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However, hello!

The convulsive activity of the outgoing President Obama, who is stamping out psychedelic decrees, has as its task not only to spoil the next president as much as possible, but also to block the normalization of relations with Russia announced by Trump.

In this context, a crazy idea to arrange an indicative, directly punitive cyber attack on us can be translated into reality. Although, for example, a ban on US companies from drilling the American Arctic shelf is pure shitty.

“You'll see, from the day Trump begins to cancel all these presidential decrees, it will be like a deflated balloon, like that.” Obama's legacy will shrink to 10-15% of everything he has done. Everything else will disappear in a year, ”former New House Ginrich, the former speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress, said on Fox News TV.

From the m / f "Winnie the Pooh and all-all-all":
- Enters! - says Piglet.
- And out! - says donkey Eeyore.

The donkey is, by the way, the symbol of the democrats. Newt Gingrich, a true mastodon of republican politics, sees no serious obstacles to the implementation of Trump’s plans in the Senate and Congress. In general, the pre-election, and even more post-election paranoia, demonstrated by the Clinton-Obama team, plays into Trump's hands. Trump, with all his might, was portrayed as an outcast with no political experience. However, Obama, in the literal sense of marginal hysteria, stimulates the rapprochement with the Trump team of just such mastodons, undoubtedly authoritative in American politics.

A number of Western publications at the same time reported that Henry Kissinger is preparing a rapprochement program for Russia for Trump. The publication "Politiko" recalls how the legendary international mediator met Putin in 90. “I'm from intelligence,” Putin admitted to Kissinger. To which he replied: “All decent people started in intelligence. I, too".

“He is a character from Dostoevsky. And he is a man with a great sense of connection with history Russia, the way he sees it. And he is cold-bloodedly prudent with regard to Russian national interests, in the form in which he perceives them, and which, he believes - probably correctly - are very special. Because as a result of the collapse of communism, Russia lost approximately 300 years of its history. So the question of what Russia is is of great importance to them, ”said Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger is a realist, just like Trump, for whom it is not ideological chimeras that matter, but a balance of interests. By the way, they say it was Kissinger who recommended Rex Tillerson, the head of Exxon, to the State Secretary. And such a recommendation practically nullifies claims against Tillerson as a person who does not have foreign policy experience.

One of the candidates for the post of ambassador in Moscow, the German Bild, calls Thomas Graham - the man Kissinger, who headed the Russian direction in the State Department and the National Security Council under Clinton and both Bushs. “According to the analysis conducted for the European special services, which is based on information from the Trump team, the new US president is seeking to lift sanctions on Russia“ on the advice of Kissinger, ”the newspaper writes. In addition, Kissinger allegedly recommended “giving in” to Russia the sphere of influence in the territories of the former Soviet republics.

What neither Kissinger nor Trump will definitely never do is intentionally, “into paddle,” as Obama, who has broken the chain, does harm to American interests. Repeat, for Trump, as for Kissinger, and certainly, no doubt, for Tillerson, politics is a balance of interests. And they will fiercely defend American interests, as they understand it. And they understand this as a balance of power. What forces, such and balance. This is a language in which we can and are ready to speak.

From x / f "12 chairs":
- Did I bruise you during the last meeting?
- No, why. It was very nice to meet.

With the new balance of interests coming you! However, goodbye!

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  1. Same lech
    Same lech 29 December 2016 06: 42
    Obama left behind a scorched desert in relations between the United States and Russia ... hehe he Nobel Peace Laureate.
    Let's see if TRUMP can change anything here.
    1. Mavrikiy
      Mavrikiy 29 December 2016 18: 05
      Quote: The same Lech
      Obama left behind a scorched desert in relations between the United States and Russia ... hehe he Nobel Peace Laureate.
      Let's see if TRUMP can change anything here.

      Yes, here is simple. In the ashes, everything grows and spikes. Seeing your life experience is not enough, since doubts. Nettle-quinoa. And fire, and melliferous ...
      Simply, Trump came not just to establish relationships, but to bargain. And here are the logical blows of whom? ...... Obama! For every pebble from our boot they will demand and will demand well. And you have to give, otherwise you will not step. (Trump, Obama ...... there was a serpent-gorynich about three heads, somewhere else the head hangs)
    2. 97110
      97110 30 December 2016 21: 24
      Quote: The same LYOKHA
      Let's see if TRUMP can change anything here.

      In usa, a rule-of-law state with strong democratic traditions. To enrich them with even stronger ancient Roman traditions to Trump, I believe, can do it. The Roman consuls, constituting the authorities, were immediately prosecuted by vigilant Roman citizens, who had prepared during the consulate a daddy (drawer, bag) of documents of great accusatory power, backed up by witness testimonies of professional witnesses and predictions of professional foretellers. Trump has all this and all these. And the maxim diligently pulls his mustache, so as not to forget what of daddy ...
  2. Banishing liberoids
    Banishing liberoids 29 December 2016 07: 13
    No gentlemen, everything is not so simple - Obama not just suddenly began to sign seemingly senseless decrees and orders, this is part of a gigantic political game, and Trump is clearly involved in it. The purpose of this scam is a "good cop" giving candy to a child, and before that there was "evil policeman" who took away toys from a gullible child, and did not let anyone be friends with him.
    1. Evdokim
      Evdokim 29 December 2016 07: 34
      And then the super-duper Trump with a Hollywood smile stretches his hand towards us, we fall into a trance of happiness, thanks to him, along with boiling water, hangs from all the cracks. In short, happy end. wassat
    2. Same lech
      Same lech 29 December 2016 07: 39
      taking away toys from a gullible child, and not letting anyone be friends with him.

      They will bargain ... nothing personal ... this is a business.

      Old as the world. smile
    3. Winnie76
      Winnie76 29 December 2016 08: 27
      Quote: Exorcist Liberoids
      not just so suddenly began to sign seemingly meaningless decrees and orders, this is part of a gigantic political game

      And behind all this are the Zionists, the world government and the Hrenderberg club, yes the Exile?
      1. Banishing liberoids
        Banishing liberoids 29 December 2016 08: 34
        Winnie 76-no, behind all this is Winnie76 belay
    4. Barbulator
      Barbulator 29 December 2016 08: 33
      All this has already happened ... Time will pass, passions will settle down, Obama will find a suitable palm for himself, settle down there, put his nerves and head in order, and slowly everyone will forget about him, except for the Nobel Committee. Will wait.
    5. gladcu2
      gladcu2 29 December 2016 17: 54
      I don’t think the game is a good and bad cop.

      If Kissinger allows you to behave like that, it says that fluffy has crept close to the USA. I remind you that Kissinger is the conductor of world geopolitics.
      You may not believe, you can check. The United States has huge external and internal debt, which they cannot and cannot reduce. This duty is the direct inheritance of an obsolete economic system, capitalism. And Trump, this is the result of an awareness of reality.

      The fact that political warming will take place with Russia is dictated not by the desire, but not by the possibility of continuing the previous policy.

      The United States will have to rebuild its economy with fierce government administrative pressure. Unless, of course, Trump, someone does not shoot. By the way, there are already choosing dates on the forums, how much Trump is left. If D. Trump finds another Oswald, of course, a former KGB agent. That world will receive a third world. Therefore, we pray, brothers and sisters.

      And what is possible, we quickly recall the history of the United States.
  3. rotmistr60
    rotmistr60 29 December 2016 08: 13
    But will it be cold or hot for us if Trump really cancels some decrees (not laws, the procedure is much more complicated here) adopted by Obama in the last month? Therefore, arguing about something is premature now. It will be necessary at least three months to look at the work of Trump President.
    1. Lelek
      Lelek 29 December 2016 11: 11
      Quote: rotmistr60
      And we will be cold or hot if Trump really cancels some decrees

      hi and with the upcoming.
      Trump is a 100% American and will act in the interests of his country, both internally and externally. Expecting some cardinal changes in relations between the US and Russia is to fool yourself. We need to calmly and thoughtfully build our own policy (not against someone, but for Russia) with the main emphasis on raising our own economy and solving internal problems. If the United States after 20.01.2017 will make constructive contact with the Russian Federation, well then - welcome. yes
      1. rotmistr60
        rotmistr60 29 December 2016 11: 16
        That's what I'm talking about. And with the upcoming hi
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 29 December 2016 18: 42
          Quote: rotmistr60
          And with the upcoming

      2. gladcu2
        gladcu2 29 December 2016 19: 42

        One may ask, where did you see the oligarchs acting in the interests of their country?

        Under capitalism at the stage of imperialism, capital has no nationality.

        The following can be said about Trump.

        The first one. It came or explained, the realization is not the possibility of extending the existence of a real economic system. If the system can be saved, then a strong correction is needed. Well, read the classics of Marxism-Leninism and correct something. After all, the classics did absolutely no harm to anyone.

        The second one. No awareness has come. As president, a person came to want to create his own business empire with a new quality.

        We look, observe, learn.
        1. Lelek
          Lelek 30 December 2016 00: 53
          Quote: gladcu2
          The following can be said about Trump.

          In addition to everything you said, he is also the elected president of the country. And this position is very much obligatory. So business is business, and its main occupation for the term of government will be state affairs.
          1. gladcu2
            gladcu2 30 December 2016 16: 07

            They are not born president, they become president. And this means serious personal participation in the formation. Efforts will be required to show independence.

            As with Trump, we hope so. As a person, a person, Trump has evolved well.

            And very carefully, the following warning should be noted. Any president makes his guard.

            Trump, with this, is beautiful and not cheap. With a deep difference from the previous president, who by no means can boast of independence in decision-making.
            1. 97110
              97110 30 December 2016 21: 33
              Quote: gladcu2
              Trump, with this, is beautiful and not cheap. With a deep difference from the previous president, who by no means can boast of independence in decision-making.

              I read both of your comments. I agree with each paragraph, I received a real pleasure. Holiday greetings!
    2. Amurets
      Amurets 29 December 2016 14: 12
      Quote: rotmistr60
      It will be necessary at least three months to look at the work of Trump President.

      If I correct you, then the first 100 days. But unfortunately, we may or may not see the first results of Trump’s reign. We do not know what other mucks Obama can arrange, but a New Year’s wish: that the Qatari and Saudi banks in which Obama and Clinton keep their money collapsed.
  4. Knizhnik
    Knizhnik 29 December 2016 10: 36
    Some are already calling on the US to abandon the "policy of intervention." But not because they are so good, but because in the current realities it does not bring benefits.
    CYBERNINJA 29 December 2016 19: 07
    And I would not be surprised if Trump, unlike Bill Clinton, who was engaged in the wrong things in the "Oval Office", will allow himself ... To nag those who disagree and "screw up" not with a feather, but with a club ...
  6. vsoltan
    vsoltan 29 December 2016 21: 45
    And I have a question for the VO Administration. ... why, Gospola, are you so fond of publishing Leontiev's "revelations"? Strong expert? Often it’s nonsense. For the amusement of the public? So I also proposed to publish horoscopes and anecdotes already. .. For the sake of Gazprom? Who is funding the site?
    1. gladcu2
      gladcu2 30 December 2016 16: 17

      Nonsense, not nonsense, this should be presented in the format of evidence.

      This undoubtedly interesting article expresses an opinion that may not be true. There are many analysts. There are about 20 known. Accordingly, opinions that are not true may be about 20 as well.
      And the fact that my statement is true comes from the principle that only one can be a true opinion. If it is.

      It’s like the truth, which is one. Two truths do not exist. Tolerance is not appropriate and harmful.

      Sorry for the complexity of the explanation. Something Friday inspired ...