Russian military under fire by militants rescued women and children from Aleppo

The Russian military under the fire of militants took women and children out of besieged Aleppo. Total saved about fifty people. They are delivered to humanitarian centers and need urgent medical care. Refugees were taken from special areas by special buses.

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    1. +4
      26 October 2016 13: 17
      Honor to our soldiers and praise ... in my opinion, our military does not seem to participate in a ground operation.
      1. +2
        26 October 2016 13: 21
        They are not in the military, they are in the humanitarian.
    2. +1
      26 October 2016 13: 29
      How does this remind me of our Donbass ...
    3. +4
      26 October 2016 13: 31
      And the amphibians in Mosul will iron civilians with bombs ... And after all this we are bad, and the mattresses are clean like babies. Ugh ... geeks are exceptional.
    4. +1
      31 October 2016 20: 05
      Well done, let luck and experience help them. With them, a guardian angel who protects everyone.

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