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"28 Panfilov" as 300 Spartans

"28 Panfilov" as 300 SpartansThe movie saga about the most legendary and, perhaps, the most highlighted exploit of the Great Patriotic War - “28 Panfilov” - was launched yesterday in cinemas in Russia and several CIS countries. Even before the release of the picture among the people and the authorities, they were quick to say about them: these are our 300 Spartans. The authors of the realized project add: “Seven Samurai”, and “Magnificent Seven”. Others attacked the creators of the full-length tape with indignation: they filmed a myth, a pacifier. "NVO" testifies: the film, with all its contradictions, looks at one go, penetrates. But it’s noticeable that the work of cinematographers "sags"

But was there a feat?

The script of this film was ready in 2009 year, and the St. Petersburg filmmaker Andrei Shalopa who wrote it was aimed at coinciding with the film for the 70 anniversary of the Battle of Moscow. However, he faced a complete rejection of the project in all instances up to the presidential administration, where he also sent a corresponding letter. Nobody even promised money for the production of the tape (for scumbags - “Bastards” - please, for “Stalingrad”, glorifying mostly the “inner world” of the fascists, as much as you like, and for “any Panfilovites” - not doing it, guys). But he did not lower his hands. And together with an associate friend, young director Kim Druzhinin (on the day of the premiere of the film he turned 32 of the year), they fought for several years for the work to fully take place and be shown to a wide audience.

The co-authors of the picture came up with a “wild idea” to launch a “cap in a circle” over the Internet (in cinematic slang, this is called a crowdfunding coffering word). On pure enthusiasm, a one and a half minute teaser video was shot (in Russian - advertising was attracted) and placed it on the network resources of their friends. In a short time, 35 086 responded to a variety of “imbued with ideas” people (each of them is mentioned in the credits at the end of the viewing!), Who “threw” 34 million 746 thousand 62 rubles into this “cap”. “It was a real miracle,” said Andrei Shalopa at the Panfilovtsev show for journalists. “Such trust of thousands of people was incredibly touching, but at the same time we felt an unprecedented responsibility.”

After that, the Ministry of Culture "woke up". He added the necessary amount, and "28 Panfilov" lay down for anti-tank guns and took a bunch of grenades in their hands. I threw a few funds and Kazakhstan: in the 1941 year, the 316-I division was formed, led by Major General Ivan Panfilov. Money “from the Net” made up the fifth part of the film’s budget (the absolute record for Russia), and it is no longer known as popular.

How did this “unprecedented responsibility” of Chaliop and Druzhinin reflect in a concrete embodiment? After all, the creators could not but take into account the fact that during the time when work on the film was already in full swing - in the summer of 2015 - the State Archive of the Russian Federation seemed to be against the apparently "patriotic" project. Allegedly under the guise of upholding historical truths and “in connection with the numerous appeals of citizens, institutions and organizations” (the style is exactly Soviet, which was resorted to when one had to “choke” someone on the instructions of the party, whether it be some kind of “enemy of the people” or “dissident dissent” ) The Office posted on its official website a "report-report of the Chief Military Prosecutor N. Afanasyev" On 28 Panfilovites "dated May 10, 1948 as a result of an investigation by the Main Military Prosecutor's Office, which is stored in the fund of the USSR Prosecutor's Office." This document is not a sensation - it was published back in the years of the Khrushchev thaw, they waved it into Gorbachev's perestroika. On its basis, the head of the State Archive, Doctor of Historical Sciences Sergey Mironenko (now former) categorically stated that “there were no 28 Panfilov heroes - this is one of the myths planted by the state”, and the whole feat was invented in 1941 by two journalists and the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda ". Moreover, this loud statement Mironenko “did not hesitate” to make on June 22, 2015 at the World Congress of Russian Press in Moscow. A week later, this clearly, to put it mildly, incorrect, inappropriate speech was condemned by the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medinsky, who rightly noted that the head of the State Archives has no right to give his own assessments of historical documents, because this is perceived not as a vision of a scientist, but as a position of the state.

However, as the authors of the film “28 Panfilov” noticed at its presentation, this controversy only spurred them in a creative impulse to make a picture worthy of the glory of the soldiers who defended 75 years ago to Moscow. The journalists also asked about their attitude towards the other, where the Minister of Culture addressed a harsher known criticism of those who doubt that 28’s Panfilov’s feat was. This condition pretends to gain a foothold in the list of winged pearls "from statesmen" as the most abusive, because it is much "cooler" than "Scum!" Vladimir Zhirinovsky. And therefore we will refrain here once again to replicate this unacceptable rudeness to an official in that rank. Moreover, Medinsky voiced it in Astana after watching President Vladimir Putin and his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev watching the film (by the way, on May 2015, on the eve of 70 anniversary of Victory, a monument was opened in one of the parks of Astana with the participation of Nazarbayev Panfilov and the memorial alley 28 Panfilov). Andrei Shalopa, a screenwriter, understands Mr. Medinsky, although he does not support his rhetoric in this vein: “Personally, I think that debunking national feats of this magnitude is a crime. It is impossible not to see that the legend about the feat of 28 Panfilov did not originate from scratch, and it was in the 1941 year. Over the years, it has also become part of our national culture. Personally, I was born much later than the end of the war, in 1972, I absorbed this legend in my childhood. This is such a powerful myth that to argue against him, where the truth is, where the fiction, does not make sense. This is immoral! .. As for the rude words spoken by the Minister of Culture, I refer here to my friend Kim Druzhinin. In one of the interviews, he also did not support this rhetoric, but he noted that he often thinks with the same words when he sees how individuals try to subvert things that must be untouchable for every Russian. ”

In contrast to the State Archive in the Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO), the set of documents and evidence available to historical science does not allow 100-percent confidence to refute either the fact of the battle at the Dubosekovo junction, much less the feat of Panfilov’s soldiers. In particular, this opinion was expressed by the scientific director of the RVIO, Mikhail Myagkov.

Answering the clarifying question “NVO”, the script writer Schallop noted that “Putin and Nazarbayev after watching said: well done guys, they made a good movie!” Both presidents also noted that the feat of the division formed in Almaty and blocked the way tanks the enemy to Moscow, must forever remain in the memory of subsequent generations. By the way, in the official anthem of Moscow they never tried to replace the words “And twenty eight will live forever / Your bravest sons” ...


But the topic of our notes is not to discuss whether “28 Panfilov’s exploit was“ or wasn’t ”, but the understanding of kinonovinka. The authors themselves are quite satisfied with their work. They believe that they have managed quite well to embody on the screen "the original idea of ​​the production, which is radically different from what everyone has heard before." Indeed, it goes through the entire film with the leitmotif that one should not heroically die for the Motherland, as it was “accepted” earlier (“Stand dead!” - Zhukov shouts on Rokossovsky in the Ozerovskaya Battle for Moscow ”from the film epic“ Liberation ”, etc. .), and fight. Defeat the enemy, and survive yourself to continue to destroy it further. At the same time, in several colorful dialogues of the heroes in the course of the plot development this is “proved” quite convincingly.

Some critics saw this as an “over-modernization” of those events: they say, in 1941, such an installation for the defenders of Moscow was simply impossible and would have been shot for such appeals. However, Shalopa and Druzhinin were advised to read such things, for example, “works of the times of the war of Alexander Beck, in which the same thought is clearly carried out in black and white”.

Although both authors could directly refer to the example of the commander of the 316 th rifle division, Major General Ivan Vasilyevich Panfilov. “General Batya”, as the soldiers called him, said: “I don’t need you to die, you need to stay alive!” He believed that the military’s main vocation was to save the lives of soldiers in war.

It is a pity that we will not see General Panfilov in the film. Even briefly. His name will not sound even in the dialogue of the characters. Therefore, the inexperienced in the history of the battle near Moscow, the young spectator “12 +”, on which the film adaptation of the legend is mainly designed, will not fully understand why the 28 heroes are specifically Panfilov’s.

The plot of the film saga develops over three days, starting on November 14 1941. In a village near Moscow, fighters of a multinational company (specifically, it was the 4 company of the 2 battalion of the 1075 regiment of the 316 division of the Western Front 16 Army) are trained to hit Hitler tanks with grenades. To do this, they build a “tank” from the tree at hand, which they drag a colleague in a trench above the head, and he throws a bunch of grenades on the back of these Trojan sleds. Interestingly, back in Kazakhstan, when General Panfilov was only forming a division, he organized trainings for overcoming tank dreading among soldiers - running them around with tractors.

The battalion commander, Major Reshetnikov, returning from the regiment with the task received, devotes himself to the command of the commanders of his company officers: to dig in the alleged tank-dangerous areas and restrain the German offensive. The fascists should not break through to the highway along which their tanks to Moscow are within reach. To the question of one of the officers, how much time must be restrained, the battalion commented shortly: until the standby forces arrive. Which is not in sight.

The 4 th company under the command of the Belarusian captain Pavel Gundilovich is determined by the position in the area of ​​the Dubosekovo junction, which is 7 km south-east of Volokolamsk. While the company goes there, the fighters are talking and debating about the exploits of the Spartans and seven samurai 300 (the Japanese in the Middle Ages made the film “Seven Samurai” about the last in 1954, and in Hollywood they adapted it to the famous Western “The Magnificent Seven”). In Dubosekova company, reinforced 45-mm cannon, carefully and professionally digs in, while building and false positions.

The Germans are overwhelmed by them and deliver the first blow. Thinking that he was good at grinding Russian defenses, the enemy moved tanks to their positions. The company with stubborn resistance holds back the onslaught of the thundering armada, incites the enemy’s four tracked vehicles, but in the fierce battle loses the vast majority of personnel. Including seriously injured and Captain Gundilovich, who is sent to the rear. 27 soldiers and sergeants remain in the ranks, under the command of politruk Vasily Klochkov.

From this point on (25 minutes from the beginning of the last 1 hour 49 minutes of the movie) the feat of 28 Panfilov is shown, of which 6 survived miraculously. In the ribbon finale, the camera bypasses them after leaving the trenches after the retreat of the Wehrmacht’s steel lava, and round it is led off behind their backs, letting the viewer see the 18 enemy tanks on the battlefield. The heroes are positioned against the background of these smoking trophies in about the same way as the sculptural group of the six 10-meter granite Panfilovs near Dubosekov, which is shown next. A couple of years ago, the author of these lines had a chance to visit this place, that 1,5 km from Dubosekov - the memorial is fascinating, it was felt like a snowy November 1941, the Panfilov people feel to the core.


In the opinion of HBO, the legend of 28 in its canonical sense, in which it has been known since 1941, the authors succeeded in translating to the full. Obviously, they have achieved both spectator empathy and pride in the fact that we have such heroes. The game of actors can not but rejoice. Everyone managed to show clearly the peculiarities of his character, his individual traits, habits and voices recognizability. The film is well flavored not with bearded army bikes, but with lively “trench” speech (while it is completely devoid of phrases “in the spirit” of Medina) and healthy soldier humor. The feat was shot without pathos, every day, like the work of a plowman behind an oral. “Right now, we will show them what kind of Russians we are!” Said one of the characters to ordinary Musabek Sengirbayev, while carefully preparing to repel the attack. - “I'm kind of like a Kazakh,” he notes. - “What about the Kazakhs - are they not Russians?” That's when they will trample on Kazakhstan, we will show them what kind of Kazakhs we are! ”By internationalism, by a community of nations and nationalities, the entire on-screen piece is permeated.

The catch phrase of political director Klochkov “Russia is great, but there is nowhere to retreat — Moscow behind does not sound like a puff, without a relish (well, they say, the apogee of the film!), But even imperceptibly, and not in its canonical context - with a breast bulging, as Ozerovskiy Liberation. And, let's say, very logically in the exceptional situation of the battle shown to the viewer. You see: this “Moscow is behind us, we will not retreat!” Then they lived. This speech of Klochkov before the last “sdyuzhit, do not miss the tanks” and the speech of the battalion commander Reshetnikov, who sent the company to Dubosekov, touches to spasms in the throat. By the way, Klochkov himself, played by actor Alexei Morozov, is very similar in appearance to the original hero.

The creators of the film legend managed to achieve exact observance of historical authenticity up to buttons in the form of clothes of soldiers and officers. Here Artem Kokin, a military historian and reconstructor who heads the Leningrad-900 military history club in the northern capital, provided invaluable assistance. And, let's say, the rarest thing - the 45-mm Soviet gun and the 150-mm German howitzer - was provided free of charge from St. Petersburg collector and devotee Oleg Titberia from his museum. “And I can say,” said Andrei Shalopa, not without pride, “that a film in which you will see such a cannon firing simply does not exist. In addition to newsreels and our film.

"The Truth of Life" has contributed to the most complex technologies of combined shooting, many of whose elements have no analogues at all in the domestic, and, possibly, in foreign cinema. Much here Druzhinin and Shalopa came up with themselves and through the experts from the film industry who helped them. “In our film, the drawn objects are minimized, as is the case, for example, in the almost completely painted Stalingrad by Fyodor Bondarchuk. Almost everything in the frame is real, says Shalopa. - Layouts of tanks are made perfectly. The fact is that the crazy popularity of computer games about tanks led to the fact that people are very well versed in their modifications. Therefore, we had no margin for error in the details. We also went to the famous tank museum in Kubinka near Moscow and studied in detail the interior of the tower of German cars that attacked the 4 company, and then recreated this cabin in the pavilion ... "

The creators also make no secret that they creatively borrowed some moments from the best Soviet war films, such as “Hot Snow” and “They Fought for the Motherland”: in this, as they see it, Shaliopa and Druzhinin see the continuity of domestic cinematographs of two different eras.


The described impression you get immediately after viewing. But "moving away", you ask a number of questions.

Reliability (legends) at the height? Oh oh! As an experienced attacker carefully wipes his fingerprints at the scene of the offense, so Druzhinin and Shalopa meticulously “cleaned” their film material from all Soviet. All that remained of him was that the rank of Klochkov was a political instructor. Even the portrait of the Supreme Commander - Stalin - never flashed at least half a frame. Co-authors, not without astonishment, were asked about this “strangeness”. The explanation was: the film is de-modern, and the new generation “12 +”, to which modern Russia is much closer, will not accept the concept “Soviet Union”. This approach seems rather awkward. Because, firstly, in the category “12 +” and a huge number of those who “were born in the Soviet Union” are direct descendants and grandchildren of veterans and remember well “everything Soviet”; secondly, those born after 1991 enjoyed watching “pre-New Russian” films on the topic of war, and the partial presence of communists and Soviet rhetoric, for example, in the movie “Only Old Men” Go To Battle, does not cause them any rejection.

In Panfilov's 2016, only a few seconds on 10 – 15 showed a woman who gave something to a soldier who had run up to her who was running to fight. During the quartering of the battalion in the village, not one of the fighters, even the most "Kazanivist" (like Vasily Shukshin's hero in "They Fought for the Motherland") did not even start even the smallest cupids. The authors of the film explain the absence of a love line by its “irrelevance” in a purely masculine, much less a heroic film saga. It is quite possible that the recent Bondarchuk “Stalingrad” “brought” them to such an extreme, where for 2 hours 10 minutes the city’s defenders on the Volga fought not for him, but “for the virgin Katya”, which they accidentally turned up in a house besieged by the Germans, but then unknown from whom she gave birth. And it would be okay. But even in the numerous conversations that the soldiers lead, not one of them even casually mentioned mother, wife, beloved girl ... and children (the viewer will not see even a single child; while, say, passing ”episode with children in the film“ Only “old men” go into battle subtly emphasized the nobility of the heroic Soviet aces). All this is rather improbable, pretentious, "inhuman" for the legendary Panfilovites! Kohl, 28, is compared to 300 by the Spartans, this is what comes to mind. In the American film 1962 of the Year “300 Spartans,” not even a single love line did not in the least prevent “belittle” the feat of the soldiers of Tsar Leonid, but on the contrary - only further magnified the military action of the swordtails who had become famous for centuries and defended their native hearths.

Many critics were quick to pay compliments to the creators of Panfilov, because they did not take the “Hollywood Path” and didn’t make the superheroes of the capital of 28 the defenders of the capital. This is hardly true. In the final of the film, one of the six soldiers who survived for a minute or two of screen time, like a vinaigrette, crushed the Germans, who were already ready to celebrate their victory over the trenches of the defeated company. And none of the enemies even tried to throw a grenade at the “daring” Russian. Pure water action! So you see in this guise of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the "Commandos" or Sylvester Stallone from the "Rambo". And after that, the next tank armada, already ready to rush through the trenches that had not been taken, frightened, retreats at the same time. And in this, too, one can see the influence of Hollywood - its fantastic “kin” about hordes of giant insects or star invaders.

The Hitlerites in the film are not only impersonal, but even none of them can see their faces: tankers in the turret are shown from the back, and all the infantrymen go on the attack in “anti-frost” headscarves on their faces, like those masked terrorists. This, too, was the authors' idea - to make enemies a gray mass, sort of a locust (perhaps the creators of the film “28 Panfilov” borrowed this technique from the authors of the “Brest Fortress”, shot six years earlier).

These "annoying little things" have merged into the biggest drawback of the film. He sees that if you don’t know the essence of the events of mid-November 1941, it is difficult, if not impossible, to understand why a handful of heroes needed to “die to death, but not die”. This “logical series” in film history is simply not registered, deliberately rejected by the creators.

And in this sense, "28 Panfilov" can be put on a par with the landmark movies of zero - "9 company" ("Unknown army of an unknown country in an unknown war") and "Stalingrad" ("Stalingrad" without Stalingrad "); in brackets - the headlines of reviews of these films in the "NVO". In the same series, alas, the film 2013 of the year “Gagarin. The first in space ", which fell through in the box office. The main reason, as rightly noted by one of the film critics, was as follows: “Gagarin’s flight was a feat not only and not so much of cosmonaut Gagarin Y.A., but of the whole of our country, then called the USSR. The countries immediately after winning a terrible war who accepted the space challenge and won the space race. And instead of the hero of the country, we were shown a superhero without a country. This is a film about the lone superman, which the real Yuri Alekseevich, thank God, was not. The film does not show the people who created Gagarin and the spaceship Vostok. There is no visible power, which gave the young Gagarin the steering wheel of the aircraft and the opportunity to fulfill his dream (and the dream of many) designer Korolev. You can’t get rid of the impression that Korolev and Gagarin wanted it, and the latter jumped to the stars ... ”

Similarly, with the new domestic "blockbuster". Despite all the good-quality patriotic-internationalist rhetoric that sounds in film history, we don’t see the Moscow they defended for 28 Panfilov. We are often shown a map of the fighting, but the eye does not catch the name of “my dear capital” on it. Not felt the breath of a great country - the "motherland", which called Panfilov to the feat for the salvation of the Fatherland. If you want, this approach to the display of the “holy for every Russian legend” authors level the very understanding of World War II!

And completely impersonal Germans only reinforce this feeling. The viewer does not have an impressive vision that the 15 – 16 of November (and the next few days) in the Moscow battle was truly a climax. And the legend of 28 simply could not be born on any other day, except November 16! This is precisely the case that if there were no Panfilovs, they would have to be invented - that is, as they say, soared in that frosty air. And this was probably felt by everyone then - from an undetermined soldier and a militiaman in a trench to the front commander of the army general Zhukov, and maybe to Stalin.

After all, it is precisely these days that the strength of the German hordes, based on their multiple superiority, training and combat experience of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht, was surpassed by the resistance of the Red Army soldiers, coupled with the emergency measures of the Soviet government and the leadership of its armed forces to mobilize resources to resist the enemy. Let us remember: after all, it was about one of these days — perhaps, it was 16 of November — Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov wrote years later: “I don’t remember exactly what number — it was soon after the Germans’ tactical breakthrough on the Kalinin Front’s 30 Army and right wing of the army of K.K. Rokossovskogo - I.V. Stalin asked:

- Are you sure that we will keep Moscow? I ask you about it with pain in my soul. Speak honestly like a communist.

- Moscow will certainly keep ...

“It's not bad that you have such confidence ...”

And in the same context: “The battles that took place on November 16 – 18 were very hard for us. The enemy, disregarding the losses, was climbing through, trying to break through to Moscow with his tank wedges at any cost.

But the deeply echeloned artillery and anti-tank defense and the well-organized interaction of all branches of the military did not allow the enemy to break through the battle formations of the 16 Army. ”

And it was precisely in these dramatic days that there was a conflict between Lieutenant-General Rokossovsky, Commander-16, and Zhukov. Konstantin Konstantinovich, partly giving up the slack, on the 19 of the 10th asked Zhukov to withdraw the army units across the Istra River. The front commander told him a definitive "no." According to the memoirs of Rokossovsky himself, Zhukov ordered him to "stand to the death, not leaving a single step." By this time - the very next day after the legendary feat of Panfilov - 216-I rifle was awarded the Order of the Red Banner, renamed 8-th Guards Division a day later, and on the same day General Panfilov fell to the death of a hero. Already 23 division was given his name in November: the only case in the entire history of the war and the second in the history of the Red Army was the 25-I Chapayev Division (completely killed in July 1942 in Sevastopol).

It seems that this situation could have been reflected in some bright strokes in the film “28 Panfilov” (albeit without the Soviet entourage, which is so not accepted by the authors) - say, in the “preamble” to it. Then it would be clear why a handful of fighters armed with just one anti-tank gun and small-caliber gun (they pierced the armor only from the side) and weak gangs against tanks firmly opposed the enemy and persevered. But we, as noted above, did not even see General Panfilov on the screen ...
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  1. Stas57
    Stas57 26 November 2016 15: 19 New
    Even before the release of the picture, the people and the authorities hastened to say about them: these are our 300 Spartans.

    flawed comparison
    (in the movie slang this is called the crushing word "crowdfunding")

    this is not cinematic slang

    that “there were no 28 Panfilov heroes - this is one of the myths planted by the state”,

    he worked thinner, said emnip that "Panfilovites is one of the myths" without 28

    In contrast to the State Archives, the Russian Military Historical Society (RVIO) believes that the set of documents and evidence at the disposal of historical science does not allow one to refute with 100% certainty either the fact of the battle at the Dubosekovo junction, much less the feat of the Panfilov soldiers. In particular, this opinion was expressed by the scientific director of RVIO Mikhail Myagkov. "

    as if this character is not related, he is right

    Reliability (legends) on top? Oh oh As an experienced attacker carefully wipes the fingerprints at the scene of the offense, so Druzhinin and Shalyopa meticulously "cleaned" their cinema from everything Soviet. All that remained of him was that the title of Klochkov was a political instructor. Even the portrait of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief - Stalin - never flashed at least half a frame.

    yes, they say there are no red flags, you can feel the hand of "instructors" from RVIO

    spoilers went on, but I have not looked
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 26 November 2016 18: 23 New
      Quote: Stas57
      as if this character is not related, he is right

      Enough of dancing on the bones. Who does not believe in the feat of 28 Panfilov’s, let him perceive this feat as a collective image of the defenders of Moscow. Whoever believes does not delve into the nuances of the picture. For me, personally, these soldiers personify my relative from the 21st Guards of the SDM who disappeared in October 1941 near Naro-Fominsk.
      1. Talgat
        Talgat 26 November 2016 20: 11 New
        Quote: Vladimirets
        Enough of dancing on the bones. Whoever does not believe in the feat of 28 Panfilov’s, let him perceive this feat as a collective image of the defenders of Moscow

        "Took it for a living" A lot of liberal propaganda about that. that this is supposedly a fictional episode

        In fact, all the characters are real. What happened there is not so important. All the same, there were fights and there was heroism. Yes - I understand that our Soviet propaganda was simply obliged to use these events, and perhaps in details that embellished, etc.

        But in reality - the Panfilov’s division is GREATER than the 28 Heroes and it really existed - and in reality our Baurzhan Momysh Uly was - by the way, the most productive commander in the battle for Moscow.

        Similar events took place near Moscow 1941 in many places - and we simply won’t know about many of our fellow citizens of Almaty - what kind of death they died in that cold winter - there may have been more heroic situations ...

        One thing is clear - if all the peoples of Eurasia did not rally and help to recapture Moscow, it is not known what would happen to us. the same Mongols - remember - the whole army near Moscow was in their short fur coats and felt boots. and the Mongols themselves all fought the battle with the Japanese. Here you have the Tatar-Mongolian heritage

        The main thing that we remember! In the center of Almaty, a beautiful park of the heroes of 28 Panfilov’s is laid out to them - The Memorial, with eternal flame, has been preserved and maintained. And a wonderful tradition - at each wedding, the newlyweds and the motorcade visit this memorial place and lay flowers in memory of the fellow countrymen who died for our future

        The most important thing is for Russia to somehow sort out and prevent a repeat of the invasion of Europe - of course - if it happens, then everyone will be "near Moscow again" and Kazakhs and Kyrgyz and possibly even Mongols. But I really would not like to repeat it. All the same, we must admit that they are "tough guys" - and they will shed a lot of blood for us all (God forbid, of course)
        1. Talgat
          Talgat 26 November 2016 20: 16 New
          I inserted a photo of Panfilovtsev park in Almaty

      2. RASKAT
        RASKAT 26 November 2016 21: 23 New
        Whoever does not believe in the feat of 28 Panfilov’s, let him perceive this feat as a collective image of the defenders of Moscow.

        In my city, there is a height that in January 1943 was captured by the squadron of the 294 Cavalry Regiment, the 112 I Volunteer Bashkir Cavalry Division from 29 people. The squadron drove the Nazis out of several brick buildings with a fierce raid and fixed on top. The enemy tried to regain this important stronghold. The German soldiers, supported by artillery and armored vehicles, attacked a handful of horsemen seven times unsuccessfully seven times the next day. The next day, the squadron was attacked by a battalion of German infantry with 16 tanks. The armament of the cavalry was only machine guns, carbines, checkers, two or three dozen anti-tank and 60 hand grenades, 40 bottles with a combustible mixture. For two days of continuous fighting, the squadron repelled seven enemy counterattacks, destroying about three hundred Nazis, three tanks, an armored car. 16 people survived. Squadron Ataev, Annaklych died in battle, was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.
      3. Stas57
        Stas57 27 November 2016 10: 54 New
        What happened there is not so important.

        Who does not believe

        Who cares if there was a feat in real life or not

        indifference and symbolism is a trend of the post-war era.

        I said and will repeat - the most harmful and lousy thing that can be - a "collective image", a faceless concrete bayonet, "no one is forgotten" in the place where a tractor plows the graves of soldiers, empty memorials without soldiers, and so on, so on, so on.

        this is not a memory, it is a memory substitution for those who are not interested in the history of the country, for those who have enough "spiritual hamburger" for a quick snack.

        a man died, maybe he was afraid, maybe he remembered the children, maybe he didn’t think anything, but thought how to take at least one fascist with him, or maybe he was killed and he didn’t have time to shoot, and you
        "don't worry, lie here in the ditch, a monument to you is already standing, over there, 20 km away, there is no your name, nobody remembers you, well, don't be afraid, you are a collective image, and in general what difference does it make who you are, there were thousands of you and in general the symbol is over there, well, in short, lie in the ditch further, and I'll go and stick a homosexual picture on the car - "we can repeat" and make a rally!

        never talk about that war, no matter what difference ...
  2. vanavatny
    vanavatny 26 November 2016 15: 36 New
    Nikita Sergeevich stop writing movie reviews stop laughing 5 years was not in the movie, I'll go next week
    1. avt
      avt 26 November 2016 16: 16 New
      Quote: vanavate
      Nikita Sergeevich stop writing movie reviews

      laughing Yeah. Moreover, "Ostap suffered" so that he did not notice how he began to expose himself laughing Then he
      The winged phrase of political instructor Klochkov “Russia is great, but nowhere to retreat - Moscow is behind” does not sound bulging, without “relish” (here, they say, he is the climax of the film!), And even somehow imperceptibly, and not in its canonical context - with bulging breasts, like Ozerovsky "Liberation".
      and then suddenly give Stalin laughing Again, they say I do not see the stars of the Kremlin wassat So because you do not see that Dubosekovo, not Khodynka. bully
      If you want, with this approach to showing "a saint for every Russian legend" the authors level the very understanding of the Great Patriotic War!
      And completely impersonal Germans only reinforce this feeling. The viewer does not have an impressive vision that November 15-16
      Well, this is generally fool nonsense nitsche the most stupid GlavPurovsky sludge! The Germans just, unlike the picture of falling and diving with rolled up sleeves and machine guns in the mass of Soviet war films, are just shown REAL going to attack on the frost not on the asphalt and dressed, and armed just as it should! But give the author, Well, right in Zhvanetsky wassat
      But we, as already noted above, did not even see General Panfilov on the screen ...
      together with Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and the Yalta Conference bully And Tehran too. What to say at the end? Here, in this whining, you can change the name from "28 Panfilovs" release of 2016, to "At your doorstep" 1963. There, too, you can't see Moscow, Stalin, even Zhukov and Rokossovsky, and how the Germans are impersonal! Even tanks are shown from afar. It's just natural sabotage. laughing So we wish the author to raise money and take off his masterpiece.
      1. Gunia
        Gunia 26 November 2016 17: 13 New
        What for! Everything about the case.
      2. Cat
        Cat 27 November 2016 14: 48 New
        How many "feats of Panfilov" were there during the Great Patriotic War? We do not know, and we will probably never know the worst thing.
        How many unknown heroes did not give their lives for their future, but for you and me?
        Yes, these are the "unknown soldiers" Russians, Kazakhs, Bashkirs, Tatars and others who lay in the damp earth.
        Many of them managed to twist the novel at the front, play a lot of love or get flowers when Europe was liberated from the hands of a beautiful Polish? Let's be frank that many were at the front one day and that day was the last.
        Participation in the war of children. I'd rather not say anything and refer you to the VGTRK film "War through the Eyes of Children."
        The role of the state? Everyone stood up to defend the Motherland from the party workers who went into the last battle with the words "For Stalin" and former white officers. Orthodox priests, Dagestani and Bashkir imams, Siberian shamans fought in the Red Army.
        Was, was not in the film Panfilov, Zhukov, Stalin is not important, what is important is that we can go to the cinema and see the reflection of the heroic deed of the "people" in that "dashing time" when the lie stood at the gates of Moscow.
        And the last fellows are Kazakhs who do not share the feat on their own and stranger. Victory in 1945 was a total! Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers!
  3. Vadim12
    Vadim12 26 November 2016 15: 42 New
    Cubs are unhappy. Very unhappy. Can Russia have heroic deeds and heroes in history? They need to be forgotten and not known at all. But for films do not give such money.
    Only bummer rat pups came out.
    1. Fan-fan
      Fan-fan 27 November 2016 13: 23 New
      It turns out that these rat pups are sitting in power, since they did not want to give money for the film, and a lot of money was suddenly dumped to this rick (Raikin’s son) and the figs knows what.
  4. Rurikovich
    Rurikovich 26 November 2016 15: 42 New
    Um ... I haven’t watched the film yet, but I’ll definitely watch it over time.
    By article. Article plus - has the right to have such an opinion, like many others. As they say, in a dispute, truth is born (though, if you do not take into account the continuation of these statements: <...> in disputes, she dies). And if you believe the article, then the authors have completely turned out the film, exactly as an action, designed for the modern generation. But I do not like the fact that the authors, doing one thing, forget about the other - after all, at that time there was the USSR, at that time the USSR was at war with the enemy. And this is not only internationalism in the form of a hodgepodge of nationalities, but also the Georgian Stalin, the Pole Rokossovsky, and the Russian Zhukov. And if the film aims at the global, and not at the private, then without Stalin there would have been no victory, he, as a leader, was the key to success (such was the time request ) and it would be wrong to exclude such "little things" from the film. If you show an era, then show everything that was associated with that era. Whether you like it or not, if you want teenagers to use your film as something worthy of attention, then you cannot "shield" a teenager from the truth, hiding what you shouldn't be ashamed of. This is our story ...
    One more point. I read and watched a couple of programs that the 28 Panfilovites is a myth. But this is the same myth as the feat of "Varyag". There was a fight, witnesses talk about it. But if the figures themselves differ and the names of the heroes may be wrong, then these are questions to journalists, hot on the trail they have concocted a feat. So is the Varyag - a concocted feat to raise spirits against the background of losses at the beginning of the war. And the whole point is that what is described about the "Varyag" is really a myth, and the truth is that this battle was, albeit not the same as described in the officialdom, but it was. And the very fact that we came out against a superior enemy is already a feat. request
    So it is here. The details may not be true, but the fact of the battle is confirmed, as well as the fact that the enemy did not pass ...
    This is just my personal opinion. hi
    So far, according to the article, and when I watch the film, then I will already draw conclusions for myself ...
    1. Grenader
      Grenader 26 November 2016 16: 24 New
      Quote: Rurikovich
      And if the film aims at the global, and not at the private, then without Stalin there would have been no victory, he, as a leader, was the key to success (such was the time of request) and it would be wrong to exclude such "trifles" from the film.

      I watched the film. It is pretty good, although let's say so peculiar. The personalities are not spelled out deeply, the character of the whole unit is deeply outlined. The fight is wildly dramatic, makes you worry about the heroes of the film. Actors in the allotted framework are laid out with all their heart. As for the mention of Comrade Stalin, to put it mildly, no emphasis has been placed on this, but there is no opposition, as in the creations of recent years, of leadership and people. The personnel in the film are not oppressed by the leading staff, the officers are adequate, there are no ghouls or drunks of commanders. All officers are competent specialists, who are superbly leading the actions of the unit. In general, there is no anti-Sovietism in the film. In general, I recommend to view
      1. avt
        avt 26 November 2016 17: 36 New
        Quote: Grenader
        It is pretty good, although let's say so peculiar. The personalities are not spelled out deeply, the character of the whole unit is deeply outlined.

        request I constantly say - this film is in the EPOS genre!
        Epos - (Greek. Epos - word - narration), .. 1) the same as the epic, as well as ancient historical and heroic songs (e.g. epics) ... 2) The literary genus (along with lyrics and drama). The epos captures being in its plastic volume, spatio-temporal extent and event saturation (plot). Appears in folklore (fairy tale, epic, historical song, epic). Until the 18th century leading genre of literature. The source of its plot is folk tradition, the images are idealized and generalized,
        Well, you won’t demand the documentary narrative from the same BYLINA. request Here, "Brest Fortress" in a completely different genre - a filmed reconstruction, with a claim to the maximum approximation to historical characters. Although also an epic presentation of events, as it were, from a third person. Both films really intersect in the realities of the history of the Great Patriotic War, but if you like , from different parts of the genre.
        1. Rurikovich
          Rurikovich 26 November 2016 18: 09 New
          Quote: avt
          Here "Brest Fortress" is in a completely different genre - a filmed reconstruction, with a claim to be as close to historical characters as possible.

          One of the few more or less reliable films due to the fact that after the war there remained a decent number of sources of information on defense in the form of real participants in those events, plus the German archives
          Quote: avt
          Although also an epic presentation of events as if from a third party.

          it’s easier to level controversial issues yes
          In general, you can shoot a reliable film in terms of maximum approximation to the original era, but without a plot, or you can shoot a film about a real story, but without reliable detail request Here it all rests on the material, the script on the material and the butterflies yes
          And the viewer decides what to scream - either fellow ,or negative
          Quote: avt
          Well, you won’t demand the documentary narrative from the same BYLINA

          Well, everyone believes that the Americans flew to the moon wassat
          PS Personally, I DO NOT BELIEVE! winked
          1. avt
            avt 26 November 2016 21: 04 New
            Quote: Rurikovich
            Well, everyone believes that the Americans flew to the moon
            PS Personally, I DO NOT BELIEVE!

            But, for example, the main character of the film "Dnieper Border" is a good film by the way good , he had a historical prototype for himself - General Major Romanov, who led the defense of the Dnieper line and broke out of the encirclement, but was captured again during the re-enactment.
            1. Rurikovich
              Rurikovich 26 November 2016 21: 13 New
              My shark is a nameless toothy friend! drinks Personally, I sympathize with you for your sparkling humor, despite the anonymity yes
              But I do not believe that the Americans flew to the moon !!! wink
              But the fact that so many characters or real events laid the foundation for Soviet (and Russian) excellent military films - so I have no doubt yes wink soldier
              "Hot snow" is an example of this yes
        2. Cat
          Cat 27 November 2016 19: 36 New
          300 Spartans are also EPOS. And it also has a lot of myth. And also there were not 300 of them, but only with at least 900 helots. So what? Greeks sprinkled ashes on their heads, asking for forgiveness from the world community? No! They are proud of the feat of Tsar Leonidas, although they are not descendants of the Spartans! Hollywood profiles and comics about 300 Spartans just keep quiet. In this connection, I think that our film "Panfilov's 28" has the right to life!
    2. Gunia
      Gunia 26 November 2016 16: 40 New
      The fact of the matter is that the film does not even swing. There is no pathos! The good work is shown SOLDIER! From the competent setting of false targets, IN GENERAL I see the first time in films about the Second World War, to the competent installation of the machine-gun crew. Who is waiting for his "hour", does his job in 2 minutes and dies. A film about the agility, cunning and courage of a RUSSIAN SOLDIER without snot and sentimentality!
    3. Archon
      Archon 26 November 2016 17: 34 New
      truth is born in search.
  5. Operator
    Operator 26 November 2016 15: 48 New
    Battle details

    V. Medynsky about the critics of the film: "Ultimate scum" (C)
  6. Locomotive
    Locomotive 26 November 2016 15: 55 New
    Interestingly, the author of the article watched a movie?
    Or is this whole opus written after watching the trailer?))
  7. parusnik
    parusnik 26 November 2016 15: 56 New
    I looked .. I recommend .. Yes there are drawbacks indicated in the article .. But it is necessary to peer somehow ..
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 26 November 2016 16: 03 New
      Critics who pay money for this usually seek out flaws.
      But for simple people, the criteria are simpler:
      hooked - not hooked;
      liked - did not like;
      I recommend - I do not recommend;
      little blood - a lot of blood;
      there is love - there is no love;
      patriotic - not patriotic;
      reliable - false ...
      well, etc. smile
      1. Gunia
        Gunia 26 November 2016 16: 28 New
        Hooked, liked, recommend !!!!!
  8. Dekabrist
    Dekabrist 26 November 2016 16: 02 New
    So far, unfortunately, there is no way to look. As soon as I see it, I will share the impressions of a person who was born at a time when we often heard from our parents: "If only there was no war."
    1. dima-fesko
      dima-fesko 26 November 2016 17: 12 New

      The quality is not very, but I looked, and already made certain conclusions for myself!
      1. Dekabrist
        Dekabrist 26 November 2016 22: 44 New
        Thanks for the link.
        1. dima-fesko
          dima-fesko 28 November 2016 18: 10 New
          Look at your health!
    APASUS 26 November 2016 16: 03 New

    All broken spears are basically launched into the existence of this event. What can be said except that the State Department’s money works. In principle, it’s not Panfilov’s feat that needs confirmation, but Victory itself is called into question.
    But there is not a drop of doubt the exploits of Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger.
    What and how are we going to teach our children?
    1. Cat
      Cat 27 November 2016 20: 12 New
      The Americans had problems with the "feat" during WW2, they did not have Pokryshkin and Kozhedub, Matrosov and Kosmademyanskaya, Kuznetsov and Sorge. So they are perverted as they can, but out of nothing they mold candy. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, two pilots distinguished themselves by shooting down 7 planes for two, so in the wilma of the same name they crush hundreds of Japanese. And this does not bother anyone. At the end of the movie, they are involved in a raid on Japan from an aircraft carrier! In real life, this is not true! And again everything is fine! About big films, I just keep silent. And now they are starting to look for "the role of the party and Stalin" in the new film "Panfilov's 28"? What for?
      If you are "jarred" by the feat of our soldiers, ahead of the dawn to meet at the box office a new film about a super-duper-American orderly who saved 14 wounded. The only remark, our nurses were girls! Yes, yes it was mostly female work. In 1994, veterans came to our school on May 9th. Among them was the grandmother of God's dandelion, she served as an orderly on the Ukrainian front, I don't remember the number. She was asked how many wounded you had taken out of the battle. She was embarrassed, and said, "Well, I guys didn’t count all of them. For a fight, sometimes 5 and 10 were pulled out. She was silent, and then they added some men who might. You pull it, pull, sometimes roar, scary, bullets whistle, and you pull it She wiped away a tear and said with pride, the girls and I pulled out everything. " Here he is!
      On my own behalf, "the grandmother of God's dandelion" kept a cow for up to 80 years! And this at 5 o'clock to get up her cow will feed to milk, to take to the herd, at 18 o'clock to meet, milk, feed. And in the summer there is still suffering! Many strong families refused to run a subsidiary farm. And she did everything alone! Although she could easily live on a veteran's pension.
      1. Bloodsucker
        Bloodsucker 27 November 2016 20: 18 New
        People already say that
        "Call Bondarchuk.
        - Fedor, thanks for the film “28 Panfilovites”.
        - Wait, I didn’t take it off.
        - So I say, thank you, Fedor! "
  10. Monster_Fat
    Monster_Fat 26 November 2016 16: 03 New
    In! Finally, I realized what feeling this film left me - I could not get rid of the moral "deja vu" and could not understand why. Now I understand, this is Shakhnazarov's "White Tiger", only shot about infantry and artillerymen ...
    1. dima-fesko
      dima-fesko 26 November 2016 17: 18 New
      this is Shakhnazarov's "White Tiger"

      I watched "White Tiger" 7 times, I can't stop it. Everyone asks what you saw there, an ordinary film. The meaning is not the hero's illness, but the search for answers to many questions. Hitler's final monologue is a question for the present and future generations.
      1. your1970
        your1970 26 November 2016 20: 31 New
        He also looked several times and could not come off.
        it is necessary to read Boyashov, and then you understand "White Tiger" - precisely because it was conceived by the authors - as a warning about the wars of the FUTURE ...
        And the book and the film is not about the Second World War, not about WWII, it's about the war in general, it applies to the wars of the Middle Ages, and to the war of 1812, and to the WWII ...
        MAN in war and in war ..
        "Piece by piece, the assembled engine behaved beyond praise. Even the 37-mm pukalka, carefully keeping the only" armor-piercing ", reported full readiness.
        “He is there,” said the Czech tank thankful for everything. “He hasn't gone anywhere. He is waiting for you. He had already trodden the battlefield. "Eight-eight" is ready and the gunner clung to the sight. "
        - I know! - Crazy Ivan Ivanovich shouted to the tank through the rumble of the engine. “Push it up and I'll catch up!”
        The old one, somehow patched by Ivan Ivanovich Pz 35 (t) (however, like every other tank) had an amazing flair. But political officers, headquarters, "special policemen", anti-aircraft guns, self-propelled guns and desperate negotiations of SMERSH in English with that side, they didn’t occupy the driver now - the monster was already waiting for Milovets - the familiar 200-mm boards were turning white, the tracks were covered with mud and mud, monocular the eye slowly felt for the target. The devils in the tower did their best to turn the flywheel of aiming and took out the “cumulative” one from the combat unit. The monstrous trunk, no doubt, was cleaned by them. However, the tankman, who was swirling in fire and smoke, was wearing an overcoat, black from spots, not tall, all hung with medals and orders, had no doubt that this outdated, touching trolley would be enough for a blow. Enough and one, albeit 37-millimeter, "baby".
        - "Click, Ivan! - rumbled heavenly music. “Push! ... He’s still here!” "

        zs And the people began to poke around - "the tiger is not like that, the camouflage is not like that, why the gun was torn apart ..
  11. fellow misha
    fellow misha 26 November 2016 16: 14 New
    half an hour as if from a cinema, watched with his son (10 years), leaving the cinema, the son asked: dad, where did this happen? and you will take me there during the summer holidays? Of course I'll take ...
  12. KOMA
    KOMA 26 November 2016 16: 15 New
    Normal movie, emotional. There are bloopers, but in general, for the debut, not bad, I went to the movies and did not regret!
    And about the feat of Panfilov, if not even 28, there were thousands of other, unknown heroes of the Great War who stopped and broke the back of the Nazis. Eternal glory to them!
  13. Dbnz
    Dbnz 26 November 2016 16: 15 New
    He specially went out - he was waiting for a film, drove children (20 years each). I am silent about myself, because children’s reaction is interesting - they said it’s necessary to go to such films and be sure to drive children! I am delighted!!!!!!
  14. alex86
    alex86 26 November 2016 16: 18 New
    the legend of "about 28" is the main phrase in the above. Not at all against patriotic (without quotation marks) legends. The whole history is legends (Prince Vladimir, the Golden Horde, the Battle of Kulikovo, the Battle of the Ice, etc., etc.). Patriotism is supported by these legends. But one should not confuse legends and real facts. The legend about 28 Panfilov's men is wonderful. The assertion of 28 Panfilov's men as a historical fact is a lie, paradoxically confirmed by the official investigative bodies of the USSR. This lie was refuted even at that controversial time. And let's share: the legend of the "28" is wonderful; the lie about the 28 is a lie.
    1. Vladimirets
      Vladimirets 26 November 2016 17: 53 New
      Quote: alex86
      But one should not confuse legends and real facts. The legend about 28 Panfilov's men is wonderful. The assertion of 28 Panfilov's men as a historical fact is a lie, paradoxically confirmed by the official investigative bodies of the USSR. This lie was refuted even at that controversial time. And let's share: the legend of the "28" is wonderful; the lie about the 28 is a lie.

      We're talking about a feature film, FILM! You will not begin to assert that "Hot Snow" or "Soldiers went to Aty-bats ..." are bad films, because they are not confirmed by documents. These are truly great films, when I watched as a child I cried. The plot, the visual believability and the acting itself are what clings or does not cling to in the film.
      1. avt
        avt 26 November 2016 21: 10 New
        Quote: Vladimirets
        We're talking about a feature film, FILM! You will not begin to assert that "Hot Snow" or "Soldiers went to Aty-bats ..." are bad films, because they are not confirmed by documents.

        And .... OH HORROR! There are Germans DEPRECATED and there is no Stalin wassat request Even a portrait .... bully
        1. Vladimirets
          Vladimirets 26 November 2016 22: 38 New
          Quote: avt
          And .... OH HORROR! There the Germans are DECLARED and Stalin is not even a portrait ....

          If memory serves me right, then there is no political instructor there either. what
          1. Mordvin 3
            Mordvin 3 26 November 2016 23: 31 New
            Quote: Vladimirets
            If memory serves me right, then there’s no political instructor

            Who is Shreds?
            1. Vladimirets
              Vladimirets 26 November 2016 23: 41 New
              Quote: Mordvin 3
              Who is Shreds?

              Do you understand what we were talking about?
              Quote: Vladimirets
              "Hot snow" or "Aty-bats were soldiers ..."

              Quote: avt
              There the Germans are DEPRECATED and Stalin is not even a portrait

              Quote: Vladimirets
              there is no political instructor.
              1. Mordvin 3
                Mordvin 3 26 November 2016 23: 57 New
                And, "For the Motherland, for Stalin!" I got it. Something I'm slowing down today. sad
      2. alex86
        alex86 26 November 2016 21: 13 New
        Quote: Vladimirets
        about the feature film

        Quote: Vladimirets
        You will not begin to assert that "Hot Snow" or "Aty-bats were soldiers ..." films are bad, because they are not confirmed by documents

        In no case
    2. Awaz
      Awaz 26 November 2016 18: 00 New
      How do you all know that a lie is not a lie. Likely with snot see the lies of Hollywood about the "exploits" of the chosen people. It may be that the events about which they are talking took place completely differently as described, and maybe Klochkov did not say: Moscow is behind and there is nowhere to retreat .. Everything is possible, but there were many such battles on the outskirts of Moscow and we do not know about everything, but history about 28 soldiers - this is a monument for all defenders of Moscow. Well, there are hard facts that some of the fighters survived, and with all the misunderstandings that happened after, they talked about a similar battle in which they participated.
      1. alex86
        alex86 26 November 2016 21: 25 New
        Quote: AwaZ
        you all know how it is a lie that is not a lie.

        Yes, it’s not very difficult - the military prosecutor’s office in the 46th year found that the canonical legend of 28 Panfilov’s was invented by the correspondent. Some of those mentioned turned out to be policemen under the occupation regime.
        Quote: AwaZ
        not as described and maybe Klochkov did not say
        - probably.
        Quote: AwaZ
        about a similar battle in which they participated.

        - So no one argues.
        The only question is what is the legend, and there are historical facts - do not confuse them. A legend has a right to exist. But one does not have to say that a legend is true. Everything seems simple? No?
        There is a legend that the world was created 5778 years ago (I will not insist on accuracy) - but in reality it arose 13,5 billion years ago - and this is within our knowledge of it. So what?
        So it is here.
    3. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 26 November 2016 23: 17 New
      Well, yes, there were no facts, there are only "myths" - about the feat of 28 Panfilovites, Matrosov, Gastello and many others, but it is not clear why then the war ended not in Moscow, but in Berlin, if you please carry nonsense, legends and myths on empty space do not arise, they only then appear and live for many years, centuries, sometimes millennia, if they are based on real facts. If you listen to such "truth seekers", the Germans lost the war, because we filled them with corpses, they ran out of cartridges and had to tear their claws all the way to Berlin, that's how simple it is. Yes, there was everything in that great and terrible war, there were miscalculations, and inability and even manifestations of cowardice and betrayal, but there was another thing that determined the outcome of the war - heroism and stamina, skill and skill, which allowed the Soviet soldier to withstand and defeat the strong and a cruel enemy.
  15. Gunia
    Gunia 26 November 2016 16: 21 New
    The film is just CLASS !!!! "Aty bats went soldiers", "Hot snow" of the same level! Plus there is an accurate detailing of equipment, etc. I walked with my son today, the film is CLASS !!! Game of actors, dialogues ALL for 10 out of 10! Even Ustyugov is good, so not only Roma Shilov succeeded! I do not agree with the ending with the machine gun, everything is quite real, well, maybe 3 rounds in the tape! it is very organic and appropriate.
    1. Vixen
      Vixen 26 November 2016 18: 13 New
      What about "three cartridges in a tape"? What's wrong?
  16. AIR-ZNAK
    AIR-ZNAK 26 November 2016 16: 22 New
    The discussion of the film pushes the stories of the grandfather-front-line soldier. The Siberian volunteer divisions began to form in August 1941 from those who were not called up in the early days of the war and were, to put it mildly, at the age of Grandfather was 35. And it was these divisions that kept the enemy on the near approaches to Moscow when Moscow non-building militiamen were already killed And the losses were very large One rifle for ten and the others had a knife or bayonet or shovel or baton In the morning the commander built and explained to the fighters, take the weapons in battle In the evening, the survivors were built by a special officer and said import weapons were needed surrender - you can’t say that they should arm themselves And from airplanes to the rear rear without parachutes dropped from a low altitude - they jump into snowdrifts - and it was like that And then my grandfather was injured and lay in the hospital deployed in the school of the manufacturer Khludov for 3 months and received a medal ** For courage ** And it doesn’t make much difference whether this particular battle and the feat of 28 soldiers at Dubosekovo’s junction have no pain Of great importance, the whole defense of Moscow is already a feat. Personnel could run up and hide their heads in the trenches, they fought there on call, but the volunteers deliberately enlisted in the army and consciously defended their homeland (no matter if it’s Moscow or Volokalamsk) and died Headland with a raised head. Just for propaganda purposes, this separately taken episode would have been sent to Moscow. In October 41 they would have sent all these discussers- (who argue what happened or not) They would have scattered from the front right up to Magadan in Dalstroy
    1. jjj
      jjj 26 November 2016 16: 54 New
      Also "a platoon is dying near the village of Kryukovo." Now it is already a city - the Zelenograd district. And there are hundreds more of such centers of resistance.
      On shooting from a magpie. In the Ozerov epic mentioned here. Shooted and magpies and ZIS-3. War shells to real tanks. 1000 German tanks, including tigers, were built. Ozerov himself said that if you shoot for fun, the movie does not work. And the shots of tank battles from the Ozerov paintings even went to documentaries
      1. Monster_Fat
        Monster_Fat 26 November 2016 17: 34 New
        That's for sure. In Ozerovskaya "Fire Arc" the desperate attack of the T-34 (albeit not the T-34-76) with its inimitable "Greetings from" Aunt Moti "is indescribable. No war film of the present can not be compared with the intensity of this scene, and it is no coincidence that footage of this attack are often presented as frames of military chronicles, as well as footage of the attack of the "Tigers" on Tsvetaev's battery ...
    2. alex86
      alex86 26 November 2016 16: 58 New
      That is, it is impossible to discuss "what happened or not?" That is, to discuss. Was there a promise of your boss (as well as signing an order for hiring you) to pay the agreed (from your point of view) salary is impossible - he said that he did not promise you anything and did not sign the order? Is it possible to enter the studio at once all the topics that are forbidden for discussion - about "28 Panfilov's men" it is clear, "to surrender or not to surrender Leningrad" - is also understandable, but let's do it all, otherwise you will fall under the criminal law or "Orthodox gonfalons" on the list .. ...
    3. your1970
      your1970 26 November 2016 20: 43 New
      I wrote about it before but I repeat
      grandfather told - 41, retreat, the remains of a heavy artillery regiment, 6 guns 152 mm, but without a single projectile (!!!!) with equipment, the remnants of a machine gun company-2 DShK and about a dozen fighters got to them. They ran from the guard tanks !! They didn’t even lay down shells — they weren’t deploying, of the weapons — only rifles of the thirtieth and grenades from the heels. DShKovtsy turned around (while they had cartridges) ... In general, 9 pieces of equipment (that is all!) Together knocked out the Germans rod! Then, as in a movie, 2 of our tanks appeared from the bushes and drove off the Germans. two alive .. The commander-tanker together with the battalion commander built the remaining ones, the tankman took off some medal and hung it on one, the second one took off the battalion commander. We went further .. After 3 days we went to see us. Almost the entire command staff including the tank commander died - both machine gunners died. Could save 3 guns ...
      And what the hell archives (!!!) can there be information about that battle, about those awards ????
      Maybe this battle is described somewhere (now) - maybe not, maybe the Germans wrote or maybe not (their remnants might have also retreated to run into someone). In a word ....
      9 (even if not armored vehicles most likely) and a large number (grandfather said - put a lot) of the infantry laid by those machine guns is a feat by any criteria: human, state, statutory, even bureaucratic ..
      And how many of them were there - such nameless heroes? Only heroes, only OUR heroes could break the BEST military machine in the WORLD (which before that, the word crushed doesn’t fit, just crushed all European armies) ...
      And we need to remember that.
  17. Alexus
    Alexus 26 November 2016 17: 55 New
    I liked the movie. Although, I must admit, he does not reach the highest level on a ten-point scale. I would say a solid seven. And this means that the collected money was not spent in vain, and this is important!
    I read other reviews ... Most of all the directors are blamed for not revealing the characters of our fighters and the facelessness of the Germans. I will express my opinion on this subject. As for our soldiers, the main focus of the film is not directed at a specific person. The main character here is the entire military unit, where each soldier clearly knows the tasks assigned to him. And even with the deaths of most fighters, this mechanism continues to work precisely because it consisted of trained professionals.
    As for the Germans, it’s good for us now to talk about their feelings, thoughts and analyze their actions. Here we look at what is happening through the eyes of a simple soldier of 41 years. For them, it was only a soulless enemy, which, by and large, they had never even seen in their eyes. Unless killed and then only those who were lucky to survive in their first battle. As Twardowski wrote:

    Tell you guys
    Though you can’t believe your eyes,
    Like a German soldier
    Two steps away I saw alive.
    He came up in something white
    Leaning from the fire
    And as if he were doing business:
    He came to me - to kill me.

    That's all you need to know about the Germans! And the director, in my opinion, coped with this.

    The only blunder in the film that slightly baptized me is a tale of seven samurai ... Not only is it a far post-war invention of Akira Kurosawa ... But then the Japanese were our enemies and allies of Germany. And against the backdrop of the recent battles for Halhingol, other lines sounded about the Japanese:
    Tanks rushed, raising the wind,
    Terrible armor arrived
    And the samurai flew to the ground
    Under the pressure of steel and fire.

    But certainly not the glorification of their feats of arms. In this case, it would be more appropriate to tell the bike about 300 Spartans and Spartak.
    But once again I repeat - this does not spoil the overall picture of the film and in my opinion the film was a success and deserves to be watched!
  18. Reserve buildbat
    Reserve buildbat 26 November 2016 18: 14 New
    watched the film with pleasure. Criticism about the "facelessness of the Germans" and "shallow portraits of the characters of the soldiers", as well as the lack of portraits of Stalin, I consider nonsense))) The film is not about "superheroes" in Hollywood traditions, where a personal hero and a personal antihero. This is a movie about [/ b] the battle at the Dubosekovo junction. [b] So discussions about the characters, portraits and lyrical lines (women weren’t enough for the author of the article in the film laughing ) I consider the author’s personal problems in his personal psyche. In the film, I didn’t like only the music when the Germans were shown. For example, before an attack at night. It sounded too pathetic. And the rest - the film costs much more than money. Recomend for everybody.
  19. Damask
    Damask 26 November 2016 18: 25 New
    Some bastards want to impose their opinions on us, okay, over the hill, and this happens inside the country, there was a fierce battle near Moscow, the Nazis were stopped, and we don’t have to fool us, the main thing for the young generation is our brains, this is our story and our heroes, and in the archives under this authority, if it goes well, they will throw in well-prepared and fabricated documents, the political war continues
  20. witch
    witch 26 November 2016 18: 27 New
    So was or not the feat of 28 Panfilov’s ????
    1. ZAV69
      ZAV69 26 November 2016 19: 35 New
      It was of course.
    2. VadimSt
      VadimSt 26 November 2016 19: 53 New
      Was there a Malchish-Kibalchish? Who was Pavlik Morozov?
      A feature film and a story is a genre that may not pretend to be historical realities at all, for this there is a chronicle, archives, documentaries and documentaries!
      There was a feat of the Soviet people - at the front, in the rear, in the occupied regions! The state cannot exist outside of any goal, and one of the mechanisms for its implementation is ideology. What is the ideological task of the state at the historical stage, such is the process of influencing the masses. And Glory to the Supreme, for the return and advancement in society of the best, traditions, historical and patriotic values ​​of the Russian state.
      1. Stas57
        Stas57 27 November 2016 14: 41 New
        Quote: VadimSt
        There was a feat of the Soviet people - at the front, in the rear, in the occupied regions!

        get out

        Presenter: Andrei Gennadievich, and who fought with whom in this film?
        Scallop: Who fought ... Russians against Germans
        Presenter: And not the Soviet Union against fascist Germany?
        Scallop: No, the Russians actually fought against the enemies. This is very important because we fought for Moscow at that time. Of course, Moscow was the capital of the Soviet Union, but it was also the capital of Russia, it is the main city of Russia ... And all the peoples that were united at that moment under the banner ... under the Soviet banners, they were Russians. Ivana. Who fought against the German Fritz. It is very important. If we would fight all the way for Kazakhstan, then we would be united under the Kazakh banners. That would be the Kazakhs who are fighting against enemies. ........
        Anchor: Is the phrase “Soviet soldier”, “Soviet people”, “Soviet Union” never sounded in the film - is this the director’s conscious position?
        Scallop: Yes
    3. Svidetel 45
      Svidetel 45 26 November 2016 23: 24 New
      If you live today and ask such a question - then definitely WAS!
  21. den-protector
    den-protector 26 November 2016 18: 44 New
    More to such films. And then they take away any pseudo-historical libel with state money. Well, there are still people over 35-40 years old, it’s not easy to spend them, but the youth team takes it all at face value, such as it really was, as all kinds of political weathercocks F. Bondarchuki, N. Mikhalkov, E show and tell .Radzinsky and other Svanidze.
  22. midshipman
    midshipman 26 November 2016 18: 48 New
    Soldier's feat is the history of the country and its banner. 28 Panfilovites are the pride of our country. As well as the feat of Starley Kolobanov, whose tank destroyed 26 Nazi tanks near Gatchina. His car delayed the advance of Army Group North to Leningrad for 10 days. This is also a feat. A feat and the fact that my father was able to create a large-caliber railway artillery with specialists in Leningrad. She did not allow even two Nazi tanks to attack the city at Pulkovo. Father died on December 27, 1941 at the Leningrad front. I have the honor.
  23. potapych
    potapych 26 November 2016 18: 56 New
    But the question "Was there a feat?" not at all appropriate!
  24. rvRomanoff
    rvRomanoff 26 November 2016 19: 03 New
    Why does the author of this article refer to Ozerov's "Liberation" all the time? There the action begins before the Battle of Kursk, and the feat of the Panfilovites is shown in his "Battle for Moscow".
  25. parafoiler
    parafoiler 26 November 2016 19: 13 New
    For those who do not believe in the feat of Panfilov, I advise you to delve into the veracity of "Legends N17". For some reason, the finale of this dubious film was accompanied by applause from the audience ... And the dedication of people who gave their lives in the battle for the Motherland raises doubts in the minds of their contemporaries ?! Have not fought for a long time ?!
  26. Andryukha G
    Andryukha G 26 November 2016 19: 14 New
    In the final of the film, one of the six surviving soldiers for a minute or two of screen time, like a vinaigrette, crumbles the Germans, who were already ready to celebrate the victory over the trenches of the defeated company. And not one of the enemies even tried to throw grenades at the “impudent” Russian. Pure water action! I think the critic is wrong in his reasoning - the final of the film is a kind of culmination and a reminder to everyone who is the main creator of victory, this is a simple soldier who survived and conquered everything, this is a kind of monument to descendants, just not in granite and bronze, but in the movies ... "Bronze Soldier "now they are trying to" remove "in Estonia and Poland, to erase from the memory of the younger generations who do not even know his great feat. This artistic picture is a kind of monument to our great-grandfathers who defeated fascism in the last century, therefore, the reasoning that something is wrong and wrong in the plot of the film I consider (to put it mildly) incorrect.
  27. erased
    erased 26 November 2016 19: 17 New
    Just watched a movie. He came out peasant with modern coding. There is not even a hint of obscenity, as they were able to do in Soviet cinema, slightly nailed humor, which, however, is not a drawback. The beginning is tightened, the scale of history is reduced to the level of a battalion company, which does not allow us to cover the whole picture of the fall of 41 and even to figure out who is where. The battle is shown solidly, albeit one-sidedly, the immersion is complete, in this plus the sound and the operator. The enemy is clearly drawn, but without details, by the way there is no translation of non-German speech.
    All in all ... I liked my friends too. The authors stayed within the framework of historical reality, did not fall into pathos, although they dried out a bit. Such a movie is needed.
    By the way. The question of an 18-year-old beauty when leaving the hall: "why are they Panfilov's men?" This means that young people practically do not know the history of their country. Alas...
  28. Yereke
    Yereke 26 November 2016 20: 16 New
    Already on November 23, the division was given his name: the only case in the history of the war and the second in the history of the Red Army was the 25th Chapaev’s division (it completely died in July 1942 in Sevastopol).

    there is a line of Panfilov who just served in Chapaevsky .... and to whom 300 Spartans were attributed to the topic here !!! !!! (((morons !!!
  29. svedsl777
    svedsl777 26 November 2016 20: 40 New
    return the old version of the site where you can put cons
    1. Rurikovich
      Rurikovich 26 November 2016 21: 38 New
      Quote: svedsl777
      return the old version of the site where you can put cons

      Times are changing - people are changing wink Get used to the fact that you cannot change yes
  30. The comment was deleted.
  31. M0xHaTka
    M0xHaTka 26 November 2016 21: 42 New
    Who cares if there was a feat in real life or not? What difference does Stalin have in the film or not? And again, what difference does it make whether there was talk of women or not. The existence of this film is a feat in itself. For since about 2010 I heard about him. And all the time his spread rot. If it were not for gaijins, then he would not have existed.
    A film about banal combat work. Not about 28 Panfilovites. And about 28 marines. About 28 Ivanovo residents. About 28 rokosovtsy. Derevyankovtsi ... And about the other 2 million fighters of the Red Army and about half a million partisans who grind the Wehrmacht and its attendants for 4 years. This is a memory. About weekdays. Our grandfathers and great-grandfathers.
  32. witch
    witch 26 November 2016 21: 49 New
    Quote: potapych
    But the question "Was there a feat?" not at all appropriate!

    I just graduated from school in 97. With history, especially about the Second World War in our village it was generally bad about this war, they didn’t teach at all. Now I study many gaps in my knowledge of history from the Internet myself. but in nete there’s so much mess. I hope now I’ll study the spaces with my children, they’ll soon go to school.
  33. Snoop
    Snoop 26 November 2016 21: 50 New
    I have not watched the movie yet. But be sure to see if they were sending money in vain to them?)))
  34. Ivan Tucha
    Ivan Tucha 26 November 2016 21: 53 New
    I am only having a session. You are the author of the article - what are you talking about here at all! Have you watched a movie? Have you watched carefully? Have you watched the reaction of the audience? All that you did not have enough there in abundance! and expressed masterfully laying down in a second or minute everything that you are crucifying about here ....
    Groots popcorn stiff minute to the 20th. People went out silently, deeply immersed in themselves. Many remained in their places after giving light ... This is the most powerful film in the last year. I don’t remember what SUCH !!! silence after the session. Well, maybe only after the 9th company was something similar ...
    The creators of the film, everyone who participated in it - thank you so much !!!
    1. freddyk
      freddyk 26 November 2016 23: 14 New
      Also just from the session. I went with my son (12 years old). And I partly agree with the author that " the inexperienced in the history of the battle near Moscow, the young spectator "12+", on which the film adaptation of the legend is mainly designed, will not be completely clear why 28 heroes are specifically Panfilov’s."And what exactly was the feat. A 12-year-old boy watched a film whose task is to educate the younger generation's patriotic feelings, as an adaptation of the action" call of duty "," Despite all the good patriotic-internationalist rhetoric that sounds in the film narrative, for 28 Panfilov’s we do not see Moscow, which they defended. We are repeatedly shown a map of hostilities, but the eye does not catch on it the name "dear of my capital." You don’t feel the breath of the great country - the “mother of the Motherland”, which called on Panfilov’s feat for the sake of saving the Fatherland. If you want, with this approach to showing "a saint for every Russian legend," the authors level out the very understanding of the Great Patriotic War."And on this I agree with the author. After the film, the child had to chew everything himself. So I expected more from the film, he did not realize his purpose, IMHO. But all the same, thanks to the authors for making it happen."
      1. Homo
        Homo 27 November 2016 00: 13 New
        Quote: freddyk
        ... the authors level the very understanding of the Great Patriotic War.

        This is what they say "trend" now. Not only the Great Patriotic War is pushed aside by the Second World War, but the USSR is being pushed aside by the term "Soviet Russia". It is impossible to remove from the film about the Great Patriotic War, about the heroism of the Soviet people: Moscow, Stalin, the red banner, "for the Motherland, for Stalin" and at the same time broadcast very loudly about patriotism and truth!
  35. The leader of the Redskins
    The leader of the Redskins 26 November 2016 22: 41 New
    The explanation was: film de modern, and a new generation of “12 +”, which is much closer to modern Russia So can select more modern ones for a given age audience and plots? The topic of 28 of Panfilov’s, as it is, unnecessarily often flickers in recent times on screens. Like a fashion trend or an article about Ukraine in VO. I grew up on Soviet exploits and sacredly believed in them until documentary investigations of recent years. Why bother with my soul - and now I perceive them, but stipulate in conversations that all the same, something has been embellished. I’ll watch a movie if possible ...
  36. aviator65
    aviator65 26 November 2016 23: 01 New
    Just on the site Kommersant.RU-Ogonyok. I read the article "At war, as at war -" 28 Panfilov's men "awakened childhood memories in Andrei Arkhangelsk." This very A. Arkhangelsky, respectively. It seems that what is published here by V. Zuev is either a slightly revised synopsis of A. Arkhangelsky's "work", or someone copied from someone in a hurry. It is also possible that these two authors wrote their articles after a joint discussion of the film and at the same time came to complete unanimity in their assessments. How else to explain the similarity of articles with almost whole paragraphs with the same conclusions? And the repeated references to Ozerov both here and here? Yes, the same "impersonal Germans" are worth something! True, Arkhangelsky sums up by the fact that the authors of "28 Panfilov's men" filmed what we dreamed of seeing in our distant childhood in films about the war, that is, a pure "war". And, therefore, the film, they say, came out at the level of a well-shot reconstruction. And here V. Zuev went even further: "the authors negate the very understanding of the Great Patriotic War!"
    I don’t understand something. Is this a "wave" of the corresponding direction already gone?
  37. Bijo
    Bijo 26 November 2016 23: 18 New
    The film is just fire! I went yesterday and today, everyone who took part in making the film is a low bow. There are a lot of Petersburgers in the credits, as I looked at the nature I immediately realized that the fight was shot in Len. area. The film is thought out even in small things. Probably the myth taken from Soviet films about the power of the PTR in the fight against tanks was first debunked. But this is not the main thing, the main thing is that the film is about the heroism of the Soviet soldier.
    1. freddyk
      freddyk 26 November 2016 23: 34 New
      I agree, the film is about heroism. but there is no sense of heroism after watching. Fighting professionals, universal soldiers. After all, what is a feat? This is self-sacrifice for the sake of something. In the name of the Motherland, relatives and friends. Well, this is not in the film. not disclosed. Soldiers, wives, children have no mothers. Favorite girls, after all, about whom you yearn before the fight. Really. high-quality reconstruction, IMHO. Does not take for the soul. You can laugh, but "We are from the future-1", although fiction, tells a child much more about what war is.
  38. Radikal
    Radikal 27 November 2016 00: 45 New
    Quote: Homo
    Quote: freddyk
    ... the authors level the very understanding of the Great Patriotic War.

    This is what they say "trend" now. Not only the Great Patriotic War is pushed aside by the Second World War, but the USSR is being pushed aside by the term "Soviet Russia". It is impossible to remove from the film about the Great Patriotic War, about the heroism of the Soviet people: Moscow, Stalin, the red banner, "for the Motherland, for Stalin" and at the same time broadcast very loudly about patriotism and truth!

    Definitely! drinks
  39. kaplei
    kaplei 27 November 2016 05: 22 New
    Yesterday we watched a film in the Illusion whale, Vladivostok. I liked it very much, a good film. I don’t undertake to judge the historical accuracy in details, but a whole film. I talked with a colleague from Samara. He says that after the session there was applause and he even let out a tear ... As long as we remember them, they are alive, or maybe on the contrary we ourselves are alive ... Eternal memory to all those who gave the most precious things for Victory!
  40. BLOND
    BLOND 27 November 2016 05: 57 New
    Yesterday, my wife and two sons (9 and 11 years old) went to the premiere. They probably didn’t go to the cinema for about five years (there is the Internet with any premieres + laziness ordinary household + somewhere not cheap it is the whole family with popcorn, etc.)
    But after the liberal fuss around 28 Panfilov’s men, I felt that we should not go ...
    The fact that after that, at home until midnight with the Internet, the film explained to the children and that now this liberal feat is in question and why in 1948 the prosecutor’s office began an investigation into this FACT ...
    But then I understood the main thing !!!
    Previously, in the cinema, when in the last minutes of the film the lights turned on, people ran to the exit (probably the first to the wardrobe or other reasons)
    And yesterday ... The film ended ... the credits passed ... the screen went blank! And silence in the hall - the people are sitting !!!
    I read the comments above. I agree there are pros and cons
    Just want to say thanks from my family for the movie !!!
    And forgive me, it was not in this number:

    35 086 responded in a short time
  41. Shark Lover
    Shark Lover 27 November 2016 05: 57 New
    Just watched a movie. Great movie. The film is about men, men. They won the war. What is the difference between a man and, say, the author of this article, from the deputy, from the major, from the grefs, butlers and other riffraffers. He does not reason, in a critical situation, he, alone, is against the crowd, he will gnaw at his teeth, shoulder blades, knives, because he is a man in spirit. What does the pink-cheeked major do in such a situation? Calls dad, mom, threatens to break everyone. A simple example, such a greasy deputy of the silent, a case in an airplane when he threatened to sue everyone, break up, lose his job, BUT, then, tomorrow, reaching the office. These men solve the problem here and now, on the spot, they decide for themselves what they have, regardless of who and how much is in front of them.
    We have already spoken a lot about this, in such a situation, in any war, at any time, a soldier, a man (a soldier in the general sense) fights for himself, for a comrade, the concept of "For the Motherland" is already fading into the background, the first is to survive, to survive means to destroy the enemy, any nationality is just an enemy. This is the character of a real warrior, a man.
  42. Fitter65
    Fitter65 27 November 2016 08: 07 New
    Unfortunately, the film was not seen. But as for the absence of red flags, portraits of Stalin, they are not in the same film "Only old men go to battle".
  43. Vitukha
    Vitukha 27 November 2016 11: 43 New
    That is, this would not have happened, but I really wanted it to be
    1. ifox3000
      ifox3000 27 November 2016 19: 49 New
      it was not your "Star Wars", but you wanted it to be!
  44. Buffet
    Buffet 27 November 2016 13: 37 New
    Quite balanced criticism. Some of the comments were spinning in my head, but I was afraid to "voice them out loud." Indeed, as the author noted, some little things overlap each other so much that they still make a minus to the picture. But I did not regret it. The movie is worth it.
  45. ifox3000
    ifox3000 27 November 2016 19: 51 New
    Comrades, welcome! I will share my impression ... I went with my son and his two boy friends (all 10 years old) took (they are friends and they have no fathers ... it happened)! Cinema "Five Stars" (Moscow, Biryulevo). There are three sessions in total (I thought there would be more) ... went to 15:20, in four hours I bought tickets, at that time there were a couple of seats left in the hall in the second row, the first row, and I took the last 4 seats in the third row! Four hours before the session !!! Believe me, this is rare !!! It doesn't matter if the hall was packed, all the seats are occupied !!! The film is amazing, really amazing, I (I'm 40+) have longed for such a movie spiritually! The authors showed a war, a terrible war! Showed people at war! It is PEOPLE who feel their close end, their jokes (humor) that support in them the ability to love life and the inevitability of the possibility of perishing ... (those who served in the army, well ... or at least know what it is like to jump with a parachute for the first time , all these jokes will understand and appreciate 100%) !!! At the end of the film, the guys asked me, "Well, our guys won, the war is over?" I say: "Ours won, but there are still 4 years of such a war ahead, where ours fought the Nazis like that heroically!" And they told me: "4 years ??? !!! Like this !!! Such a terrible war?" Me: "Yes! Exactly like that!" And they: "YES! So another 4 years!" :) These are the impressions of the film !!! And more, I want to say! I started going to the cinema since (if I’m not mistaken, and it’s not important) since 2005 and for the first time I see that with the beginning of credits the audience applauded the authors of the film! This is awesome and I think this is the beginning !!! Andrey and Kim, by their perseverance, have achieved what we, comrades, have been waiting for so long !!! We won, our ancestors are HEROES !!! And nobody will take this victory away from us !!! Andrey and Kim - THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!!
    1. Bloodsucker
      Bloodsucker 27 November 2016 20: 15 New
      Budget of 28 Panfilovites - 1'700'000 $
      Fantastic Beasts budget $ 180
      Substantial difference, right?
      Confuses another:
      For the film "Leviathan", which tells what kind of Russians and drunks, the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation allocated $ 3'000'000, while the total budget of the film was $ 7'000'000:
      The total collection of this Russophobic rubbish amounted to about $ 2'500'000, that is, at the box office, the libel naturally fell through with a loud crash and fetid splashes.
      In the main role of this abominable film, the actor Serebryakov, known for his Russophobia and washed off to Canada.
      Does the logic of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation seem strange to me alone?
      If you do not have time to see the picture this weekend, go any other day, call your family, relatives, friends. Of the little folk records known to me - a friend brought 14 people with him :)))

      Please distribute: http: // ...
  46. Romans
    Romans 27 November 2016 22: 10 New
    I went to the movie. At work at my place, many refused to go, they say Russian cinema, phew, one disgusting ... And I went with two comrades. I didn’t regret it. I will say right away, all the critics are screwed up! I recommend to all visitors of the site "Military Review" and not only must look!
    About the film. At the beginning, the actors play sluggishly, not though ... apparently semi-amateurish introduction to the shooting affected. But closer to the described battle, the actors begin to reveal what is called work. The fight is excellent, unique for Russian films! A special find of the director focusing on details (trifles) and focusing on tanks! Tanks are shown demonically, infernally - they are really scary! This directorial move works, I emphasize, only because the tanks correspond to real German armor! If in their place remodels covered with cardboard or plywood - there would be no effect. And in conclusion, it is necessary to note the last frame after the battle, when the living fighters become monumental!
  47. Navy7981
    Navy7981 28 November 2016 23: 00 New
    I apologize to the authors of the film for not believing in the decency and honesty of the project participants. The movie is cool.
    My grandfather, during the Patriotic War, served in the artillery of the PTO, miraculously, having gone through the entire war and ending it on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in August 1945, he was never even wounded. In XNUMX, he was left alone from the entire battery, no cannons, no shells, no soldiers, and he was not even shell-shocked, only dirty. While watching the film, I imagined Grandfather, and in his person all those who stood in the way of the fucking "civilizers". Thanks.
  48. Sedoy
    Sedoy 29 November 2016 13: 44 New
    here is our government

  49. Sedoy
    Sedoy 29 November 2016 13: 45 New
    and thank you ... :)