General Staff: 60 civilians became victims of coalition strikes in Mosul

According to the Defense Ministry, in the last three days alone, the victims of airstrikes of the so-called coalition led by the United States have become 60 civilians in the Mosul region. And this is all against the background of regular accusations against Russia about alleged air strikes against civilian targets in Syrian Aleppo.

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    1. +1
      26 October 2016 12: 21
      Accusations in our direction, unfortunately, will continue to pour in from all sides ... Until we become the strongest country (at least militarily), all these European mongrels will bark at us in unison, at the request of their "daddy". They (for the most part) recognize only strength and nothing but strength. Therefore, from the "sugar daddy" urgently needs to be done with a surgical method ... well, you know ... laughing
      1. 0
        26 October 2016 18: 36
        The very word America is already feminine. So, that no "daddy" there and does not "smell". They have long been all "mothers" lol
    2. +1
      26 October 2016 12: 28
      A military victory over ISIS in Mosul will not be achieved in any way. I am surprised that these unfortunates were not declared "killed terrorists"
    3. +2
      26 October 2016 13: 20
      Amphibians are killing civilians, and our soldiers are pulling children and women out of the fire of militants. And who are the real soldiers, and who are the gopniks?

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