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As the nation disappears. Secrets of degenerative diplomacy

As the nation disappears. Secrets of degenerative diplomacy

Kiev again beats in hysterics. This phrase has long been a kind of slogan for both the foreign and domestic policies of the Poroshenko team, and the whole situation in Ukraine as a whole. The crazy patriotic booth in almost Europe has been going on for the third year in a row and the deeper the country sinks into the swamp, the higher the level of absurdity and insanity of its rulers.

But no matter how idiotic many (yes almost all) decisions of the Kiev elite look, a certain amount of cruel and cynical logic is still present in daily jumps.

I would like to leave a couple of comments about the latest “demographic panic” in Kiev and try to link it with the “ingenious strategic steps” of Kiev diplomats on the foreign policy front.

As it is known, many overly authorized metropolitan balabols and yesterday's racers of Maidan raised an impressive information wave about the critical depopulation of Ukraine. Roughly speaking, the country is rapidly dying out, and its immediate killers are plaintively squealing about a serious leak of a living resource.

The first violin was “pulled” by the notorious Borislav Bereza, the former leader of the “Right Sector” (banned in the Russian Federation), and now the people's deputy and the same ardent nationalist and extremist. A clown with a swastika instead of a red nose indignantly lamented the catastrophically high level of emigration and cited the burning history with a teenager, met in a cafe, who seriously and convincingly persuaded his mother to move to Poland.

For Ukraine has no future. Birch raised a serious high on social networks, fearingly declaring that with such sentiments of recent revolutionaries, soon there will simply be no one to feed the country, as ever more or less adequate population dumps abroad with amazing speed in search of a better life.

Aria “What shall we do now for the poor” was continued in the Cabinet of Ministers. Mr. Groysman in his report on the work of the government only casually complained about the exodus of the most likely wrong patriots, but he angrily promised to eliminate total unemployment in the country, destroying the parasites themselves (some kind of Vinnitsa Hitler in miniature). But his subordinate, Minister of Social Policy, Andrei Reva, after the boss’s speech, already described in more detail the problem of mass emigration and the actual destruction of thousands of jobs.

Ruslan Bortnik, a more or less adequate expert, director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management, put a bold point in the demographic question during his press conference in Kiev. The political scientist reminded the audience that only last year more than a million people left Ukraine and the rapid depopulation is growing exponentially. Now, according to a special UN commission, the country is losing 80 people per hour. In this regard, the “prosperous” state of Poroshenko has long surpassed even the warring Syria and some endangered African countries.

Such statements often shake the Ukrainian air and surprise no one. Just recently, isolated attacks merge into a many-voiced chorus and, instead of anger, they transmit more and more fear and outright panic. The revolutionaries lose their seemingly qualitatively bridled slaves and howl at the moon in impotent rage.

And on this very background, Kiev’s completely idiotic diplomacy is acquiring new colors. The crazy idea with the visa regime with Russia has been discussed for the third year already and is not only a geek of official nationalist propaganda, but also a tool for preventing a demographic catastrophe.

According to official data, one and a half million Ukrainians have already left the Russian Federation, while the real figures are three times larger and mercilessly beat the ambition of the reformers that are running around. Poroshenko, on the one hand, wants to close another loophole for his citizens, but he cannot physically do this, for millions of rubles earned by migrants somehow support the dying economy and replenish his own pocket.

The fact that Kiev politicians cannot afford to do on the eastern border for many reasons, they do great in the West. And in this "operation" it does not smell like propaganda. Diplomats of “Square” systematically pursue a policy of isolation with the European Union, hiding behind idiotic slogans and ultimately starting from the opposite. Although the logic in this behavior is also seen only up to a certain point. Why so hard to spoil relations with the same Poland, if a little more than a million Ukrainians regularly send zloty home?

After all, only in 2016, the year Klimkin and the company managed to put a fat pig on their own breadwinners to migrant workers, all because of the same Nazi ideology. The reformers dug up to the point that Ukrainian migrants gently survive from Poland with the help of European Parliament bills and 2017 might be the last for many hard workers abroad. So does Kiev with all European partners and frankly climbs on the rampage.

One has only to recall the recent excesses with the potential French President Marine Le Pen, or even any scandal with European deputies visiting the Crimea. After all, each of his scream and idiotic demarche Poroshenko’s toy diplomats close another loophole for their fugitives. Not right now, so in perspective. And they cover up all their truly isolationist inadequate tales of the visa-free regime, in which no one on Bankova initially never believed, using the European dream as a tasty bait for an obedient herd.

In such a behavior of supposedly mediocre diplomats, one can see some evil logic of the dictator of the slave owner. In order to stop the flow of fugitives, Poroshenko gradually closes Europe for them and also aggravates the situation with Russia. 2017 year will be extremely critical for the regime, and in an attempt to keep power in their hands, the Kiev elite can decide on martial law or on the same visa regime with the Russian Federation. Then the last saving door will be shut before the Ukrainians, and the country will turn into a real concentration camp.

The Ukrainian nation, about which patriotic populists perpetrate it so much, has not passed the test of time and is beating in its death agony, rapidly falling apart. In appearance, degenerative diplomacy is trying to prolong the existence of the originally stillborn project for the sake of full-fledged saturation.

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  1. parusnik
    parusnik 13 January 2017 15: 14
    Report from the madhouse ... some kind of not real reality .. 404 countries
    1. One of you
      One of you 13 January 2017 16: 09
      I would not call Ukraine so recklessly, however, as well as accept the Author's complaints about the "destructive policy" of the Kiev junta in relation to the country's population.
      If we recognize that the entire Kiev elite, including senior government officials, deputies and oligarchs, are the guides of Western curators, then in this case we must admit the indisputable fact that these guides quite successfully carry out the work entrusted to them.
      As one local (Ukrainian) expert put it, Ukraine is moving in the direction of three "Ds" - deindustrialization, depopulation and moronization, i.e. what we see with our own eyes.
      So everything is going according to the plan of the overseas "partners", and by the way, not only in Ukraine.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 13 January 2017 18: 11
        We, the Buryats cannot understand the mysterious Slavic-Ukrainian soul. In vain slander Kiev policy.
        They will dig one more sea and open a direct path to China. That trade will trample
        1. vlad66
          vlad66 13 January 2017 19: 04
          Quote: antivirus
          They will dig one more sea and open a direct path to China. That trade will trample

          While they were moving to Poland and to us, yesterday one stuffed animal wanted to hold a parade on Red Square,
        2. German1314
          German1314 13 January 2017 22: 08
          I agree with the Buryats[media = http: //]
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 15 January 2017 21: 05
      Reporting from the madhouse ... some kind of not real reality.

      It’s a very real reality. Ukrainians are not aware that they are under the external control of the FSA, what kind of independence are we talking about when there are so many foreigners in the government, and even wanted in their countries for criminal offenses?
      Ukrainians, even those whose profession is to defend Ukraine, will not understand that the FSA is waging a hybrid war against Ukraine in order to use Ukrainians as cannon fat. Judge for yourself:
      The economy is ruined, the civil war. The last two years, 150 thousand more die than are born. And here is the latest data:
      Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management, said that Ukraine loses 80 of its citizens every hour. This is reported by Rambler / News with reference to the "Politnavigator" Next:
      = news & utm_medium = read_more & utm_source = copylink
      As of 01.01.16, the population of Ukraine without ATO and Crimea is 36 million, and not 43, as in 2013.

      2017 will be extremely critical for the regime, and in an attempt to keep power in their hands, the Kiev elite can decide on martial law or the same visa regime with the Russian Federation. Then the last saving door will be slammed in front of the Ukrainians, and the country will turn into a real concentration camp.
  2. Basil50
    Basil50 13 January 2017 15: 54
    I don’t feel like joking and I don’t take this topic seriously. Maidan horses and their ideological breadwinners today pretend that they were planning something else, not at all what they got. So soon, poems about the fact that * we were always brothers * will appear about the girl who wants to go to RUSSIA in shorts. But just for all this there will be a demand for a prosperous life and for one’s own attitude towards RUSSIA and RUSSIAN people. Absolutely in the spirit of Lukashenko. When they live on * fraternal * help, they reproach it with the same help.
    1. Reserve officer
      Reserve officer 13 January 2017 16: 46
      What a joke. The West needs a territory in the center of Europe, free from the population. Everything goes according to plan.
      1. Ulan
        Ulan 13 January 2017 19: 20
        Moreover, a very good area, with a good climate, good land, and with access to the sea.
        Ukrainians there are clearly superfluous from the point of view of the West.
    2. Ulan
      Ulan 13 January 2017 19: 26
      Repeatedly read the opinion that Ukraine is now in the process of completing the collapse of the USSR.
      Very reminiscent of the nineties Russia.
      This process went through all the republics of the USSR, but for some reason decided that it could avoid it.
      In a country cobbled together from different pieces, this was inevitable. It’s just that Ukraine was a bit delayed
      There was only Belarus left, God grant them wisdom, to avoid this.
    3. antivirus
      antivirus 13 January 2017 23: 37
      I wrote jokes about Ukriya. and there the mentality is changing, really other people do not grow up, "mature" in 3-5 maybe 7 years. Deindustrialization - I bought a brick, built a house and went to work, like the Balts around the world, to pay off the loan. The country is empty, but rich private estates - with a straight line. veche democracy. "Who shouted louder" his idea.
      Will they be able to bend the world for themselves?
      Live in one community, and not every year on different "earnings"?
      is there a "long will"? except for "moskalyaku on g ..."?
      stubbornly as it should be for the peasants, from year to year (conventionally, like the Chinese) to build something long-term, without mistakes --- "measure seven times and measure for the eighth time, and cut it off once, and cut it off for the ninth time" - otherwise life wasted?
  3. Baloo
    Baloo 13 January 2017 16: 05
    In appearance, degenerative diplomacy is trying to the last to extend the existence of an initially stillborn project for the sake of full saturation.
    I think the goal of the FSA hybrid war against Ukraine has been partially achieved: the destruction of the economy and the civil war have already led to a decrease in the population of Ukraine to 36 million as of 01.01.16. The mortality rate of the last 2 years exceeds the birth rate by 150 thousand per year. In 2017, the moratorium on the sale of land to foreigners ends. Even Tymoshenko began to whine about this. Judge for yourself, 500 euros per hectare of chernozem is ten times cheaper for the worst land in geyrop.
    Here is the latest information:
    Ruslan Bortnik, director of the Ukrainian Institute for Policy Analysis and Management, said that Ukraine loses 80 of its citizens every hour. This is reported by Rambler / News with reference to the "Politnavigator" Next:
    = news & utm_medium = read_more & utm_source = copylink
  4. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 13 January 2017 16: 09
    Yes, and to hell with her. With that Ukraine. And at the same time with all the visas combined. Here with my sanctions I have enough bunts.
    1. One of you
      One of you 13 January 2017 16: 17
      They don’t say that about neighbors, much less about relatives.
      1. Nyrobsky
        Nyrobsky 13 January 2017 19: 27
        Quote: One of You
        They don’t say that about neighbors, much less about relatives.

        Well, you know, if a neighbor on the site, Bukharik is a brawler, then it is unlikely that something decent can be said about him. It is necessary either to evict, or to encode and look afterwards, so that I could not go anywhere. Here, dill, it seems like sobering began to take shape, but to realize the need for encoding from Maidan, it is still very far away. Previously, 5-6 thousand Natsiks marched in honor of Bandera’s birthday, 3 thousand in the year before last, and about 1 thousand stubborn in this year. Smaller but come out. That's when they start to peel them on all the gates, then we can assume that they began to recover.
        1. One of you
          One of you 13 January 2017 19: 44
          Quote - "Well, you know, if a neighbor on the site is a brawler, then you can hardly say anything decent about him ...."

          You see, even if a neighbor is a bukharik, you still will not dismiss him, because he is here, behind the wall, and you are separated only by the landing. The easiest way is to send him to hell, but this will not solve the problem, so you need to look for another way, given that there are 45 million neighbors and relatives.
          1. nnz226
            nnz226 14 January 2017 19: 38
            45 million not relatives, but parasites! They were brought up like that in 25 years of independence ... Just give-give-give! And don't talk about hardworking Ukrainians! They are hardworking only in their own yard with their pigs, and then - "my hut is on the edge"! And several thousand MayDowns rode on Maiden, and the remaining millions looked at it, and did not spit on them for jumping. Only Crimea and Donbass opposed! What happened next is known! So with such neighbors ... it's good that they are building a fence, they will not burst into our "door on a common staircase"!
  5. cedar
    cedar 13 January 2017 17: 09
    Quote: parusnik
    Report from the madhouse ... some kind of not real reality .. 404 countries

    Not real reality, that's right ...
    The country is turned into a madhouse, this is also true ...
    Degeneration at its peak ... yes. And this is not the end ...
    The author of some kind of test of time, some nation stuttered, BUT forgot to say the main thing, there is a destruction of Man by means of the destruction of Humanity in him, around the world. Ukraine is a testing ground where such satanic technologies are applied to the Slavs. This invasion is a hundred times worse than Hitler's.
    This exhibition of the dead lasted in Kiev for six months! How many youth, children went through this ..?!

    Netishyn, Ukraine

    So the nation disappears!
    And if someone thinks that everything will end with Ukraine ... he goes.
    See the root.
    1. antivirus
      antivirus 13 January 2017 18: 14
      you can immediately see the girls love their native chernozem and what? will raise agricultural production !!
    2. Baloo
      Baloo 15 January 2017 22: 07
      Disgusting sight. And these are their achievements, did their mom and dad teach this? fool
  6. captain
    captain 13 January 2017 17: 24
    Ukraine in its present form was created by the Bolsheviks. In the 20 century, they presented to the Ukrainian nationalists the lands of Russia, specifically part of Slobozhanshchina, most of New Russia, part of the land of the Don Cossack Troops, Crimea. During the years of Soviet power, they conducted several stages of Ukrainization (the most interesting thing is, if you did not pass the exams in the Ukrainian language, you only have a place in that life at the lower level of society). They brought up Russophobia, including among Russians living in Ukraine. Now the political instructors are yelling about Bandera and their Nazi activities in Ukraine. And who is to blame? Austrians, Germans, Americans or Jews? The Bolshevik-Leninists are to blame for this. These were wild Russophobes, which led to the collapse of the great country of Russia.
    1. One of you
      One of you 13 January 2017 17: 37
      Yes, if we evaluate the activities of the Bolsheviks and their successors in the cause of the Communists in this perspective, we must admit that they themselves dug up the grave of their country with their own hands.
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 13 January 2017 18: 18
        Who is reviving the country now, and not finishing off the rural settlements of the Russian north and not the black earth? Where is the settlement of Altai and Siberia?
    2. murriou
      murriou 13 January 2017 18: 29
      Oh, rotmister, whom I see! Another of the bakers, quietly escaping from the topic at the slightest contact in the real facts of history! laughing

      Nothing so that Russophobia in Ukraine was brought up 25 years after the collapse of the USSR, and, therefore, not the Bolsheviks?
      Nothing so that in the USSR the borders of the national republic were an insignificant formality?

      Quote: captain
      These were wild Russophobes, which led to the collapse of the great country of Russia.

      Did the Bolsheviks unbalance the funds allocated by the Russian state to strengthen the army and navy? No, the tsarist high officials did this, starting with members of the imperial family.

      Did the Bolsheviks lose the Russian-Japanese war to smithereens? No, this was done by the tsarist generals and admirals, who did not bear any responsibility for this.

      The Bolsheviks began WWI with crushing defeats from the Germans, who were greatly outnumbered, and until the very end carried out it in about the same spirit? No, this was done by about the same "geniuses" who were doing this in the RYaV.

      But for the bakers, the Bolsheviks are to blame for everything, not His Imperial Nothingness with his mediocre and unscrupulous subordinates.
      The ideal for crystal bakers is Stolypin, who in 5 years failed with his policy of reforms, and the "dropout" for them is Stalin, who in the same 5 years achieved amazing and unprecedented successes in tsarist Russia throughout its history.

      Well, you yourself understood who you are after that, right? lol
      1. SevaNikolaev
        SevaNikolaev 14 January 2017 00: 02
        Type in a search engine - Ukrainization in the early years of Soviet power, and read the press of those years. I was "delighted" with the ODESSA rag calling for the dismissal of employees who did not learn the Ukrainian language and subject them to persecution, and this is all the 20s.
        Ukrainization went where Ukraine did not even smell until the 17th year.
        1. SevaNikolaev
          SevaNikolaev 14 January 2017 00: 09

          it's about Odessa.
      2. captain
        captain 14 January 2017 14: 14
        Oooh, murriou, Trotsky’s younger brother, well, a real political scientist !!! The Russians lost the Russo-Japanese war !!! And who organized strikes on the Trans-Siberian? Maybe tsarist generals or bros from the Bolsheviks? Who organized the revolution in 1904-5 and recently discovered the opportunity to transfer the best units to the Far East? And who in World War I campaigned bayonets into the ground, not like you followers and relatives of Trotsky and Lenin? And the last question, but what money did all this work for? Maybe for your party contributions or for the money of some sponsors? and what kind of cones in London did the organizing congress of the RSDLP take place? Just the golden dream of Europe (read Danilevsky) to ruin Russia on it and was laid. Wow you are a parasite on the ridge of the Russian people.
        1. murriou
          murriou 14 January 2017 15: 57
          Quote: captain
          The Russians lost the Russo-Japanese war !!! And who organized strikes on the Trans-Siberian?

          Oh, rrotmistr, did you get bold? lol

          Have you forgotten the bashing you asked about the topics from which you ran away silently, without having a decent answer to your questions, even repeated ones?

          You found evidence of the existence of Russian statehood in 517. AD, about which they managed to lie before? laughing

          You do not realize that I can recall other questions that you did not answer earlier, and ask them again, before you even run away from here? lol

          Now for the answers you "forgotten" again to your all the same questions.
          WHEN were there strikes on the Trans-Siberian Railway?
          WHEN were the revolutionary events of the first Russian revolution?
          WHAT revolutionary events do you know in 1904 about which you are Lying about?
          WHEN was Port Arthur delivered?
          WHEN were most of the main battles of the REV lost?
          What kind of Russian victories can you name for the entire RVE, well, even one?
          Why did the Russian losses find themselves in the vast majority of battles of the REV many times more than the Japanese, despite the fact that the Japanese attacked almost all the time and the Russians defended?

          Once again, we are trying to wait for your answers, or will you again run away in English, as is typical for "Russian patriots" when faced with the real facts of Russian history? lol
  7. 1536
    1536 13 January 2017 18: 42
    Ukrainians vote with their feet. But what will they bring to where they leave?
    CYBERNINJA 13 January 2017 18: 47
    Hybrid genocide is worse than ISIS
  9. iouris
    iouris 13 January 2017 19: 46
    The indigenous population of Russian Ukraine is Little Russians and Great Russians. There is no Ukrainian nation. There are degrading Soviet people.
  10. salamandra2826
    salamandra2826 13 January 2017 23: 42
    “Why so diligently spoil relations with Poland, if a little more than a million Ukrainians regularly send zlotys to their homeland?” And what, isn't it in Poland not the euro? I read something like this about Hungarian forints. I DO NOT UNIMINATE that they walk in parallel?
    1. kapitan92
      kapitan92 14 January 2017 00: 44
      Quote: salamandra2826
      'Isn't it the euro in Poland? I read similar about Hungarian forints. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND that they walk in parallel?

      Being in the EU and the Eurozone is not the same thing! In Bulgaria the lion, in Poland the zloty, in Hungary the forint, in the Czech Republic the koruna, the UK pound. All countries of the European Union have the right to enter the eurozone if they wish. They do not go in parallel, in the central markets only the office. currency, small "shopkeepers" can solve all the issues, except (Great Britain). hi
  11. verb
    verb 14 January 2017 00: 47
    Yes, already tired of: Ukraine, Ukrainians, the Ukrainian nation ... Yes, there was not and there is nothing of this, neither a country under the name of Ukraine, nor a nation ... There are Ukrainians with a great idea - "My hut is on the edge!" Not a single nation, nationality, nationality there is no such openly selfish slogan.
    "And after us, even a flood" - this is the slogan of the great ukrov. And in addition, I will say-modern! I do not respect you, and you can delete my comment, you are only good for this. But I said what I think. Big hello to everyone and Happy Old New Year!
  12. krops777
    krops777 14 January 2017 03: 39
    The Ukrainian nation, about which the populist patriots are so screaming, has not passed the test of time and is struggling in death agony, rapidly crumbling to pieces.

    The nation of Little Russians will exist for a long time, their identity is still too great, for it to cease to exist, at least one more condition is needed, a mixture of peoples of different nations and cultures (this process has been fully launched in Europe), this has not yet been observed, but the fact that it is turning into a bestial, in every sense of the word, nation is for sure.
  13. Niccola Mack
    Niccola Mack 14 January 2017 09: 07
    Apparently - Ukraine is rapidly breaking up into education!
    And most likely we will have the most headaches from this decay!
  14. Mel Vlad
    Mel Vlad 14 January 2017 10: 12
    for some reason Ukrainians do not mind.
  15. neoshef
    neoshef 14 January 2017 12: 34
    The policy of Kiev in general does not lend itself to any logic. Regression in everything. From economics to brains.
    1. murriou
      murriou 14 January 2017 16: 01
      The logic of such "mysterious" policies is simple to the point of primitiveness:
      1. Persons leading this policy are not independent.
      2. They do not work for the country that they rule, and do not care about its prosperity.
      3. Personal selfish interests for them in the first place, the interests of their country and people, as it were, in the last.

      Our dear government is often just as "mysterious" for exactly the same reasons.
      1. iouris
        iouris 14 January 2017 19: 00
        Quote: murriou
        The logic of such "mysterious" policies is simple

        this simplicity is worse than theft: the destruction of one's own population by hybrid methods (sometimes someone is to blame, but it is proven, and sometimes - "it happened", no one is to blame).
  16. iouris
    iouris 14 January 2017 18: 57
    Ator, why is Belarus in the photo?
  17. Vitukha
    Vitukha 15 January 2017 04: 14

    Such a moment when the forest is not visible from behind the tree
  18. vetor
    vetor 16 January 2017 13: 48
    Yatsenyuk is to blame for the poorly built a visa regime, and the sons of Maidan will clearly return.