glory1974
    Glory1974 30 January 2017 16: 11
    Representatives of the US authorities at the border did not exactly understand how to implement the new decree. Does the law apply to persons with two passports? Does it concern green card holders? From the document it was impossible to understand.

    This suggests that the document was poorly developed. And they worked poorly, because he did the one who does not understand a damn thing in this. The document is made quickly, it is "raw".
    All this once again shows the "professionalism" of the American administration.
  16. The gentleman
    The gentleman 30 January 2017 17: 22
    How long will Trump last with such plans? Of course, he is a businessman and his plans are not in the interests of other clans of the states, but nevertheless, will they not make an artificial impeachment to remove him
  17. fa2998
    fa2998 30 January 2017 20: 59
    Quote: verb
    So, you see, and before the civil war (God forbid!)

    And what’s the problem? Why should the country accept “freeloaders?” Why didn’t they go to another Muslim country where there is no war? Surely in Germany, France and the USA it’s “better off.” They will obviously be dependent on the Americans or will compete in the low-skilled labor market .Also from an excess of time they will go to all kinds of Islamic extremists. Trump thought better of it, and Europe is still fascinated by refugees. Wait, they will soon be full! hi
  18. sds87
    sds87 30 January 2017 22: 41
    As the author of the article deftly paints Trump with black paint. The only politician who thinks about his voters, and he was immediately compared with Obama. Only an enemy to his people can invite people from a number of countries where terrorism flourishes to his country. Immediately clear and popped devils like Senator McCain and other CIA fraternity, which Trump clearly wants to push against the wall. And then there is already a state in a state. The Canadian people can only sympathize. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a rare idiot or just an enemy of his country. The example of Europe with the senile Frau Merkel, who gave way to Europe to refugees from countries filled with terrorists, like a barrel of herring, did not teach Trudeau anything. What will this wise guy do when all these "peaceful" refugees begin to terrorize the population of Canada? Will resign?
    Now, such articles on Trump’s mistakes will be published around the world often. The Clinton Democratic Family clearly forked out for the information war against Trump. And even VO columnist Oleg Chuvakin is already participating in this.
  19. demotivator
    demotivator 1 February 2017 15: 10
    Donald Trump rushed to fulfill his campaign promises ...

    And where only in a hurry? The presidential term has just begun.
  20. Prince of Pensions
    Prince of Pensions 1 February 2017 17: 02
    decree "On the protection of the country from the entry of foreign terrorists",
  21. Monk
    Monk 1 February 2017 18: 24
    Or maybe let us leave Mr. Trump alone .....? It remains only for the gophers in the fields to declare themselves agronomists, otherwise only the lazy Trump expert is not yet. With all due respect to the author, you should not, I think, go to the mainstream of "experts" around the world .... just let's wait and see. And I would like from the author analytics and the prospects of the credit and financial policy of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the answer to the question "when will the Central Bank of Russia be nationalized?"