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The British military in a panic because of the activity of the Russians at sea

Nothing like this has happened since the Cold War. The commander of the British told about the Russians on and under water fleet Admiral Sir Philip Jones.


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  1. cap
    cap 27 January 2017 13: 22
    They forgot to bow before the British fleet. Panic to health, I was worried this morning that this British Trident rocket didn’t reach our home harbor?
    "So I worry that I can’t eat" (c).
    1. Homo
      Homo 27 January 2017 14: 18
      So she kind of turned in the direction of the United States!
      1. cap
        cap 27 January 2017 15: 54
        Quote: Homo
        So she kind of turned in the direction of the United States!

        Trident is produced in the States, so I was upset that I couldn’t reach my factory. laughing
  2. LVMI1980
    LVMI1980 27 January 2017 14: 29
    Russia never attacked Britain, and their invaders were in the Crimea, and in the North, and in the Far East.
    Britain as always spoils ...