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Trump Era

It starts on January 20, on the day of the inauguration of US President Donald Trump. Trump himself called January 20 and the days around him "great", and in this he is absolutely right. Trump’s entry into the US Presidential Olympus is unprecedented in scale of harassment and defamation, which the American “global media” and the establishment, calling themselves “liberal-democratic”, attacked him.

Trump Era

Liberal observers predict Trump a difficult and short presidential fate, which will be cut short by either impeachment or история Like what happened in Dallas with President Kennedy, with a fatal outcome. Because the liberal-democratic press will continue its pressure on Trump, and the fearless billionaire will not be able to withstand it for long.

The stupidity or deliberate deception of the observers broadcasting about this is striking: they certainly represent Trump as a lonely “extra-systemic” troublemaker who decided to make a sort of show: to challenge the “high society” who was just lucky to be lucky in the presidential race. Recall, Trump in his campaign speeches called the Washington high society "swamp", and promised to drain it.

In the life of the president, everything can be even an assassination attempt, but Donald Trump did not accidentally become the president of the United States: in principle, such things do not happen. In addition to simple one-story America, a significant part of large American business, military and special services acted on Trump's side, the FBI played an especially important role, and managed, in general, to neutralize the CIA's anti-tramp efforts.

Rather, Trump is a representative of these significant American circles: without a decisive struggle “for Trump” of his obvious and secret supporters, the victory of Donald Trump would have been impossible. The fact that Obama and Clinton immediately after the election of 8 in November recognized Trump's victory, in fact, betraying their heated “activists,” speaks about a simple thing - they had no other choice.

Obviously, the formed Trump elite group will protect it in the future, and President Trump will represent its interests. These interests are different from “world liberal values”, they are formulated differently: “America first!” In other words, there was a clash of interests within the American elites, and this is an unprecedented event in modern American and world history. Contradictions that have accumulated in the United States during the domination of the "Washington swamp", neocon liberals and world revolutionaries who sacrificed America's interests for the victory of "democracy on a global scale", as well as the global financial backstage, reached such urgency that they split American society and the advent of Donald Trump is evidence and result of this split.

20 January with the inauguration of President Donald Trump, the United States will move to a qualitatively different state - a divided and outraged society. Trump's presidential campaign, one might say, woke America. Further, with or without Trump, the era of liberation from the liberal ideology of “world democracy”, which he opened, will continue.

“We want to see a rebellion boiling in this city and across the country,” said David Thurston, one of the activists of the January Breaking 20 movement! This is unlikely ... He can see a completely different picture after January 20: Trump has already announced investigation of hacker attacks, and the results of this investigation, and other similar investigations, can so warm up the “Washington swamp” that it boils and boils away.

John Brennan, the outgoing director of the CIA, apparently, the main organizer of the “leaks of information from the special services” discrediting Trump, advised the president (!) Trump to “follow the language” ... Probably, this “language”: “I consider it dishonest that the special services allowed disclosure information that turned out to be fiction. I say that they would have done the same in Nazi Germany ... ”Not only in Nazi Germany. Brennan, for thirty years of his service in the CIA, did so in organizing color revolutions around the world, making foreign leaders "bloody villains", and simply transferred this experience to America.

Brennan, and his activists, must answer for this to President Trump, and his comrades-in-arms, Trump has no other choice: either Brennans will arrange a color revolution in America, or the American Trump will crush them.

What happened in America? .. Vague and false "liberal democratic values", self-justifying all their sins "liberal world democracy", developed to the values ​​of Sodom and Gomorra, caused anger and outrage in American society, which Donald Trump expressed. This is not only American, but also the world trend, which is represented on the other side of the world by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Therefore, it is not by chance that the liberal world propaganda puts Trump and Putin alongside, and poisons both. Justifying this with higher considerations, the notorious revolutionary expediency, this time of “liberal-democratic”, there is supposedly no other alternative. It's a lie.

Falsified in their uncertainty, liberal values ​​can be opposed to solid, time-tested historical moral values ​​and cultural traditions that every nation has. That is, conservative moral values ​​and ideology. First - the moral values ​​of life, providing life on earth, and then the liberal "creativity".

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  1. Alena Frolovna
    Alena Frolovna 20 January 2017 13: 42
    How tired of this verbiage already. Wait and see. Moreover, this is not our country and it is not our business to understand what will happen there and what Trump should do. In the end, everything will be as the Lord pleases.
    1. potroshenko
      potroshenko 20 January 2017 13: 52
      Quote: Alena Frolovna
      Moreover, this is not our country and it is not our business to understand what will happen there and what Trump should do.

      1. Krabik
        Krabik 20 January 2017 14: 05
        The more they poison Trump the better;)
        1. Liberoid-
          Liberoid- 21 January 2017 13: 13
          Quote: Krabik
          The more they poison Trump the better;)

          But Obama ... how ...? Your kind of ...
          1. Krabik
            Krabik 21 January 2017 15: 21
            I do not read the icteric press.

            And so far we have Putin.
    2. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 20 January 2017 14: 04
      Alena, it will not be to the Lord, but to the financial elite.
      I personally think that this president will have a long term in office. He is a pure pragmatist. If it is profitable, it will go over the corpses. And in the same way - if it is profitable, it will smile and shake hands. There are no moral restrictions in big business and never existed. In big politics, however, too. But there is a screen of justice and peace. So now it will not be.
      And for many in the states, such a direct, purely commercial approach without lies would be to their liking.
      1. dzvero
        dzvero 20 January 2017 14: 51
        But the top of the United States is bifurcated. There was no such intensity of passions as after the defeat of the Clintonshe. Even when Bush "defeated" Gore, things were much more civilized.
        How Trump will behave will see in 100 days. If he begins to fulfill even half of his promises, then the world will face big changes. And not necessarily for the better ...
    3. STARCOM
      STARCOM 20 January 2017 17: 20
      Quote: Alena Frolovna
      Wait and see.

      Everything is correct and yet today there is great mourning for the shit in the world ... After such a massive harassment, Trump will clearly not be in debt and will cleanse the power of the talkers now that exists ...
      I don’t think it will be worse than Russia (if only a full-scale war from the USA)
  2. thinker
    thinker 20 January 2017 14: 00
    6 hours left before trump era drinks
    1. Deniska999
      Deniska999 20 January 2017 14: 22
      And your life will immediately change for the better?
      1. thinker
        thinker 20 January 2017 15: 05
        "The hopes of the youths are nourished, the elders are given joy ..." yes
      2. Pirate
        Pirate 20 January 2017 16: 07
        The dollar will fall, sanctions will be lifted, gas and food prices will drop, terrorists will give up, oil will rise in price, NATO will fall, wages will be raised, new plants will be built, good roads will be everywhere, crime will decrease, unemployment will be gone, corruption will disappear, everyone will stop drinking and smoking and only will start good things.
        1. krops777
          krops777 20 January 2017 16: 26
          The dollar will fall, sanctions will be lifted, gas and food prices will drop, terrorists will give up, oil will rise in price, NATO will fall, wages will be raised, new plants will be built, good roads will be everywhere, crime will decrease, unemployment will be gone, corruption will disappear, everyone will stop drinking and smoking and only will start good things.

          Be ready for the victory of communism !!! fellow
          1. Evdokim
            Evdokim 20 January 2017 17: 49
            ALWAYS READY!!! URRRAAAA FRIENDS !!! drinks wassat tongue good
      3. iouris
        iouris 21 January 2017 12: 12
        Some "sociologist" said: "The Russians have never lived as badly as under Obama." Let's hope that this is the bottom (although, "Edem das seine" - everyone has their own). To whom - the war, to whom - the mother is dear.
    2. gladcu2
      gladcu2 20 January 2017 18: 10
      Thanks to the author. Great article.

      Everything written that way is what Americans say.

      But, the author did not finish the thought correctly.

      The generic name "liberal community" has a solid financial base.
      The liberal community is an ideological foundation designed to destroy "conservative morality".

      Why? Because "conservative morality" is called upon to unite society, to destroy liberal ones.

      Why destroy society?
      The answer is money.

      Americans say there are two main "non-labor income" monsters working against their sovereignty. Those. those who get the maximum profit with the minimum cost. These are the financial sector and the pharmaceutical industry.
      The financial sector creates financial risk bubbles for depositors guaranteed by real estate depositors. Thus, without taking any responsibility. Whether a bank client fulfills his obligations or does not fulfill his obligations, the bank does not bear the risk. Thus, banks create a "product" of their development. Selling money for money.

      Well, and pharmaceuticals. Here profit from one hundred and above percent. Everything is based on lies. Allegedly, a lot of money is worth a day of research. Research is certainly not cheap, but profit still covers them significantly.

      Those. the liberals themselves are a herd of hypocrites. Shepherds must be sought.
  3. Stinger
    Stinger 20 January 2017 14: 50
    American liberals are so killed without regaining consciousness that a coup d'etat might have occurred. Or was the proletarian revolution in America that the Russian Bolsheviks talked about accomplished?
  4. verb
    verb 20 January 2017 15: 22
    I wrote and will write again: "Kozyrnoy" is unpredictable! BUT! This is a "mad trump card". And he will take revenge, not particularly bothering with the moral side and purity. And NOBODY is able to predict his behavior after the "anointing." I said everything.
  5. andrei-kovrin
    andrei-kovrin 20 January 2017 15: 28
    As practice shows: statements during the election campaign may vary. Therefore, it is better to wait for his first steps as president and to build on them. However, you can not argue with the fact that Trump has already become a kind of precedent among American presidents.
  6. demotivator
    demotivator 20 January 2017 17: 44
    Quote: Alena Frolovna
    How tired of this verbiage already.

    Do not say - trampophilia literally swept the Moscow river. On TV every day the same song - that’s Trump pryde, restore order. All these erotic dreams of Moscow bureaucrats will soon turn into bitter disappointment. For they themselves do absolutely nothing so that the country does not depend on the one chosen in other countries. Every day, listening to the official propaganda of some Kiselevosoloviev, along with Skabeeva and Sheinin on TV, where the Russian Federation supposedly already defeated everyone (and already in Syria twice already!), And led it behind it, is impossible. This is already a heavy nonsense of morons who believed in their own propaganda. Recently I saw a TV commercial in which the State Duma deputy Zheleznyak (the one with both daughters in England, and one even works in Bibisi) stated directly that the Russian Federation in the field of electronics had bypassed the United States, Japan, and left China far behind. What kind of world do they live in?
    1. zoolu300
      zoolu300 21 January 2017 00: 13
      They live in dreams that the clans of the FRS owners who support Trump will share power with them, although on the issue of the place of the Russian "oligarchy" in the global system of government (in the "parasha"), all clans of the FRS owners have full consensus.
  7. Mavrikiy
    Mavrikiy 20 January 2017 17: 54
    The author of the clever, definitely "+". Although not without caramel. "sparked anger and outrage in American society, of which Donald Trump became the spokesman." [B] [/ b]
    Trump, as the author correctly said above, was put on top, well, part of the top. And the bottom of the story is "Trump will come and put things in order." And here's how he will guide him and return the greatness of the United States ... it's all behind the fogs.
  8. Yakow
    Yakow 20 January 2017 18: 37
    Something tells me that at protest rallies we will see stubborn horses with pots on their heads ... After all, Biden didn’t just stop by the piglet for a medal.
  9. Robert Nevsky
    Robert Nevsky 20 January 2017 19: 00
    He was a plus, but for me, the author is exaggerating too much the identity of Trump ... soldier
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 20 January 2017 21: 30

      It doesn't matter how you perceive Trump.

      What matters is what Trump says. And it is important that in his own words he unties his hands to those who want improvement. Trump will do something or will not rush to do something, but after saying a few words he has already launched the processes.

      And improvements, they are associated with a new redistribution of material resources. You will not be full of spirit.

      And remember that the form of ownership of resources also indicates the form of the economic system. According to Marx.

      We will see .
  10. Angor
    Angor 20 January 2017 19: 27
    Trump This is a shark, in vain you are in a hurry to record it as a friend.
  11. iouris
    iouris 21 January 2017 12: 14
    We lived in the era of building communism, now we live in the era of Trump (if there is no choice, then - execution).
  12. 16112014nk
    16112014nk 21 January 2017 16: 29
    ... world propaganda puts Trump and Putin near ...
    How can you put next to a billionaire who made a fortune by his labor, and a KGB lieutenant colonel who "made a fortune on privatization?"