Military Review

Shoigu urged to strengthen the military group in the south

The need to strengthen the troops of the Southern Military District was noted at the meeting of the Defense Ministry board by the head of the Russian military department Sergei Shoigu. He noted that the military-political situation in the south-western strategic direction remains unstable.


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  1. Talgat
    Talgat 25 January 2017 19: 09
    Unfortunately, probably everyone will agree that the stability of the Soviet era can be forgotten

    and many threats to Russia and the entire continent are now in the west - and in the south of the west

    there is the Black Sea - where Ukraine and Crimea are where Turkey is where the Middle East and Syria are close, there are no American ships entering the Black Sea. The Caucasus is still troubled (thanks to the foreign sponsors of banditry - and the names of these countries are well known)
  2. Sergey S.
    Sergey S. 25 January 2017 20: 37
    I suppose that the Ukrainians got it ...
    And a reaction followed.
    I hope the words translate into concrete externally felt solutions.
    The solutions must be so large that they can be seen from Kiev without binoculars even at night.

    I don’t understand one thing. Status S.K. Shoigu does not intend to call ....
    He is not a deputy, and not a waste.
    He is in charge of such a force ... and in the Donbass there are so many tears ....
  3. orchestra
    orchestra 25 January 2017 21: 47
    It is necessary to strengthen everywhere. Conduct work with the population about the behavior during nuclear explosions and so on. Return the NVP to schools. It is clear and so simply that so many troops around one state are not gathering. See Fat Europe and the Negro with Genghis Khan's English hives.
  4. KAA_57
    KAA_57 25 January 2017 22: 58
    Interesting wording in the title of the article - "called". You can "call" those around you at the rally to commit voluntary and disinterested actions. An official, and even within the framework of such a strictly hierarchical structure as the army, can only order subordinates and report to his superiors. He subordinates virtually the entire army, in the chiefs - not even the prime minister, but rather the president alone. So who did he "call"?
  5. legkostup
    legkostup 25 January 2017 23: 12
    And whom did he call ?! black lord ?!