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A quarter of a century later - forward to the Union

A quarter of a century later - forward to the Union25 years ago, the Soviet Union was dissolved - the leaders of three Slavic republics gathered in Belovezhskaya Pushcha in 7 – 8 in December declared the death of the USSR and the creation of the CIS. After a quarter of a century, the attitude of Russians towards this event remains negative - the absolute majority regrets the collapse of the USSR, and the relative majority considers the course towards integration and unification of the former Soviet republics to be correct.

The USSR was killed 8 December 1991 of the year - despite the terrible wounds received in August of the same year, the Union could still be saved.

But Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich, inspired by the “gray cardinal” Gennady Burbulis (the number two man in Russia of that time, whom Mikhail Gorbachev still considers the main cause of the collapse of the USSR), decided to dissolve the Union - this did not in any way meet the federal legislation of that time, but Gorbachev had little power left by that time.

The heads of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus ascertained the death of the USSR - in fact, having turned off a single state, arranging forcible euthanasia to it. A quarter of a century has passed since those events - and all this time, citizens of Russia consider the collapse of the USSR wrong.

In March 1992, 66 percent regretted him, now, according to the latest Levada Center poll, 56. During these years, only once, at the end of 2012, the number of those who regretted fell below half, to 49 - and their maximum number was 2000: 75 percent. That is, despite the change of generations, despite the crisis in the country or the growth of incomes, still the majority of citizens consider the collapse of the USSR to be wrong and believe that it could be avoided - the number of those who are confident in this also steadily exceeds half (now - 51 percent). The number of those who consider the death of the USSR is approximately the same. historical inevitability (that is, it shares the attitude that prevailed in the 90s and remained as semi-official even today) - about one third (29 percent according to the latest survey).

The fact that people are confident in the viability of the USSR is very significant - and much more important than what they consider to be the main reasons for its death. However, they should also be listed - in the first place, there is a consistently “irresponsible and unreasonable“ Belovezhsky collusion ”by Yeltsin, Kravchuk and Shushkevich” (this is how it was formulated even in the survey of the most liberal “Levada Center”) - now 29 percent think so . The top three main reasons also include the “conspiracy of foreign forces hostile to the USSR” (again, the wording of “Levada”) and “public discontent with the leadership of the USSR, M. Gorbachev and his entourage”: 23 and 21 percent, respectively.

All other reasons (from national policy failures to economic difficulties) are less common: from 10 to 15 percent. The main thing is clear - the majority believes that the USSR did not die for natural reasons, but was killed. And this conviction itself is the most important political factor in our life.

Because the beliefs of people actually directly influence the direction of the country's movement - and it is clear that Putin is pursuing Eurasian integration, not only because these are his views or this is in Russia's national interests, but also because people want it.

But first, in search of what lost feeling are the Russians? There are five main reasons for regretting the collapse of the USSR. In the first place - because "the single economic system was destroyed," so say 53 percent. It can be assumed that, answering this question, many had in mind not so much the “single complex of the national economy from Ukraine to Central Asia”, but the socio-economic structure, that is, the socialist system, social equality (because there is no single question about the social structure). not).

43 percentages regret that “people have lost their sense of belonging to a great power” - this figure has dropped in the past two years from 56 percent, but this can be explained by the fact that in recent years, there is a sense of pride in their country (more precisely, defends his own interests) has begun to return to our citizens, and by no means all of them consider “sovereign pride” to be a sign of the Soviet era only.

Almost a third noted that after the collapse of the USSR “mutual distrust, bitterness” (31 percent) increased, and “the feeling that you are everywhere at home” (30 percent) was lost. 28 percent are dissatisfied with the fact that “ties with relatives and friends are destroyed” - that is, people understand that part of their Motherland has disappeared from them. What to do with it?

The people on this score is not silent. Restoring is not literally the USSR, but a single country. This is what the results of the answers to the question "What form of relations between the republics of the former Union would you personally support?"

Total 13 percent were in favor of the independent existence of all the republics. Even if you add 21 to the percentage of those who are satisfied with preserving the CIS in its current form, and 8 percent undecided, it turns out that almost 60 percent support this or that form of reintegration of the post-Soviet space, or, in Russian, for picking up big Russia .

At the same time for the literal restoration of the USSR - 12 percent, although even at the beginning of the zero years there were a quarter of those polled. And now 25 percent considers it right “to unite several republics, if desired, into closer alliances”, and 21 percent also stands for “closer integration of all the republics of the former USSR, like the European Union”. Here, of course, not very correct, in fact, overlapping formulations - but the meaning is clear. The majority are in favor of a consistent rapprochement and unification of a part or even of all post-Soviet states — and it is clear that Russia should and can implement this policy.

So the reintegration process - initiated by the creation of the Eurasian Economic Union, continued by the return of the Crimea and the policy of ousting Atlantic influence from the post-Soviet space - will continue. He will gain strength, and at the same time he will probably be completely non-linear, will acquire all possible forms on his way that the existing circumstances will provide for him.

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  1. antivirus
    antivirus 9 December 2016 15: 15
    There are restrictions by the seas and mountain ranges. These restrictions add to the %% freight rates. Everything inside this circuit is cheaper than outside. Giving from God. Nature.
    1. DMM2006
      DMM2006 9 December 2016 20: 09
      Colleague, you are certainly right about a single geographical space, and the question of the stability of states with serious natural barriers at their borders has been proven for a long time and is absolutely justified. But the question posed in the article, which was never asked directly, unfortunately does not have a simple answer: EACH OF US - FORMER CITIZENS OF THE GREAT COUNTRY, SORROWS ABOUT ITS DESTRUCTION. EACH OF US CONSIDERS THAT THERE KILLED HER A PART OF OUR GUILTY, LET EVEN ALL WINE IS AN INACTIVITY. And not one of us knows how to revive her ...
      The fact that the GDP headed for revival is a fact, but the fact that it will be reborn will not be what we lost.
      Something like that...
      1. antivirus
        antivirus 10 December 2016 10: 38
        take less than you want
        give more than you want and the soul will be calm.
        Yes, and the country will build itself
  2. Alexander S.
    Alexander S. 9 December 2016 15: 56
    I would like to return to the borders of the USSR ... but, it is very important !! .. without dividing into the national republic. No Tajikistan ... Uzbekistan is Ukraine ... only, for example, in the province ... with blurring of borders ... and in fact, a unitary state. Otherwise, do not.
    1. cast iron
      cast iron 9 December 2016 18: 22
      We do not need any Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and the Baltic states. It is only necessary to take all Russians from there to Russia and cooperate with these countries within the framework of the military Union. And a single country should be Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, if it wants, then Kazakhstan.
  3. ImPerts
    ImPerts 9 December 2016 16: 08
    Quote: Alexander S.
    I would like to return to the borders of the USSR ... but, it is very important !! .. without dividing into the national republic. No Tajikistan .. Uzbekistan is Ukraine .... only, for example, in the province ... with blurring of borders ... and in fact, a unitary state

    Will not work. To do this, you need a strict authoritarian rule on the 3-4 generation. With the massive resettlement of peoples and nationalities and subsequent forced assimilation.
    Agree, this is not real.
    I am much more interested in education in the form of an analogue of the European Union.
    It is more profitable for all of us.
    1. Tula gingerbread
      Tula gingerbread 9 December 2016 16: 23
      Ukraine is now trying to create a unitary state. What we get from this, we all see.
      1. Lelek
        Lelek 9 December 2016 16: 50
        Quote: Tula gingerbread
        Ukraine is now trying to create a unitary state. What we get from this, we all see.

        Something about Ruins, it doesn’t work out very well. Often over the hill Svidomo call themselves Russian. This is not a runny nose, but also a disease.

        It seems that not a small role in this metamorphosis is played by "Europe" awakening from lethargy:
  4. Kostya Andreev
    Kostya Andreev 9 December 2016 17: 22
    although I now have problems with work, but I do not want the restoration of the USSR, this is again a shortage, again hidden bribes, again you can’t go to rest abroad. again one TV per family. again dullness, wretchedness, again to hear from people how good it is abroad and how bad it is in union, and what clothes are good. go work again at the factory instead of starting your own business.
    just do not need about affordable housing that was received for free, when they say this, you would think that everyone was given housing in the best areas and on the best floors.
    I don’t need to talk about pensions either, my grandmother didn’t work due to illness, so she was raised to a level to live on, only with the arrival of Gorbachev, for which she was grateful to him, and before that she rented a room to the tenants and sold apples in the market.
    No, you can’t restore the respected Union, although considering that we lived in the Baltic states, the union was beneficial !! Who lived in the RSFSR what do you regret about him? should we rejoice that now Georgia has taken the place that it should be, and not the richest republic without producing anything?
    Why rebuild the Union, feed the parasites, what will it give? tangerines, cotton, but you can just buy it without caring for the life of ordinary producers of tangerines.
    An equal partnership will not work, the republics or us (Russia) will be milked (as in the union), or we will be milked, at the expense of the republics, ensuring a decent life in Russia. As developed countries do, which we are indicated by the need to equal non-media.
    it's not us like this, it's such a life

    it should and can be done precisely by Russia.[i] [/ i] Russia can but it does not owe anything to anyone. and what should she paid for decades to the republics involved in their development.
    1. cast iron
      cast iron 9 December 2016 18: 22
      And who said that in the 21st century the new USSR will be with the same excesses and anachronisms as the USSR of the 20th century?
      1. Ulan
        Ulan 9 December 2016 18: 53
        He said a certain Kostya Andreev. It is strange that he has not yet written that there will be no computers, the Internet and mobile phones.
        Either this is a young man with unstable knowledge and concepts, or a provocateur.
      2. antivirus
        antivirus 10 December 2016 10: 40
        The USSR of the 20th century was an advanced country. For their first completely illiterate peasants
        Everything has its time and understanding of processes
    2. Ulan
      Ulan 9 December 2016 18: 51
      Where did you get all this from? Again these horror stories, and ".deficiency, again hidden bribes, again you cannot go to rest abroad. Again one TV per family. Again dullness, wretchedness, again to listen to people from people how good it is abroad and how bad it is in the union, and what clothes are good. again go to work at the plant instead of starting your own business. ".... Are you seriously sure that the USSR can be restored in its former form?
      That someone will come and organize a deficit and everything else that you listed ?. You know, I can only tell you one thing, what you wrote is an amazing and amazing primitive.
      1. Kostya Andreev
        Kostya Andreev 9 December 2016 21: 31
        Well, as it’s not primitive, write
        in my opinion
        Quote: Kostya Andreev
        An equal partnership will not work, the republics or us (Russia) will be milked (as in the union), or we will be milked, at the expense of the republics, ensuring a decent life in Russia. As developed countries do, which we are indicated by the need to equal non-media.
  5. loaln
    loaln 9 December 2016 19: 18
    We will not come to any Union until it is clearly stated that a "creeping" multi-stage counterrevolutionary coup d'etat took place in the USSR in the 80s and 90s. And this event is analyzed.
    This will not happen, and all the words about patriotism will sink into the summer like once the words about the building of communism. There will remain a country of deceived people who will never believe anyone. Where it leads? Think for yourself. Just do not jump out of pants in a pseudo-patriotic rage.
  6. Petrol cutter
    Petrol cutter 9 December 2016 20: 38
    Of course, the USSR cannot be raised, but it is necessary to strive for something more serious than the CIS. Well this is obviously like a white day.
  7. Rastas
    Rastas 9 December 2016 21: 17
    - A people in which school teachers, university professors and scientists earn less than cleaning staff, secretaries, traders and security guards are now doomed to degradation and historical loss, said the housemate, whom I often talk to and call for myself Criticized.
    “Really, this cannot be stopped,” I asked. “Since this state is the result of artificial reforms, why not implement the reforms in the opposite direction ?!”
    - Alas! There is no one to carry out these counter-reforms. Over the years, the social structure of the country's population has radically changed. In Moscow alone, the number of private traders is more than seven hundred thousand. And how many of them are with family members! And how many hired accomplices they have! If in the country the number of people employed in the areas of services, private business, entertainment, order, politics, etc., far exceeds the number of people engaged in productive labor, such a population can no longer be forced to build communism. Now the Russians, in spite of any difficulties, will not want to return to the Soviet way of life. Such a return would require effort and sacrifice, and our people would not do that.
    “But they still speak of degradation, of extinction!”
    - So what?! They say that’s all. Do not act in the spirit of words. Do not rebel. For the masses, such a lazy, effortless, immoral, irresponsible, etc. gradual extinction is preferable to a saving assault with obvious victims and the price of abstinence and effort.
    A. Zinoviev "Russian Tragedy"
  8. Gost171
    Gost171 13 December 2016 03: 47
    Somewhat for, and not much against: there is such a term, the lumpen proletariat, that is, it works a lot but produces \ mat.values ​​\ little and nothing, hence the principle: from each according to his ability, to each according to work. The problem has always been one, that whoever didn’t produce horseradish, always considered himself “blue blood” and always saw how the one who produces should work better. Hence the dissatisfaction with being, they say I and ..... I ..., classic. And how much does the teacher have came out good specialists, or does it depend on him? and the cleaner cleans the rubbish after everyone \ and the teacher too \, but it's normal who studied what. You can probably revive, but the less parasites there are, the easier it will be.