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In St. Petersburg, completed collections hydrographs of the Russian Navy

In St. Petersburg were collected hydrographs of the Navy, reports RIA News message of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

It is noted that “the chiefs of the hydrographic services of the Northern, Pacific, Black Sea, Baltic Fleets and the Caspian took part in the collections flotillaas well as the heads of 15 hydrographic regions, the heads of lighthouse services, students of the Arctic faculty of the State University of the Sea and River Fleet named after S.O. Makarova. "

“At the training camps, the report of the Head of the Hydrographic Service of the Baltic Fleet, Captain 1 of the rank of Andrei Anisin, was presented for the first time on the results of the Antarctic campaign (6 November 2015 - 15 April 2016) of the naval research ship Admiral Vladimirsky. A long hike to the shores of Antarctica was carried out along the route: Kronstadt v. Algiers v. Suez v. Jeddah v. Victoria v. Elvil v. Maputo v. Cape Town — Antarctica v. Cape Town - v. Luanda - p. Malabo - p. Lisbon - p. Kronstadt ", - said in a release.

“The report emphasized that the St. Andrew’s flag returned to Antarctica on the eve of the 200 jubilee of its opening by Russian sailors - the expedition of F.F. Bellingshausen and M.P. Lazarev on the Vostok and Mirny sloops, which will be celebrated in 2020 ... During a visit to the Seychelles, the personnel of the OIS Admiral Vladimirsky expedition could be found on the current cemetery of Mont Fleury Russian military burial - the grave of a senior shipbreaker cruiser 2 rank "Robber" of the Russian fleet A.I. Krupenina, buried on an island in 1898 year ",
told the press service.

It is reported that “the expedition carried out hydrographic studies in the marginal seas of Antarctica in the amount of more than 17 thousands of kilometers, a large amount of oceanographic and hydrometeorological observations were carried out: 304 of one-time drift oceanographic stations were made, 1092 standard hydrometeorological observations were carried out, 6300 radio navigation research was carried out, X-NUMX studies of radio navigation stations were carried out. more 130 distinctive depths. "

The forum participants also discussed the work of Black Sea hydrographists in 2016: integrated oceanographic research in the Black Sea in the Kalamitsky Bay area. In addition, they discussed the "unique research of the Northern Fleet of the Arctic seas, the expedition of the Russian Defense Ministry and the Russian Geographical Society on the island of Matua".

“In 2016, a significant amount of oceanographic, hydrographic and marine geophysical surveys were carried out in various regions of the World Ocean. In the current year, the hydrographic vessels of the Russian Navy made more than 180 exits to the sea and ocean zone in order to carry out hydrographic work. Studies in the interests of updating navigation maps, maintaining radio navigation facilities and navigational and hydrographic support facilities were carried out by the hydrographic departments of the Northern, Baltic, Pacific and Black Sea fleets and the Caspian Flotilla, ”said Sergei Travin, head of the Navigation and Oceanography Department of the Defense Ministry.
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  1. hirurg
    hirurg 15 December 2016 18: 05
    Modestly so ...
    -The collection of hydrographs has completed.
    And oh how much depends on these guys with smart heads ...
    Shelves ...
    Thanks and good luck!
  2. Barakuda
    Barakuda 15 December 2016 18: 58
    And what is deviation. who remembers ?
    1. gispanec
      gispanec 15 December 2016 19: 13
      Quote: Barracuda
      And what is deviation. who remembers ?

    2. In100gram
      In100gram 15 December 2016 20: 44
      Quote: Barracuda
      And what is deviation. who remembers

      Yandex to help you
    3. Jackson1954
      Jackson1954 16 December 2016 07: 31
      What about Erie's method?
    4. An60
      An60 16 December 2016 14: 16
      Magnetization of the hull. What classes of lighthouses exist?