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Rocket salvo-fire systems "Hurricane" and "Smerch"

MLRS 9K57 "Hurricane" - Soviet jet salvo system caliber 220 mm. The system is adopted in the 1975. Combat and transport vehicles are based on the modified truck chassis ZIL-135LM. The number of shells in the salvo of one combat vehicle: 16 pieces. Time salvo from one combat vehicle - 20 with. The mass of the combat vehicle is 20, the missile is 280 kg. Calculation of the combat vehicle - 4 man.

MLRS 9K58 "Tornado" - Soviet and Russian multiple launch rocket systems of 300 mm caliber. Designed to defeat any group targets at distant approaches, the vulnerable elements of which are open and sheltered manpower, unarmored, lightly armored and armored vehicles of motorized infantry and tank companies, subunits of artillery, tactical missiles, anti-aircraft systems and helicopters in parking lots, destruction of command posts, communication centers and objects of the military-industrial structure.


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  1. Spartanez300
    Spartanez300 9 November 2016 10: 01
    Both systems can bring a lot of trouble to the enemy.
  2. JD1979
    JD1979 9 November 2016 10: 17
    Already started to unwind videos from YouTube .... MDA.
  3. W1975
    W1975 9 November 2016 10: 56
    The article is not about anything, a video from YouTube and TTX, corny ...
  4. Air Force Colonel
    Air Force Colonel 9 November 2016 13: 59
    And what is the article about? We knew this without this crap. Article -100500.