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Iskander strike: the military showed how the missile system hits the target

The Zvezda TV channel publishes a unique video of exercises of servicemen of the Southern Military District, during which the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system hits a target.


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  1. afrikanez
    afrikanez 19 November 2016 18: 57
    In the video, clearly not Iskander, the shape of the missile is completely different. Something "crap" smells like. Why not just say what you "bullet" with? If a secret, why bother with this article ???
    1. Myr Myr
      Myr Myr 19 November 2016 21: 11
      No bullshit, the very Iskander.
      1. Tatar 174
        Tatar 174 21 November 2016 16: 47
        From the series: What awaits the enemies if they do not calm down good
  2. niece
    niece 19 November 2016 21: 20
    It’s similar to the Bastion.
  3. Army1
    Army1 19 November 2016 22: 25
    Iskander-K. bullets cruise missile P500.