The greatest empires in human history

History humanity is a continuous struggle for territorial domination. Great empires appeared on the political map of the world, then disappeared from it. Some of them were destined to leave behind an indelible mark.

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      21 October 2016 21: 06
      I wanted to add moments from Gumilyov and Murad Aji - with whom I personally agree

      Empires left and came, etc. - but something did not change.

      As China was - it remains - qin changed to min and so on, but it doesn’t matter - China was and will be

      Also, the West - the British Empire fell, the Swedish Empire, etc. - the USA and the EEC arose - not the point - the West was and will be - and there has always been a confrontation between the West and Eurasia - Rome fought with Attila - and who was in Atilla's army? Ancestors of Russian, Ossetian-Alans and steppes of the Kyrgyz Tatars and Kazakhs

      Eurasia is the Atilla empire - reorganized into the Golden Horde - then to Tsarist Russia - then to the USSR - and these are all the same peoples - only the proportion of these or those changed. In the past few centuries, Russians have come forward - and they laid the main responsibility for the empire

      Now we are experiencing a "turmoil" - the collapse of the Motherland - but the peoples themselves are drawn to each other - like drops of mercury - genetic memory cannot be fooled. Regardless of someone's opinion of sympathy or antipathy - the Great Steppe and the Orthodox Slavs again form a new empire - perhaps now this is happening as the formation of the Eurasian Union

      And it will be joined by all the border nations - who want to live in peace and justice and not become victims of the west or absorption by China

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