Military Review

Don in Moscow: the eighth wonder of the world defends the capital of Russia

In 2017, the modernization of the Russian missile defense system will be completed. One of its main elements is the radar "Don". For the unique characteristics and appearance of the military call it the eighth wonder of the world.


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  1. megavolt823
    megavolt823 25 January 2017 11: 37
    there’s no miracle. very effective plastering. but there are intercept rockets nearby. little is said about them. The 53Т6 missile defense system of the A-135 missile defense system hi
  2. zulusuluz
    zulusuluz 25 January 2017 15: 02
    "Semi-missiles" - Correspondents ...
  3. legkostup
    legkostup 25 January 2017 23: 11
    What pathetic nonsense!
    1. KOMA
      KOMA 26 January 2017 11: 51
      Nonsense can and pretentious, but much more reliable than your Iron Dome, which can only iron pieces thrown through the fence to intercept!
    2. Vitalson
      Vitalson 26 January 2017 11: 51
      Shaw, then in your Israel everything is numb. Justify your statement.