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Euroskeptics on the road to power

Euroskeptics on the road to power

In the countries of the European Union, criticism is increasing in relation to further integration. Non-complementary statements are heard not only among the population, who give more and more votes to opponents of a supranational association, but also from the very tops of the political establishment of European countries.

Thus, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany Joachim Gauck proposed to pause in the deepening of European integration. In an interview with the German newspaper Welt am Sonntag, he stated that he paid tribute to the "peaceful integration project", which, he said, previous generations could only dream of. However, the speed with which the deepening of interdependencies between the EU member states took place did not always attract approval among some German citizens, which is cause for concern.

Indeed, in the pursuit of creating a united Europe, the main values ​​of which should have been peace, freedom, security, democracy and the rule of law, the members of the European Union transferred too much authority to Brussels, thereby depriving themselves of sovereignty in such vital areas as security, migration politics, tax reforms and others. In this regard, the principle of subsidiarity is lame in the “European common house”, in theory providing for local problems to be solved by local governments, and problems of the level of individual states by national governments. In practice, the desire of officials to regulate directly from Brussels has reached the point of absurdity - what are the rules that establish the allowable length of cucumbers and the angle of their curvature.

Although the German president still made a reservation that he did not want to start a wave of "anti-European populism." At the same time, the task of persuading the "Euro-skeptics" to their side is Hauk, who places itself on Germany, since at the moment it is the main proponent of closer integration thanks to the benefits that the country derives from the European market.

Politicians who oppose restricting the sovereignty of their own countries in favor of closer integration have long been labeled as “populists”. Meanwhile, it is impossible to ignore for a long time the objective problems that have accumulated in the European Union. There are already steps towards changing the situation - at the upcoming meeting of the foreign ministers of the countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe, issues of illegal migration and international terrorism will be discussed.

At the same time, right-wing forces are strengthening positions in the EU countries. For example, in France, in the second round of the primaries preceding the presidential elections, the candidate from the center-right opposition Francois Fillon won, advocating improved relations with Russia, which had pretty much deteriorated over the past two years. His rival in the presidential race is likely to be the head of the National Front, Marine Le Pen, who is also opposed to obeying the ultra-liberal demands of the European Union.

Thus, the current trend to change the balance of power from the national capitals in favor of Brussels, obviously, loses relevance. European citizens are aware that their countries are transforming themselves from constituents who independently form the political course into elements of a political game, the rules of which are not established by them.
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  1. Gormenghast
    Gormenghast 30 November 2016 15: 03
    Why are they called "Euro skeptics"? These, on the contrary, are Euro-optimists who believe that in old, decrepit Europe there are still some living forces - and not just old grandmothers mumbling - globalism, Atlanticism, multiculturalism, homosexuality and some other kind ofism. laughing
    1. Vend
      Vend 30 November 2016 15: 11
      Quote: Gormengast
      Why are they called "Euro skeptics"? These, on the contrary, are Euro-optimists who believe that in old, decrepit Europe there are still some living forces - and not just old grandmothers mumbling - globalism, Atlanticism, multiculturalism, homosexuality and some other kind ofism. laughing

      Eurosceptics are because they are against the EU. These politicians are not for a united Europe, but for an independent France, Germany.
      1. One of you
        One of you 30 November 2016 16: 02
        Quote - "... These politicians are not for a united Europe, but for an independent France, Germany ..."

        I think that the Germans themselves simply "ate" the poor hangers-on, who are called partners in the European Union in official documents. Well, what can be Germany's partners such limitrophes as the Baltic republics, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Croatia and Slovakia. Clean water hogs and freeloaders, who with their own hands destroyed most of their industries to please the "wise" advice of Western European and American business sharks. The large countries of the European Union have destroyed competitors in the countries of Eastern Europe and now they do not really want to support their impoverished "partners".

        But I am not sorry for the European Union and I am not worried about the West European countries, which at one time made every effort to spoil the USSR and destroy it, as well as Yugoslavia, Libya, Iraq, Syria, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. Let them pull the strap called "European Union" until they feel sick. Maybe they will wiser, although this is unlikely.
        1. Grbear
          Grbear 30 November 2016 16: 32
          Respect One of you .
          You are too kind to the "old lady". They need to understand that "umbrellas" like NATO are not given out for free.
          And if it's easier, then "It is enough to buy the elite or their representatives, and you can control any state. It does not matter the power of this state. Manageability through controlled chapters matters".

          This is not only a European problem, but ours too. We have grown up a generation of "Western worshipers" and their delegates, who occupy no small positions in management systems.
          The solution is quite simple - "substitute" their wallet for sanctions (read, liquidation) by "partners". And that's all. "Bobik is dead" ©. And European integration will follow the right path. IMHO, of course hi
          1. SPACE
            SPACE 30 November 2016 19: 43
            Quote: GrBear
            It is enough to buy the elite or their representatives, and you can control any state. It does not matter the power of this state

            That's right, you can buy important and necessary ones, this requires a lot of money. Who are they ??? But, it is physically impossible to buy everyone, since from an economic point of view, all meaning will be lost, i.e. profit, therefore, for greater efficiency of influence on the masses, the media are needed. Who do they belong to ??? Further, let us recall what the invented postulates of liberal freedoms, within the framework of the "democracy" option imposed by the western part of society ??? ... "Free movement of capital and freedom of speech." But this is the same world barrel with attractive honey, to which many strive like motels on fire, to eat, and dad fall into slavery. After all, if you are given the opportunity, even theoretically, to reach someone else's big barrel of honey, then you will be required in return for the same ... And with such as their starting levers and opportunities prevailing over all, the result is natural, you can establish an artificial, world political majority, whereby to dictate any world rules, respectively, already on a completely legal basis to force them to do what they need to do or simply "rob" any country.
      2. Gormenghast
        Gormenghast 30 November 2016 16: 25
        What "skeptical"in independent Germany, France? Who decided this?

        If Baba Yaga thinks so, does this mean that the German population agrees with her?
        But do the burghers want to pay almost 12 billion euros from the pocket for Russophobic parasites = Baltic Poles?

        This is just a great position! If I am for keeping money in my pocket so that I can go to the pub and eat it pork sausages, and at night what to do with a female wife - that means I'm a marginal and a Eurosceptic? am
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 30 November 2016 22: 39
          Quote: Gormengast
          And what is "skeptical" about independent Germany, France? Who decided this?

          I will support! In general, where is their desire for freedom and independence?

          After all, they are trying to persuade us all to become "independent" - to break up our unions, oppose our Eurasian integration - at one time they contributed to the collapse of the USSR - now they interfere with integration

          So, I also strongly support the desire of all the peoples of Europe to national independence and sovereignty. On a fig to them unions. Moreover - small nations such as the Basque of Ireland, etc. are simply obliged to also receive full independence and become separate free countries
          In France there is a Gascon, etc., too, why not declare national identity ...
          1. Gormenghast
            Gormenghast 1 December 2016 07: 57
            After all, they are trying to persuade us all to become "independent" - to break up our unions, oppose our Eurasian integration - at one time they contributed to the collapse of the USSR - now they interfere with integration

            Yes! Right! Why don’t we even say it openly - we are for the collapse of the EU, because the EU was for the collapse of the USSR. am
    2. 210ox
      210ox 30 November 2016 15: 14
      Euro-optimists are those refugees from Africa and the East who are trying to settle in European countries .. Aborigines are Euro-hostages .. crying
  2. Pasha
    Pasha 30 November 2016 15: 15
    History makes another turn.
    In a year or two, we will remember with a smile: 14-16 years, the blockade of Russia, screams, screeches, snot of the European elite and the USA, outright FALSE.
    Do not forget about Ukraine, how many krovushki drank.
    If only our explosive could withstand.
    1. Titsen
      Titsen 30 November 2016 16: 01
      Quote: Pasha
      If only our explosive could withstand.

      Will endure!

      We could stand it ...
  3. Koresh
    Koresh 30 November 2016 15: 41
    The EU resembles the USSR before the collapse. There is no economic growth in the EU countries, security has also been reduced, and the migration policy is in full swing. People there were not ready for globalization and acceptance of universal tolerance and tolerance. The EU project needs profound reforms and decentralization, while Brussels cannot take control of everything in the EU and unite the countries of the union, while the national interests of most countries prevail over the idea of ​​unification itself, there will be nothing. And so now the defenders of the national interests of their countries are winning.
    1. One of you
      One of you 30 November 2016 17: 23
      Let's start with the fact that the foreign word "tolerance" is synonymous with Russian - "tolerance", so you've got a tautology. And in general, the word tolerance is closer and more understandable to me, since it more clearly reflects its essence for a Russian person, but our politicians and the media, like parrots, pronounce only a foreign analogue, and ignore the Russian word.

      As for the "deep reforms and decentralization" of the EU, it seems to me that you are deeply mistaken in the fact that the Anglo-Saxons, as the main holders and distributors of the EU's financial assets, and also by virtue of their natural habit and nature, will consult with all the other "partners "EU Politics and Economics. Large and strong "players" of the EU, like Great Britain, can afford liberties and disobedience, but this principle does not apply to small and poor "partners" of the EU, so they (small "partners") will endure to the last end (or gasp).
  4. afrikanez
    afrikanez 30 November 2016 17: 01
    In the struggle for integration, losing your own sovereignty is "cool". keep it up gentlemen are good. fool
    1. One of you
      One of you 30 November 2016 17: 38
      It has long been known that for such small countries as Liechtenstein, Monaco, the Baltic "tigers", Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, etc., sovereignty can only be limited, not complete, due to objective reasons , therefore, if the EU disintegrates, all of the above countries will look for other patrons or alliances, because they are simply not able to defend their sovereignty alone.

      You can understand them - they are small and small, with a limited economy, but with exorbitant ambitions of their politicians, therefore they are forced to look for any alliance that can give them at least something to maintain their trousers and the loss of sovereignty (complete or incomplete) for such countries is not the most a big loss when you want to live "like in Germany".
    GOGENATOR 30 November 2016 17: 50
    Yes, everything is fine in Europe. The standard of living in Russia is much lower than in the EU. In Poland, the average salary is 70000 rubles, and prices are 30-50% lower than in Russia.
    1. One of you
      One of you 30 November 2016 18: 07
      And if you will determine the standard of living of the Pole, not by the price of the goods in the store, but in the complex, that is - the prices of products, essentials, taxes, utilities, transportation, medical care, education and so on - then one can speculate on where to live well. By the way, the EU consists of different countries with different levels of economy, so young people and middle-aged people go to work from Eastern Europe to Western and not vice versa. Not everything is visible as sweet and sweet as it seems when looking at price tags in Polish stores.
      1. GOGENATOR
        GOGENATOR 30 November 2016 18: 56
        Poland and Romania are considered suburbs and live worse in them than in the western part. But in Poland and Romania they live much better than in Russia. And I spoke of prices in the complex. For example, Poland’s budget of 80 billion dollars of revenue, the part of Russia with $ 210 billion.
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 30 November 2016 22: 32
          I myself have lived in the "west" for a long time.
          (Although it is clear that the West as a whole is richer than shopping mall prints dollars, regulates oil and gold prices, their crops are not once a year but many times, and the sea has ports and a warm climate, and most importantly the whole world works for them, etc.
          But ...
          If you take the average RFP and prices, then supposedly life is better at times

          In fact, the same medicine is ruining. You can’t buy an antibiotic until you take a prescription from a doctor - but there is horror all together. If without insurance, then you.

          taxes are a separate issue. Usually most of the budget is spent not on food but on a mortgage or rental housing


          T e it is necessary to take everything together - and not just RFP and prices
        2. Mountain shooter
          Mountain shooter 30 November 2016 23: 02
          Do not tell tales. From Hollywood movies. The real standard of living is determined by, for example, do you own a house or rent. In Russia, MOST are homeowners. And in Europe - rarely. And mortgages for 30 years? Taxes are not ours. Steep taxes there. And when my sister, who lives in Germany, begins to paint the monthly budget (not at all small, I dare to assure), as a result of free money there remains 200-300 euros (Oiro, as they say). Loan payments, groceries, cars, taxes, APARTMENT (rented, you can’t even wave it on your own), gasoline bites there, parking - you never know ... Hard there, and not milk and honey at all. They earn extra money, for BLACK NAL, cigarettes (both smoke) from the Black Market. They live in a big city, in a small one - it would be cheaper, but there it is much worse with work.
  6. Mountain shooter
    Mountain shooter 30 November 2016 22: 39
    Finally, it began to reach the rulers of these countries that they were RULED by officials from Brussels, whom NO ONE had elected! Skidded geyropu.