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An experimental prototype of the fifth generation fighter MiG 1.44. Infographics

The MiG 1.44 MFI (from a multifunctional front-line fighter; the series was to receive the name MiG-35) is an experimental Russian prototype of the fifth generation fighter.

The plane, on which it was planned to install engines with a thrust vectoring AL-41F, was created as a counterweight to the American F-22 fighter and exceeded its American rival in a number of characteristics. Had widespread use of stealth technology. All aircraft weapons located in the internal compartments. Covered with a special radio absorbing coating, the keels of the aircraft were designed by a special method of curved surfaces, significantly reducing the EPR of the aircraft.


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  1. cap
    cap 15 January 2017 10: 30
    The plane on which planned to install ....... for a number of characteristics excelled his American rival. Had widespread use ..... All aircraft weapons was located ...... Covered....... significantly reducing the EPR of the aircraft.

    And where is it all now? The opinion of specialists is interesting.
    1. commandos70
      commandos70 15 January 2017 10: 42
      totally agree with you
  2. svp67
    svp67 15 January 2017 12: 55
    the keels of the aircraft were designed in a special way of curved surfaces, significantly reducing the EPR of the aircraft.
    And it was built according to the "duck" scheme, which a priori has a large EPR ... somehow strange
  3. alexx-fenix
    alexx-fenix 15 January 2017 13: 18
    somehow it is very similar to Chengdu J-20. It seems that someone stole something from someone :)
    1. Observer2014
      Observer2014 15 January 2017 13: 42
      somehow it is very similar to Chengdu J-20. It seems someone stole something from someone
      Guess from the first time who "stole" from whom and for what laughing
      This aircraft repeated the fate of the first SU27 variants. Now we have the T50 in the series. Do you feel the difference !?
  4. mr.redpartizan
    mr.redpartizan 15 January 2017 13: 22
    Mig 1.44 remained at the prototype level without avionics and weapons. He was very far from the real standard, and the requirement to reduce the EPR buried the project completely. Fifth generation aircraft should not have PGO, and air intakes should have an S-shape, otherwise the radar beam will be reflected from the engine compressor blades. PAK FA will not be worse in terms of performance characteristics when the product 30 is not delivered to it.
    1. snc
      snc 16 January 2017 12: 07
      PGO and keel can be completely composite. Why do you think that there were no S-shaped channels at 1.44? The project was developed back in the days of the Union on the basis of a multilateral system analysis of the appearance of the future machine. In the 2000s, Air Force requirements could change of course, but the big question is the quality of these new requirements. Practice shows that a systematic approach to the development and procurement of weapons in the post-Soviet era is largely lost. A good example is Mistral and a competition for a machine for a Warrior.
      At the same T-50, for example, sticking out engine nacelles for me, which in theory are an excellent corner reflector, confuse me. But the designers, I think, are not dumber than us and they had reasons to do just that. So, I think that criticism 1.44 should be approached more restrainedly. In any case, digging this project into the ground and starting everything from scratch was criminal. This threw us back for at least 10 years. In the end, from 1.44 would have been a great replacement for the MiG-31.
  5. voliador
    voliador 15 January 2017 21: 57
    What, after extorting competitors at one time?
  6. Diviz
    Diviz 15 January 2017 22: 38
    expand slightly so that the cabin is between the engines and not above them. And in its stratosphere 40 m and a small range I would like more. in principle, it already turned out that 000. Then we are waiting for new engines. and there is already geometry.
  7. ooooboy
    ooooboy 17 January 2017 07: 31
    How an aluminum airplane can reach speeds of 3 km / h. Dear, something tells me that this aircraft will collapse before it reaches such a high flight speed.